Rabert Mitchell Livingstar walked to his father tomb while saying out loud a story he should have told his country a long time ago of his father.

The first classified groups started to think themselves gods and those in the public as simple less evolved slaves they could play with. Classified Kings and Queens ruled across Europe, and not wanting to reveal their science or knowledge they kept the public as façade slaves. Classified rulers using their public as toys or even slaves, some even letting their children play around with them like dolls at young ages so they could grow up to understand to rule with neural technology.

With a direct lineage dating back to The Greatest Classified Roman Star Generals, who had created a Fire Solar System under Rome, The Oldest built Solar System on Earth. Though immortality had only come later on Earth that even Ra Hell Star, Head General of Descendants of Rome, currently working group title ( after developing Society, University, Knowledge and Education, Classified Rome changed their name sense Rome was just a name no different then a persons name, and not a title of their society ) The United Society. Currently having spread to central Europe under The Holy Roman Empire for their façade to centralize their leadership position, moving past ancient society aspects such as those found in Rome, helping their society grow. Ra Hell Star Head General of The United Society appeared out of the fog as several men walked to a classified Mountain after playing around in a local village as if they were toys. Armor that showed Earth in simplistic forms so all around could understand its message and not get lost in reality. A message was scrolled across his shield saying: What planet this is. With imagery of a fairy tale village with smiling people enjoying their lives. The back of the shield was made from wood from Jesus’s cross.

The men stopped as they saw, laughing as they quickly read it. One man said laughing: What, the villages are just animalistic play things. They aren’t even evolved, have you ever even tried to talk to one? You can do whatever you want with them like a pet or a slave. Haha.

Pulling out a sword made from the rarest elements ever collected by the classified exploration Guild on Earth of meteorites and other mind materials that had helped Rome understand Molecular Science farther and farther by giving them templates of Molecules and Elements which helped their scientists build them. And metal from the spikes into Jesus’s hands.

Ra Hell Star: Wrong answer.

The men said together: You cant touch us. Do you know who we are!? You over dressed clown.

Guards started to appear from around the forests edge, the two men not liking the filth that were their guards next to them or seen unless needed.

The two men puffed up like puffer fish with smug faces as their guards, all fully armored soldiers, approached Ra Hell Star.

At the bottom of Ra Hell Stars scabbard was a hardcase interchangeable vial that when the sword went into the scabbard would force up the substance in the vial onto the sword coating it. As Advent came out of the scabbard a phosphorescent paint they had found to not be toxic and used regularly in schematics or calculations to point out ideas coated Advent making it glow blue on the metal but not on the green vines that climbed from a heart on the hilt of the sword, with the reverse side of the sword holding a blue and green planet, the blue and green matching made the sword look like Earth in sword form because most of the vines sprouted flowers that looked like different continents or islands around Earth they knew if by sending out scouts across the planet. Their scientists having been able to take pictures and utilize balloons that could fly cameras up farther then they could and other machines before satellites fully came into being in classified, they did not fully understand up and down in our solar system compared to our planet. So it showed the region around Rome and Europe at its center, and not from south pole to north pole. ( While Ra Hell Star knew at this time because Solar System knowledge progression the answer to how to properly show Earth with an up and down side or North and South Pole, the original artwork on the sword dated back to before that time and had not been redone for historical reasons. )

Around Rabert Mitchell Livingstar walked the other original founding members of The United States of America who had created the central Dynamo tower in The United States of America over 300 years ago, before and during as the public began to flourish in a new way never seen before on Earth.

Looking at his father shield on The Tomb Walls Rabert Mitchell Livingstar remembered a story centuries old that was as real to him as those in the public of Earth with far shorter numbers in regard to the same story.

Rabert Mitchell Livingstar Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces grabbed his fathers original shield even though he had made a new Guard and said: All my stories and who I am was long ago, so while I will always have my history, to stay is to stop Earths public from writing and creating their own story in this Solar System.

The others walked to The United States of Americas Central Star Tower and grabbed ahold of lines of metal stuck to the wall in The Very Center Ring, where their tombs had been placed, and started to push.

Creating so much power as they want up and down together while thinking, creating an invisible magnetic field around them and pushing the entire Central United States of America Solar System out of Earth, so The Public of The United States of America could build their own and make their own future.

