Fission cyclotron

The particle accelerators would have the problem of only running with protons. This works for basic needs, like 160 elements or fission engines with particle accelerators, however this could be improved with quantum stabilized material being sent through the cyclotron. I would build in the quantum stabilizer into the particle accelerator ( you just control different portions of the particle accelerator in order to get the material fluxing, similar to my quantum stabilized material, just this one would use the walls of the particle accelerator changing power levels in order to get the material inside to start rotating in a non natural atomic pattern ( you are just looking to get the electrons to rotate away from the nucleus in as heavy of a pattern as you can get. This would also cause the material to become ionized ( obviously lol, just in portions ) you can use this to increase particle accelerator speed ( this is important because they are going to have to be relatively small for engines ( this is not a problem for forge concerns which could use more powerful layouts. ) as the cyclotron reach from each side can not be less then the center of the beam undergoing ionization


Obviously because of the cyclotron layout with the hole in the top, the easiest way to get the flux is having it go from side to side. You should be able to figure out a sequence very quickly of what stabilizes it ( you could do a bunch of complicated simulations orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

You can just create a program that changes the power on the sides back and forth, measure the push back as the fuel flies around, and just play with it. ( You should be able to quickly figure out what your looking for or testing for, this saves super computer time, pointless times of your employees sitting around waiting for a simulation, and you can already start on new theories while the simulation starts because you now have more to work off of. You should be able to figure out a quick brute force method that gets most of the electrons going back and forth from side to side ( it is just obviously a computer program will be able to figure out the exact perfect rotation, but your going to get the wrong fuel the first time anyways, and with different shell layouts I am guessing rapid fluxing will be the best bet.

What is rapid fluxing you ask no one! Well let me tell you. As the nucleus begins going quickly from side to side, it will have push off the wall, so it flows like liquid in a zig zag pattern, what can you use this for?!?!?! Why let me tell you!!!! You see when the little electron balls go squishy on the particle accelerator wall, the space between them decreases, causing friction, which increases energy, making them go faster, like how NASA uses the moon to slingshot things deep into space, just over and over and over again. Each material should have a max rapid fluxing point before it goes BOOM and falls apart, ( results may vary depending on fuel or ball/vagina size of scientists doing test ). WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT ? Good question! Well because the more electrons you get slapping from side to side means the less electrons you get slapping their balls on the top part, THIS MEANS, MOH pully downy. Or in science terms, fission cyclotron, anti-gravity, forge cyclotron, ship bouncy shields. But I wont bore you with the science. Basically its just MOH pully downy equals things get pulled downy. Obviously IM not the rocket scientist, but my research shows me that it means it pulls downy. More research will be needed, as all research shows I am correct, but we have to stick to the ancient science ritual of politics stopping any new science ( its kinda like a ritual or tradition. You cant have science without the Spanish inquisition. Ask the Spanish inquisition. They say no pully downy, we argue yes pully downy, the beautiful human ritual of talking. Amazing to watch. Like the mating ritual of two birds, beautifully displayed out to show their beautiful feathers as they squawk at each other because they don’t speak the same language, but really want some bird sex, then ( I don’t remember national geographic actually showing that. Just the feather part. But that’s what our politics are right? Just a bunch of people with feathers puffed out squeaking at each other? Again, I did not pay attention in school, obviously as you can see by my horrible physics, its like I did not even take a rocket science or theoretical physics class. ) And then the two birdies come to the agreement that it does MOH pully downy. And then they leave their feathers all puffed out because their bad ass feathers, look at that blues, oh the golds, just breath taking.

Technically its just ripping the electrons apart of the inner fuel, causing degradation in the nucleus’s stability, which in turn causes fission. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ???? What you can interchange the proton heavy cycltron wall with an electron heavy one??? Then go back and forth ??? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT ? Well kido, let me tell you. When the inner fuel goes with the electrons on the far side, and that sweet sweey nucleus just ripe and open for the taking? Well if you add in electron particle accelerators on that side, it pulls that inner inner goodness towards you more, so you can give it a big hug. ( the hug being a fission explosion and flashes of light as electrons escape their orbits, poor little electrons! ) Or with the other benefit being a shorter fission cyclotron! WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?!?!?!?1/1/1 well that would be important for small fission drives? WHY ARE THOSE IMPORTANT? Well kido, those are important for small ships like light transports, personal craft, or other things that cant support a full particle accelerator acceleration add-on, but needs to get the fuel to fissionability in a very short time!


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