Statistical probability of meeting a women named Ayla, Heather, or Rachel who is single, does not have kids, is willing to poop like me so she can work at the center of The United States of America, Earth, and our Sun with me, and is interested in the same things I am into is close to 0%.

Why are all women attracted to small talk and not to people like me who speak through images and writing and cannot do small talk so I never have a chance to find a girlfriend who could become my wife.

Normal Women now a days when presented with small talk: OMG you can small talk with me for 30 mins straight, lets date or get to know each other, here’s my vagina its completely soaked.

Normal Women now a days when presented with Real talk, marriage, or building a life together from the start: OMG why are you talking about real things I barely know you, I want small talk for weeks so this relationship just starts out with us liking each others bodies, I am completely dry, why would you already have a family tree and kids names figured out, I want a future husband that has never thought of those things or put anytime into them. Lets talk about small talk things for the first weeks we are together, then after we have had sex and we are blinded by a honeymoon phase, then I will know you enough to talk about real things, or a potential of marriage, children, what we will do with our lives, and how our names go together which effects what upgraded bodies we get, so we would want to marry someone who will have a similar upgraded body in the future.

That is insanity to talk about real things or marriage after you have fucked or been dating for a while. It should be the first thing you talk about, showing that you take it serious that you want a wife and children. You should be talking about marriage before you fuck, because after your in the honeymoon phase anyone would look and sound good to marry.

Zoba, destroyer of Ball of Yarn Worlds, climber of solar system trees, Milky Way Galaxy sun bather, and collector of The Milky Way Galaxies main energy flow to build particle at the main level our Galaxy does in our Solar System.

Perfect name for the center of a sun, finding and increasing the flows that go all the way up the latter. Following the flows of energy would also mean she would follow them into beings, instead of using energy flows to have sight which would be more the female name Ayla. The Cosmos government and every level of existence would be able to connect to our star and all beings, we should be able to find it and increase it.