Quotes ” From the greatest pain and suffering comes the brightest star.”

” From the greatest pain and suffering comes the brightest star.”

” The ball that falls the fastest bounces the highest. ”

“When you empty your mind… From the absence of thought comes the proliferation of imagination. ”

“If you wish to change the world, then you have already failed, for the only way to truly change the world is to find a way for it to change itself.”


“The truth is almost always crazier then the loudest crazy person, but then if that person is not crazy, what about the quiet ones?”


“A field that they do not understand, but that they can figure out.”


” Think you are an alien, ( or anything ) and watch as your mind goes to new places it would never have gone if you just thought of yourself as you. ”


“I just need a Do’er to do this dreamer hard. ” ( makes me laugh lol. So many puns or jokes for do’er. Don’t you wish you had the title dreamer instead now? If this was a game, would you want the title, doer, or dreamer after your name? Adventgarde the Dreamer. Adventgarde the Doer. Adventgarde the herald of the titans. Adventgarde the adventguard. Adventgarde the bringer of sharing. Adventgarde the lost soul. Adventgarde the herald of the stars. Adventgarde the bringer of stars. Adventgarde the one who looked up. Adventgarde the free. Adventgarde is himself. Adventgarde the loved. Adventgarde the dreamer for to long. Adventgarde the creator. Aventgarde the imaginer. Adventgarde the builder. Adventgarde the mind hopper. Adventgarde the free brain. Adventgarde the lost brain. Adventgarde the brain of hope. Adventgarde the ever changing brain. Adventgarde the ever evolving brain. Adventgarde the brain who burned to bright. Adventgarde the brain that fell. Adventguard the start. As far game titles go, not that cool. Maybe, Adventgarde the dreamer who did. ( I just cannot say that. I don’t want to say that. What about all the dreamers who never got a chance to “did”. What of the dreamers who stay dreamers there whole life? I just cannot and will not say there is anything bad about calling myself a dreamer. It is the one part, these last years, and my entire life, that has kept me going through life. If I woke up one day, without my dreams, then I would loose the last part of me that keeps me going, like a clock work machine loosing the central gear everything runs off, I would just stop moving. ( Horrible way to word that, I see several minor negative weaves from using clock work wording instead of rewording that sentence that could have bad effects to readers. I just like clock work things, interesting technology tree. ))


“If you wish to know what relativity is, watch your heart beat while jogging in the gym once, or exercising, close and open your hands in time with seconds on the clock, you can actually notice as sometimes your count will be off. You are not seeing something, the change of the speed of your mind as blood pumps faster through your head can actually speed up or slow down your brain. Human relativity.”


” Look forward, I am sorry, there is no turning back. But do not worry, you forget, we are in charge, so we can right the rights so everything will be fine, we can choose, and in the end of the day, the point is that everyone can be themselves. But it the job of all of us to watch all of us. That is how society works. And I do not think anyone disagrees with the existence of society.”


” I run my business as if I was the head of the illuminati”

“How is that?”

“As if I run and operate every business.”

“But you don’t own my business.”

“I said run and operate, not own.”

“I just wished to live in a country that took care of its citizens. It did not seem like too much ask for after living a life I did not wish to live.”


“It is hard to know when all you have had is downs that an up is even a possibility. ”


“I spend so much time thinking, it is like I don’t know how to make reality anymore. ”


“What has happened to this country?”


“They wish to inspire and snap them out of it, but I fear they only hired the people who should not have had the job. This caused massive amounts of pain and loss, but they did win. Words… I hate them. You can tell someone they won, when sometimes they are far closer to defeat then victory. This hurts are World. It encourages that of a victory, instead of accomplishing the goal or making a new one. This planet does not need more victories, it needs more thinking and victories later on when they actually mean something.”


” It is so much easier to keep going if you have a safety net. I wish to find one, because I must keep going and I have not felt safe for a long time. I feel you should feel safe where you live, as if it is a basic human right. And if you do not wish to think of it that way, think of it the way of the carrot. If you did it my way you would solve a lot of problems, the other is a short victory. For a person who feels safe can do anything. To give that to a country or planet… well, it would all change.”


“I do not mind, but yet I mind constantly.”


” Do you know of me?”

Yes a person responds.

“Good. Then can you tell me who I am? I seem to have forgotten as of late.”


“Have you ever dreamt a dream so large it consumes your mind? Until one day you turn and realize it is real, but yet you still question, because if you do not question, then imagination falls away, and the mind sifts down to nothing but ash, until it can be reborn again.  ”

About the Author: Advent Guard ( Robert Livingston )



Heart of Earth

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