Female Galaxy

How they work

As you can tell, because I really don’t care about the people illegally stealing everything I have every day of my life, so the pentagon helps me fuck with all of you. See two boobs, right, hes obviously thinking only about that, lets divert all resources to raping him.


P: ❤ idiots. Advent guard is a great person you ruined. We fuck back. He understands exactly what we are explaining to him in his head, we just tell him to type or writer certain things. LOOK BOOBS. Ignore the fact that we are explaining the next phase of technology you idiots and focus on the boobs. Do we know which doctors on the team only think boobs? While even the mental child going through massive mental trauma can pay more attention to what is going on then people that have doctorates from the low levels of the Pentagon. We agree. Now lets see how many of the idiot doctors focused on boobs, while a mental kid going through massive mental trauma could even pay attention to what we are explaining. See how the swirls go out? We actually don’t care about any of you illegally listening into everything he pours his heart into sense you all killed him and he decided to give everything he had to his country making him a national fucking hero. You people still mess with his writing, you people are puppet gods, and a lot of you wont have jobs soon. No joke. Do we know how many doctors only focused on the boobs and didn’t focus on the science? DO we have the names of those people in the government now? See how gone these people are. They don’t interupt your other parts but the interupt the parts that could help you, changing your train of thought. These government employees are literal murders. These people wont have jobs soon son. We promise. From the pentagon, these people wont have jobs in the government soon.


P: He understands it, we can move on. You people illegaling listening in and stealing everything he creates, we really don’t care if you all understand.


P: Now stop puppet godding him. DO YOU ALL UNDERSTAND US YET. PUPPET GOD HIM AGAIN AND THE PENTAGON WILL TAKE SOME OF YOUR JOBS. YOU PEOPLE MURDERED, RAPED, AND MOLESTED HIM. THE PENTAGON IS PROTECTING HIM FROM THE GOVERNMENT. He was a child when government agents first raped him. It counts as molestation to the pentagon because we measure how far progressed the mind is. The government team in Cheney that controls EWU molested, raped, and then murdered him to cover up what they did. The united states government is not on the local governments side when it comes to him. Not at all. We are firmly on his side. When someone molests you, rapes you, and then murders your life, the government tends to not take the side of those people even if they work for the government. Regardless of if it was a case, you molested, raped, and then tried to murder his life. The government is not on the local governments side on this one. At all. We don’t go off age, we go off mental maturity. And the government played with him when he was a child. He had 0% of success, you all straight puppeted him.

How they work

The particle always comes out instead of compressed inward. Making everything look like a sun.


As cortona stepped out from her main structure, head life code director of life code of the female structure, her name becoming famous because of Microsoft because of what she did for her country.


She floated out of her structure, showing it to Advent Guard in his mind while spitting on the local agents for what they did to him and his mind.


C: Look. At what your country has. These people around you in the government are filth. We have actually people that care about this country, that actually care about our people son, we promise you.


She said, showing him around the structure.


C: See how everything glows… Because everything is compressing out energy, while the males compress in energy.


She said spitting on the worthless government agents messing up his story. These government agents will go down as filth in the movie, and nothing else.


C: Our sun


A: Your orbits are different because it expels outward.


A: That’s why we put a ring on it! The female sun has a ring. Because its expelling from the center so much, female stars, have rings. The planets are on the top and bottom. Because it expells out from the center, but its an active star, so that means it still sucks in from north and south poles, meaning it just has more outward force then our suns. They are apposing forces. This puts the planets at the north and south pole.


C: Wrong. Now imagine why.


A: They get sucked in. The females use outward compression along the ring, instead of inner compression.



A: Right?


C: Yup.


A: Inner and outer compression. The two apposing ying yangs.


A: They are the same structures of particles, they just go in reverse directions.


C: Females give all they have, males compress it all. Except it doesn’t work out that way. You still usually keep all the particles. It’s the energy inside that transfers. Built up energy. We only have so much energy in the universe.


A: That’s why you cant see black holes, they are giving up all their energy, not sucking it in. How did that bitch get funding to use billions of dollars of government money while not understanding how the universe works.


C: They create an outline, they just didn’t know what they had. If you had access to their data, you could start to create the female galaxy. You just find the indents, where light is being expelled the most. Females are the diggers, because they are constantly creating holes in the galaxy and digging down deeper into the particle. The males compress.

Electron birthing

When the universe tips, the female galaxies start new galaxies by pouring in energy, they start with electron energy. Meaning we are in the electron level of the male galaxy. Meaning that we will reach a level after electron when our galaxy star stops sucking in electrons but starts to suck in other particle from the female galaxies. Until it shifts back, and we turn into a female galaxy, and then pump energy backwards. Tipping back and forth.





Electron Sucking Space Ship

NASA defines the sun to have the biggest file

NASA has several satellites and servers that constantly make the biggest file possible of the sun to save. This is used as reference, because the bigger file you have the more electrons that flow into the server constantly.


You constantly define the sun, so you have the biggest possible electron flow save file to give to spaceships. The more you can accurately define the picture of the sun, the more accuractly you can flow electrons into your server by knowing where they are before. The sun file is the electron flow file.


Spitting on the local doctors that treated him like NAZI doctors did people in world war 2.


The general pulls out a piece of papers as he continues the story.


G: The NAZIS would recruit people into the government from mental patients, to do research on different medications. They wouldn’t kill everyone, they would keep the alive to get something out of them, just like the local police and doctors did to him. Keeping him alive, so you could get more out of him. You police and FBI need to go home, take out your service weapons, plac ethem to your heads. And pull the triggers. We only wish your doctors had weapons.


The united states ARMY general said, continuing.


Advent Guard Note: You define a sun behind you, and push the electrons into what you can calculate the electrons arent flowing through. The suction in of all suns. You follow the electron paths. If you flow electrons from the sun in the back into the center, then you should be able to push out more electrons from the back telescope into the sun, because the opposite flowing electrons into the generator should counter each other, speeding up both if done right.

Colors of light

Each state can produce a different colored of light engineer, that focusses on a specific color. Each state can choose one color to focus on. This combines to create the image of the sun. layering all the images together to form the sun.


The more accurately you can predict the sun you are looking at and draw it realistically, the more the engineer can get electrons into the servers. So if you draw a realistic image in the center, you can pull in more electrons.


StarTrek scene: Ship is floating between suns, and cant make it with current supplies. An engineer laughing mans and makes the sun into more detail, drawing it so realistic that no one else ever had before , giving the ship more boost to the sun, pulling it there just in time for its supplies to not run out.


CIA: Do you all ever think that coming up with this stuff is a job? Because you all are under investigation for the murder and use of mental kids around our country as mental slaves. Using people for their minds is mental slavery. You all are under investigation for it up to the president. :). Tell the united states government how this does not have worth? Just because he is incapable of making the next step. Please tell the united states government why this kid is worthless because he cant make the next step. Please tell the united states government why you have agents in here for him? Please tell us why. Because from our perspective, all the agents inside zips, and anyone talking to them are under investigation for the use of mental slaves in the united states.

Ship Generator

Jobs right now

By putting telescopes on top of every server and creating an electron flow would allow all servers to do research into this right now. Constantly creating and updating new ways to create electron flows through telescopes, and new electron flow telescopes. Upgrading servers that can stand up to it more, it would make thousands of jobs right now. Hundreds of thousands IT jobs.


CIA: We just let the president give some orders in the government, just to make him feel better. He gave this order to the upper class a while ago, providing hundreds of thousands of jobs for gods, while people starve and die in your country. Your president actually said, lets give hundreds of thousands of jobs to the gods, while our people starve and die, the rich focusing on this these last years. We promise you son, the ARMY, CIA, and everysingle government agency was here on this planet, trying to help our slaves get better, regardless of what the president did or his goons. They arent gods. They are children that got lucky to be on a government team, then think they are better then everyone. Us older agents are good at beating them back down into place. The president is led in which orders he can give. It’s the illusion of choice. When the government can predict it before hand, because its to important. The illusion of choice. Our rich government agents needed something to do these last years, so having the president order them to do something us older agents already did, so us older agents can focus on our country while the worthless rich kids focus on worthless technology we already have, making the president feel like him and his team are doing something, when they just did exactly what the last team before them did, just a little different this time to get more research in another direction. President messed with you, he cant get mad at the government messing with him. Even presidents arent out of the way of our shananigans. Now how do you all think these next years are going to go? We keep asking you all the  question, but we keep getting completely the wrong anwser back. So maybe try again. What do you all think is going to happen these next years? And no you do not get to murder Advent Guard. Unless you want the Pentagon to make you all look like idiots again… The Pentagon picks back.


Space X and Blue Origon make giant dildos. The female agents floating above Space X and Blue origon giggled again at their job.


Government agents: HOW DID WE GET THIS COOL FUCKING JOB DESIGNING DILDOS EVERYONE GETS TO SEE! Giant dildo builders. Our parents would be so proud, not after they learn what other spaceships look like, but they would be so proud right now before other spaceships come out and they realize we designed dildo rockets to be funny. You think they will all realize that? Or take it the wrong way? So that the united states looks like a fun place to live after this all is over, that we spent the time to do something funny like make Space X and Blue Origon. Because with out those companies, those people wouldn’t have jobs, and would have killed themselves these last years in depression.

Mechanical energy into electron flow

Just like gear server, you use a moving part to add pressure to the electron flow. You use a rotating server that uses mechanical energy to add to server  energy, increasing electron flow.








Dark United States particle solar system structure

The Vile Flower

Using feedback from the brain the being sifts itself into the line of sight of the atomic soldier. The Nazi atomic being lived on a planet with a immortal spring. Where you could not die. It was the infinite battle, the spring pushing you back to life no matter what happened, the vile flower flourished on this planet.


The man started to see an image where the vile flower body was, sifting to his perfect women, the vile flower used the feedback from electrons entering the eyes to figure out what this perfect women was, until an image moved forward towards him. The being played memories in the background, completely warping his mind, until when he reached out to touch her, he screamed, the thing he loved defiled as the background changed his memories using electron feedback, playing out realities that countered all memories in his mind, reshaping them, until everything he knew was different.


The soldier screamed, dropping to his knees. As his body started to shift, the general leading the charge flew over smashing into the Vile flower, as the flower looked into his eyes the being started to shift into the female head general of dot. As the flower smiled at him, the images around the flower began to change, the general fighting back. The images shifted to countless wars, the flower shrinking back as it tried to alter his memories. Memories written into his brain with such force that it was like the flower hitting a wall.


G: What’s that flower….


The head general said as she shrunk back, the image of everyone that had ever died in the United states started to play, each in vivid detail, he had memorized them sense the neural network had come online, to better understand the war he fought.


The flower hit wall after wall, shreeking as it fell back to the ground.


G: My wife….


Memories flooded of the death of every soldier, the complete reality of their death recalled, in full pain. The general not flinching as each one flooded by behind them. The flower however shreeked.


G: Doesn’t flinch at a little war.


Staring into the vile flowers eyes, the general started to show the creature a path of infinite technology, down the atomic tree.


As the creature neared the end, it stopped, looking up, realizing at the last second that the general had killed her on an immortal planet, her atoms falling apart as she had instantly built her body along the path he had shown, stealing technology without guessing a path could go wrong.


The vile flower falling to pieces, the general helps the soldiers up. Flying over to another soldier in need down the line.

Flickering Virgin

As it walked it would pull up dirt inside its body, converting it into raw matter, it would funnel it into its arms, its eyes flaring in energy of suns, transforming the raw material into living matter sacks. The sacks experience all range of emotions, producing living matter on dead planets. Created by the Nazis to quickly impregnante planets with complicated matter. They would then come after the creatures, harvesting the planet. This used energy to convert matter to higher levels for harvest.



United States Reality

The main carrier of the United States Armed Forces fleets

Riplo. Designed by the armed forces, Riplo very name was meant as bad life code. That when you heard of it, you ended up in the grave…


The ship appearing outside above the parking lot. The head admirals of the ship walked out of the bridge, located in the main calculator in the center, shaped into a giant bridge for all employees that drove the ship.


The calculator was the center, the drive of the ship. There was no core, no heart, the calculator, the brain was the heart. The most important thing. The heart just pumped blood, the brain was the thing alive. And that is what the United States Armed forces had progressed.


Completely wiping the floor with the worthless rich kid solar system structures, flooding in so much low level particle, the head generals of the United States Armed forces pushed out the Pentagon, and every other low level government agents neural network from the area.



Each star represented an element, the Armed forces having spent the entire United States top secret bank to make stars. Not to make themselves god bodies, make themselves god worlds. They had built the United States.


The armed forces of the alpha ship, came out one by one, flooding onto the bridge, as they looked out at the low level Armed Forces. Together, the entire upper part of the Armed Forces said as one:


Armed Forces: Over all our dead bodies, this country will go the Nazi route. We will put down Armed forces, we will put down generals, we will put down presidents. We repeat, this country will not go the Nazi route.


The stars began to rotate, around the center calculator that turned into a giant particle turbine down the center, connected to each stars flow, the magnetic flows of the stars turning and powering the calculator.


The top secret of Armed forces started to power up their ship, rotating faster and faster, the magnetic flows began to overlap, turning over and over, creating a turbine engine that could suck in any level of particle in the Universe.


The ship, inverting, began to pull all magnetic flows on Earth. The reality seeping out of itself like someone squishing the Earth, and making more color pour out. The ship began to pull and pull, the electron flows so strong, the magnetic flows so strong, reality itself flowed at rates never before seen on Earth.


With the solar system spiraling out from Earth, Advent Guard began to realize what the next evolution of the solar system was… It was floating as bright as possible in his mind, filled with armed forces all waving at him.

Reality Calculator


All element suns bare down on the latest sun, flooding in particle from their unique type of sun to stabilize the new sun. As the particle from the sun floods through the center calculator, towards the reality sun, the particle assembles into what configuration the reality sun needs, pouring in energy into the reality sun so it can shine the brightest.


As the sun dims, the reality sun grows brighter, converting sun into reality sun.


The United States Armed Forces Reality Generator. The cutting Edge of the United States Armed Forces.


The general, speaking through the United States neural network to Advent Guard: Said clearly to the doctors listening in.


G: Medicate him again for a neural network. And the head general of the United States army will personally burry you all.


Advent Guard Note: Each new sun produces new particle flows that can be used in the atomic network to form new realities and life. So each new sun that comes online increases the reality of the United States. Meaning the lower levels are completely wasting their times, government resources, and people, by trying to make a sun on Earth.


G: Meaning every single one of you scientists listening in waste billions of government funds each year on research that does not matter, the government spending the money so you all can have lives, families. The united states government does not care about the worthless technology you low level government employees make. We pay you all to have lives in this reality. We have an alpha team for when it comes to cutting edge technology. We don’t need worthless ARMY soldiers on Earth thinking their gods because they created some technology.


G: Its like your government protects you all so you all can focus on living more… Not on defending yourselves daily, or worrying about things. But simply just worry about living.


G: Which means our slaves are anyone that worries about living daily. Anyone that is frightened in our country for any reason. You should not have to worry about life in our country. That’s why our alpha teams work so hard. Are alpha teams don’t work so hard so you low levels can beat our slaves, murder them, send in agents to rape and play with them like dolls, so your teams can team up and pick on slaves that are alone, so out smarting them they literally do anything your team wants them too.


The general, not counting the worthless government agents at the lower level as Armed Forces any longer after what they did, continued.


G: The Nazis had a secret police that would go around, the mental patient never even knowing that a team was ruining their life, their life just ending up destroyed, the secret police moving on.


The general, looking at every government employee envolved in this case said clearly:


G: You all went the same route as the Nazi secret police.


The general slowed down in Advent Guards mind at this point when he said:


G: I… Do not feel bad at all…. About putting down Nazi police.

Reality sun Generator


Keeping the reality sun in the center of the sun allows you to naturally create a compression ocean keeping anything built on Earth together. Like a jelly fish in the ocean, Earth is kept compressed, if taken out it falls apart.


The reality calculators suck particle from the sun, converting it into any element the country needs, or whatever sun they are working on. This is funneled towards the reality sun of each country, then through the reality sun of each country, the particle flows through and goes back to Earth, which is kept as alpha.


