Each Universe you carry up, as you carry it up you imagine a built Universe over the Universe structure around you. Then you build as much as you can until you have to drop it at the top. Each time building a different Universe. In the future your personal micro-fleets could swoop in and build the Universe physically as you walked up, automated building as your personal micro-fleet ships swoop in and start building the resource, producing more energy out of the dynamos, and getting more resource up quicker.

In the future everyone will command their own micro-fleets to communicate with the world around them. As if your a general and you have your own fleets of every type that can traverse the known Universe for you, kept at a scale that is harmless so particle networks can monitor the entire country and control the micro-fleets from a central Universe command center, there would be a personal fleet scale in The Universe around us to expand the reach of people as if they were their own Universe reaching out to the Universe around it.

All United States of America citizens will command their own micro-fleets in the future to communicate at a higher technological level with the world around them.

This will help the Armed Forces of The United States of America utilize old ship designs for the micro fleets, giving The United States of America Armed Forces a way to communicate to its public the direction of its scientists and engineers in thinking. And a new market for different ship designs.

The more weight your personal micro-ships can bring up while rotating and doing other things around your Universe, would turn the Universe into a matter generator rotating around all types of matter around the Universe to produce energy. Your ships bring up matter, as it rotates back around in the generator it produces energy that is stored in the dynamos of the Universe around you, making the Universe lighter and easier to carry upwards.

The NAVY and Space Command can use the micro-fleet command center to train their people, because it would utilize the same technology as the bigger ships just micro. This keeps the possibilities of something going wrong minimal, because the micro-sleets would be kept under the command of our Armed Forces, even yours. Because the micro-fleets can be weaponized they should be kept under the Armed Forces command, so a strategic resource that could help our society flourish more stays open and functional.

NAVY Example: Navy ships pulling over personal fleet doing something wrong. And so was the story of the first citizen to get a ticket from a NAVY officer for commanding their fleets wrong after their fleets get pulled over by the NAVY.

In a built Universe you could send a ship from your personal micro-fleets to the nearest airport or spaceport, it goes to another planet and mines the resource you need for free in apart of space where that resource can be mined, then brings it back to you. You could have a constant flow of resource from the Universe around you, each and every citizen hooked up to a network spanning the Universe.