Ra Hell Star Head General of The Holy Roman Empire before moving to North America and Creating The United States of America looked around at The Peasants he had recruited, smiling at him with mouths full of holes he smiled back a mouth full of shining white teeth he tried to hide.

Reaching out to his son who would become The Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces, Ra Hell Star Head General of The Holy Roman Empire reached out to his son who would soon create The United States of America after his father died: Son, I cannot tell your brother Matthew this because all his friends are in Heaven. But with my name your sentenced to hell by those who wish to kill you. Hell is The Source of Energy, take it over and hold it. Win, win for our people.”

A man who had only thought ahead sense the creation of The Holy Roman Empire coughed up blood, having not discovered immortality like his sons would.

A man who had turned The Holy Roman Empire into The United Societies, which had led his son Rabert Mitchell Livingstar to create The United States of America, watched as his father Ra Hell Star coughed up blood but turned his entire face to something else as Matthew Livingstar entered the room to something else, a huge smile on his face, heading towards Heaven, Matthew Livingstar said: Father!!!! I am so sad to see you go, the world will mourn your greatness!!!!!!!

Rabert Mitchell Livingstar pulled back from his father as he looked at his face change as he looked towards Matthew.

Matthew Mitcheaven Livingstar said to his father Ra Hell Star: Yes Yes father, our citizens will know freedom, our Kings and Queens will be wiped out as traitors to our citizens.

Matthew Mitcheaven Livingstar made swirling moves with his finger over his head as he looked towards his brother Rabert Mitchell Livingstar who smiled back at him as if he understood.

Ra Hell Star grabbed Matthew Mitcheaven Livingstars arm as he coughed up blood, to say to his son: Be better then they are, protect our citizens for their rulers will not.

Matthew Mitcheaven Livingstar laughed and said to his father: Yes sir, our citizens will be taken care of dad. I love you.

Matthew Mitcheaven Livingstar said walking away.

Ra Hell Stars eyes glazed over, before looking towards his other son Rabert Mitchell Livingstar, saying: Son, The Rulers who follow you from Europe will lie. They will do anything to stay at the top while those at the bottom have no voice here, in this room, with me and you, or from here on out, and they will make discissions without our citizens.

A man who had taken down The Most Powerful Kings and Queens in Europe to create The First Democracy’s on Earth coughed up blood on his death bed as he looked towards Rabert Mitchell Livingstar who could be his last chance to accomplish on Earth that could be impossible in every other Earth in our Galaxy.

Ra Hell Star Head General of The United Societies, father of The Creator of The United States of America said to his son Rabert Mitchell Livingstar: Those at the top will lie to keep their power, defend those at the bottom for no one at the top will. That is why I founded this country, that is what birthed you.

Rabert Mitchell Livingstar sat on a throne in Washington AC not because he was a king, not frozen because he could not move. But for The Public of The United States of America. While Matthew Mitcheaven Livingstar took over heaven laughing and smiling, lying in classified Heaven Facilities as he murdered his victims like United States of America Presidents. Rabert Mitchell Livingstar followed his father keeping exact records for reality and sanity of The United States of America, released every certain amount of years and not hidden like Heavens records. Rabert Mitchell Livingstar even went out of his way to make sure Armed Forces Records were so important to The United States of America and its future they could not be touched, while The United States of Americas Heaven Covered up and hid their crimes under Matthew Mitcheaven Livingstar. So while Heaven was heard more then Hell because of its name, lies piled up until beings started to listen to hell and what it had to say even though heaven was easier to listen too.

Ra Hell Star Head General of The Holy Roman Empire: I imagine a future where every citizen has voice, where peasants can have dreams like queens or kings.

Rabert Mitchell Livingstar reached out his hand towards Heather Mitchell Livingplanet, raising her up To Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces so he could have a wife to speak with and be best friends with.

Matthew Mitcheaven Livingstar reached out his hand towards a women he replaced constantly because he was Matter Himself of Heaven, replacing his wife dependent upon what Heaven was doing at that time. She mattered, but why not have 4 wives, one ground, another loose, one you fucked every once and while, and a space women you fucked only when traveling to other solar systems.