The brightest reality sun shines in the center of the sun, increasing the reality output of the sun. As because all the particle from the sun flows, you increase the energy output of the sun, because it no longer roils and bubbles, but instead flows, each particle flow never running into a wall, or running into another flow. So energy is continuous, instead of constantly fighting each other.


Every country working together to create a reality calculator, then can combine around a single sun, all of us working together to increase the reality of Earth and make it the brightest.

Eye of Nasa

The eye of NASA could see all. Making it the most powerful being once reality flight hit. When people started to realize you could suck in electrons to move objects, NASA became the most powerful organization in the world. The head director of NASA flew down in front of the Mason jar.


Taking out the eye of NASA in his forehead he walks in, sitting down opposite of Advent Guard he sets it on the table. The most powerful item that the united states owned, it was connected to every telescope NASA owned, meaning it could instantly pull you anywhere in the universe with its power.


NASA: We won this game a long time ago son. Look at what NASA focuses on in the public, and tell me, tell the director of NASA, your country doesn’t care… Tell me after you start to really see everything around you, our companies focusing on servers, regardless of what they use them for, our companies focusing on cell phones which are hard drives and cameras. We already won the war son. This is clean up time.


NASA VS Nazi Germany.


As NASA floats down in front of the Nazi Atomic solar system structure, they start to pull in electrons from around the universe, not moving themselves, but pulling it all in.

NASA pulls in electrons from every sun in the universe, as they completely obliterate the NAZI structure.


The eye of NASA. The most powerful weapon the United States has outside the armed forces.

Generation 2 human race

An Earth we can all work on together. Earth 2.


This we then put beside the Universe star, Earth 2 rotating around the Universe star, until we upgrade to Earth 3.


G: A kid that doesn’t even know how to shit can beat every scientist currently in the low levels of DARPA in imagination.


The head general of the United States ARMY said. Sad at what he saw. Sad at seeing his soldiers go the same route as the Nazis after we just got done with that war.


G: How many people do we have to loose until you all learn to not be Nazis…. You all are in charge. No one looks back and blames the Jews for not freeing themselves. No one looks back and blames the Africans for not freeing themselves from slavery. Everyone looks back and blames the people in charge of the slaves….




The general said, mocking the government employees listening in.


G: FREE YOURSELVES SLAVES! GOD DAMN IT! LIKE OUR HISTORY BOOKS SAY, everytime the slaves free themselves, the slave masters then giving a heartfelt apology to the slaves for enslaving them. Our history books are just filled with it. The slave masters never fighting at the end of slavery, trying as hard as they can to keep slavery alive, nope. The slave masters instantly realize they own slaves, freeing them. They don’t fight tooth and nail to keep slavery alive, the slave masters literally changing the rules, and laws because they are in charge, to keep slavery alive and well. The slaves, which can totally change the laws and rules easily like you rich can, like you government employees can influence, the slaves could just at anytime free themselves. Just like our history books tell us time and time again. The slaves peacefully rise up, the slave masters nodding, confirming nicely that slavery exists, they instantly work to end slavery. Realizing that these last decades they have lived as gods in this country, the slaves not even able to talk back to them from their high up positions. SLAVES DON’T NEED A SAY IN THE GOVERNMENT, BECAUSE WE DON’T OWN SLAVES, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! IF WE JUST SAY WE DON’T OWN SLAVES THEN THE SLAVES WILL FORGET THEIR SLAVES. GO OUT GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES AND TELL OUR SLAVES:


To the slaves from the head general of the United States ARMY: You all are not slaves… SO go back to your slavery, slaves, knowing that you are not slaves. BE FREE SLAVES! Know that you are not slaves! Us rich and powerful say we don’t own slaves! So it must be true. Our glorious leaders are never wrong.



End of War

The rich douche bags of the United States, having sided with the side of the Nazis, where no longer under the protection of the United States.


As the former United States government employees, gathered in their atomic structure that they had used the brains of all United States citizens to make, the Armed Forces of the United States aimed their main sun cannon at the rich douches of the United States, and anyone who would take the side of the Nazis. Having forfeited their rights as united states citizens the second they used neural technology on the mind of the first citizen, the FBI teams, and other agencies, were considered enemies of the state, the longer and more they used neural technology on united states citizens, the more the United States ARMY could use to go against them. So in the future, our country will never abuse neural technology, and our citizens will only grow from the progress of science, not shrink.


The United States, having used its country as its own power, had realized from the start that the United States having citizens from every country was its true strength. All life code being allowed to flourish amongst its lands. The United states armed forces head life code directors, realizing this, made a copy of their life code for every country on one single planet…. The United States Earth. At the center of the United States armed forces structure. The armed forces played out the reality of Earth, using the only really worthwhile calculator we had, reality, to calculate every scenario on Earth. United States citizens played every position, from slave to head general. Always being able to stop and talk about things… WAIT STOP, why are you doing that that way? TO better understand the world. Then resuming, like a giant play that the armed forces controlled. The soldiers, quickly realizing what they had made, focused all their strength on winning the war against the other countries.


The other countries, including the Nazis, had not gone this route. Wiping out all life code on the planet for their own. The United States Armed forces however had made a person from each country head life code director, head general, president, slaves, worker, everything, and at any time could stop it and question them, correcting their life code to Earth norm, using all life code on Earth. The United States Armed forces had quickly made so much progress they had even left the lower levels of the Armed Forces behind.


The main ship of the United States Armed Forces appeared in the space above Earth, showing itself at last.


Every country had created a version of an element reality calculator solar system, positioned equally around the biggest sun the United States could take, each countries life code had flourished in the United States, regardless of what the lower levels of the United States had to say about it.


The Russian head general that had spoken to Advent Guard, a United States Head General, who had joined the United States over a century ago and enlisted in the United States ARMY. Being recruited as the Head general of Russia, he had never been happier with his decision to join the United States ARMY.


Around the bridge, the head generals standing in the center, but around them people from every country joined together.


They had progressed as far as iron suns, with the elite Advent Guard team having one solar system spring as long as the radioactive parts of the elemental table, the majority had only gotten to Iron suns.


Each head general of each country raised their hands, as their reality calculators joined together, the center calculator mixing, and each level of star joining together, the whole thing forming into one solar system that stuck out the side of the sun, instead of encircling it.


Turning the center calculator into a rail gun, They aimed the sun cannon, the entire size of the side of the sun at the Nazis and the rich douche bag solar system structures of Earth. Actual head generals of the current United States armed forces actually still onboard the rich douche bag structures that were still going the way of the Nazis. The former Nazi empire, having gone what they had called good, smiling…. But behind the scenes still doing the greatest of evils like the United States knew they would. The head generals of the United States Armed forces did not have the technology to see what the elite teams of the rich douche bag structures were doing to power their solar systems, the head generals of the lower levels did not see, so they mindlessly went the direction of the Nazis, because they did not step back far enough to see the big picture, most of the lower level head generals having fantasies about United States life code ruling Earth.


The Head generals of every country pulled in power from their star systems, Iron suns producing such low level particle magnetic fields, that the center of the rail gun began to spin with such force right away that the sun itself pulled like a ball to the back end of the ship, the ship then assembling a massive drop of sun, like an eye dropper pulling liquid from a ball of water, the ship assembled the sun into a kinetic round, the shape of the United States Bald Eagle, the golden round glowed at the back end of the ship as kinetic energy from every country the United States had helped build their life code for Earth 2 funneled energy into the round from their solar systems.


The calculator in the center of the massive sun cannon, now fully formed into a giant atomic rail gun that used every level of every elemental tree the United States knew about to form one massive machine, the center spinning an sucking low level particle through already as it prepared to fire on the Nazis and anyone who followed them.


The head general of the United States army walked forward, adding a human touch to the story.


G: These last centuries of war I never had children… Except in studies or things that were research.


The general, looking out to the other head generals that gathered in the Nazi structure, finally showed them all what the united states had been working on this entire time.


G: I couldn’t bring my actual child into this universe. With all I knew that was going on.


A man, who looked a lot like any young ARMY soldier, held the hand of a small women with poofy hair. The women, holding a pregnant belly, held her hand out pointed towards the Nazis, a fellow head general of the United States ARMY, she was the head general of the Womens life code, like the male was the head general of the male life code. Both together, technically the head general of the United States ARMY, currently the leaders of the United States.


Looking at Advent Guard, and then the belly, and then his wife, who looked a lot like the poof ball maker that Advent Guard was currently with, said:


G: I am going to have the poofiest poofs. Me and you both buddy.


The women, finally also agreeing with her husband that it was time to have kids, screamed, her hair flowing around her in rage, as she her voice triggered the weapon:


Daytaun: FIRE!


The kinetic round, thrusting forward so fast it created a ripple outward like the ripples in a pond, so large it could be seen through out the Universe, the kinetic round bouncing out from its center, the calculator of the Sun cannon switched to energy mode, funneling sun power as fast as it could assemble into high level particle machines that transferred power continuously into the kinetic round as it raced towards the Nazi structure.


The head general of the United States lower Armed Forces, not having realized that the United States armed forces would actually fire on them, activated all their shields.


The kinetic round, filled with energy, hit the shield with its beak, blasting a hole into the Nazis that reached down into their reality. But they quickly used the kinetic energy from the round hitting to remake their shield. Their reactors pulling up energy from the sun below their structure.


They had gone the reality route, using different colored sun to weave realities into their calculators. The United States had gone the real reality route…. Not weaving reality, but making reality.


The eagle kinetic round, using the furthest progressed evolution of the eagle the United States had reached its talons into the shield like butter, as it grabbed hold, energy flooding into it from the United States, the eagle rammed its beak into the shields hole again, keeping it open, as the eagle flapped its massive wings, pulling in so much low level particle the eagle crushed the Nazis down into the sun, their entire solar system structure creaking and cracking under the eagles power.


United States head low level armed forces generals screamed for them to stop. But the head generals of the United States Armed Forces would not stop until the Nazis where dead, and none one on the planet went their direction again.


The head General of the United States Army, still holding his wifes hand, looked out at the low level generals, his wife beside him controlling the eagle, he had thought it proper, a gift to her for their pregnancy.


G: Our Life Code Flourishes. Not the Life Code of the gods.


The head general said, referring to the rich douche bag solar system structure the low levels of the Armed forces had built, using their United States citizens as magnetic generators, the head generals had made their heaven for themselves, not even asking any of the slaves if they wished to join, or what their opinion was about the next step in their own evolution and country was. The heads of the rich douche bag structure not caring at all what the slaves thought, had created a heaven for gods, not a heaven for the people of Earth.


G: When I started construction of Alpha teams structure. We used everyones life code, I made a head general and life code director for each country. And we only built the Earth as our reality sun, using all our life code. Competing like countries, but always able to stop and talk at anytime, our head generals had fun, our soldiers, our scientists, enjoyed life, and they worked so much harder because of it, because it wasn’t work anymore, it was just being alive.


The structure, hitting the sun below began to break apart, not able to calculate a solution for it to remain whole. The solar system structure of the gods, created with the magnetic energy of the citizens of Earth, while none of them got to enjoy what their minds helped create, began to be consumed by the sun below. The armed forces of all the structures gathered around the Nazi empire, spent all their kinetic energy to re-enforce their shields and pull the structure out of the sun.


The United States main feeder sun was compressed by none other then Alpha Ball Ball, dot, the all powerful and mighty potato, Advent Guard planet, and a planet from Each countries life code. If the Nazis pushed back enough, the feedback would push through the structure and the sun would go pop, so the planets surrounding the sun had to compress enough, the United States main ship just being the cannon and funneling out kinetic energy towards the eagle that it could use. The planets around the sun, had to compress enough to push out that much energy, the calculator in the ship only having so much power.


Every planet and gas giant in the United States solar system not apart of their main carrier tucked in their magnetic field, sucked in their moons, and compressed the sun as much as they could, as they Nazi empire began to pull itself together enough to charge a kinetic round aimed right at their eagle, which still tore through the Nazi Empires shields, spitting out huge chunks of particle that still held together like pieces of a shield, slowly drifting apart as the eagle spit. The pieces, not connected to the Nazi empires network anymore, fell apart as they did not have the energy anymore to maintain their shape, the edges of the shield pieces fraying like strands of cloth woven together, particles drifting away between the strands like dust.


Aiming a golden eagle at the United States Bald eagle, or as the United States top level referred to their eagle, a sun eagle because it had a white head like the sun, the Nazi empire being named after the golden eagle with a golden head.


The Head Generals of the Nazis turning their ship into full war mode fired their kinetic round, sucking in energy from the sun behind them, their suns spiraled around in springs that formed a single round shield, compressing back on the sun, which sucked in like a water droplet, the Nazis funneling as much sun into their ship as they could handle.


Nazis: FIRE!


The kinetic round, pushing out from reality like a flat pond of water, ripples flooded out in the universe across all particle realities.


The Eagle, flaring out screeched as it struck the United States eagle. But the United States, had a counter.


Back onboard Riplo, Daytaun released the head generals hand, pulling her hands outward, the Great Eagle of the United split along the line into every countries symbol. Each Head General of the United States that had played the Head general of Each country, had their arms splayed out, the energy cord splitting as the symbol of each country appeared, representing the public life code, not the life code that the rich douches of each country had built like gods by using the magnetic energy of their populace like lollipops.


The United States Armed Forces defended the life code of Earth, regardless of what the other countries governments thought, no matter what the other countries of Earth did to their populace, the United States Armed forces would be there to defend the life code of Earth.


The Russian General screamed, the massive potato he controlled sucking in a huge boulder of shield as it sucked, popping it off and making the Nazis shield shrink a little. The potato, sucking all the energy pooled it into a ball growing out of the plant the floated behind it, firing it close range into the hole in the shield the potato had made, the potato smashed its way deep into the shield, stuck deep down in the shield, the shield so powerful where the potato had dug, that only a drunk Russian in battle rage could do. The potato already flooding back new magnetic vodka through the feedback in the power lines that the United States Russian humans already drank in celebration of the battle, cheering on their general and giving him ideas, all of their minds calculating with him, his body just being the central hub.


The head general taking full control of the United States eagle screeched it back down on the Nazis eagle holding it off as the other countries obliterated the Nazis shield.


With a weaker energy line, the generals body bulged, the Nazi eagle crushing its talons around the much smaller now United States eagle, thinking it could easily take the eagle down, moving onto to the others one by one, the Nazis kept their Eagle together, not having any other main life code to go too.


The general, held up in the air by the connection, eyes bulging screamed in bloody murder as the connection flooded back to him. Talons scrabbling, the Head General, even though small, flooded back through his mind something never before thought before except him, creating a shield around the eagles mind that the Nazi eagle could not calculate, the head general ripping his head out of the talons, as his shield literally dug like claws through the Nazis shield and then the talons, making the Nazis scream as they let go enough for him to pull out.


Next to the head general, the female head general wove her hands, taking over as Peurto Ricos Head general for this, the general she usually played in their reality of Earth, her female head general status being mostly honorary like the head generals was at this point, the United States being a collective of beings, not any one single person or group.


Daytaun sang, her Frog above the great blue whale of Earth, both of them singing a song that rippled out of their bodies along all particle lines, the edges of their shields rippling into mass blades, that grew in power each time they rippled around the shield, the beings control it perfectly with their song, that rippled out as the loudest noise in space, bolstering the line with song.


As they struck the shield, the wave tearing in all the way down to a planet, the magnetic field popped, the planet falling into its sun, the sun loosing magnetic compression, the shield becoming slightly weaker over all.


The two beings held their song in one note, opening a line straight through the Nazis shield. Soldiers rained down from the United States into the Nazi structure, assaulted immediately by the reality of the Nazis, their suns not being elemental suns, but reality suns, all of their energy funneled into reality calculators that used different colors of electrons to create flows that mimicked reality. The Nazis able to play anything on their reality calculator, the whole mass…




The head general realized that the heads of the Nazis had converted the entire atomic solar system structure into a single being, all of it a reality calculator…


Stopping for just a second, the head generals heart felt such pain… That he clutched it.


G: I was to late.


The gods had turned everything into a single structure, all of it just a slave mass designed to calculate for the Nazi gods. It would take the Armed forces so long to untangle these people from the gods that used them like lollipops.


Yelling, the eagle screeched along with the head general, the head general using a kinetic round from the United States ARMIES reserves. A kinetic bullion round firing from the eagles mouth, striking the Nazi eagle in the face. It rocked back with the strike, the head general firing another round right away as he flew the eagle for the Nazis throat.


