Proton layer for shields

Unsure if possible to capture and contain that many protons. Unsure if compressing them and adding that much energy might cause some to split into neutrons and atoms to form, destabilizing the shield. They would be attracted to the electrons in the magnets keeping them in place. Would that matter though? As long as they don’t combine…

You would also need a particle reactor for this, it would be difficult for the ship to constantly reproduce lost protons. Also they are larger, while having equal but opposite charges of electrons, so you would have far less in the same area, therefore less force.

However testing may prove they can deflect attacks better then electrons because of the quark structure holding them together would be more durable to direct force.

So benefit is stronger shield, trade off is less repelling force so higher fuel consumption.

Good for jets, smaller battleships, all space oriented battleships.


About the Author: Advent Guard ( Robert Livingston )



Heart of Earth

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