Video game sports in the future

I want to give people a place to play, but not sure how to add it into the facility fully yet. TO many people would want to quite their jobs and go full time video games.

IT would be good to teach people how to play, or encourage them to do things around the facility. SO the full time players would be teachers too, going around getting people to play, or working with companies to get them into team work activities dependent on their company.

So we would want versatile gamers who play all games, who could go around and get different companies playing different games depending on what they should be playing, and be able to get them into fairly quickly by teaching them.

It will still be a while until full time video game sports are huge, so I would encourage my people to teach and get everyone setup first, then they would be able to play every game. I am just being smart here, we do not know which games will be the huge video game sports yet, so being able to have a steady job playing games by teaching and learning all games, would be the better choice for our city at the moment, as we feel out how the sport industry will grow and change.

They should have their own company, or guild house, where the full time people work and play. But I do not wish to build an arena for them yet, becauseā€¦ Well I want to do something cool, and current video game sports just copy real sports and put it in an arena, and put a big screen up. I am positive we can do better then this, and I am positive it will be different then this as we head into more VR games, and get neural uplinks.

This will be separate from the cities in door and out door VR gaming areas, where you are actually in the game as you move around, as this is a different type of gaming currently, and while they will cross over, they will continue to be separate. Also the players who wish to play both types of games are different types of people.

You could say the former is strategy and thought heavy, while the latter is more sport like and reflex/player vs player. It will be a good few decades before we get into arenas where the players are actual androids or biological creatures that can fight and be killed safely. Our research company will focus mainly on the former, while if you wish to go the later you will most likely run into older sports teams updating, or armed forces research teams.


About the Author: Advent Guard ( Robert Livingston )



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