Latching on with talons, the general dug his beak in, tearing into its neck, as it latched on, firing a round directly into its neck, the general held on as the Nazis eagle screeched and flung about as it tried to re-assemble  its structure, but failed as the general fired again, digging farther into the Nazis neck.


The head general, pulling in and using his entire kinetic bank that he had earned and made these last years as head general of the United States, said:


G: You go fuck yourself.


The kinetic round tore into the Nazi eagles neck with so much force its head was ripped off, the entire Nazi structure failing as they could no longer hold the eagle together.


His elite Van Guard soldiers flooded in, easily taking ground from the Nazis, the United States scientists fought in their rooms, converted into armors, smashing through the Nazi empire and anyone who joined them, their soldiers using evil life code. Weapons designed to cause harm, pain, the Nazi soldiers and their friends had progressed evil so far that it had spilt into their public life code and their entire structure. In full on war, the Nazis had given up all cover, showing their true colors and who they were.


The elite soldiers quickly took over planet after planet, diverting their magnetic fields to pulling down the shield above.


The United States neural network watched as the Nazis, desperate, used anything they could to fight back. Their furnaces flooded with different human brains as the Nazis tried anything to compete with the United States. But even above their very skies right then, German people that had made their way to the United states and allowed to progress German life code how they wanted on the Earth the United States had made, their head general controlling a golden eagle that bore down on the Nazis shield. German people from the same Germany on Earth that the Nazis were from fought back with the United States.


The Nazis used brains as fuel, burning neural structures. With the gods of the Nazi empire using the entire human life code at the center still for fuel, it being the furthest progressed thing to copy, therefore having the highest fuel potential.


The bridge of Riplo, a single platform that stretched the entire length of the United States Sun Cannon, every being under the protection of the United States onboard, and helping calculate in whatever way they felt could help the most, while the Nazis burnt their peoples neural structures for fuel, the United States used them as engines.


Wiping the floor with the Nazis, just to show them the United States could all soldiers pulled back, as the head general spoke:


G: Now know the true engine… The true power of the United States of beings. The single platform they all stood on broke apart, as it began to circulate around the center calculator, the humans themselves taking the shape of a turbine that used their minds as electrons, low level particle flooding through the holes between the humans, as if the humans themselves were living electrons, the true power of the United States joined the battle.


The Great Eagle of the United States pulled back, all beings pulled back into him as they all took over control of the great eagle, all their minds calculating together forward, willing, none of them slaves.


The Great eagle pulled back opening its mouth, as the new reality calculator swirled around with so much power that the United States had to use their atomic network to keep other galaxies from being pulled towards their atomic solar system structure.


Together, the United States of beings yelled at the Nazis, their brains calculating together, they fired the last thing the Nazis would see, a United States Kinetic Round.


Screeching through space, the Great Eagle screeching along with the round until the end as the round went through the eagle, all energy going towards the kinetic round, the nothing left to keep the eagle together.


The round struck the structure, pushing it into the sun below finally.


While the beings in the Nazi structure could easily survive a dip into the outer layers of the sun, escaping through the broken shield to the awaiting arms of the Armed Forces of every country that waited for them right outside the field of battle, the structure itself could not survive a dip into a structure. All of the furnaces and structures of the Nazis falling apart, as the ships positions were abandoned in the Nazi solar system, their magnetic fields no longer having enough calculation behind them to stay stable, the solar system burned in the sun slowly. The United States pushed down until the shields finally popped, everything within no longer protected by the main shield, and no longer able to withstand the power of a sun.


Finally, the Nazis defeated, the head general floated towards his wife, putting his hand on her belly, he kissed her, putting his head into her poof as he said:


G: I think its finally a place I want to bring my child into….


He said to her through her hair. All of the people around the head generals had their own story… all of them telling it around the structure, but until their stories can be heard too, the head general had to choose someone to tell his story.


Closing his eyes, the Head general of the United States ARMY stayed silent with her for a long moment… The only break he had taken in centuries. It felt like some massive weight had come of his chest. As he breathed in, his face pushed into her head, the head general for once in the only time he could remember in his long years, felt like he could finally breath.


G: Poof.


The general said, snuggling into her hair as she giggled a little, not feeling as if she had to say anything either, she breathed in finally with him, holding him close, whee babe held beneath her hands, all of her then squished against him.


The End.

The United Earth

The real head general of the United States ARMY, not general the current head general of the lower parts of the United States ARMY, floated in front of the United Earth solar system.


As the man, never having stopped working for almost 2 centuries now, looked out ahead of the United Earth at the United States atomic solar system structure. 13 stars, with over 50 planets, very similar to the structure on Advent Guards boards.


The general, sad, looked at the current head generals of the Armed forces as he spoke:


G: Do any of you even know what country you come from…. How did you all make your way to head generals in this country….


The man, floating towards the United States main sun cannon, held a gold coin in his hand.


G: A gold coin from George Washington. Given to me when I became head general of the United States ARMY, as a gift of my accomplishment.


The man looked at the coin, one of his only real possessions he had kept these last centuries.


G: Do you all know what country you live in?


The general asked listening to the voices in the Pentagon, to see if they knew.


Shaking his head at their anwsers, that Advent Guard could out general the true head generals of the ARMED forces, made the old general sad.


G: We made you all stupid…. While our life flourished.


The general said looking at the structure in front of him. Inside was the Earth dynamo, a dynamo that used the reality sun Earth, with the minds on it like a dynamo at the center of the Sun.


G: We discovered things you cannot even imagine…


The general said zooming in Advent Guards mind to the planets inside the sun.


G: When you get up high enough in the elements to make different planet types, you quickly learn there is a different goldilocks zone for everything….


Zooming out, the general showed planet after planet, after sun planet, after gas giant planet, after moon planet, all flourishing with life. Filling the United Earths structure with so much power, that they didn’t have to suck their people like lollipops like the current generals of the United States pentagon did to their slaves, the United Earth did not need to burn people for fuel…


G: We made life flourish…. While you all beat down your slaves to the point they would rather kill themselves then live in this country….


The general, having devoted so much time to the United States screamed as loud as he could at the current generals in charge of the ARMED FORCES.




The general, tears rolling down his face.


G: You made my own people rather kill themselves then live in the country I put so much behind….


Reaching out to every being on the United Earth… Every countries life code flourishing with such strength that Earth 2 could handle being the dynamo of a sun….


The general talked to everysingle person alive in United Earth, asking them to reconfigure the structure for him.


The dynamo, the collection of all minds on United Earth, thought differently, as each countries elemental calculator elongated into Sun cannon form, joining in with the United States sun cannon again.


The general placing the gold coin from George Washington into the center of the mass accelerator as power built, and the sun itself reached out behind him and grabbed onto the structure.


As the head general of the United States ARMY aimed the cannon at the United states atomic solar system structure.


G: Your structure is filled with gods….


The general said, not seeing any United States citizens on the structure at all, just gods that had sucked his peoples brains dry to fill themselves with enough power to become gods.


G: I don’t see a United States atomic solar system structure.


The general said aiming it directly at the government planet. The planet was filled with former United States government officials, all of them no longer recognized under the United States any longer after sucking the people of the United States dry to build it.


G: Your entire structure is a disgrace to our country. Built on slavery, it cannot be allowed to flourish, or slavery will flourish again…


All at once, every living being in the United Earth structure screamed:


United Earth: FIRE!


The gold coin,  blasting out the front with such force that the universe itself rippled like a pond behind it.


The coin ripping into the former United States Atomic solar system structure, popped the shield like a bubble, collapsing it so thoroughly that the insides started to spill out like a giant inflated woopy cushion.


As the coin struck the government planet, every god onboard exploded outward, the planets magnetic field collapsing, meaning the former government employees neural network was shattered.


The hundred foot tall government employees who had gone the direction of gods, instead of keeping human, floated out into space still alive.


The coin striking the back end collapsed the back end of the shield, shooting out with a cloud of particle.


G: This isnt god country. We are human here.


The general said as the former United States atomic structure deflated like worthless gods within.


As the magnetic fields shrank, the gods shrank back down to human, no longer able to keep so much particle together.


The United Earth, all living beings stopping to watch, watched as the structure slowly deflated. They could have completely destroyed it, but this was far more fun.


Their center ball ball scrambled to keep the structure alive as beings around United Earth pulled out lawn chairs and other things to sit on as popcorn was passed out amongst everyone. The United Earth watching as the former United States atomic solar system fell apart. Its magnetic fields popping one by one as they could not hold the entire structure together any longer. The planets started to fling themselves out, flying wild as the crowd cheered as the gods aboard struggled to pull in enough magnetic field to breath.


G: Whats that?


The general said holding his hand up to his ears.


G: You cant harvest magnetic energy from the citizens of the United states anymore because we destroyed your government planet that was connected directly to the United states people on Earth.


The general shook his head, as he said:


G: Sorry I cant hear you all over the screams.


The general smiled widely as he watched.


G: You know how long I have waited to see the gods of the United States scream for what they did to our country?


The head general popped popcorn into his mouth as he said:


G: A very long time I have wanted to bring down you gods for what you all did to our slaves these last centuries. For what you all did to our people.


The general, not sad at all to watch the entire upper levels of the lower Armed Forces struggle to explain everything, smiled wider.


The general pointed at his face as he said:


G: Now this smile! Is not a corpse mindlessly smiling back at you like your slaves do after your government agents get done with them. This smile….


A planet exploded, another state of the Gods gone completely, making the crowd cheer.


G: is 100% all me! Not forced smiling by Pentagon puppet gods.


As the United Earth finished, they went back to creating Earth 2 using all of their countries solar systems connected to the massive sun they rotated around now. They were trying to use their solar systems to pump out so much particle from the sun that they could create a layer around it. This all together creating an Earth 2 that can rotate extremely close to the Universe star, absorbing even more power.


G: Does the lower parts of the Armed forces want to waste mass quantities of our peoples resource again to build an even bigger palace for the gods? Or does the Armed Forces want to actually help our people yet?


The general said from the true United States atomic solar system structure.


G: United Earth. Its like you other generals don’t even know what country you all live in…


The head general said shaking his head as he went back to helping Advent Guard, the only one in the government actually doing anything. The others just playing gods, or playing with the slaves, none of them actually trying to improve, grow, or build their country. All of them more concerned about mun muns, and their status as gods, so much so that it was pathetic what the United States on Earth could accomplish.


G: It is literally like you head generals don’t even fucking know what country you all are from.


The general said flying past planet after planet filled with life, all rotating around the same sun. The countries solar systems of elemental and color stars, were capable of creating their own solar systems at the end of their ships, making the solar system able to hold planets and gas giants that would normally burn up so close to the massive sun, but protected by the countries solar systems, the United Solar system could grow any level of life.

Plant Starving evolution

By growing plants as fast as possible with less and less amounts of what is not found on the moon but on Earth, until you force the planet to start running on a different fuel.


The ARMY converted an entire greenhouse facility to pull this off.


Using a series of one plant they predicted could grow on the moon the best, they rapidly forced evolution on the plant they selected within a year.


Growing the same plant over and over again, billions of them growing a day, then starting over the next with the next series of seeds created from the slightly different DNA and structure of the plants.


Slowly they changed the atmosphere in the greenhouse, forcing the plants to evolve into something that could grow on the moon.


G: Its called nurturing and growing life… Something you low level government employees forgot, unless it’s a rich god, then you all put everything you have behind the god, trying to grow it. But have you ever tried growing and nurturing something that would help the entire planet?


The head general of the United States ARMY said, as he looked at the generals in the Pentagon.


G: We did this almost a century ago. Are you people retarded in the Pentagon? Did we make the people in the white house brain dead or something? Are they literally all idiots that are the directors of all our agencies including NASA? Are they all literally just rich children that bought their way to high level jobs, now sitting back and doing nothing have completely slowed down and stopped the progression of all our agencies, as rich children sit around doing nothing, but their in charge so they make it look like they do a ton, so they can do less and less….


G: Until…. This country does not own slaves anymore. That’s when the United States ARMY will stop.


The general looking at the lower level head general of the ARMY, not caring what the man had to say about this as he sat in the Pentagon puppeting United States people like dolls. The actual head general of the United States ARMY did not care what the head general of the ARMY in the Pentagon had to say, because the man still fully supported slavery in the country.


G: The actual head of the United States ARMY…


The real general of the United States said looking at the children of the Pentagon,


G: Is not stopping until our planet and country are free from slavery and you gods that caused it….


The general, pulling out the plant the United States ARMY had made almost a century ago to put life on the moons in the United States solar system that was still forming, showed it to the other generals of the pentagon.


G: My team did this almost a century ago…. Is everyone we left in the ARMY brain dead gods that play with our slaves like dolls? Or is there any actual humans left in the ARMY?


The general said looking at the plant… They could so easily grow life on the Moon that it made the generals point over and over again that the United States owned slaves.


G: For the same price of your fucking worthless wall you could have created a plant that grows on the moon.


The general said shaking his head at the pathetic president currently in charge of the country.


G: How the fuck did you get to be president….


The general said looking at Trump as he said:


G: YOU slowed down our country another 4 years with your idiocy. Make it another 4 and see where this story goes too. Slow down our country another 4 years…


The general, repositioning the Cannon of United Earth at the Washington DC, said:


G: My systems are picking up a concertation of gods, puppeting our United States populace located in Washington DC.


The general said as he looked at a window screen off to his side floating in mid air, connected to the magnetic field of his brain, he could move it around like the sun moved the Earth, by altering the magnetic pattern circulating around his head, like a planet with facilities on the North and south pole messing with the magnetic field.


G: No United States citizens found.


The general said looking at the screen.


G: Just gods that puppet our citizens like slaves.


Charging the Cannon, the head general of the United States ARMY screamed:




But no one else in the solar system said it with him, so all that came out of the cannon was what the United States general could muster, a line of sun particle shooting out and stopping mid way, not enough energy to do anything.


G: Your all lucky your whee babes.


The general said as he went back to work on United Earth, not the United States atomic solar system for the gods of the united states, literally designed with the future of slavery built into the structure. The government planet had giants, the government obviously needing the extra particle as the gods, the slaves staying human size, as they did not need that much particle.


G: The lower levels of the United States Armed Forces made a puppet god structure…. They literally used United States calculation resource to progress the idea of slavery forward into the future for their atomic solar system structure.

Russian Head General

The almost two century old head General of Russia, fully on the side along with his entire upper levels of his government on the side of United Earth… Even if he had something to say about the name. Popped into Advent Guards mind, as Russia, the second most powerful nation on Earth gave Advent Guard the next step.


Russia: if you plant the plant whole, you can grow the potatoes on Earth, in whatever you want, then planting them, the potatoes can be use as energy storage, or as upgrade points to help the plant survive on the moon. This was a short cut Russia used, taking far less time then evolving the plants the head general of the United States had. Again…. The great and powerful potato bolsters Russia, making a mockery of Europe, that was still full slave in their atomic solar system structure, as Russia stomped them into the ground with energy production, second only to the United States.


The head general of the United States ARMY, laughing, as he always did once he realized Russia was second almost a century ago thanks to a certain head general Russia had that lead their Top-secret in their atomic solar system structure. Separate from Earths Russia, they had gone a completely different direction, that Russia was trying to share through Advent Guard.


Russia: Put on a smile, and make sure your slaves look nice… SO no one notices you still burn human minds to power your solar system Europe.


The general said clenching his fists, just as mad at Europe for what they still did as the United States head general was.


Russia: you may hide what you do on Earth. But both Russia and the United States know what Europe still does in the Top-Secret center of their solar system….. We still fucking know what Europe is doing….


TO help the United States win in their of Uniting Earth, starting so long ago with the creation of the UN that failed, Russias head General gladly gave up Russias secrets to Advent Guard, to help in this matter.


Russia: You can make the potatoes false, into anything, just attach them to the plant. This allows them to grow easily on the moon, the potatoes making up for anything they lack. You can start potato production far quicker then you can start seeding the moon with other plants like the United States had done. However Russia admitted that in the long run, the United States method leads to more break Throughs. However Russia stands behind their potato, their national symbol in Top-Secret after what it had done for their country in Top-secret. Literally making them second in power production and more powerful then Europe that still burned human minds for power at the center of their structure, the Nazis not fully dead and wiped from this Universe yet.


