Steam ships * Large city to city medium speed transport *

Large city to city transport. Medium speed, between planes and trains. You can work on them, they sell food and other items.

Using flat nozzle technology mixed with steam engines from rocket fuel, combing both flat nozzle or ordinary nozzle from rocket fuel, with steam funneled to the side and added lift from flat nozzle added in from steam compression. The water is then recaptured and turned back into liquid oxygen and hydrogen to be re injected into the rocket engines.

You need a way to make the fuel easily on a ship the size of an air craft carrier. ( Most of the ship is wide open, supported by the combustion points, so technically if the ships engines went out it would not be able to hold stable for very long. So it needs redundant drives so it can land rapidly if it needs, though it never flies very high so this should not be a problem, as it flies over the free way, it can have hazard lights incase of emergency, flashing insanely to warn cars and trucks away, when we have a system in place we can move the cars and trucks out of the way so it can land in case of emergency, we just need to teach people in driving school what to do incase this happens ( obviously we should engineer it so it never happens, which we should be able to accomplish in this modern day. ))

Have we tried injecting the oxygen and hydrogen rapidly through an oscillating system like the Caltech guy is doing? By the time the particle reaches the end it should have been pulled both directions, slowing down electron speed, there by reducing temperature. Instead of his system, use magnets on all sides, pulling in every direction, so the electron stops, Or have pull on one side for electron, and the other side for the neutron and protons, so both stop, and cooling occurs. One side is an ionized material, the other side is a laser. So it pulls both ways. Injected in a flat layer of oxygen or hydrogen, with a flat laser below, and an ionized material above.

You could use noble gas structural points to make the ship structural sound instead of unsound like the above option with normal material, this would also save on weight. Just have to make sure the energy never runs out otherwise the ship falls apart, so again, redundant energy sources that cannot be tampered with. Just need 4 main lines that you build the ship around, a giant rectangle ( obviously other shapes work too, this is just more aero dynamic with the size obviously. )

Because the center is open, to allow more room for window sitting, you can put walkways in the center for people to walk across and stair out, completely glass, with several working areas where you can sit on the glass and stair down as you work or talk . This would be a good spot for a smoking area ( I want to smoke weed there lol don’t know if that is doable lol, as you can add in several holes and have the smell naturally flow away. Have to make the holes so it flows out and not in as the ship moves, have to have fans on the outside the constantly create a flow in the air between the glass layers so it constantly flows out, at a small amount, so you don’t constantly loose hot or cold air at too high of a rate.

Each ship can be different, as the glass windows have to be oddly shaped as you cannot do solid glass ( and solid glass would not look as cool even if we could, at least not for every single one lol ). SO many dorks around the country have air ship designs, I would suggest having a country wide competition and getting basic design layouts, so we can make them all different, so each state has them designed by artists from their state, we could even vote on them.

If I am correct about noble gases working as shields, then you could use it to muffle sound from the engines, so it barely makes any sound as it flies by, and you can direct what is not cut off upward so no one is annoyed below.

They could use jet engines or other engines to propel themselves so they do not need to use more rocket fuel to move. Though it would only take a small amount to get it to its maximum velocity forward. The flat nozzles can be titled forward to provide forward plus upward momentum. With emergency rocket engines capable of activating incase of sudden stop, though it would have a maximum stopping distance, as in it should never get X amount of close to something as it will not be able to safely stop in time without stopping so fast it would injury its passengers who are not buckled in ( which is all of them ).

The top layer would be an observatory layer, full windows all around so you can lay down and stair up at the sky.

The ships can be used for events and parties, taken up into the mountains at night so people can watch the stars and celebrate all night together.

This layer of transportation would also be perfect to have semi trucks move up too, so they have their own layer to run on to free up the roads for smaller vehicles, and allow for cargo to be shipped faster. With roads freed up more, we can start to increase speeds as new systems come into place to automate driving more or help with it to decrease chance of crashes. ( I would use different types of ships for cargo haulers, )

The oxygen and hydrogen particles are injected into the laser/ ionized chamber until the particle is ionized by having an electron ripped away, it will then try to attach to the laser as the neutrons and protons have more pull then the leftover electrons, pulling the particle along the laser beam, which it will not be able to attach too because the laser is going to fast and is to dense to grab onto, as it gets pulled along the electrons above get pulled up loosing energy until it reaches the end of the chamber and is deposited into another chamber where it is collected and further cooled to the proper temperature for fuel. I am curious if leaving it ionized would increase thrust output? Then adding in a laser beam through the center of the rocket engine so the fuel wants to grab on increasing velocity and thrust. Also add in salt particle accelerator so the water grabs onto that increasing velocity also and thrust output in flat nozzle design.

Ship design can easily be upgraded in future too to particle accelerator only flat nozzle design with no need for rocket fuel of any kind once those engines become more available and efficient.

To decrease fuel consumption needs, lift off and landing can be assisted, as once the ship gets air born it does not take as much energy to keep it at its current altitude. This can be assisted through several ways, NASAS idea they have for mars, using microwaves to help ships escape the planet, transmitted from the ground. This is not needed, as the ship can do it by itself, this just allows for easier take off and landings for heavier payloads ( that’s what she said lol ) in such a massive ship, so it does not need to go full thrust ( Again what she said lol ).

The freeways can be upgraded so that it can transmit power up to the ships so not all of them need full generators. ( this is if it is needed, not sure of the power consumption needed for the ship.


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