Virtual reality and human progression

It just feels to me like the human race is more group think then complete individual personalities for every single person. I would rank our race somewhere in between, neither are we all complete individuals who think only on our own, but neither are we ants all functioning as one. We are in this weird between ranking. I am curious what other races will be like that are more hive like, and those that are just purely individuals. I am curious how the human race will end up. In 500 years when a 6 year old can build a rocket that can to pluto by sometime tomorrow.

I want full immersion virtual reality because I want to communicate with other people finally. Like this listing of scores for people for your Ai. The list, the 3d list, you cannot capture comparative data with that list when we start to use it process data, or use it in our mind to run calculations on probabilities, we need the information in 3d  ( 3d doesn’t matter, what I mean it needs more connecting points, levels in which they all compare under different circumstances. And because this will eventually be used in our minds and neural networks I want to make it more of a suggestion to us, unless you would like your mind purely analytical and only have it go off of numbers. I fear there is more similarities between us all or just other people then any of us would like to admit.

I fear, I wrote of this before once, but I fear that when we do venture out and start to discover new races, there will be more death and suicide then we expected, ruins. Planets deserted. Habitats maintained. It will be similar to that of a giant toy box with different things scattered about. I think empires that span planets will be, the archaic thing to do, the out of fashion, the stone age, the “wait, you still live on a planet?” kind of thing. But this is after a long time of more mechanical compounding. We start with stones, make something more complex, and complex, and complex, until we have something that isnt even close to the start. Basically, very few people would be on my side for this at the moment, but in 300-500 years, when everything is automated, we are immortal, and don’t really need each other that much, things change. I get the feeling that as me get more cognitively aware we will head farther away from the complex ant like group thinking to closer to the other side of purely individual thinking.

There are just so many ways we can end up that are nothing like any of the movies out currently. Though I wonder if there are some plantary game makers out there.


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