Amino acid shield ( and other types )

I am curious if you get a zwitterion circulating fast enough in the shields magnetic walls, that you could have the shields have pull and push. No idea why you would do that.


For stronger shields, you can get the density higher then just electrons which will repel each other. A compressed amino acid gas floating in the compression chamber will attract and repel itself, which will allow higher compression rates while still repelling an attack.


I am curious if you could get a metal, under high compression and high energy, to flow in the shield chamber. You couldn’t release it then for added lift, as you would be ejecting molten metal. But it would have high give and compression when hit but a force or attack, object is expelled, or melted and added into the layer. Damn it weak point found, ( enemy could bombard shield with material that is added into shield and destabilizes it. Though I may be wrong, I cant think of a thing that would be added in and destabilize it, but that doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t. )


You would want the computer tracking all attacks around the ship and has valve control, to lock down valves during attack so density is at its highest point. But then release them so it flows and you don’t have spill over, though you could expand extra energy to increase outer mag force to counter flow need during attacks.

About the Author: Advent Guard ( Robert Livingston )



Heart of Earth

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