The satellites would bounce down similar to pistons on top of the tower below.
As the satellite piston goes down it compresses the Earths magnetic field with its dynamo as it grabs onto the magnetic field of the dynamo in the tower to pull itself as close as possible, before using the slingshot effect as a piston effect sending the satellite back up. Circling the tower are air and space dynamo satellites that circulate the magnetic field downward towards the center of the tower, as the satellite piston comes down it compresses the magnetic fields and pushes the smaller dynamos upward to come back circulating down after reaching space.

The satellite could also come down using the Earths gravity, and its propulsion while having its dynamo tied into the dynamo in the tower, so it can work as a piston in the Energy Complex for all of our cities. As the solid piston head of the satellite goes down into the piston shaft it is surrounded by rolling dynamos on the other side of the shaft which it pulls and rolls with its dynamos magnetic field as it goes down. The Satellites solid metal piston head then causes combustion that can only occur with that much pressure, utilizing satellite pistons to their fullest, as the satellite is then pushed back out rolling the dynamos with it as it uses it extra speed to speed up the dynamos goes up the swirl.

The satellites in space could also come down on bang roads into the Universe, adding their kinetic energy into the rotation of the Universe to increase energy.