Human Body end goal

The end goal to bodies is that when a company or organization creates an upgrade to them, that everyone on the planet is instantly upgraded or given the option. You can see clearly that the eventuality is that bodies will be able to upgrade themselves automatically without having to go anywhere to do it, as the body would be able to auto update.

This is centuries from now, to truly get this. But you can already see that even in the next decades people will be able to do a lot of upgrades themselves, with more complex ones, or full body replacements being at facilities.

Even with auto updates in the future, you will still need to add things to upgrade at a certain point, but you can also clearly see how all you would need to do is add new material to your body, your body will process it and turn it into the new update. Again this is centuries away, but it is good to point this out to companies now so they can focus on finding what they will become after this occurs, I think it will become clearer the closer we get to then.


About the Author: Advent Guard ( Robert Livingston )



Heart of Earth

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