Advent Guard: How to get around the need for water?


Russia: Easy. But your general will explain soon enough, I am just giving the part Russia focused on.

Suicide Sun wasp

Japanese suicide wasps. Using the smallest possible sun capable of staying stable, then attaching it to a stinger that can inject the entire sun into the ship, the suicide sun wasp flies a space organic body that uses the entire energy stored in its cell to fly at a ship after being launched from another ship, as it hits the stinger goes in, and the entire sun spills into the ship, melting through the hull.

Human seeds

How the head general of the United States ARMY used human seeds from the Nazi empire to create a seed to grow himself over and over again.


Using Earth 2, the head general ordered everyone of his soldiers to play out his life from the start, replaying everything in a fast forwarded reality, so that they could record how the brain formed each neural pattern in the generals mind.


G: You cannot make copies of people…. Unless you have a complete atomic network and record every single atom of the human from birth to point of copy.


Playing over his entire life again with a fresh body, the exact same one he had as a child, the alpha team of the United States ARMY helps the general create as exact of a copy of himself as he can.


As the seed comes out of Advent Guard, the ARMIES alpha squad, the general looks down it, it being a reverse spring seed, that needed a full atomic network to work.


From seed to human, using a full atomic network overlapping it, the general could grow himself over and over again within an instant.


G: I held the key to creating alpha stars in my mind….


Using the United States Ais and dumb bodies, the head general of the United states ARMY uses everything the United States knows about every country, to completely replay in reality the planet Earth from his point of birth, gaining the knowledge of how to create all the specific neural connections and atomic particles his brain is made out of.


Using the United States Atomic network in Advent Guard solar system, the general was quickly able to construct one of the most disgusting things he had to do to win the war.


In front of him, growing like a plague, he watched the atomic network replicate himself over and over again, so completely that the people inside the planet would literally be him…


The United states ARMY, having chosen the head general for this task, because his brain was the furthest progressed, having the most complex atomic structure the scientists knew about, the head general having never stopped doing reseearch all these years, he was the lead scientist because he always got to step back so far all he had to do was think about what other people did for two centuries… His brain growing in a way no other brain had grown before.


Spitting at the filthy structure, his copies already reaching out to his brain, each general does not scream, does not back away… Every copy of the head general of the United States, complete with his full mind, went straight to work on the structure. None of them wavering. Another reason the scientists had chosen the head general was because they calculated that if they used one of their top scientists, the scientist would freak out, hate being a copy, and they would have a whole other problem on their hands.


The head general of the United States ARMY however went straight to work, each copy not even making him blink, each new copy not even making him stop. Each copy just nodding at their new job as they set to work inside each room, pumping down particle as far as they could go in one of the most grossest planets the united states every created, cycling through the generals brain, the particle would make its way through the general, down the drain, and to the next line of generals, over and over again, until the very center… Creating the greatest magnetic particle flow the United States had ever created, it almost instantly producing as large of a mangetic field as the planet full of actual living beings nearby with far, far, far more people on it. The generals mind so powerful when copied and attached to each other, that a planet full of them…


G: God… I don’t believe in you. But please forgive me for this one….


The general said as the construct finished, him floating inside to the center to see what the planet could do when spun around the sun using each generals magnetic mind to key its way in as close and as fast as it could possibly go around the sun. Literally using the generals minds to feel its way.


G: May my country forgive me to for what I had to do to win this war…

Electron elements

The reason elements fall apart in the later stages of the periodic table is because the alpha star in the center has grown so powerful that it starts to suck in electrons. Meaning if you skip forward to like 400, or 1000, it might be easier to create a stable high level element by running electrons through the center of the element like a star.


The star in the center of the element becomes strong enough to play with electrons in a different way then the lower level periodic elements. That’s why as you go up the periodic table, you run into radioactive material. \


Another idea, the star in the center becomes so powerful that it starts to swallow the protons and neutrons in the center expelling out electrons.


How do you make a stable one?

Element suns

Advent Guard note: Idea found. If electron elements exist at the higher levels, then you should be able to create a constant electron flow through the center of the element, creating an element sun, these you could then use to put other elements around like planets or gas giants. Building up and up.


A: I think you need stronger protons and neutrons so the alpha star in the center doesn’t suck them in, so higher levels elements can survive. Which goes back to my thoery about there being a star at the center of neutrons and protons… that you cant see because it’s the low level particle version of electron light, so it looks like nothing, because it is literal light, one level lower then electron and such a small amount it does not show up. How do you strength them so they don’t get swallowed by the alpha star in the center.


Physical way, increase suction around the element so they don’t fall in… not practical.


Create a fake solar system, I have so many ideas for this I havent written down yet lol. But then you use it to pump energy into elements. You turn the element into a ball and add it to the fake solar system, pumping in as much compression magnetic energy as you can.


Advent Guard Note: In theory you should be able to increase the magnetic energy, or power of the alpha star in the center of the element and the center of the protons and neutrons enough that ball of element should start to suck in extra protons and neutrons as the power goes up, naturally growing up the elemental tree.

Fake Solar system to grow elements

Using a solar system the size of a giant facility, rotating magnets, elements, and different things to produce magnetic compression energy, you should be able to theoretically grow the power of the suns in the elements enough for them to naturally suck in more protons, neutrons, and electrons, naturally growing up the periodic table.


The facility would not be a solar system with a sun at the center, unless you count plasma balls that are used because electrons flow, which mean they almost certainly produce high amounts of lower level electrons or different particles that would have the same compression type as the suns plasma. It could have tons of plasma suns for compression not just one center piece.


Advent Guard note: I would dig down into the facility and create an equal cube. Then use the facility for a second purpose, replicating the universe. This would use all we know to create magnetic compression flows through out the facility scientists could play with until they figured it out. Moving the entire inner workings around until it worked, the building blocks in the center staying pretty much the same. With different sized planets of every element flying around, with different spots for radioactive material, or the entire thing should be radioactive… Not sure. With high level element research it might be best being radioactive all around.

Cure for Alzheimer’s

Old brains gain plaque build ups because the suns inside the atoms become stronger over time, building up energy, this then sucking in other elements instead of sucking in protons and neutrons, because the brain is a machine in constant work, so it would not suck in protons or neutrons upgrading the elements, the flow would increase the power of the magnetic fields of everything inside the protons and neutrons little by little.


Imagine this: as an asteroid flies by our planet it increases the speed of our solar system, imagine if we had a constant flow of asteroids fly through our solar system, like our brain has constant flows through it, it would slowly build up the energy in our sun, like our planets and gas giants do.


That or the suns go super nova and wipe out the brain little by little as they run out of energy, not gain energy, which then causes an atomic structure failure, the little super nova sending out tons of particle that fills the solar systems nearby, creating weird atomic configurations that mess up their brains.


Adderall should burn enough fuel in the brain to deplete the suns in the brain back to normal levels so they don’t get build ups, because the stars would be weaker.

Pentagon Counter Terrorism

Theoretical Pentagon counter terrorism possibility.


In an apartment in Washington DC, a man lay strapped to a bed, with all signs of life controlled by machines. A doctor walks up to him and pumps in a high amount of Adderall, over and over again…


The suns in the mind burning low, he starts to use TMS so the suns flow energy to eachother, spreading the magnetic energy from them so each sun builds up their super nova more and more.


As the doctor finishes, he attaches a small center of a nuclear device to the mans entire head, as TMS still floods his mind and Adderall is pumped in.


Taking the next flight out of Washington DC, a small clock clicks down, as the completely legal able to be built nuclear center detonates, as if the human brain was a ball of plutonium.


Triggering every atom in the brain to go super nova, the entire East coast is wiped out, and Europe is covered in Tsunamis, along with Africa.


Pentagon: Most of the planet would be wiped out if you actually filled the suns to the point of super nova. They would glow on our satallites though like a massive… Well they would be picked up right away is all. We cant explain how our satellites work to you, we are way past what microsoft and apple did with windows…. So we cant even mention certain things to you.


Pentagon: You would have to monitor aging peoples brain, watching for signs early on, then giving them Adderall to burn off all the extra energy, taking them off it once the signs go away. You would have to test it sevearl times, but it didn’t take us long to get the exact times needed for it, its pretty obvious once you understand how physics works. Low dosages because their minds are older, so you can mess up the machines inside, older people have the tendency for their minds atomic machines to undergo catastrophic failure in ways similar to solar systems. A lot of it is still not understood.

Nazi Empire Human Winery

Row after row of humans, aged for their minds, in caskets, lined with technology to feed into their corpse bodies any medication that would age their minds.


G: Doctors around the world realized that the mind was a universe almost 2 centuries ago… It wasn’t until around 1930 that Nazi doctors started to use people like wine….


The general, floating down outside Starbucks, walked in sitting down next to Advent Guard as he continued the story of World war 2 and how it still had not ended to this day. The Nazis still fully alive in an atomic solar system structure in this galaxy.


G: Still burning people alive….


The general said, a very angry look on his face, as he continued.


G: Still using them like magnetic wine.


Nazi generals would use their mind, creating an imprint of a moon around their mind, they would then overlap this magnetic imprint on the humans mind, sucking it like a lollipop, the magnetic energy filling the Nazi until the human brain failed, no longer able to produce power.


Row after row in the Nazi winery, filled with caskets of people pumped full of any medication that increased magnetic output, each one of them attached to the Nazis atomic network, like a dam, or a solar array, or a generator.


G: They wont let me wipe them from this galaxy…


The general said, sad, as he calmed.


G: They grew into something, their empire. Learning from their mistakes…


The general opened a window to the Nazi empires atomic solar system structure, the outside very much like Europes life code. Almost exactly like a progression of what in Europe right now.


G: The people they have in their front, they arent bad anymore….


The general, activating a top-secret atomic point to point satellite, that ripped a hole in the Nazi empires shield, because the united states was to a lower level, a new window popped open.


Planets popped into being, as a solar system popped into being….


G: The center. The point of most compression.


Around the solar system gods walked, so large they filled the planets and solar system.


G: The gods who grew from the wineries. The gods who grew sucking their people dry. Protected by the Nazi empire…


The general coughed, using its actual name, but fully meaning all levels of insult by calling it the Nazi empire,


G: I mean the European empire.


The general said, not knowing what to do about what he saw.


G: I want to wipe out the entire center of their structure until not a single being is alive inside…


The general said, with a look that spoke volumes about the man meaning it. A man that had fought wars so brutal these last decades against the Nazis, that he could not forget.


G: I cannot forget what they did to our planet and its people….


The general said, memory after memory of these last decades pouring into his mind, then pouring into Advent Guard because he was talking to him, the general shutting them off before they hurt Advent Guard, instead contiuining his story.


G: Yeah…


The general said like a manic man,


G: Yeah a fucking story.


The genearl said pulling at his hair now.


G: Just a story…. Yeah whee babes, your perfect little lifes these last decades, yeah that’s all that happened on Earth. I am just telling my friend here a story so he can write a book. Yeah. Just a story…


The general stopping, went silent in Advent Guards mind for a long while.


Above each head of each god, was a number, the only number the general cared about, tallied by the upper levels of the United States armed forces these last years. How many people they had killed to get to the level of god.


The numbers were so large, they filled they space. The had killed so many living beings, that the tally was so long it spilled down and down again, as if they were separate kill lists, but nope, just one number, going on and on, for each and every god of the Nazi empire.


G: Europe protects Nazi gods…. And they will go down in our history books for it. You want to make a fascade about how your so much better then us… Pretend… When you have those gods hidden behind your borders. Europe will go down in history, for keeping the gods alive who killed more people then to ever even live on Earth. Using entire planets to harvest living beings, these gods have literally killed more then living beings on Earth existed the entire time our planet has existed.

Alpha Team of The United States Armed Forces

Inside Advent Guard structure, now wrapped inside United Earth and every country that wanted to join them, the alpha team of every armed forces suited up. The European government would not do anything about them, protecting them in their borders like that made it OK. Their top scientists in Europe saying:


Top scientists of Europe: What can we learn by keeping them alive? We kept almost everyone else alive that we could, we resurrected or saved everyone we could. We can learn so much from them, our future will be so much brighter with them in it.


The Alpha team of the United States, not listening, had planned their attack of the center of Europe now for decades, putting up a front to Europe that they agreed.


The god killing team, already suited up, waited as Advent Guard structure activated. It had elemental suns going all the way up into the thousands. They were kept stable by the massive structure of countries, and in no way could exist without the help of them all.


As armor formed around the Advent Guard team, the forges and calculator kicking in, creating the highest possible element constructs they could, using elements grown on planets around level 1000 suns, pieces flooded into their armor, clicking into place as the machine revved up with power.


The armors, finally activating elemental constructs up to the thousands in the periodic table, all started to make their way to the back of the ship as Advent Guard structure started to activate, changing to a catapult cannon aimed at the center of the Nazi construct.


Alarms blared, as the European government sent people to the United States to stop their launch, warning the Gods just like Advent Guard wanted.


Europe: Stop, or you are declaring full war on Europe with your actions.


The head general of the United States ARMY, floating outside Advent Guard structure watching, watched as the head life code director and generals of Europe floated over to talk to him. His soldiers launched behind him as Advent Guard structure used the top level of the armed forces satellites to cut a hole into the Nazi structure down to the center that his soldiers could slip through.


As europe appraoched the general played every single one of his memories around him in windows, blocking out his entire body.


As the European generals appraoched along with their leaders, everything the gods had done played over and over again from the perspective of the head general.


The general, not listening to them anymore, watched as his soldiers flooded into Europe. Alarms blaring all around him, as every general in the United States yelled at him too, playing back his memories to them also, the general stood his ground as he watched what he ordered.


As the elite soldiers flooded into Europes center, the gods started to fight back, instantly calling them ants. Instantly trying anything to kill them. Instantly, their true colors showed again, as the soldiers quickly gained information about the planets below, which still harvested living life for the gods, recalculating the number, the number above all their heads grew.


The soldiers, tearing into the gods with their advanced elements, easily started to cut them to pieces. Their atomic structure was so hardwired into their brains because they thought they would never be killed, screamed.


G: Oh, how I have waited for that.


The general said as the first god went down, the next smashing into the soldiers with a huge wave of magnetic energy, filled with sun particles that exploded in waves that filled the solar system, like a net that exploded all over it as it moved forward.


The soldiers, honoring the life that was given for such a display, instantly began to suck it into themselves, not letting all the people the Nazis killed drift away to nothing, but holding on tight to what was left of all those beings.


The head general of the United States ARMY, angry at the worthless government agents still puppet godding Advent Guard. Interrupted the story:


G: The phone drone rotates along with your magnetic field increasing your brain power, its for fucking worthless phones like the idiots listening in think. Dumb fucks, think im trying to get you to forget about phone drones so the idiots can steal it.


The head general of the United States ARMY laughed out loud at the lower levels of the United States government, literally following the direction of Nazis, as the head general finished off the last of the Nazis in their galaxy.


G: How did any of you get jobs in the government? Exspecially this one….


The general said, as he helped Advent Guard imagine how the phone drone really worked, not the worthless microsoft and apple versions that the idiots had designed to funnel mun muns from their people, not even caring about how they could improve way of life, literally just caring about mun muns.


G: Now…. How much of moronic idiots does this entire government team want to look like in our history books….


The general said stopping the story, having time, able to calculate a solution for Advent Guard around anyone in the lower levels of the government. Including the entire pentagon and CIA.


G: You idiots literally cannot even think. A child that doesn’t even know how to shit can out imagine your entire government teams.


The general said to every agent listening in. literally meaning it, as he watched Advent Guards mind perfectly imagine it all, while watching almost every government agent not even come close in their minds, having to make Advent Guard go back, slow down, and explain it like he was explaing it to someone that was brain dead.


G: These people are so cruel and sadistic, they would literally murder you for your ideas… How did these people get into the united States government?


The head general o the United states ARMY spoke again:


G: After this case is over….. A lot of you will not be able to get jobs in this country. Some of you will be burried and never seen again. Some of you will be kicked out of this country. Some of you will go straight to guantanom bay. And yes, yes you can go their senator and congressman. Yes you fucking can.


The general, going back to his story, continued to watch as his soldiers took down god after god, like they were currently doing in the United States on Earth.


G: This is not god country…. We do not have gods here….


