To the left calculates all known knowledge through Logical imagination and theories, to the right calculates all known knowledge through artistic imagination and theories, and the center calculates all known knowledge using both logic and art to build ideas, creating a line of imagination and theoretical ideas that the entire brain can focus on to create. An all matter type calculator or reality calculator that works with a persons brain. The brain works on levels of imagination and theories, split between logic and art, the person then calculates for each board using the definitions and meanings of all four main matter types ground, liquid, air, and space to help the person think, but you should have all matter types on each board otherwise each board is not calculating reality because reality is made up of all matter types, with the entire calculator being empty also counting as a space matter type.

Meaning all Countries of North and South America, can add or make their own meaning for what America is, including having the Star instead of the A in America when used in the name of any country on South or North America.