The Army and Ground Source Calculator, using layers of ground to build a calculator, brown is dirt and green is vegetation.
This will also be the logo for the Armed Forces of the United States of America and the Life Sources of The United States of America, the center of their images will be different then Advent Guard however while the outer edge remains the same for every branch of the Armed Forces and Life Sources of The United States of America. Meaning we need Head Life Source Generals and every rank in the Life Sources. (Armed Forces progress War, Life Sources progress Life ) The Navy and Liquid Source Calculator, using a pool to calculate, blue is cold water and red is hot water. To take away energy from someone takes away their will to live, making them not want to live because they do not have the energy to complete anything the mind thinks creating super massive depression that can only be cured by giving the person energy to complete the things in their life piling up in their mind. Life is energy, what is referred to as maniac currently, will just be considered another normal state of mind in the future that people enjoy and function on. Consider looking back at this time in the future, the people who lived the most were the ones with the most energy to do things ( This creates massive depression in poor people because they can never do anything they think of ), and the people who lived the least were the ones that never had the energy to do anything their mind came up with over the years. Energy is Life, to go the opposite direction is darkness and evil.
The Air Force and Air Source Calculator using multiple clouds all spreading apart to calculate, Grey is energetic air and and transparent is the color of normal air.
Space Force and Space Source Calculator using electron calculation with a mirror, however the more advanced versions would obviously be able to change the image of the reflection of all electron in the room into whatever, calculating with the person in the room, Black is empty space and Yellow represents the color of the star in which we all were birthed around.