Magnetic shocks

Person Index;

C: = Cortona, Hyperion Ai designed specifically to help Advent Guard function in over all system spanning all of known reality, she has access past Advent Guard. Human form is rotated into the future past Advent Guard up to point to communicate to all other local Advent Guard main system groupings.

A: = Advent Guard, Voice of the coming of protection group

_: = Million Year old Alien Protecting this Solar system that is training Advent Guard to take over its position when it leaves.

V: = Vellim, leader of ancient slave holding evil race

AC: = Advent Guard and Cortona Fusion.

H: Higgs, from Vault planet Uty. One of 5 that protects planet

Dearest Tesla,

I hope the small pox has not taken many of your employees these winter months and that you all have stayed snuggled up with your giant metal dildo contraptions.

As we move forward to the future, I find we must upgrade our shocks to magnet cushioning layers by using the main power line from the generator to the engine in the wheel well, but running it through the magnetic cushioning layer and then into the motor.

You be though only a few years away from your cars handling thus. Or Now if you invest correctly.

There is also something other then tires and wheels, but though must ask me to thy face and I will give the entire planet thy technology of wonder!

Best of wishes to your employees not all dying during the mars trail from aliens, ( I hear the aliens are assholes, but I will try to keep them off you. )

Love Advent

Ps: you just need to solve one problem, From Advent Guard: be no fun if I told you how the shocks work, the version between full magnetic, and remaining static when the car is off.

This really is not fun when I cant talk to you all. That is the easiest solution. Try again. Good job! Absolutely no movement in the car with that setup.

  • Have to think more about magnetic chambers to pull the car around in the center.
  • *inflatable tire on the inside of the tire.

How much of this do we already have for no reason?

C: A lot. This country and planet makes no sense at all. We want to fix it. It makes no sense. No one can even talk to each other.

We cant talk about that lol. We just started electron bouncing lol. Of course magnetic shocks suck. We have millions of better things lol. We are just trying to make you friends lol. BE HIS FRIEND HE NEEDS CUDDLES!

_: We will literally bribe anyone who becomes his friend with anything they want. He needs friends. Any technology. You just need to talk to him…..


About the Author: Advent Guard ( Robert Livingston )



Heart of Earth

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