Compression or pressure engineering supports

If the truss is tight against the wall no hanger is needed for the truss to support the weight it is engineered to take. To counter the slight movement of the truss going down if a weight equal to its max load is put upon it flexing the support boards in the truss which would push the bottom down slightly, only a minor hanger or a few nails would be needed because the majority of weight is supported through the pressure against the wall.
Pressure keeps the entire deck up, nails from pressure supports into home inconsequential. But normal screws or lag bolts into home at porch level holding the deck beams or joists to the home still needed.

Energy flow of Atoms

Hydrogen occurs with one proton or with one neutron and proton because Gas Giants pull in more energy, hold in more energy, and emit more energy within the neutron atomic solar system instead of emitting it outward in the proton atomic solar system. With more Gas Giants in a neutron pulling in -3 energy around the -3 star instead of to the electron pulling in more -3 in a proton it helps to pull in more Gluon into the center of the neutron atomic solar system, attracting it to protons with the North South flow instead of spherical emission flow. While protons attract more electrons. This helps explain isotopes and ions also because with more gluon flowing north to south through protons the stronger they pull in electrons in ions using spherical emission flow because they emit more -3 or the more powerful the protons north south becomes with more neutrons flowing through them helps hold them together. An increase of north and south would also help hold electrons to them with the north to south gluon flow of both, or emitting more -3 from protons would help the Gas Giants in neutrons stick to protons as the neutron Gas Giants pull in energy from the protons spherical emission also.

The Spokane Polices first choice should always be Becker Buick.

The Three Main Shields of Matter, surrounded by the space between us all. And the vehicle adds the fire or electrons which are just miniature stars, a type of matter that is just as important as the main three. Fuel helps electron stars burn brighter then just funneling in electron stars you have stored.


God is the planet we stand upon, art and logic go infinitely giving us sight up the latter of existence to help us have something solid to stand upon and work up the latter of existence, matter goes for as far as we can see and makes up who we are, compression and expansion of who you are is below a roof over your head which is at the top, making it the most important thing to have through all of time existence for beings on God or planets. And Universe Theory which makes up your arms helps who you interact with everything around you.