Adventguard Star Space ship ( night sky load out )

Because there is no reason to design ships as a vessel that goes from back to front, Adventguard Star is designed as a star. This allows for much greater room in the ship.


The night sky load out is designed to have the electron shields on the bottom mimic stars as the ship flies by, so that if you look up at night and see it, it is as if the sky has come alive with stars. The entire bottom of the ship is covered with these, that can be rearranged to form different constellations.


Down the center of each point of the star runs a river, that pools in the center of the star, then runs under the ship so it can restart, making the river flow. This is also used to keep the trees and vegetation alive along the river and in the center of the ship. This gives a place for the inhabitants to release their pets so that they can play, as the ship is closed off there is no risk of them escaping.


As most of Adventguard test equipment is stored at the main facility, the ship is used for transport, allowing the group to quickly provide large scale help across the globe.


The top of the star is glass, so that sunlight shines through to the vegetation below. To the side of the rivers are housing or any other equipment needed, at the top of these sides is an observatory level, that snakes around the entire outside of the ship.


Ship bays are located at the points, allowing people to come and go as they please.


For large scale transport of scientific equipment across the globe, the side areas on two of the star points can be removed.


The fission/fusion reactor is located at the center of the star, above the lake, with the particle accelerator running up through the center, one from above, and one from each point of the star. The power produced then runs back along conduits above the particle accelerators, the majority of the energy going downwards to power the engines that use a closed circuit Ion drive layout through out the bottom of the ship so it emits no visible thrust to those below. The Ion drives use a new element discovered at ITER that looses a significant amount of electrons while remaining stable, because it is a new element it has an extremely high mass, making the ships engines some of the most efficient and powerful in the world.


The ship is designed to bring hope. So any area in which it stays, the park becomes open to all in the surrounding area, as ships are dispatched to pre-determined zones to shuttle people back and forth if they wish to visit. While the ship is mainly used for scientific means, this feature is not used nearly as much as intended. As of the often classified contents of the vessel, only the park and observatory are open to visitors, though the majority of Adventguard scientific areas are fairly opened depending on current contents.


The ship has one interplanetary vessel aboard, directly above the center. The majority of such ships are at the main facility, this is used on a as needed basis, if a member requires such transport but for some reason needs it faster then if they went to the main facility to use our main ships. After launch another ship from our main facility is sent to replace it incase another member requires its use. As there is only a mars and moon colony at the moment, this is hardly used as there is few things that cannot be solved over the new neutrino wireless network connecting them.


The ship could easily be made interplanetary, but Adventguard group decided to keep it atmospheric and to build a new ship for their interplanetary ship. This was as a gesture to humanity, that Adventguard group would always have a star on this planet. No matter where they went, the star would remain.

About the Author: Advent Guard ( Robert Livingston )



Heart of Earth

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