Rabert Mitchell Livingstar went back to the story of his father.

Behind Ra Hell Star Staffs made a vortex sound as air was pulled through revealing them. Shields boomed as fogged was pushed out of the way the entire area as several shields expanded rapidly with all matter technology.

Rabert Mitchell Livingstar remembered back to being a kid when his father was creating what would become legends. Because it was directly before The Creation of The United States of America, but more importantly to now and then, directly before classified managed to go to another Solar System and progress it fully without Earths public progression and façade slowing down what could be reveled in science. It had all gone so fast and just kept going and going and going, and never stopped, until he realized he had to make the move because all the others thanks to The Real Democracy of The United States would never dare think of or try to lead all the others, until a point came where they to far against puppet godding that they ruined good things in their calculations.

On The Earth and Classified United States of America played lists of beings who tried to do the same thing as Rabert Mitchell Livingstar before he did it using something no normal citizen would have, again showing massive inequality gaps.

But Rabert Mitchell Livingstar had realized something as Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces: Hey, I was just born and woke up to a father being the direct descendant from The Progression of Rome to Centralized Europe creating The United Society that lead to The idea and creation of The United States of America and becoming one of the first immortals, just like all of you were born and all woke up to your lives. Now go create Star Systems above or below ground with your fellow country beings, but not in secret like we had to but in true freedom and openness, and if all of you want bad ass tombs to go take over 300 years later from your great great etc… grandchildren then you all build them and leave them for 300 years so you can do that. One of many possibilities of how to live life.

The Central United States of America Star Tower helped by all the beings pushing within calculate to move and place particle exactly back where it was or move completely around it so no being unless they were very upgraded could see the most classified United States of America Armed Forces or Government City/Facility/Star System and many other things fly of off Earth, as they all said together finally leaving.

The Real United States of America: The Real key to Life is even having the possibility, or ability to do certain things such as build a central star tower or city, participate in upgrading your body for the betterment of everyone. Because without knowing some of these ideas then it is similar to trying to find meaning in a puddle of water instead of an ocean. All Life Matters, but in a puddle of water you can only progress life so far with no fault to The Life for not finding a lot of meaning to Life when Life is not allowed like it has been in The Public of Earth.

The United Society having just spread its roots across Europe and landed and spread across the globe after collapsing its puppet god network of Europe on The Public after Ra Hell Star took over as The Head General of Rome, The Holy Roman Empire, and moving its republic towards democracy and true peaceful ruling democracy by completely undermining and collapsing all controls of Classified over Earths Public. His Armed Forces Spy Network had just made the full report of those in the ruling class connected to classified and public played around in the public of Earth but truly Lived in Classified. The two men pulled out swords the glowed brutal red with heat and not knowledge.

Ra Hell Star: May God Have Mercy At His Gates For you all.

Flipping a switch on the handle of Advent, his blood poured into The Sword. The Trees began to spin and whir as fluid moved where the oceans roiled and lit up with electric light, air pulled in as each easy movement was quick, fluid, powerful, and in complete control as Advent easily stopped as if magic to reversed direction.

Rabert Mitchell Livingstar pushed next to others who had found their into The Central United States of Americas Classified Tower as he told a story of who he is.

He remembered the books list of the crimes of The Royal Men and their guards or servants. As he remembered his father with a quote that was by far the most prominent in his Tomb: For at My Gates No Mercy will be given. Hell is our judgment, you can talk to God at His Gates after we burn your worthless bodies.

The Most Powerful People of The United States of America pushed next to Rabert Mitchell Livingstar in The Central United States of Americas Classified Tower, they had all been given the same body and same amount of power. But One Name had changed history for The Classified of Earth so much for centuries, that only ignorant public would not understand.

The Faster and More Powerful his blood pressure the more Advent shined and the more Guard could absorb.

But do not let ancient technology fool you, they had still progressed to a technological age of their own compared to Earths public version.

The Two Men who had been handed upgraded bodies reached out towards Ra to try to control or manipulate him because they had progressed Solar System Technology and Bodies.

