Matter dynamos. The pipes space layer could be bigger to create the space effect, or even attached to an artificial space layer at the point that runs to a massive space layer used by the entire system . Galaxy swirl vents. Storm dynamos have lightning bolts go from dynamo to dynamo as all electricity builds in the compressed liquid layer at the center of the dynamo that rapidly becomes gas sparking lightning across to be absorbed in the dynamo behind, creating a chain of lightning around the dynamos network. The lightning bolt turns the inner dynamos liquid into gas which instantly turns back to liquid when the lightning bolt goes off as the compressed liquid rapidly turns to gas and pulls out all electrical power built up inside of the dynamo turning the dynamos gas into liquid; this would not be a rolling dynamo but a stuttered or piston dynamo where the gas all turns to liquid then all the liquid turns into all gas, back and forth instead of the normal dynamo rolling which keeps both liquid and gas while some particle rotates back and forth particle between liquid and gas creating the rolling effect in dynamos. Dynamo matter flows left through the dynamo planets as the dynamo planets flow right. The space layer causes the gas to completely separate into individual particles, rapidly super cooling in effect because each particles solar system or atom/molecule is not networked to any others solar-systems or atom/molecules depleting the flow of electrons and energy effectively rapidly cooling it to the coldest temperature possible, having nothing else networked to its solar-system or atom/molecule. This causes the particle to be more compressed as it gets sucked into the next dynamo because it is at its coldest point directly before being pushed back with other gas and rapidly turned into liquid with compression, their should be a calculable point in which the gas can touch other gas before the super cooling effect wears off as it turns into super cooled liquid that is completely filled with the energy of super heated gas as the entire solar-system or atom/molecule galaxy expands as all the particle inside collides from the super cooled state creating an explosion of gas out the back with expansion, turning the back nozzle into a rocket or helping spin the turbines or mini-dynamo solar-system or galaxy or Universe ( I do not know what all the public will decide for that type of grouping ) as the gas explodes out of the back similar to a rocket ship pushing the turbines or dynamos and absorbing all of the force of the explosion before it enters the empty space behind to rapidly separate into the coldest point, completely alone and away from all its kin.
electron dynamos. Natural version would pull all the electron into its dynamo and flow it out the back pulled back the dynamo behind, as electron built up in the spaces between flows in the dynamos and back out into another, without having lasers. I need to add the space layer to exhaust heat build up, just like the matter dynamo version.
These dynamos could be put inside of the pipes running from main dynamo to main dynamo.