Retirement time * Jobs become easier *

After everyone becomes secure and safe with their own place. The majority of jobs will become easier and easier, so as that happens people will be allowed time to go explore and figure out what they want to do next. It is impossible to get around the fact that most people will be somehow apart of this time, as jobs continue to change and grow, and less workers are needed for each job. So without this time, human society would not be able to find new ways to progress, as the ability for people to explore, or take time to think about what they want to do is how new ideas bloom. Companies continuing on, from a life code scientist perspective can be predicted, as they usually will follow a path, even if the entire job changes, it still is usually following the same path when you look at it from a life code scientist perspective. SO the ability for people to take time off to explore, and come up with new ideas to pursue is more beneficial to human society then even companies or organizations doing research. It is like in Ai engineering, you have to build in an error rate so that it can keep learning, a mimic processor so it can copy what it sees, learn, and figure out what it wants to do. SO having the majority of humanity doing this, means we have the majority erroring and trying new things, this is important as in the long run these people are the ones that actually change everything, while companies and organizations will be more the ones who do things, or progress things to X point, but without the rest of humanity they will reach a ceiling and not be able to continue. Figuring out ways to better allow this is one of the main points of Adventguard or other research facilities, or at least new ones, as old ones focus on money, new ones will focus on progressing humanity. Allowing people to error, change, mimic those around them, and figure out new things. Once immortality is firmly in place, most if not all laws, rules, controls, will be taken down one by one until none exist, we have to move forward with that in mind. Even our research facilities, while it is best to have them controlled now, to protect, and come up with new ideas, we will have to release controls one by one as we move forward, so one of the parts of Adventguard research facilities will to be constantly trying to give up what we find or change as fast as we can. But like a lot of employees or people will forever be tied to their organization, it would be good to give life code scientists something to be tied to, even if they are at mars in their own research facility, with no one watching what they do or try. We should all be tied to something, because it is no one fun if you do not have someone to share with. That is why what life code becomes, is important, as it will show you what time it is more then any clock, because you will be able to judge how far we have come sense last you checked, that is why it cannot be a “business” or for profit at all. ( Obviously though it needs money to run, but you get what I am saying, the end goal is that the life code librarians can function without having to worry about money at all and focus on keeping the tree updated and forever changing. Or making new trees, as visualizing everything in different ways is important too.  ) While companies and organizations may have their own, you can see how it is impossible to really have more then one main tree of all of humanity for a very long time. That is why the organization has to work with every country, and be everywhere, otherwise it fails its true purpose. ( SO Wikipedia ( Life code librarians, or whatever they decide on )   is going to have a tonnnnnnnnnnn of spies all around the world lol. Sounds fun to me lol

About the Author: Advent Guard ( Robert Livingston )



Heart of Earth

*Tapestry / Sticker*:

*Leggings / Draped Kimono*:


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