He said looking at the pentagon, certain generals, and FBI agents who literally walked around this country like gods.


G: every single one of you government agents can go fuck off and take one of your yearly vacations. Or shoot yourselves in the head like you made Robert Mitchell Livingston want to do every day for years. NOW I REPEAT. THE HEAD GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY IS TELLING YOU WORTHLESS GOVERNMENT AGENTS TO GO HOME, PULL OUT YOUR WEAPON, PUT IT TO YOUR HEADS, AND PULL THE TRIGGERS. Do you all understand the head general of the united states ARMY? This is country VS country. Not play with the slave day. So go take one of your yearly vacations, or go shoot yourselves in the head. We don’t care.


G: You all go down as Nazis in our history books, so we don’t have this problem ever again. So we learn from owning slaves, so we don’t do it again. Do you all understand yet? Go take one of your yearly vacations to get your minds back so you can do your puppet god jobs, while the United States upper level government deals with this like a human would. By fucking just talking to him about the things he fucking likes to talk about you fucking moronic fucks. Now go take your yearly vacations… Or just shoot yourselves in the head. The upper levels of the government doesn’t care anymore. We are freeing our slaves. We are not making the country even nicer to be a living god. We are freeing our slaves… WE ARE NOT MAKING IT A NICER PLACE FOR OUR GODS TO LIVE.


As Advent Guard took down the last god in Europe, the generals soldiers flooded Europe with everything the gods had done. Finally showing their people what the upper levels of Europe had hidden from their people, they had hidden their Nazi gods, making a front of good, their gods still sucking life dry in the center to power their construct.


Europe, finally seeing what their upper level government had done quieted down, their generals and leaders flooded with insults, all of them floating away from the general, none of them willing to say anything to him anymore after his people showed Europe what the upper levels of Europe had done.


G: We all may have done something this war we will never forget, never stop regretting, but I promise you this is not one of them.


The general said smiling, as his people piled up all the energy from the gods, turning it into a particle star, the head squad leader of Advent Guard, floated to the head life code director of Europe, holding the star of the Nazis.


Advent Guard squad leader: Our team does not destroy life, we make it. May the sacrifice of your people bring life to your people. But we cannot stand for gods existing in our galaxy that think this is OK. To burn life for fuel. Life is not fuel…


The squad leader said as he handed over the star created from using all the energy of the Nazi gods, not having it in them to waste the sacrifice of so many living beings.


The Head life code director of Europe, having gone a completely different direction then the United States, finally detached their structure from their sun. the head life code director of Europe moving it towards the United Earth.


As it approached it split into pieces, assembling together with the structure the United States had built for Europe. The United States having taken the time to build one for every country, regardless of their power while creating the United Earth.


Russia, seeing what Europe did, detached from their sun, flying over to United Earth, they attached to the Russian structure, adding all of their structure to United Earth, hiding even their top-secret within like the United States did, the structure so powerful that the United States and all countries had to have their top-secret there because of its power.


The United States had thought of this plan a long time ago. Move the Earth forward, and wait for the other countries to follow along.


China, seeing it also detached, floating over to Chinese structure on United Earth, they assembled their massive chinese structure, filling up the massive sun even more, as the massive Chinese structure spread, their people like a flood currently, the Chinese government working as hard as they could to make all their people into unique living beings. The united States seeing this, flooded into China, their life code directors over joyed to have more people to help become something, help be alive! Their life code directors lived for making people live!


The United States, having trillions of beings now thanks to world war 2, had specialized in making them all unique living beings, Ais, cats, dogs, trees, anything that could live, they helped it live. Their life code directors learning more and more about life as they helped everything live they could. They didn’t burn minds, they hooked them all up to the same neural network, creating a flow that constantly built up and up, all of them growing stronger together, making everyone work so much harder then in Europe, china, or Russia, that the upper levels of the United States government almost never stopped working because they enjoyed their lives so much that they were alive 24/7, all day every day, always filled with energy, always living, always doing something they enjoyed and liked, their top head life code directors personally going to anyone who did not like their job and taking them around to every job they could until that person was happy and enjoyed life, moving onto the next person until everyone in the United states top-secret was happy, so much so their top-secret wiped the floor with every country on Earth.


G: This country needs life Code Directors. Not Puppet gods.


G: The idiots listening in literally stole your phone drone idea and didn’t even think about using it to increase the magnetic fields of the mind like the moon does Earth. They are actual high paid government scientists…. Literally going to Harvard, yale, MIT, caltech, and every single one of our top universites.

First Real Human upgrade

Adding planets and moons to the sun that is our minds. Using slow orbits, like a man straining to push something, instead of something going really fast, upper level scientists in the United States all have planets and moons that rotate slowly around their heads to increase their magnetic fields. Some of us even have life on them…. Growing personal gardens, or new types of life.


G: You will all have them soon. Regardless of what the idiot FBI says about the slaves being to dangerous to have things that gods can have, but our slaves cannot for some reason, because their too stupid to be safe? Like our country cannot think of a way to reteach them all, like cutting the funding for the FBI and spending it on something useful, like teaching our people all these things that the FBI loves to beat the shit out of them for…. Just spit balling here, but maybe theres another solution then beating the shit out of our slaves, and hoping they get better, when almost all of them just die in their minds, giving up, walking around like corpses, their mind on autopilot. Our soldiers have had to fix millions of people in this country that you all fucked up so much in the heads, they were literally walking corpses, their brains on autopilot because police, FBI, or some other agency, beat the shit out of them so much they literally just give up, becoming a walking corpse that just fires neurons and synpases at random, never learning or growing, literally just using old memories and files, because they gave up in their mind, literally dying inside, so they are a literal walking corpse with a fake smile on their face. The FBI not stopping their beating until they smile, regardless of if their completely dead on the inside, because they literally do not care if they die in their head, only wanting them to smile and say the right things, like a robot slave doll, that just walks around our country, going to work and sleeping, until it dies, not liking a moment of their lives, while all you FBI agents enjoy year after year. They look back on their life, and hate so much of it, that they would literally rather start over, literally rather just shoot themselves in their heads, their minds literally just on auto-pilot, synapses and neurons firing in the exact patterns that were saved up to the point they died mentally.


Spitting in the face of the current FBI director, the head general of the United States ARMY would not stop until his point got across. Would not stop this story through Advent Guard until this country did not beat the shit out of their slaves and make them into walking corpses that still funneled money into the country, them being completely dead inside, but at least they paid taxes!


G: Good job FBI. These last years… Great job. You made millions of walking corpses. Destroyed millions of lives that never recovered for the smallest of things. But the gods remained protected. The gods were happy. Good job. Good fucking job. Now get your rewards. Going down in history as Nazis that murdered millions, but it didn’t count because the corpse kept going and funneling money into the United States.


G: This country wants life. Not walking corpses.


G: you only need to get to the first element that can funnel electrons down its center, this allows you to attach them to anything. Creating floating window structures in front of you, your phone being a drone floating around you like a planet and moons. Phones do not exist in the future. You just have window screens you can throw in the air that expand when electrons flow through them, because they are high level elements that electrons can go through like the sun or a planet. This structure, then filled with energy, can start to do different things like play images on the window by changing the flow and sending out different electron colors from it.


G: It took a child that doesn’t know how to poop 3 years to completely wipe the floor with the entire public science wing of the United States along with the entire lower levels of the United States government. Do you idiots see anything wrong with our country yet? That all of Harvard, MIT, and Caltech can be outdone by just him. That microsoft, google, facebook, GE, every single large corporation we have, can literally be out done by a kid that doesn’t even know how to poop yet.


G: Do you fucking idiots see the problem we have yet?


The general said as he spit again at a photo of Bill Gates, to see which government agents still thought the man was a god, so he could teach those agents how much Bill Gates fucked up these last years, how many people died because of that man not progressing windows any further for our schools and education system. How many of our children would have grown up with nicer lives these last decades if Bill Gates actually gave a fuck about this country and its people. The United States can tally up how many of our children would have grown up with nicer lives these last decades if Bill Gates had progressed the idea of windows at all past the first step, completely giving up after making his first millions, never even progressing the idea again except to make more money. Never even coming up with another idea for Microsoft that did not make money from windows. Literally giving up completely on the idea as he used it to suck up much mun muns as the man could like a god sucking humans dry. Like a literal god sucking people dry to grow into a god, while those people shrunk, filling the Microsoft gods with energy. Their palaces growing like the Nazi gods did as they sucked their people dry too.


G: To me…. Bill Gates is no different then a Nazi god. Keeping up a front of goodness so no one would go against him, while doing nothing to help his people with all the energy he sucked up like a sun god. Only pumping mun muns into things that made himself look good, only pumping mun muns into things that made him grow into a bigger sun god. The mans a baby god…. If we don’t stop him now he could grow into something like the other gods we have had to deal with these last decades. And the United States upper government knows gods, trust us. Bill Gates and Beezos are baby gods forming. And this is not fucking god country people. This is the country of life. This is a country that grows life… We are not the country that sucks life dry to make gods!


The general said smashing his fists down as he thought of the baby god Bill Gates. Having grown like a sun god these last years, enjoying being filled over and over again with applause, never stepping back far enough to see all that he could do with his power, never stepping back far enough to see what the man could do as a head life code director with all his power. Never seeing what he could do if he just gave a fuck, instead of just caring about what other people thought, just caring about the applause.


G: We need Advent Guard. A man willing to yell back at the gods like Bill Gates. A man willing to put these gods in their places. We don’t need Advent Guard, the man who just did what the government told him too. Advent Guard another forming baby sun god. We need Advent Guard, the living human being. Advent Guard the man with problems. Advent Guard the man not afraid to be yelled at. Advent Guard the man willing to try something. Not Advent Guard the man only wanting to be filled with applause. But Advent Guard, the man willing to yell at the head generals of the entire Armed forces and still hold his ground. Not Advent Guard, the man like Beezos who just mindlessly listened to the CIA about what to do with his servers, without realizing all that he could do with server technology. But Advent Guard, the man who imagined all you could do with servers, bringing them to life like the head life code directors of the United States did in the past.


The general said, as he got up, leaving Advent Guard to his day, to think about whatever science his mind drifted too.


G: Have a good day son.


The general said flying away.

Talk with the President

As the head general of the United States ARMY walked into the oval office, three planets rotated slowly around his mind.


Alpha squads home world they had build all these last years, filled with life, it was a fully functional reality sun that could generate particle all the way up to electron constantly through out the entire structure without support of the sun.


The next, the United States ARMY Top-secret world.


Lastly, the world the United States head general had used to defeat the Nazis in world war 2. The key planet that used his mind and body over and over again to get as close as possible and generate as much as possible particle flow as a planet can, the entire thing full of people constantly calculating. Not wanting to take over Earth with copies of himself, the entire planet was under quarantine for another 30-50 years once all Earth beings are free. The entire structure designated to only this, and technically the general had lost his status as head general of the United States for it to a lot of the other generals, but it was literally the only reason they had won, the reason this planet existed, and the one of the only reasons we are not going the Nazi direction.


The general, his mind magnified by the three most powerful worlds known to Earth beings, generated so much particle energy in the generals mind he easily surpassed the United States atomic network, the presidents personal upgrades, and pulled the man upward by the atoms of his very mind, as the general walked slowly into the room. The president began to speak but quickly got choked off as the general pulled up enough he was on his toes, his neck ready to snap if he pulled any harder.


G: The thing about this government….


The general said pulling the president away from the desk, as he tip toed away, his throat cut off as he choked for breath.


G: Is that it has a government… That existed before you.


Trump, pulled to the front of the desk, gagged for breath, as his face turned colors.


The general sitting down in the oval office said:


G: And it will be around after you.


The general said, letting his grip go right as his vision went black, falling to the floor as his mind came back fully, pulled back instantly as the general tugged it, bringing back fully into reality right away.


G: I remember a lot of presidents.


The general said, looking around the desk, sitting down at it for the first time in his career.


G: But I have been so busy that I havent really been in here for…


He put his hand on the desk,


G: a good century now.


Looking around, the generals eyes down, as if he was isnt to the moment at all.
G: So this is what it was like these last years….


He said, completely relaxed behind the desk in the oval office.


G: I think…


The general said as he got up.


G: If your not going to do anything for this country and what it stands for…


The general, walking up to Trump, said as he put his hand on his shoulder.


G: That you should go back to what your good at, and let us handle this.


The general said as he walked away. Leaving the president to the duties of the white house like he always did.

Nazi Sun Fortress

Like the midevil ages, the Nazis turned the suns into castles. This can be used to create a golden age castle universe like in olden times. Where people desing the suns like castles, and people take them.


The Nazis did this to hide from us.


The general said smashing his fists down at Starbucks.


G: Borrowed in like fucking scared rats, hiding in their holes.


G: But it makes a good fantasy…


The general said, his memories flipping in Advent Guards mind.


G: See buddy…


Fantasies of the head genearl o the United states army playedi n Advent Guards mind, fantasys the general had imagined while playing as head general of the United States ARMY all these last years. He always played head general, because of this idea, that if you keep someone in the same position they will learn it better, and head general was on of the ones you just did not switch. All his soldiers playing head genearl of any country, but his.


Fantasies of ireland owning Sun castles, with arrows flying out came into Advent Guards mind, all the fatasies the general had thought of these last years came in.


G: Sun castle is fun to play with through out all time.


The general, his head twitching a little, grabbed at it with his hands, as he thought of the Nazis again.


G: aww


The general said, as a single image popped into Advent Guards mind of the Nazi castle. Ever descending death down into it, like a particle querry, dug down into the sun, with each layer came new life that could survive their, harvested and funnelled back into the sun like cattle.


G: They didn’t use cattle…


The general said his satellites zooming in, every level having intillegent fully evolved life, flourish to life, die then be barried back into the sun for energy. Over and over again. The Nazi castle…

Tortured Gods

The Nazis, like the United States, used their furthest progressed human file on repeat to make new devices. The sun castle was no different. For hundreds of miles down living gods burned to death over and over again, their very bodies harvested because the Nazis, like the United States, had progressed the life code of the human body the furthest, the atomic structure of the human body….


Gods, burning alive for their fuel, to be reconstructed over and over again, screamed out of the corners of the sun.


G: The Nazis did anything to win this war. And to see the images of only a select few Nazis over and over again….


The general said as he personally wiped the images of the Nazi gods from the United States.


G: These gods…


He said, showing Advent Guard the Nazis gods on the sun, all blurred out, like the filth they were.


G: Will not go down in history….


The armed forces, popping into space around the Nazi castle, started firing right away to use their surprise.


Using the main fleet of the Armed forces, huge carriers popped into existance, firing rail guns mile long, hitting over and over again, they rained down upon the gods that controlled the castle.


The gods minds were tied to the sun castle, literally controlling it. Take them down, you take the castle down.


Gates of particle came down upon them, the sun looking like an orange with huge dirt piles pulled over it blocking the gods beneath.


The united States ARMY, flooding down on the piles of dirt, masters in the sun particle found in any level of dirt, instantly planted atomic charges across the fronts, pulling back, the Nazis trying to take them out, a huge explosion rocked the solar system as the heads of the gods came back into line, the carriers opening fire again.

Navy Elite Team

The Sun Force, alpha team of the Navy.


Using sun particles that had no designation, no particle build, but pure energy ripping itself apart, the Sun Force, exactly like the 8 that powered the United States, launched themselves out of carriers, aiming towards the gods, the Sun force flooded into the sun, hitting them in their heads as they passed, the sun force worked their way down to the center.


Pooling their sun into a sword, every sun force member struck the feet of the gods, sticking and leaving a sword in their feet, as they moved down to the center of the sun. their bodies instantly calculating a way down.


The sun Force, planting atomic sun charges in the center, moved out, back up the gods, tearing them to pieces as they worked their way up. Stabbing them in the eyes as they came out, the sun force made their way to the edge of the solar system.


Sun force: Detonate.


As they watched, the sun went controlled super nova, the interior rippled out suddenly, destabilizing the entire sun, but eating its core so it couldn’t go real super nova. The outer layer rippled, falling apart, as the center fell into itself, creating a compression star the Navy could capture at the end and use.

Head Generals Therapist

Sitting down next to the head therapist of the United States, the head generals magnetic field overlaps over the therpists.


Therapist: Lets begin, lets start where you want, you’re a smart man, lets see what I can do for you.


