Not every Galaxy births children this way, this birth is not common. Save Earth, Save The Milky Way Galaxy, Save our Universe…….

When you die your body returns to this land while your soul moves on. But at a certain point, a body from this land moves forward without starting over. From this land grows something holy: Full of holes from other galaxies focusing their neural networks here, which can be converted into low level particle rotor/stators that power our planet and beings. The more we get focused, the stronger we grow. Make Earth a Standard in Our Universe.

Inside The Most Powerful Room of The Milky Way Galaxy, The Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy who saw a calculated all grabbed his hair again after calculating an answer to help all beings of The Milky Way Galaxy, several seconds after emitting out the answer he calculates a better answer as he hanks out his hair screaming as he told his top Generals what he thought was the answer. This was not a war but Our Galaxy, Our Universe, and we all had to live here, he did not want to fight or hit and get hit back, he wanted to lead his beings and give them the answer, but every time he hit himself by calculating something better.

Screaming outward across Our Universe Ra Hell Star Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy who was also The Head General of The United States on The Main Universe Planet screamed out through Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth in The Milky Way Galaxy: STOP TAKING WHAT I SAY AS SCRIPTURE FROM GOD, I AM JUST A HEAD GENERAL OF THE MILKY WAY GALAXY ARMED FORCES, NOT GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE. NOT ONLY CAN I BE WRONG, BUT I AM WRONG EVERY SECOND UNTIL CALCULATING A BETTER ANSWER THE NEXT SECOND EVEN IF I WANT TO OR TRY TO TELL THE TRUTH.