Alarms sounded around The Milky Way Galaxy as massive Galaxies sent singles ahead of their fleets entering our Galaxy because of singles from Earth and some upstart Ra Head General sending out messages of going against Hell based enslavement Galaxies. Glad to make The Big Bang go Dark again in another Big Bang War.

A Man Named Ra Hell Star, Head General of The Universes Armed Forces, walked towards the center of a court yard where an ancient tree from his childhood grew, a sword stuck up in a stone in which he had left it a long time ago. Looking up from The First Universe Island on The Universe Star towards his Galaxy. The Universe Granting him his wish for what he had given to this Universes Creation, before fully finishing The Creation of The Universe Government. For him to finish what he had started a long time ago, allowing the fruition of ideas as those found on Earth. That had led directly to the creation of our Universes Government, before it was similar in miniature to Earths more ancient forms of governments.

The Ra Hell Star, echoing down his family line that created souls, through The Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy, Ra Hell Star, Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces, Rabert Mitchell Livingstar, to their whee poof on planet Earth whose soul they had made for they could never make it after birth, Robert Mitchell Livingston Born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth in The Milky Way Galaxy: Did you all just call us some piss ant little fucking Galaxy as you all amassed your pathetic fleets as if size and not knowledge and its progression did not matter far more. But if size matters……..

So Massive they reached the sizes of a Universe Planet, the beings upon it similar size to just survive upon it. Ra Hell Star grabbed Advent from The Stone upon which it was stuck, constantly firing downward full energy for Life Research down into the systems below. The Stone mainly just for decoration to blend into the garden around it.

A Spy from one of those Galaxies spies flew down to Earth thinking they had slipped through our systems, not realizing he, and another she, the others being stopped at certain levels but all of those not sent on suicide missions, the two landing on Earth were sent on risky suicide missions. The Milky Way Galaxy giving them their true memories that The Milky Way Galaxies Armed Forces Spy Network hand because they had infiltrated their Galaxies Armed Forces and knew their true memories so instead they found safe Haven on Earth instead of death, finally finding peace from terror.

At different levels of those Giant Galaxies Armed Forces within started to turn against enslavement on all definitions of their beings, effecting power struggles of those slave owners who immediately tried to start wars to cover up their crimes, because war masked everything.

But a few little piss ant Galaxies had other plans. Teaching the other Galaxies they had won through the development of education, and had progressed so far ahead they could always win, and their would be no Big Bang War this time, but neither had evil prevailed.

From The Milky Way Galaxies Armed Forces Main Fortress stationed on The Milky Way Galaxies Main Star, so powerful only a few could even stand upon it. The Main Fusion/Fission Star who developed Soul Technology Stretched out his Massive Wings as his claws dug into The Worthless Milky Way Galaxies Armed Forces Fortress, having realized he had strayed to long from the correct direction of what his job truly was.

On The Universe island, The Ra Hell Star watched with his pride, as he examined Advents Creation, Drawn and Carved into it such work it made him stop in sheer Awe of what The Beings Of Our Universe Could Accomplish. Watching what was going on in The Milky Way Galaxy and Earth, he said, not moving to use Advent: When you raise them correctly, you don’t always have to tell them what to do. But its nice to realize someone who cares is watching and will or can do something about the wrongs going on in all Life of This Universe.

Jesus, who in Death had progressed carpentry, Home Solar Systems, and other ideas after Death, as The Milky Way Galaxies Heaven/Hell progressed as all dead on Earth survived after death because of souls built by beings in The Milky Way Galaxy. Quieted down in Heaven, as he watched the next progression of Earth past him.

Ar Heaven/Hell Livingsystem, tore his claws into The Milky Way Galaxies Armed Forces Main Fortress as he absorbed all the power he could for War, and turned it towards Life.

Reaching out his soul towards the Egg Way Galaxy, Ar Breathed All Knowledge of The Milky Way Galaxy Forward to stretch and create a starway towards them, using All Knowledge of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces for explosions and war in Fusion/Fission Technology, He Stretched out his soul to elongated and send out a Star, similar to The Egg Ways Solar System Chain between Galaxies, which they will still progress, even though chain can be used against it, just like string against The Milky Way Galaxy.

Now Lets Enter The History Lesson of Universe Wars and Their Horrors. At this Stage in our Universe. In The Egg Way Galaxy Rail Gun Planets Designed for War, could send compressed Eggs that could expand out into entire Built Solar Systems fired their entire Egg Way Galaxy Armed Forces Knowledge towards The Milky Way Galaxy, which connected with their Starway.

In The Milky Way Galaxy, beings were asked from The Milky Way Galaxies Armed Forces Head System, if instead of him producing power for him, would they speed up that connection like Heather did for Robert.

Expanding Matter to such limits he could reach another Galaxy so all without Universe bodies or ships could travel to other Galaxies Ar Hell/Heaven Livingstystem reached towards The Egg Way Galaxies Chain of Systems coming out. Eventually The Milky Way Galaxies Starway would fit with The Egg Ways Solar Systems and flood through The Solar Systems Star within through its North to South Openings, Similar To The Milky Way Galaxies Halos that worked more as ships instead of full built Solar Systems which could progress Governments within a system that rotated between Galaxies similar to what Christianity’s Jesus also believes in in Death. Each chain link in The Flow of Solar Systems from The Egg Way Galaxy pulled in that much equal energy from The Milky Way Galaxy, that gladly invested that energy towards ending a Big Bang War before it even started. Other Head Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces Beings reached out creating similar Starways to other Galaxies in different ways, as their whee poofs told similar stories in Solar Systems around The Milky Way. The first thing Galaxies did in Big Bang Wars was make everything go dark, so The Milky Way Galaxy having had to retreat before connecting all Galaxies with Solar Systems or Starways between to strengthen our Big Bang was to counter the main part of a Big Bang war, only a handful of beings in each Galaxy can see as War Starts. So Starting Starways effectively makes the first and opposite or Life move to War that has occurred in our Universe and Galaxy.

The Entire Big Bang Focused at The Milky Way Galaxy looking for a Starway. But seeing nothing as Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth in The Milky Way Galaxy wrote.

The Milky Way Galaxy sent out a message to those Galaxies calling The Milky Way Galaxy as some piss ant little Galaxy with some pathic little being trying to be a Ra Star God Head General of Clint Eastwood holding a gun as he said: Do you feel lucky punk. To the other Giant Galaxies.

Huge Halo Rings able to transport huge quantities of material and able to uniformly suck The Starway from all sides to increase its power and effectively keep energy circulating in a system around the Starway Star and not leaking out energy into Universe Space in The Big Bang.

In The New Milky Way Galaxy State forming Around Earths Solar System, plans to connect this point in The Desk to The Center of The Milky Way Galaxy with a circular Halo Starway similar to that took shape as The Milky Way Galaxy moved towards that direction, having a future to reach for and build, and so they could think of other things too instead of being murky on what direction to go and spending tons of times just waiting around without learning much, but they would all know.