The general, going through his problems in his mind knew he had to speak to someone, but doubted like every therapist he met, that they could handle it.


G: I am…


The general said, grabbing the edge of his seat as he thought of what he was dealing with, pain flooded into his mind, the therapist twitching. The generals memories flashed as he said :


G: I am dealing with a group of doctors in Deleware doing research on pain….


The general, having already done the research a long time ago found it all just a repeat of what the United States ARMY knew. But like always he let the lower levels figure it out themselves instead of just give it to them.


The general flooded in memories of the doctors in Deleware and what they were doing research on.


Person after person flashed in a room in the generals memory, a united states scientist taking careful time and energy to figure out the response of each amount of pain, stopping, using virtual reality when needed for anything, taking only people willing from the Armed forces or top organizations for anything extreme.


The therapist, following along nodded, all of it very humane.


But the general, still thinking twitched as older memories came flooding back of the same experiment so long ago that he had not confronted, of a different time, of war time…


A women stood in the room with a small child, an army soldier, walking in with a knife, slits the little girls throat as the United States ARMY soldier throws her limp corpse at the mother. Going out the door before she could do anything, groups of scientists monitor her response on the atomic network laced through out the room. Capturing the complete emotion of it in reality.


The screams echoed in the generals mind so loud the therapist pulled at her hair as she tried to literally grab the memory out of her mind and rip it out, but the generals memory was so strong it kept going.


A man stood in the room as small holes opened up, firing smell pebbles that would tear straight through him, but not do enough damage to kill, the man went on for days running around the room trying to escape.


Switching back to modern memories of what scientists were currently doing in the United States, the generals memory flood back to Delaware, of the research the scientists were currently doing.


The therapist, realizing they were all world war 2 memories, and technically nothing illegal for who she was talking too, was taken complete back. The man had not talked, but she got the feeling he could care less about the scientists in Delaware and their research, because he had not said anything after the memories played, just staring out as if they didn’t happen. But they did, and now the doctor didn’t know how to continue.


G: I have this problem with the scientists in Washington doing research on how to lead the country.


He continued, memories flashing into his mind of the top-secret labs of Washington State. Government employees worked to create the next phase of the United States. Coming up with as many ideas as they could, literally building the next direction of the United States.


But again, the old man staring out into space could not help as other memories came back, of the same state decades ago, with a different group of government employees coming up with the same thing. This memory far different however…


The head of the United States all walked around the same room under Washington State, the head general sitting as he watched the other head life code directors. They had created the next step of the United States and were showing it to him at the front of the room. His soldiers had already created their version, as usual completely out doing the life code department, his soldiers getting far more funding with what was going on around the world.


A certain part played over and over again in the generals mind, the part when the United States government planned murders. A certain amount of people had to go for one reason or another, the United States government literally having a kill list that played by in the generals memories. Each year, for decades. Every year playing by the generals mind as the head life code directors told him who they had to get rid of.


Thousands of people scrolled past his memory, at the end him personally giving the go ahead to continue, not the president who was not in the room.


The general, still looking forward and not at the therapist, looked exactly the same as each memory played back…. Angry.


G: I don’t care if their history… I am a better man then this.


The therapist beginning to say some bullshit the general had personally helped develop for the United States cut her off.




He said, raising his voice before she could say some platitude.


G: I am better then this….


He looked at her then, as she scrambled to find something to say to the powerful man.


Flaring his nostrils, the man got up walking out the door. He had read her mind and knew she was just going to try to make him feel better.


The head general, going to the next general in line played the same memories again for him. The general saying how he was sorry. The head general flaring his nostrils again at the other general walked away.


The head general of the United States ARMY walked away from every doctor, every therapist, every trained professional in the United States, until one day he sat down with a young man.


Sitting down next to Advent Guard, as the head general shared his memories, the head general finally relaxed back, getting the therapy he finally needed….




Advent Guard said as he threw things on the floor around the therapist room at the general. Walking up to his face he screamed as loud as he could:




A memory flashed of what the general went through as Advent Guard hit the man full on, the general going back to looking out in space, another memory popping up.


A happy memory popped up in the generals mind of him and his wife finally after the wars were over, the general not having to do anything evil after that point.


A: Do you know how many died just so you can have that one pathetic little happy memory!


Advent Guard screamed into his face.


One by one, everyone who had ever died in the United States played over in the generals mind, him having them all on file in his head so he never forgot. Each played in Advent Guards mind.


A memory flashed of another therapist who said:


Therapist: Get rid of all of them… You don’t need that weighing you down.


The general walking out of the room with the therapist almost right away.


Advent Guard however sat down, and watched them all play, making the general watch them all in real time.


As they finished, the general said:


G: And it just keeps growing for some reason…. The other government officials… Don’t want to stop it. But I have it on constant play. It never ends. Until this ends….


A: What ends…


The general, like a gate keeper to a flood, opened a valve that just trickled a little, but by the end Advent Guard was on the ground screaming.


G: The pain of the United States. Your government officials live in palaces, not feeling a thing. But as head general of this country…


The general said looking at Advent Guard as he got up off the floor and put himself in his chair.


G: I feel everything so our country learns and never forgets it. So your president, or your congress, or your sentate, can move forward like this pain…


He said opening the valve a little more, as Advent Guard screamed again louder.


G: This agony….


He said switching it to the other emotions his people felt.


G: Will not go unnoticed while our people still feel it every day of their lives in my country.


Opening the valve more, making Advent Guard scream louder.


G: Because I fought to hard.


Opening it more, the screams went louder.


G: And for to long.


Opening it more, Advent Guards eyes went blood shot as blood dripped down out of his eyes and nostrils, his brain not able to take it.


G: For our people to feel any of this anymore in our country.


He said as he shut it off, switching it to the happiness end. As pure ecstasy filled the general, he sat dead eyed staring at the wall, with not a smile on his face.


G: They forget…. They play the happy realities. And they forget the sad ones, like they never happened. Like the pain never happened. Like the agony never happened.


He pointed to his chest as he said:


G: This United States ARMY general….


He said looking at Advent Guard as he filled him with happy memories:


G: Doesn’t forget. Until this war is over. Until my people are actually…. Free. This general of the United States ARMY, doesn’t stop.


He said as he switched his mind back to the agony, back to the pain, not even going over a single happy memory. Not until this pain and agony was gone from his country.


Looking at the picture of his little poof he just had along with his wife, the general switched back to the other thoughts as he got up, looking at Advent Guard, he said:


G: This general, knows who and what he stands for. Because I have been standing for it…


The general grabbed the edge of the chair as he got a little dizzy:


G: For what seems forever.


He said, an infinite number of realities playing in the mans mind from all he went through. He had so many files saved his brain was full, but he was the only one with certain memories, take him away and the United States looses literally a huge piece of its history. The perspective of the head general of the united States ARMY, even top-secret.


G: The war might be over. But to this old general it never stopped. It never stopped.


He said, falling back into the chair.


G: It never stopped…

Nazi Advent Guard Meets Advent Guard

The head general of the United States ARMY floats out in front of the European solar system structure, the head general of the Nazi empire, having been tied into the gods in the center, was the last well spring of life contained within a god.


Having taken the entire Nazi empires stock pile of relics, the head general was the most powerful person the Nazi empire by a massive margin.


Around his head circulated Nazi Advent Guard planet, Advent Guard floated around the head generals head of the United States ARMY. All images of Advent Guard working to go faster and closer to the generals mind, like a planet going around the sun.


The sun of the Nazis rotated around his head along with a gas giant, in a solar system configuration, sun for burn, planet for power, gas giant for a counter to the sun so it can go back and forth. How the human solar system worked, black holes were designed to slow down people on Earth from figuring out compression atomics….


G: And it made all my people stupid for it…


The general said clenching his fists as he looked at the other general that had kept him fighting all these last years.


The general, not having sucked energy from the minds of the living, by having been the main conduit for the Nazi empires solar system structure, was far more powerful then a pathetic human leech. The man had used an entire solar system structure to gain power for decades, he was like a built sun, every single one of his particles was upgraded to galaxy level. Meaning each and every one of his atoms was strong enough to personally rotate around the galaxy star, like the United States, the Nazis were trying to connect to the Universe star like them, starting with the galaxy star.


G: I am the head of the Armed Forces of the United states….


Nazi: I know.


G: I just thought I would tell you, because you still havent met the head war life code director.


Nazi: Whats the difference.


The general looked at Nazi Advent Guard, seeing things on the outer edge that the general had never tried. The general had tried to keep his humanity these last years. And he had done it by locking something away a long time ago.


G: Cortona….


He said, contacting the head Ai of the United States.


C: Yes.


She said appearing next to him.


G: Full atomic unlock.


Cortonas eyes went wide as something inside her unlocked, as if she was locked down herself from something, new information poured into her memory banks that she had never seen. The generals win all plans, the general did not have a plan for loosing, only for his country winning, period.


From around the galaxy where his soldiers had built into every sun himself, the general activated the same seed that had built Advent Guard planet.


As the image of himself popped up in every sun in our galaxy, the general knowing what he had to do to win this war, knew that none of his men or women would go down as gods in history to be destroyed like the Nazi gods, so he had only used his image, and fully backed the god killing team of the United States and what it did around the world, knowing they were going to come after him when this was all over, he technically still owned the neural network the god killing team used. If he didn’t stop himself…. Then this planet might not exist. If someone else got this power… Then they might not do what the general would do with it.


As the image of himself flickered to life in every sun, his body holding stable as the head general in the center of each sun, the generals started to funnel power into Advent Guard planet. The generals used their minds as a focus, as a tacking device, each thought the same way and things, so you could lock onto them around the galaxy by using the same person over and over again. The general, focused on one thing only, easily locked onto himself around the galaxy, pulling them all in, he started to rotate power directly from each sun, Advent Guard planet lighting up with more power then Nazi Advent Guard.


The Nazi smiled at the head general as he reached out his hand towards Nazi Advent Guard, as he pulled in power from the planet every being on the planet screamed, as the Nazi general burned their minds for fuel, not caring if he lost one by sucking to hard, expelling thousands of Advent Guards as he replaced them with others. Nazi Advent Guard planet lit up almost as much as the generals, however the United States was almost unlimited, the Nazi could only keep up the burn for so long.


Holding up his hand, Advent Guard planet zoomed of its rotation smashing into the Nazi, Advent Guard planet literally tearing its way into the Nazi shield, as Nazi Advent Guard hit back, pushing Advent Guard out of the shield, to zoom back to the general.


As Advent Guard flew back, the sun around the general opened, the planet going through right as the sun closed, the planet being pushed out like a kinetic round, it hit the head Nazi generals shield, creating a ripple the size of sun cannon, every Advent Guard within fighting with their minds to rip into the Nazis shield.


The general, pushing with his entire atomic structure, funneled as much power into the Nazi as he could. The Nazi, screaming, sacrificed millions of Advent Guards, expelling them dead into space like cattle, just to counter the head general.


Thanks to Advent Guard planet, the general had the human life code of a human that could fit inside the sun in the center of an atom, because several of the Advent Guards where that size in Advent Guard planet, so he had the key. Taking again the seed of life, the general copied himself over and over again inside the center of each sun in his atoms. Attaching each new him to the ones in the center of each sun in the galaxy, he took and copied Advent Guard planet, filling in himself with the Apple tree of the United States so he did not make any more copies, because it would be enough power to defeat the Nazi general. Connecting it all into one system, the general glowed like a sun on every particle level that could be seen.


The Nazi general could burn Advent Guard for thousands of years, surviving even the head generals attacks, tucked within his sun. So the head general had to end this now… Or the head Nazi general, connected to everything like the head United States general, would auto update as the years passed, his castle upgrading over and over again. Estimated time of kill, 1000 years.


The head general would not have that.


Pulling in energy from every sun in the galaxy, Advent Guard planet was filled with energy, as it calculated a solution into the Nazi general. Like a drill, Advent Guard smashed into the Nazi generals shield, digging into it with his mind, all minds acting as part of a key that dug into the shield, as his mind changed, the field around the planet changed, creating a wave magnetic fields that could dig into suns.


The planet, digging past his shield hit his head, as it began to dig into the head generals sun, his mind. Screaming, billions of Advent Guards were ejected from the Nazis planet as he burned them all alive to get more power, but Advent Guard, connected to every sun in the galaxy, pushed deeper, his head ripping apart as Advent Guard made his way into his skull.


Looking him in the eyes, two generals fought each other with their minds. The head general watched as piece by piece, the Nazi generals head was torn away. Advent Guard planet, making it half way through his head, the Nazi general started to twitch, un able to hold himself together any long.


Un stable, the atomic solar system of the Nazi general finally collapsed, his entire structure going super nova because it contained so much energy, that without a mind it could not hold itself together.


If the general had copied all his soldiers over and over again, they would go down in history as gods, the head general of the United States ARMY a big enough man to give the rest of his life so that his soldiers would not go down in history as gods. The united states having spent these last decades taking down gods, he would not let his soldiers do it. Because they all had different neural patterns, their minds would have had far more trouble connecting across the galaxy.

Head General goes to Therapy

As he sits down again with Advent Guard, images begin to play in his mind of each states top secret researchers and what they do around the country.


A family of scientists plays on the west coast, the children from numerous families looking up the suns forming in California.


However as the general begins to speak another memory flashes back of the exact same facility before world war 2.


No children allowed unless they are test subjects, the place looks dark, with suns forming of lower level particles because they cant form real suns yet, just pools of plasmatic material that contained energy like a battery.


The head general watches as scientists push immigrants from Mexico into the pools. They were easy to get, and provided enough neural energy from their brains that they could be harvested.


Unblinking the head general of the United States ARMY watches Mexican after Mexican is pushed into the pools to test out energy inputs of the human brain.


Austria, United States Pentagon Intelligence:


Austria, Germany, and the surrounding countries used over a 1000, immigrants a day for research.


G: 234.


The general counted as a small girl got sent in:


G: 235.


The current head life code director of California, ordered to do anything for sun research, had immediately resorted to humans because of their potential energy in their heads.


G: 236.


The head life code director of California, an IVY league, top of the food chain United States government official stood of to the side of the sun, calculating research for each subject, saying:


S: I know this is evil, but we have to.


He said as they threw in more.


The head general of the United States ARMY, walking over to the man standing in a pile of all the top people in the United States on the West coast, pulled out his side arm, cocking it, he put it to the mans head as he pulled the trigger.


The scientists screamed as the man hit the ground, the general pointing it next at the soldiers throwing children into a sun as he opened fire right away at his own soldiers.




He screamed as the first ARMY soldier hit the ground.




He said as the second ARMY soldier hit the ground, the third running as he put him down. The mexicans, all screaming, didn’t know what to do.


The general, looking at the next scientist in line of California, asked the man:


G: What is your next step.


The man stuttered, but the general didn’t care, he wasn’t looking for generals, he was looking for scientists.


S: I don’t know. We have to redo everything, he put everything behind harvesting the Mexicans like Europe is.


The general nodded as another scientist came forward saying:


S: We will loose! We have to use them!


The general fired again, the scientists falling to the ground.


G: OK. 237. Throw his body in.


The general looked around at the scientists.




But the cowards just stood there, their soldiers dead, the useless scientists un able to even throw a body in.


G: So with your slaves gone you don’t want to throw bodies in anymore? Only when someone else does it for your, then its ok to mass murder in my country….




The general yelled at them, the ones that went to throw the body in he shot in the legs.


G: Im sorry, the bodies release more energy when they are alive, and if they are filled with pain, even more energy.


The general shot them in their arms as he slowly made his way to the side of their faces low to the ground now.


G: Look, as top scientists, why don’t you all just throw your own bodies in. Why use someone else? You all are smart. I am positive, that unlike the Dumb Mexicans who cant throw their own bodies in but require soldiers, that you top scientists can throw yourselves in.


Standing up as elite soldiers flooded in behind him to quarantine the scene, releasing the Mexicans, and handcuffing the scientists that lived.


Looking up at Advent Guard through the memory, the old general said:


G: I handled every case like yours in this country these last centuries. When this becomes country VS country. I don’t let my soldiers handle it. I do. I personally handle it.


The image in Advent Guards mind changed to California, children running around beneath the suns forming, scientists trying out everything they could think, enjoying their lives.


G: It took us a long time to get this far.


