The Head General of Our Big Bang Dreams, pulling out a sword made from The Spikes that crucified the first Jesus in this Big Bang who had stood up for The Beings of their planet, a Shield made from The First Tree on The Planet. An old story that was meant to be taken literal but mocked and belittled by beings on Earths of a Big Bang in our Above Cosmos where natural beings reigned, was supposed to represent our Universe and its natural beings who had taken over the surrounding Big Bangs in our Universe.

Earths classified however focused on The Universe Star as they belittled a being so righteous he could be mocked, instead of not belittled and killing all those who dared belittle him like surrounding Big Bangs demanded. Focusing on an island on our Universe planet, a single man rose with legions surrounding him with a dark tower behind him, angel wings from his wife flaring in a doorway infront of him.

A story of a Cosmos whose Big Bang was good and all surrounding Big Bang where natural evil flooded our Big Bang, as beings realized Advent Guard had taken over this Big Bang but not the surrounding Big Bangs. But a Head General reached out towards Robert Mitchell Livingston Born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth in The Milky Way Galaxy in Our Universe as he said: Don’t be scared, the beings who go against you son are nothing compared to me.

Ra Hell Star Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces: I can write this way through my piece. Its being polite and in reality to wear headphones.