A North American Ship. The fingers reach up to space using bangs going up to space with moon dynamos rotating around the matter all the way up, this allows for the ship to use to hold onto dynamo ships, planets, or gas giants in space. Allowing for an incredible amount of weight to be carried for building around the world, and to speed up the Universe rotation around Earths universe with the Navy Ship as it grasps and pulls the dynamo with it.

As The United States of Americas Navy launched all ships, so some sailors could imagine and theory different times and go different routes in the technology from their for research. And some sailors preferred the older Navy ships. As they encircled Hawaii and Puerto Rico, special Navy vessels designed to dig holes under the island, to capture all water pressure around them to create energy. As the Space Force Builds a Vacuum tube channel to easily move mass quatinies of energy to the main land, and back to the islands if their researchers or citizens ever need more energy at times, so the whole country would be working as a team.

As The United States of America teams up with Mexico and Canada, their friends, allies, and neighbors, they start to produce North American ships.