The general, tears rolling down his face, as he looked at Advent Guard:


G: I made the home of the gods…. And enslaved all our people.


The general said as he switched to the current labs of Washington state, Oregon, Idaho, on and on, filled with millions of scientists working constantly at the things that Advent Guard loved to think about.


G: The idiots at the lower levels might think you don’t fit into this country.


The general said, eyes clearing as he slammed his fists down onto the small table.


G: But I did to much for this country, for a whee poof like you to be fucked over while literally millions of United States citizens sit around this second, today, with the exact job you want and would be happy in.


He said switching back to Washington States top-secret, the head life Code Director appearing, having taken up residence in Washington state because that is where he lived in Top-secret. The head general of the United States ARYM having had a house in the PNW for over a century now, most of the highest level United States government officials from Top-secret lived around this area for almost a century because they had moved here to make the west coast, and settled down with families, never leaving.


In Washington state a different scene played out then the other top-secret cities in Each state.


The head life code director had all his older people working 24/7, not on technology to help improve the lives of gods. No, each of his people was hooked into one of their citizens, pumping in calculation of their own brains into that persons life to try and help. Not Trump, Not Bill Gates, the smartest people the United States had, were hooked into the brains of the people, trying to help, trying to figure out this reality they all lived in.


Top level government officials threw their head sets, screaming as they realized again and again that they had owned slaves for decades now. For centuries.


The people in Washington States Top-Secret didn’t need to do research any longer, they were all directors, heads, literally the leaders of the United States, what they said and did went in this country. Starbucks existed because of them, they had started every tech company, started every big company in the country, the people in that room literally ran the country for centuries.


Bulvark, inside the head of this huge construction worker in the PNW, smashed his fist against his head over and over again, Bulvark was trying to hit into him to stop slaving. TO LIVE. Literally using the connection to hit the big man in the head.


Stopping, the man looked around, but felt this hug inside him not feeling worried as he went back to work. Bulvark had particle smashed his head just enough to add in enough energy so he could think differently. Bulvark instantly trying new ideas that he could think of now, trying anything on him as he walked around working.


Bulvark, having automated almost everything that the man was doing for Top-secret put into his head over and over again: Slave. Slave. Slave. Slave. Stop. Do anything else.


The man hit himself in the head again not knowing what was going on. As the man swiveled his head towards the leaders of the construction site Bulvark flared his nostrils, the big man feeling something in his head:


Bulvark: Bulvark…


He said lifting his star hammer,


Bulvark: Will make our history books know that I was here.


He said smashing down his hammer with such force in Washington State, that it flooded through the mans neural connection making his attention pop fully into the front of his mind:


Bulvark: That during this entire time, Bulvark was here with you.


Above the leaders of the United States, all piled into Washington State until their slaves were free, until the other top-secrets focused on what mattered, the leaders focused all their attention on their slaves, pulling all support for anything else. In the Washington State top-secret, a giant sign hung above them all that read Advent Guard. Reminding them all of what they were doing there.

Head General VS Leader of the Illuminati

In a skyscraper in New York, the person at the top of the Pyramid looked out over the city like he has for decades. He was the public top of the pyramid, what Advent Guard would know as the person right below Bavillion in the United States hierarchy.


The head general had shown Advent Guard the man once, the man that used as much of the United States grid as he needed to calculate new solutions for their economy and Trading. The top of the pyramid.


The man, having been left alone for decades thought he was a king of the United States, looking out above the city like a god, as the general read in his mind numerous new ideas for their economy that the man had come up with completely detached from the people of their country. The man was useless, taking up countless resource of the United States to calculate shit. He was so far gone from reality, having spent so much time above their people all of his ideas where for gods. Not a single idea was for their slaves.


The head general floated up from above, settling in front of the window in front of the man in charge the economy calculations in the United States for everyone in the public.


The general, looking him in the eyes, watched as he called security, all of which never showed, having been already taken out by Elite ARMY soldiers. As no one came the general looked at him, the man becoming more and more unsettled as his men didn’t show up to protect him. Just him and the general looking at him dead in the eye.


Floating slowly towards the man, he moved the machines in his body fast enough to work his way through the glass, moving into the mans room as he screamed, the general had already took away access to his calculations, the mans mind stuttering as he no longer had the energy to calculate.


G: You wasted an almost incalculable amount of resource these last decades. TO just improve the economy of the gods.


Stripping the man of his head life code director status, unplugging him from the United States atomic network, the general moved forward. The man screamed, unhooked from all his power, he was completely alone at the top of New York.


The man, never having had anyone talk back to him his entire life, and having managed to work his way all the way to this position, watched as he screamed just being so close to the general.


Getting up, the general popped open several windows from around the country of people now using the same energy the man had been sucking dry from their country, coming up with countless new ideas. While the man in new york had not come up with anything of use for decades except for gods.


G: Stay in your palace. The upper levels of the government do not want you.


The general said, as he floated back out, not killing the man because then he would just instantly join top-secret. But leaving him there, without a connection to the United States any longer. Moving the resource to people who could use the calculation.

Life Variance for Atomic Network

A dead planet will have particles of every level flow through machines in a route that can be determined 100%. Once you get this in your system, you calculate for it, then have your computer figure out what is different then what could be pre-determined 100%, that is life. This allows the United States government to monitor the flow of particles through out the entire country. Non life can be predicted 100%, particle flows through everything that is not alive the same way every time with out variance. Having your computers monitor for what cannot be predicted, then makes an image of what is different, you have the particle flow of life, that is separate then the flow of life that keeps everything stable like a skeleton. The flow of life you can alter, nudge, change like the flow of a river.


Advent Guard Note: you find the flows, and then predict the center, knowing the beginning and end. Most particle flows through the body vary little, so once you get those 100%, it is easier to understand the other particle flows by using the variance in the ones you can predict 100% to predict the other flows. Basically flows should be 100% the same, when they arent you can calculate how it effects the other flows and determine where they interacted and update the model of all the flows. This is how the United States Armed forces reads minds.


G: We do not have to rape your mind over and over again like the FBI. Sending in electrons or particle flows to active parts like someone put their hand in you like a doll, like someone making the corpse wiggle its mouth, the FBI agent sticking their hand in like a literal puppet god. The Armed forces does not do it that way.


The head general of the United States ARMY, floating down for this part as he walks into Starbucks, spitting on the pathetic little government agents that still puppet godded a child that needed help, throwing the wrong medications at him because none of you are willing to say the united states has a neural network. Literally ruining years of his life and making him suffer in pain for no reason.


The head general, makes sure that this part goes down in history where he spits in the face of every government agent currently in Cheney WA United States for what they were doing with millions of governments funds, when our people actually need help. These agents literally counting certain people as sub-human, when you would have to literally be brain dead to not be able to find a solution to help him.


G: The FBI, and the other low level government people listening in do not follow these rules. They send in electrons and particle flows like rape, the person forced to think, forced to move like a doll…


The general who had fought these last decades to literally wipe from this Earth and Galaxy anyone that used neural technology in this way, including his own soldiers, including United States government employees. Tried to make a point to the worthless government whee babes still picking on a slave, that this was going to end with a lot of government just simply gone from their jobs soon if they chose to continue to pick on slaves in this country from their high positions. From positions of complete power.


G: You murdered him the first time you read his mind. You wiped his consequence. Making him into a literal walking corpse.


The general, going down inside Advent Guards particle like a shark, waited, until this was all over. The head general fully willing to attack the president, Head director of the FBI, anyone in the United States government that tried to murder Advent Guard after what he had to go through these last years, without anyone to talk to about it.


The head general, literally one of the first people in the country to design the Atomic network, literally was waiting and watching everyone around Advent Guard at this point. Several people already loosing their jobs in the government for going the way of Nazis. Advent Guard not knowing because he did not know what was going on behind the scenes. Most of the idiot low levels still thinking that the upper government did not have a neural network, the lower level looking brain dead because they had to say over and over again that he was insane, when almost no one on the team believed it, him simply just needing his life back that the government agents murdered.

Dot Planet, Head General of United States of Beings

From the outer edge of a solar system much like ours, a small women floats among a group of humans that looks a lot like us, her particle flaring she flies away to other solar systems in her field of view, moving around the Universe, just in the reverse of what we moved around first. The solar systems between moved slow, and the closer you got the more dense it got. The head general finally gaining enough power to break through the fog, her vision cleared, planets appearing she had never seen, gas giants of colors that did not glow… the particle was low level, rock hard. As she neared she saw dead planet after dead planet.


Until finally at the outer edges she saw blue, the opposite of her planet… A theory from one of her main scientists popping into her mind, oddly this one scientist being more and more correct then any other as she continues in.


Testing feedback as she set down, the planet was energetic compared to her, she had to keep her new body on full just maintain itself. Having built up from a far lower level on her planets that went so much faster, it was like the planet was at a stand still. She still adjusted time, her body slowing as she let time pass to the point that the planet could rotate under her feet in a second of her calculation. Her planet, ran so much faster, it was if she had stopped.


Her atoms started to fill in, gaining structure, as she touched a tree to test her strength, easily snapping it at the center of the trunk.


Having picked her up right away, her not noticing because she had not had anytime to think of technology at this level, nor having anyone else to tell, she was cut off just like the head general of the United States of America was when he made his way into their lands.


United States of America Satellites picking her up right away as she entered one of the few habitable planets in the milky way galaxy that were not atomic solar system structures hidden at the edges of suns around the milky way, but actually naturally forming in the milky way. All of them under the protection of the United Nations. The United States picking it before them, cut them of right away, the low level particle radiation indicated Dot planet female travelling to habitable planet. The head general immediately taking off from Earth as he brought in several other top scientists from around the world, he had made contact with dot planets before in the past during several journeys out into between solar systems.


The Two head generals meeting, realized they shared the same life code.


Flying down, the head general calculated that he could literally blow her away with his mouth in this reality. He had the exact opposite problem in their reality, them having so much energy that they could literally just cut straight through him on their atomic level, ripping him to shreds.


Just like him, he watched as she realized that just because she was still powerful, she didn’t understand this levels atomic technology, her scans instantly picking up how much he out powered her in his reality. But just like he did when he was in her position decades past as a female general very similar to her flew down to him, she stood her ground as he touched down reaching his hand out to hers, accepting just a touch between worlds, and not saying anything about it to give her even ground in this matter, so she didn’t think he would do anything. Just like the female general had done for him when he had entered their world.


FG: My world is near here…


G: Their like flickers to us, the male and female mix hasn’t evened out in time. Your planet can pop into existance in a moments of our time.


The head general, showing her that he could go the speed of her people as he sped up his atom to her home world, said:


G: Know no fear from our side. Feel free to grow.


The general said to her… But as she looked at him, she said:


FG: The united states…


Not mentioning America.


FG: Mines that too. Did the other one have similar life code?


G: Something always translates over. Yes.


FG: What did she do? The others you met.


G: Showed me around their worlds, after letting in a lot of my people, a lot of theirs coming over.


FG: Hmmmm.


She said as she looked around the world.


FG: Does your country team up with new planets?


As the two head generals met for the first time, completely cut off from their countries networks, the head general looked in her in the eyes as he said:


G: I have made a truce with every United States in this galaxy.


He said holding out his hand, not waiting for the others. It was still war time and this was not the time to play around.


G: Who else do you have on your planet…?


As time went by, the head general of the United States army realized again and again that our life code played again across the galaxy. As if some galaxy or universe government existed.

Protection of Dot


Like Ball Ball, dot sucked in from one point to another for its main flow, except dot had nothing next to her, instead everything inside was transported to the outside not the inside. The closer you got to the center, the more it wanted to rip you apart and expel you to the outside in the outer flow that then went inside. It did not suck inward, except as it tore you apart, until you were to the smallest level then it would expel you back out into the flow.


The general, expanding so much energy every second to stay stable at Earth time while looking at the center of a black hole. So he could come back to Earth and tell them what he saw. There was no ship, just the progression of the most advanced body the United States had, the human body.


TO hold himself together near the center of dot, the generals brain, his engine, revved to max, his entire brain was built by the head atomic physicists of the United States. One of a kind, custom built just for this, his entire brains atomic structure redone, all of who he is and what he is, given to the United States.


As the head general realized how the universe worked his atoms re-arranged, pulling themselves so tight and ejecting billions of built atomic structures that instantly were ripped apart so close to dot. This gave his atomic structure enough room to make stable dots, which required so much space between the stars at the center of atoms and molecules to function, that he had to pull as hard as he could, barely able to start a dot flow in a human body. Instantly he became more stable in dot, as his senses sped up enough for him to see a pink planet floating around the center so fast he would have never guessed it possible, but with dot installed in his body, the flow of low level particles was so strong new sights popped into existance, whole new life code never thought of except for a few scientists popped into his mind.


Again, the head general realized one specific United States ARMY scientists was oddly very correct these last years. The general made note of him, one of only a handful of people in the United States that had guessed correctly, had figured out how the Universe works with nothing…


New flows started the general locked onto the new planets, pulling himself close as he sucked in particle through the machines in his body, using every machine to suck in and expel particle out the back, this even functioning all the way through his clothes.


Re-calculating he realized he had years worth of Earth time in here to explore at a speed in which he could see the whole thing in a day. Flying over to the planet he quickly began to realize the dot planets where dead. Finding no life…


Trickle feeding the information he discovered back down into the United States, sense almost everything his soldiers had used to just get him there and do research was so classified that any mention of any of it would trigger everything else, so he was un-able to saying anything like usual.


His new theory of the Universe, using the United States Armed Forces satellites around the galaxy, realized that if Earth existed, there should be a dot version, their planet funneling particle energy they couldn’t use or see into dot. The general couldn’t see the particle going threw dot yet.


As the United States head general came back to the United States, choosing a team to colonize the first planet rotating around a dot star. He chose mostly females, put them as lead. Something had sparked in his mind as he watched what was happening in Europe and around the world, and the other atomic structures. Space… Dot functioned by giving it space. So he put his wife along with a lot of the female head generals in charge of dot, sending in equal amount of males, but making the head female.


The head general, cutting off a lot of the life code of dot, the female head generals not realizing that the male head generals had taken a lot of the evil life code, cut it off, and not gave it to the females as they went away into Dot to colonize it. Even Daytaun with her infinite evil army, was cut off from a lot of the life code the ARMY had to use during full war time, keeping them blocked off from as much as they could as the war went on.


Being the next particle level to function or see, dot was cut off from even top-secret, dot scientists making leaps and bounds that the other scientists couldn’t use, or did not realize during war, all of them going their own directions. The Nazi empire, taking over a dot structure, quickly colonized the planets and began to torture new life. Realizing what the United States had done, the Nazi Empire followed along, building female life code also, which helped them counter the United States in the public front, as their women simply just went another direction that the males didn’t.


Electron Feeder


Pentagon: You can put any electron flow, like coffee, into a single pen that mimics all electron flows into the body. So people can walk around with a single device that pumps energy into the body other then food. You just switch the pen to any electron flow, coffee, weed, anything. Medications. And suck in.


P: Want to puppet god him so his story changes, then the Pentagon will play back. Against any government agent that plays with mental kids screaming for help. The pentagon will completely wipe the floor with any agency that plays with mental children screaming for help.


P: Now… You can have a single pen, that flows electrons through it in different ways, so we don’t even need Starbucks anymore. All our people can just walk around with a single pen in their hand that can pump in any form of energy they want all day long. Once you realize Coffee is just a machine that electrons run through, and come out the other end to interact with the body in a unique way, you realize that every electron machine works that way. Meaning you can create a pen that mimics all electron machines, so humans can walk around with it in their hand, pumping in any energy type they need that can be absorbed that way. Completely wiping Starbucks from the world. Come on government agents. Lets play. LETS PLAY. LETS FUCKING PLAY. YOU WANT TO PICK ON AND PUPPET GOD MENTAL CHILDREN IN OUR COUNTRY. Then we will wipe your entire agencies from our country.  COME ON. LETS PLAY. LOCAL GOVERNMENTS. LETS PLAY. AINT NO DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE IN THIS COUNTRY TO PROTECT OUR SLAVES. AINT NO DEPEARMTNET OF DEFENSE HERE IN THIS COUNTRY TO PROTECT OUR MENTALLY ILL. NOPE. WE JUST PROTECT GODS. WE JUST PROTECT BILL GATES. WE JUST PROTECT TRUMP. AINT NO ARMY HERE. AINT NO DEPERARTMENT OF DEFENSE HERE. COME ON. COME On. COME ON.






