Advent Guard Life: the Big Bang orbits around a Universe/Cosmos solar system and white/black boards can be grouped together to form Idea calculators/ Reality Calculators on your walls, your entire room, house, or any building.
Sense the government agents around me got caught trying to murder me and make me either insane or kill myself, they have switched to tactics corresponding with neural and synapse firing, sense the police and lower level government cant verify it, which means they have had to stop almost all other tactics to murder me, but they still activate the part of my brain that gets angry and just let me speak, and then steer my mind with suggestions, so the lower government that can monitor brain patterns using wireless technology, do not pick it up, because they just flow a lower level particle through what part of the brain they want to active, which the lower government cannot pick up, then they cause things around me, or small thoughts because that does not count as puppet godding technically, which then make me say things or encourage me to say things i would not, while I try to do the last thing that makes me happy engineering Advent Guard Universe which I have been working on sense before kindergarten, so all together they are effectively still trying to puppet god me they have just switched tactics because so many government people are FINALLY WATCHING!!!!!!!!! while I learn to defend myself against a technology that will get anyone life in prison within the next years if they do what these government agents have done to me every day for over a decade now, meaning the government agents around me, if you fast forward a few years, are up to several thousand years of consecutive life sentences technically once neural technology is made the most illegal thing to use on other people in the United States of America.