Natural formation Universe theory.
Red: Nozzle Bang
Blue: Bang
Pink: Gear Bang
Black: Capstone Bang
Universe dynamo uses outer gas giants and planets that are detached from the main magnetic field of the star, which increases the amount of electrons they can suck into their dynamo because they are not attached to that main magnetic line which runs through the most electrons through the dynamo, but instead have to use moons or rings as fingers or hands to scoop more electron out of the bangs to stay attached to the star. This is caused by the gear box bang, which spins the rings and moons faster, sucking them towards the star more then a dynamo attached to the main connection to the star, so if these dynamos where attached to the main connection they would get sucked into the star with the extra energy during formation and in natural Universe formation, this diverts a substantial portion of their dynamo energy/output into pulling electron out of the bang instead of pulling electrons directly out of the stars main connection. In natural formation the planet is most likely attached to the main connection of the star also in the gear box bang, while its moons also pull out more electron from the bangs powered by this main connection, this causes more electron to be pulled through the gear box bang to sustain outer gas giants that spin their moons and rings fast enough to pull enough electron out of the bang to remain attached to the universe system and in the bang without a main connection to the star. Bang and capstone planets/gas giants absorb all electron, gear box planets and gas giants pull through electron.
Second possible natural Universe formation.
Outer gas giants pull themselves in instead of being attached to the main connection of the star to hold them in place as the circulate around the Universe, powered by the gear bang system being pulled through the dynamo not by the main connection running through the dynamo.
Because the bangs closer to the nozzle bangs would have a greater amount of energy to be absorbed, they would get pulled closer to the star, while the bangs between the capstone and nozzle bang would elongate and get farther away from the star, meaning the universe would naturally form into a square.
Gear bang gas giant ( not gear gas giant ) is not attached to the main star, but main attached to the end of the gear system bang. Not sure if natural formation would attach the gear bang to the capstone end or it would all flow into the gas giant not attached to the main magnetic field of the star. Without being attached to the main star, it provides more room in the core and dynamo for that much more energy to go through, this amount of energy could be replaced with the end of the gear bangs to equal that of the main connection of the Universe star.
Natural Universe formation creates a perfect place for all 4 matter star types to be placed in the areas marked above. Air pushes ground, and liquid gets sucked by space as they rotate around the same ring around the Universe, creating a perfect place for the focused matter type stars all civilizations in the Universe build to work together to build the Universe together. Gear box bangs feed the outer stars energy, which then exude energy which can be absorbed by the regular bangs and fed back into the main connection of the main star in the Universe. This creates a main connection for all matter types to be cycled into the Universe system because spaceships would be able to fly out and carry in mass quantities of any matter type to build the Universe system, this also creates an all matter river around the Universe that can be used as an all matter storage that has energy instead of storage that is stationary