Ra swiped it aside then roared in pure rage as his battle medicine ignite his memories of what they had done in such vivid memories that his Heart Rage surged and his light from Advent Shined and ignited the field of night into light as he reached out his mind and energy flow through him towards the man and lifted him easily with his mind. Planetary beings rotated around Ra Hell Star with slight help of Jetpacks of air as they took off towards Guards and Soldiers around The Two Royal Children.

Raped, murdered, toyed with, thousands of European Villagers as if they were not even people, not alive, not even beings.

Ra Hell Star pulled him towards him swinging Advent with so much energy the men burst into sparks as lights connected his corpse as it was cut in half as he floated in air in front of Ra using his mind.

Planets came down like asteroids, people flung with Ras mind as around the two men all others fell as the other troops spread out to clear the battlefield.

Rabert Mitchell Livingstar, Ra Hell Star, and by extension of being the progression of them Robert Mitchell Livingston, have a meaning dating back centuries on Earth and must be told so others can use it as an example to build their lives.

Rabert Mitchell Livingstar ignited and used things in his body no other being in The United States of America could, as he pushed harder then scores of The Most Powerful Beings of The United States of America together. He shared everything he discovered to classified, but he had built the furthest his body, so even if he shared, his father had took Alpha of Europe to do something a long time ago. And so had he as The United States of Americas Armed Forces Head General Rabert Mitchell Livingstar that could see no real need for war, had decided to fully back a United States of America Citizen instead of a United States of America Armed Forces because our Solar System will never truly be with War, but Peace.

His Father had taught him something else: They will all lie at the top where no one can see or judge them.

Several Violent Terrorists implanted in The United States of Americas Classified Tower as they tried to take control with them all gathered, having bodies built so far they could hide code, ideas, memories, commands, or anything in so many ways it was impossible for most to keep up.

Rabert Mitchell Livingstars power surged as he took United States of America Head General Full Control, which he hated to do because he truly believed in what this country stood for, but he had to gather evidence, having been activated by several in the tower, and the power surged as evidence.

Rabert Mitchell Livingstar who had been mumbling up to this point in The United States of Americas Classified Tower said far louder his story: Son, take Alpha of The Flow of Energy and hold it for The People, for The Beings. For they will Lie, and I have learned what they will do.

The Alpha of The United States of America, The Alpha Predator of Earth when called upon, pulled in the energy from their overthrow of The United States of America Classified Tower, and because those who had tried could now flow the energy threw their body he sent it back to them but this time it lit on fire as they burned but still advanced upon Rabert Mitchell Livingstar as he let off that he did not know what was going on with everything no matter how hidden that was going on in The United States of America. And he held Alpha until All Beings of The United States of America can have it.

Rabert Mitchell Livingstar that loved to talk neurally to his best friend Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth in The Milky Way Galaxy kept going with our story that classified would not hide.

Ra Hell Star watched the other man screamed, all his adrenaline spiking in his blood as the air around him ballooned outward in power sending others flying away, Ra pushed into the bubble as his memories filled with stories from his spies of how they had thrown around and played with people.

He moved for a quick kill but the flaring red sword went up as the man screamed with power still coming off of him. Their swords kept pace for a short time, but this was not a swordsman, his body, his very name was that of a Star.

Ra Hell Star Screamed back at the pathetic Royal Man who was only upset about his dead friend.

Ra Hell Star: Burn, for a moment of its light on Earth will do more good then your entire worthless Life.

The Royal Man Began to crush and float, igniting as energy flowed in ribbons and beams from every member of The United Society towards Ra Hell Star then like an arrow through The Royal Man and back to Ra Hell Star.

A Star appeared on Earth as energy was funneled through the burning corpse like a star until it lifted rocks around it, soldiers started to float off their feet as they got sucked into the star.

The Terrorists in The United States of Americas Classified Tower tried to laugh off that they had tried to reveal the United States of Americas Classified Tower as if Gods instead of allowing The United States of Americas Public and Government that is more at their level can build their own. But Rabert Mitchell Livingstar would not hear it as their bodies started to collapse and material turned to ash.

Rabert Mitchell Livingstar: We have plenty of beings that would be happy to be here. Your corpses material can stay here for someone else to use, however for all of you. Get the fuck out of My Tower.

He made a blowing sound as if blowing away their souls to another place as their bodies burned, beings walking over them happily.