Stone Company idea

Dynamic stone cutting. Like Tetris, the machine is able to take any stone of any size and cut it into a piece that can be added to the construction, so that normal stone found during construction can be used.


I would want to cut holes in some and add bumps to some so they interlock on top of being mortared together. But this would not be a requirement.


I also want to bring back arches.


We need to start training stone masons, and different stone artists at the colleges nearby. I want a lot of it carved or decorated, so I think the best way to do it is to get it all constructed, then have them start carving, I would want most of it to be up to the artist, with few actual planned carved parts, so the artists can enjoy their work. But obviously there would be a few highly planned parts that would  simply require it, such as large statues or constructs, and you cannot exactly have a bunch of large random constructs up to the artist without some planning ( Though if they have an idea for one! Sure no one would stop them, just it would be best to plan the large ones out.)


Adventguard Note: I want them to hide things in their work, anything they want, anything. It would be fun to look over it and find the weird and funny things they add secretly.


If you plan it out to much construction is slowed massively, but if you can have workers throw up a pillar uncarved, or other parts undone, and then have the artists do it they can fit their art work to what is around them.


The only statue I personally would be for, is a statue of the world, other then that I do not have much opinion on what they should do, and I want to keep it that way so they have free reign to have fun and experiment with their artwork.


Adventguard note: Still totally pay them to make me a cat statue though, but that is for me lol.


Need a castle, so people can pretend to be king or queen of the area. I want to focus on kids with it, but obviously adults would be allowed, and it should have rooms in it people can stay. But I don’t want them expensive, I want them designed for people to stay in for special occasions that would call for them in the surrounding area. Not sure what though, it just seems unfair to make it some expensive hotel only rich people can stay in, the whole point is to make everyone feel like king or queens. Maybe quickie rooms lol, but then kids cant use them lol. I think they should just be for the kids staying there. Top of the towers I want to be hang out areas, so you can look out and view everything as you work. But I want it all in castle style, not modern, the rest of the place will be mostly modern anyways, so there needs to be old areas, for people who like that time period, or for our scientists so they have another place to trigger more thoughts. Not sure what to put in the vault? Gold is about to be cheap, maybe actual piles of real gold coins for people to roll around in or look at like they are some ancient king or queen looking over their horde as they plot! I am curious if we could get real diamond tiaras for the kids? And actual scepters and other royal attire. Need to work on what powers they would have the land, wonder if we could fit royal carriages into the facility for them to be pulled around in.

About the Author: Advent Guard ( Robert Livingston )



Heart of Earth

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