Compression crane * Arch Layout *

Circular lift crane: And arch is able to support more weight then a right angle could. As the crane extends, the main line is drawn back to keep the object it is lifting at the same height. As the crane extends, the bottom section is compressed and shortened, as the upper section is extended and lifted upward to counteract the downward slope and extend the crane outward. As the crane is compressed, new sections can be added from below, to extend the length ( that’s what she said ) and height if needed.

You would need rolling joints ( that’s what the stoner said lol ) so the crane can remain smooth as it moves. This could be accomplished through gears rolling across locking points.

The blue part can compress, the black part has teeth. That wouldn’t work.

Need a double rotation wheel obviously! For both sides. What the fuck is a double rotation wheel. Good question good sir! A wheel that rotates both ways, while being way while. Well that’s easy, I just need to make a new wheel. Like making the wheel. Need an inner wheel. Magnetic locking points so when the power off is it stays, so the inner wheel can rotate separate from the outer and each side can rotate opposite ways. It would be like fingers. Splayed out they can hold weight through compression, and together they can compress into a solid and rotate into the inner circle ( that is what the illuminati said lol ). Gah that is confusing to think of in my head lol. So the center keeps

The arch would make the crane far thinner and able to compress into a much smaller transportable piece, and use far less counter weight.

Even if we never use it, or make it, like I said, that was my job in my book, to go ways no one else goes, just incase it leads to something we missed.

  • Should just make flying crane systems, way easier. A lot of those walls I see those workers lifting with that huge crane could be picked up with a very very small drone that the worker then controls with a neural hookup.


About the Author: Advent Guard ( Robert Livingston )



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