Replacing organs to boost the human standard body

Because it so cheap to grow new organs such as kidneys, eye balls, hearts, and other organs now a days. Once done deflating the medical puffer fish around the country, we will start replacing them in those who need them, meaning for medical reasons first, then into different jobs that require upgraded versions. After that everyone will get them, but obviously, most people do just fine without the upgrades, so a little wait should not be a big deal for most. With upgraded versions new foods can be ingested, new jobs open up. Such as astronauts or pilots can withstand faster speeds, scientists can undergo heavier deep dive cycles, or completely blow out their kidneys and have them replaced to push the boundaries of human thinking. The simple upgrading of everyone’s kidneys and a few other organs allowing people to ingest new foods will quickly boost everyone’s cognitive ability. The great thing about this, is that who will actually jump to the forefront, as who will benefit the most from these cognitive boosts, will not be who you think… Brains are vastly different, and just because you went to Harvard and have 3 doctorates, does not mean that an upgraded homeless person will not be able to quickly jump past you in a few weeks once upgraded. But that also does not mean, that because you have a doctorate that you are all of a sudden useless, just the point is that brains are different, and it is easy to catch someone up by teaching them information, it is far harder to change a persons brain structure though, so just because you have X amount of knowledge, means nothing, it is the brain structure that matters. But like I just said, some doctors will have that brain structure, but some will not, it is simply put, dependent on the brain structure, not what knowledge you currently have in your head. So we will have to test out everyone’s brain structure and give them a chance, no matter who you are. The simple fact though, is we will learn everything about you, everything you have done, everything, every single thing. So… Well, the FBI will be apart of these testing’s…. SO having a Harvard degree or Gonzaga degree, or any private college degree, will not save you from being thrown in jail once we figure out what you did. SO whose first? Not as many Harvard and private college kids huh want the job anymore? I wonder why? Not as many rich kids want the job anymore? I am just so curious as to why? I guess we will never know!


About the Author: Advent Guard ( Robert Livingston )



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