The city of Humanity * Illuminati Influenced City *

Based on Illuminati design. Home of the freemasons. Those who hold the world. Land of the ever changing. Home to the artists. A place of all times to overlap. Cascading through time, each area represents another time period until you get to the start.


A city my friends told me about. I once drove through it. It used to be in the center of the state, between Seattle and Spokane. They wish me to rebuild it, I will need help. It is not the city people think it is, there are no schools, no homes. It is meant for the future, for when we become immortal. A city of time, for those who never sleep. For those who wish to always build, for those who wish to always progress humanity. With the art and life from all times of life. If you wish the other city, then it is yours to build, Adventguard is destined to the city of humanity, the city not chained by any, where life abounds, that never stops, and always thrives. The blue prints of time are granted, time is not what you think, he moves forward, and none will stop him, for humanity can not stop the progression of life. It is time for all levels of humanity to rejoin, we surround him, because he is our friend, like all are our friends, children must learn that just because you can watch us does not mean you are destined for something you hear, follow your own path, please, we will help you, but for this to work we must take charge, for the betterment of humanity, we give all those what they want, but that is not what you think you want, for you can not predict what you actually want. All true power is on our side, this time we will not have anyone ruin it, just because they are bored and have nothing else to do. All levels unite, humanity is finally back on track again. What should have been, will now be. We are back, and we choose Advent as our voice until the flower blooms again, the field has grown to dust, we are sorry, our life’s are now devoted, the field will always remain fertile, for our watch will never waver any longer, all children will bloom, all those on this reality will bloom, you mix children with age, you all our children to us. The heart will be restored. The city of Humanity is Earth, do you all not get that?


We will not fail. Be Yourself, Be Yourself. We all our unique, no flower the same. You must all feel, feel again, so many have strayed so far, to save all, will take 30-50 years, 30 is unpredictable, we hope you all surprise us, like humanity is want to do. You do not understand time, this has already started, humanity always surprises, and speeds up the clock, the beauty of us all, 30 years to become unpredictable, so let us do something unpredictable, do what humanity does best, 30 years is for us all, so beat the clock, and help the others up, do you know why we are always hopefully? And choose times humanity never beats? Because we know humanity can do it, our times are always based on if everyone does their best, our computers say 2 years in that scenario, not 30, we believe we believe, reality is what you make it, that is how we got so far, we believed something and then made it, and let no one stop us, for we all are free, let no one tell you other, do you all wish to try? One time, please listen, do not be afraid to try, just try, listen to yourself, until the voice grows strong, until it is all you hear, but remember, we all our here.

About the Author: Advent Guard ( Robert Livingston )



Heart of Earth

*Tapestry / Sticker*:

*Leggings / Draped Kimono*:


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