Mercury facility particle collection rings

To keep extremely low level particles separated the mercury facility will need particle rings. This keeps the particles moving and separated so they do not Colace into higher level particles. This means all around the sun will be a no flight area, as the particle rings would completely rip you apart if you hit one. Also any body flying close to it may throw off the particle rings if you were not controlling your mass pull, as the low level particles would be able to be pulled from a slight mass near by, destroying the rings.


This allows for several particle constructors or forges to be placed around the sun attached to the rings and the main facility on mercury.


The particle rings can be used to ignite Jupiter so we a binary solar system and do not have to tow another sun to our solar system. Basically you build up the rings, then you flow over the particles once you have enough power to ignite Jupiter. That or it blows up the solar system, you get why we are waiting on this one lol. Our sun produces so much power we don’t need a second one lol. But time goes by, and all of a sudden, WE NEED A SECOND SUN! That and it looks cool, we are pretty sure you can collect all power from the sun so it doesn’t loose anything, so igniting Jupiter safely would be good for our kids, growing up in a solar system with binary stars would be incredible. If we pump in enough other chemicals we could ignite a different colored sun, anything we want. We want you to support Blue, sense we already have red, but people will go against you, we can do any color, purple, pink, anything. That is the problem, blue makes the most sense when you know about the universe, it is another natural sun color, but this sun wont be natural, so we may just stick with what Jupiter ignites into.


It would be a low level particle ignition, it would be an artificial sun, we can do any color. It would need a constant flow from our sun to sustain itself. It is a major weak point…. Not really lol. You know how easy it is to blow up our sun and kill everyone? Which out of a million ways to do that do you want to know lol? So hooking it up to another sun, and making it dependent does not matter.


Low level particle ignition would produce a different low level particle ignition from Jupiter, we still do not have uses for the low level particles we know exist. So binary stars are several hundred years away unless you make them happen. As in we cant use the particles, so if we want binary stars you have to make them sound cool, because we cant currently come up with an actual reason to build it. We are trying to go away from only doing stuff because we need it, if you can think of a cool reason, or a fun reason to do something, we are starting to back those people. So raising kids in a binary star system is a good argument.


It would be a solar system wonder. No actual purpose other then to inspire the human race. You need a constant flow of particles, it would be a specialty sun.


Yup. We have to get people used to the fact that some of those planets will not exist in our future. We will keep most of the moons, but what do we need Saturn or Jupiter for?  Using low level particle ignition it doesn’t matter what composition Jupiter is, we can ignite anything and keep it going. The point is to get people to like it, right now a lot of people would rather have the planets, instead of another sun. fight them, they need someone to fight them. Make a point for your case.


It allows us to have two main scientific research bases, so we can split and do different things, so we arent all focuses on one at mercury. It also allows our scientists to focus, as the sun would have different particle emission then the other one, so we can focus on natural emission first and construction. As in the easy to harness particle emission, but it would be naturally separated as both would be different in abundance. Tweaking the suns rings we can focus the second sun on whatever particle emission we want for the second group to focus on. This gets our people used to particle levels not being superior or inferior, but just being different levels of particle emission, so the quicker we get the second sun going and the second scientific facility going the better for our society and children. You can still limit it by the focusing effect making each sun produce different low level particles in abundance, so the scientists and humanity would still have a main focus, just two for this industry.

About the Author: Advent Guard ( Robert Livingston )



Heart of Earth:

Heart of Earth:


Advent Guard Universe is an alternative Future/History Universe I have been working on for 16 years.





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