As the pressure of a larger area forces into a smaller area, the compression vent, the particle speeds up separating from the faster particle allowing for more room which causes the heat in the particle to expand the particle further as the particle enters the center laser leaving to the de-compression vent with far more energy as it expands further from the opening space of the de-compression vent. The particle is then compressed by a damming effect as it enters the larger arear again of slower moving particle as all the particle sifts through the compression vent, laser, de-compression vent center faster then the bigger area at the start can pump particle through, causing the particle to dam and go back to the same speed as before. This lets energy be folded into the electron shells and compressed and held by increasing vent outputs infinitely. As the super heated and compressed particle enters the dynamo, the energy is released in the rolling, evaporating mass, creating more pressure and flow of electrons ( Simulating an extremely powerful electric current because so much heat and electrons are flowing through the particle which causes dynamo, magnetic, and similar effects to occur. ) the particle is further heated and expanded by the center of the dynamo which burns from fusion and fission energy ( Other heat sources possible), adding pressure from the rolling and more electrical flow as the particle is compressed repeatedly which then compresses the electron shells before bursting into evaporated gas as the shells expand and burst up in the evaporated metal as bubbles, from the evaporated metal rains down liquid metal as pockets of particles electron shells compress enough to turn them back to liquid, the rate of this cycling from liquid to air and back to liquid again can be infinitely increased. The particle in the dynamo is then released up or down again to spin the center system to create energy to power the electrical systems.

Advent Guard Note: The rain cycle pulls in electrical power as the shells get rapidly compressed, if the rain pulls in enough energy rapidly we could cause lightning bolts to occur from liquid rain, or liquid metal, sending the rain down as plasma to combine with the liquid which then flows the extra electron through the liquid metal similar to electricity. Creating magnetic effects in all dynamo cycles. On top of being able to get electricity from the rolling of the dynamos, the dynamos should also create a battery effect by attaching to the top and bottom as if negative and positive to get a flow of electrons or electricity to occur. The stators in the people version roll with the dynamos creating electricity as they spin, this is first started by spinning the stators until the dynamo rolls with them, as the stators pull electron in from the particle they become attached magnetically, power is then added to the stators to spin them faster as they latch onto the dynamo particle and pull it, this also creates a vortex of electron towards the stator in the dynamo turning the dynamo into an electron turbine ( this allows for an electron turbine effect without having a Universe of dynamos around the main dynamo spinning the main dynamo to create a vortex running through the main dynamo to create pull or electron/magnetic flow) . Infinite theory, you could repeat the dynamos infinitely in 3d, networking them all around instead of just up and down, making any shape or system of dynamos. These would then become artificial dynamos locked into stationary orbit around the Universe battery/generator, meaning in the future we would want to rotate the buildings around The Universe part of the system or the fission/fusion reactor which would produce more energy at times dependent on where our research is at and which is more powerful at the time. We can also put the fission/fusion reactor at the center of the Universe structure to pull more energy out of the reactor which creates a greater electric flow, this decreases frictional heat in the electrons and increases heat in electrons from flow of electrons creating electricity, this would also stop electrons from pooling in the fusion/fission areas and sending out lightning bolts. Creating a continuous flow of fission and fusion reactions that are not interrupted by lightning in the reactor. We should continue the liquid evaporation turbines outward into a second bang, then connect a gas-giant to the back of the fission reactor. The gas-giant functions by only having enough liquid to create rain which is instantly evaporated in the air as it falls to the ground. This creates suction from the space between the fission reactor and the artificial gas-giant, which repeatedly tries to pull in air as air turns to liquid and falls as rain, but with no air between the outer layers of the artificial gas-giant and the fission reactor, it creates an electron pull as in space, this energy would then build in the gas-giant and come out as lightning bolts, or be absorbed through the gas-giants dynamo magnetic field as if a battery, as in the dynamos rolling faster, the increased energy would cause the gas-giant to spin faster pulling in more electron, which allows for more and more powerful fission reactions to occur repeatedly by absorbing all electron so another fission reaction can occur. This is all running while the fission reaction occurs which allows for greater fission reactions then the fission chamber should allow because it absorbs heat at such a great rate that the heat has less time to build to greater temperatures and effect the chamber, in theory allowing for greater fission reactions then the chamber should be able to handle. The more electricity that can be created the more heat that can be pulled from the system, increasing rate of fission/fusion reactions, an infinite improvement.