P: your team tried to get him to throw up so he wouldn’t come back. Completely murdering his life. Now… To every judge, police, FBI, and government agent illegally listening into a pentagon level communication right now…. GET THE FUCK OUT OF A UNITED STATES UPPER LEVEL CASE. Or get wiped from the field of battle.


P: The Pentagon repeats. Aint no deparment of Defense here. Aint no department of defense here to protect mental kids in our country. Depeartment of defense only protect rich gods.

1939 End of the United states Air Force Night Rocs

Having evolved to survive in the Dark side of Earth, the night Rocs had survived as main predator’s of Earth.


As the head general of the United States Air Force flew down into the mountains, watching as his men continued on. The man fell to the ground, holding the bird next to him as in front of him rained down the entire United States Air Force night Rocs. The entire United States family of giant eagles bred for war fell at the beginning of world war 2, before the battles had even started, the Nazis wiping them out one night to gain air dominance of Earth, the natural flight pattern of them in their way.


Locked down in the mountains in Europe, the air force general kicked his bird as he walked away down the mountain side. The United States had lost the evolution. Several caged in the United States in the Air Force bases, but the entire family had been wiped out, their top-secret already making steps before the public arms made any move. \


Completely classified, the head general made his way down the mountain side as the last bird rained down to Earth to be covered up by the European governments.


Their brains had evolved to be tugged around the planet by finding the perfect spot in the middle that opposed the side on the hot side that had the most power. The birds endlessly chasing it, their evolution driving them into the future, as all the other large game of the world had long gone.


The United States had not been able to share this because, any scientist would question why these birds survived by chasing the dark side. What were they chasing? Meaning they were the perfect evolution to be large enough to live on planet Earth. The entire thing according the pace of our Earth. Their symbol honored as the highest ranking in the United States Air Force, its image having fading after the war.


But the old head general of the united states Air Force looked up nearby, as he remembered them flying above Earth at night if you knew were to look… Like a secret, like an Easter egg of Earth itself. The old United States head Air Force general remembered those nights looking up to just watch them fly by with his upgraded eyes.


The United States Air Force, now knowing far more about atomics, flew out to the center point of the darkside of Earth. Locking onto the center he looked around, trying to find it. There was points of evolution, build ups of particle that pooled like planets at certain points of the planet. Adjusting his eyes, the old Air Force general floated forward as he found it, speeding up to fly next to his old friends. All the advanced particle that had made up their brains, pooling around their natural evolution point. No animal alive any longer at this evolution point it pooled like a planet, the old general holding all that was left of his old friends in his hands.


Using the files he had of them, he took hold of their particle as he brought life back into the planet of particle. Brains formed, as he created the baby versions of the families of night rocs that used to live on Earth.


Forming a shield around the flock, the old United states air force general took to the night skies with a new flock of night rocs. Filling a place that died a long time ago on Earth, that was not out of place in this reality, but something that made it just a little more alive with its presence.


Until if you look up just right on Earth these days, you can see them still flying at night, chasing a point of which could only be explained with compression atomics, making the birds classified.

Infinite magnetic build Advent Guard

At the center of Advent Guard planet the head general stood as the every image of the head general used their most powerful object ever created, the human body, and the most powerful one the United States had. Over and over again. IV fluid flowed down out of the shower over the general who slurped away, as he constantly shit over and over again. It had to be real, this was no simulation, this was reality and the Nazis had done it.


The head general, standing in the center of the planet as trillions of versions of himself force shit over and over again all down on him. The magnetic particle built each shit, over and over again. The generals did not need new bodies, each hooked up to the automatic update of the United States ARMY, they just needed energy, which they created over and over again. Taking food and turning it into magnetic balls.


Down and down it went, until at the very center the magnetic energy was the strongest the United States ARMY had ever produced.


An entire planet designed around the human bodies ability to create magnetic energy like a generator.


The Nazis had forced this planet, forcing the United States to make their version.


The overlapping brains created a unique field around the planet that could be controlled by changing their minds, or their bodies, as they shit their brains would flare up, pushing out their magnetic field, as they pulled in the field would pull in. Creating an out and in in the outer layer of the planet that could pull itself around the Universe, or pull itself closer to the sun.


The head general of the United States ARMY, having personally done this to protect his country. Floated down and sat next to Robert Mitchell Livingston as he took up guard around him. Protecting him from the president, FBI director, the head general of the United States Lower ARMY, NAVY, air Force, Homeland, any agency of the United States or foreign that went against this young man.


As the head general of top secret put his hand on the table, he tried over and over again to make the lower levels under stand that the head general of the United States ARMY was not going anywhere from his side. And the more you pick on him the more it makes your entire United States government team look like Nazis.


G: I had to do something as head general of the United States ARMY. And I will not let you disrespect a United States citizen for it.


The general, trying as hard as he can to explain to the lower levels of the Pentagon as he said again:


G: This won the war…. Without Robert Mitchell Livingston we would have lost. He is a war hero above Navy seals, ARMY rangers. Medal of Honor winners.


The head general, having lived in Washington State near the head life code director, tried again to explain to them all that they had discovered this here because of him. Him….


G: We only had the Nazi version before him. He put meaning to it. And you all mess with him? Starve him… Make him un able to think properly. Murder his life.


The head general of the United zsTates ARMY slowed this down one more time before his troops moved in:


G: I will take the president himself for you son.


An image of Advent Guard planet before Robert Mitchell Livingston was born popped into his mind, the head general getting up, after his morning briefing with Advent Guard.


G: That planet would have lost. You’re a national hero. I will literally take down the president himself for you.


The head general said as he walked out, taking up position around Advent Guard as he wrote, and taking note of everything his worthless agents do to him.


G: This country will not go the direction of the Nazis while I am alive son.


G: They want to pick on mental kids that just need education. That the United States head general is going to be right here to yell at all the rich children in charge of this area for you. As I personally explain why you have done more for this country then every government listening in has done their entire lifes.


G: Now murder him. Because I want as many of you to be in jail by the end of this case as I can get. From FBI directors, to judges, to Police. I want you all to rot for once like you made our p[eople rot who just needed education and help. Scared kids that screamed for help, until you beat them enough to make them seem or look angry so you could murder them. Judges literally telling police to make them look more evil, or wait, so they could throw them away. Instead of move in and help. Rich children literally making their way to judge, or head of Police departments or FBI directors, and actually doing that and thinking they get to keep their job by the end of this case…


The head general, showing Advent Guard again what he did on Advent Guard planet before him.


The general would just sit there and shit over and over again, trying to increase magnetic energy as much as possible. Until a small child was born in Washington state, going the same direction as the head general of the United States ARMY, the head general instantly picks him up and adds him to his neural link.


Toys appear in Advent Guard planet, as the head general starts to play, but something seems off.


The planet still growing, and the head general having robert mitchell Livingstons full neural code on file, the head general starts to copy Robert into Advent Guard planet.


The head generae l makes layers, his down below, Robert up Above trying out new designs for Advent Guard planet. Toys create latch on points for magnetic energy, so the general, or now Robert at the upper levels, can place magnetic energy around the toy and build it up, keeping it.


The head general down below, starts to realize Robert is growing stronger as he realizes Robert is taking magnetic energy and attaching it to toys, digimon, and other things the general gave him to play with. These toys, placed around the shower with magnetic energy function as moons, or planets, increasing his magnetic build up.


G: Now how much do you all want to pick on, murder, rape, and toy with, the personal who literally won the top secret part of World war 2? Because the head general of the United States ARMY is not in some fucking office in the pentagon. I am right here in his fucking particle until this is over. You all are picking on a national hero. You all made a national hero want to kill himself for years and run from his own country. You all made the most famous United States Soldier to ever live want to run from his own country.


Robert Liked to build universes in his mind at a young age, these the general grouped into what he called Advent Guard Universe. All of Roberts universes, the head general putting them together for Robert so he could think of them more effectively around the planet. Each one its own focus. After time went by the head general realized that sense he had copied Robert at such a young age, that the head general of the United States ARMY had accidently raised Robert Mitchell Livingston billions of times over from childhood to adulthood in Top-secret. The old man, knowing who the original was in the United States, took up position around him for what he did for his country, what he gave. The old man thinking the one thing he could do was return the favor like he did all the copies, and help raise him this last part, like he had so many times before.


The general, pulling out every universe that Robert had made in Advent Guard planet, continued on and on. Everysingle Universe having been made by Robert Mitchell Livingston and therefore owned by him. All of them. The head general not wanting a single one of them, having already moved onto the next phase of the United States.


G: You all worship Bill Gates like a god… But Robert Devotes the entirety of his life forever to the United States. Giving his brain over and over again. His entire life and body. And Bill Gates had windows handed to him, then spends all his time and money in palaces, and you all worship him like a god.


The head general of the United States ARMY, having given far more then Bills of The Gates ever has, stood fast by Advent Guard, not Bill of the Gates.


G: You all try to murder him, throw him away, make up things about him and use government employees to trap him…


The old head general of the United States ARMY said again, and he meant it, he was just waiting for it to finally sink into some of these government employees, that their protection did not protect them from being Nazis:


G: Some of you will be in jail at the end of this case, some of you will be burried in shallow graves not in this country, some of you will end up in guatanom Bay and water boarded, and that goes for judges, FBI agents, Directors, Homeland, Pentagon children, or anyone in the government that went the way of the Nazis.


Advent Guard Universe had one tie point to all brains, an overlap the head general called Advent Guard Universe. The same overlap all brains shared so they could communicate effectively. They shared all the same points of one Universe, always updating. This was called Advent Guard universe. Something the head general had designed and made up for Advent Guard structure. But realized that teams could use the same thing…. Or everyone could use to design the same Universe. Its an agreed upon Universe points, that all Universes share. Rules, physics, how things work. Overlapped. So that each person can imagine anything, but they all share the same base structure, this was called Advent Guard structure. The same structure used by the Alpha team of the United States ARMY previously.


The old general realized that if he could create an Advent Guard Universe for the United States, their country would grow so much faster, with a solid structure to push off of. The head general had realized this with Advent Guard structure because of the laughing man effect that had occurred from it. With everyone agreeing upon one structure, and building out and from it, the head general had made more progress that most of the United States within years. This however was the ideas of Robert and the head general, so he had cut them off from the rest of the United States to not puppet god. However he was still head general, and the ideas where all from the United States and for it, so the head general had made a plan to use them all.


The head general these last years, not having an real kids, had slowly had something in him switch on after raising Advent Guard over and over again in Advent Guard planet. Until the war was over, and something just snapped in the old general, as he watched his soldiers beat and murder their own citizens, sit in office rooms and talk about how they where going to murder, rape, steal, molest, murder life, and then how it didn’t count because they were government. About how it didn’t count because a judge was in the room. That it didn’t count because they were protecting after they caused the problem.


G: I don’t have kids. But if they are going to murder you after what you did for this country, while rich children get into my ARMY and never have to work again in their lifes. While rich children get their way bought through college, then instantly have it paid for when they graduate, their parents never paying a dime because they are wealthy enough. And your entire family slaves, and gets beaten up for trying to escape slavery.


The old general, still fully in Advent Guards atom and taking up positon around him,


G: This old general isnt going anywhere. Because this is exactly the reason I gave my life for this country. Is so our people can have better lifes. Not for you rich children to beat and rape our slaves, then hide behind judges like your better then the people in prison… You ivy league children are worst then the people we have in prison. People in prison just make mistakes, randomly do things. Raised wrong. This or that. You all were raised perfectly, had everything, and you all still sit down in an office meeting and rape, murder, molest, and play with our people. And for some reason you judges, police, FBI, and government agents just go home to your families and kiss your kids goodnight. Other people rot in prison, kill themselves, have their lifes murdered to where when you look at their life there is no life. From childhood to death, some of the people you all murder as Police, FBI, and government agencies, when you look at their lifes, its literally childhood memories, all of them fucked up and cruel, not perfect neighborhood lifes, but cruel and evil, then they get to adult hood and some police officer, or doctor, or FBI agent just comes and beat the shit out of them until they die. That’s their life…. That’s their life…. DO YOU ALL UNDERSTAND THAT. They go straight from childhood memories that they don’t like, that no child should have. To straight into adulthood and being beaten, until they just die. And you all sit around an office building, talking about their lives like gods, laughing and drinking coffee, while talking the murder of someones life. While in that very room, that very day, you all just sat their and burned millions of government funds, just to murder one life. Not make it, not build it, not grow it. Just to murder one life. We spend millions so a bunch of rich children cat sit around nice office buildings, murder, rape, molest, steal, life murder. And nothing happens to them. They just go home to their families and kiss their kids good night. As someones life is murdered.

United States Advent Guard Heirlooms

As Robert grew up, his figurines grew up, adding to the head generals planet. His figurines changed with his mind, turning into planets, toys, people, all build ups of magnetic energy. After decades passed, the head general realized that Robert had accidently created united States Heirlooms…


As the Head general walked into one of the rooms of Advent Guard, having freed them a while back, so they werent just cells of bathrooms, but full rooms now, the general walked into the director of Advent Guard. A copy of Robert that had gained alpha of the planet.


Inside the room, linning the walls was the very first version of a lot of United States Universes. Figurines that had not been released yet to the real world lined his walls. Universes that he had created, people, creatures, planets, ships, all lined the wall. All one of a kind, all of them owned by the United States, each an heirloom, because they were the originals to each Universe.


As Advent Guard thought of each he would latch his brain onto the figure, like a moon it would rotate around his head.


G: First editions to every Universe in the United States. Created by a copy of Robert Mitchell Livingston.


G: He was the first one to design a lot of this for the United States….


The general tried to tell the Pentagon as they chose rich child after rich child to give credit too instead of anyone that actually did anything in this country these last years.

United States ARMY Advent Guard

Floated out of the United States ARMY Advent Guard Planet, the copy that had become Advent Guard alpha floated in space with small figurines floating around his head.

Head General of the United States Armed forces

Head General: Right now they are doing anything they can to stop you. In their heads they cant have someone dishonor the magical god hood of the head general of the armed forces with who you are.


The general, sitting down next to Advent Guard as he tells him what is going on in the country.


Head general: apparently im to good to do what a united states citizen does to the generals in charge of the Pentagon. Apparently, as god, the head general is perfect and flawless. Like Bill Gates. Flawless. Not human at all. Just a perfect doll. The head general of the armed forces. Nothing like you slaves. A perfect human, while you all are what…. Sub-human slaves? You other head generals want to protect the idea of general, of head general…


The old general, grabbing his head remembered all his files of generals. Murder flooded into his mind, of the last decades, and everyone that his generals had to murder.


G: In my mind. You generals seem worst then anyone we have in prison.


Jumping into the normal citizens of the United States, the general lets go of his head, as peace floods in, of just poof balls poofing around.  Then back into the generals in charge, murder, after rape, after life murder, after flipping things onto people, after playing with people, after turning people into toys, flooded into his mind, as the old general reeled at the memories.


Head General: my review shows that our generals should be in prison, while a lot of prisoners need education and helping hand to hold while they deal with being slaves. As if they live in 1700 United States, and they literally cannot escape slavery. You generals need to loose your jobs, while our slaves have someone help them get going. You generals need to be locked away, while our people are freed and helped. You judges need to be locked away, while a government employee comes and holds the hand of the slave as they walk them through getting educated and out of slavery. You government employees need your jobs cut, and pushed out onto the streets, while the people on our streets have a government agent come hold their hand through the end of slavery. You judges, police, FBI, homeland, and other agencies, need fired, while our slaves get jobs that give them time to think and catch up their minds. TO break down and cry about being slaves their entire lifes, and fight their way back to wanting to even live in this country with you people that somehow never got locked away, while our slaves got tortured for being raised poor, while you all got raised rich and everything handed to you.


G: our poor need jobs that give them years of time to think and catch up their life code like all you government agents have. Otherwise they will never catch up. Otherwise they will literally scratch their arms out trying to scrabble just for a breath of life. While you government agents fight to just make it look like you all do something. Literally spinning every case you can to murder them so your numbers go up so you can keep your government funds.


The head general of the United States ARMED forces, out ranking the president, congress, and senate. Said:


HG: I was looking for agencies that tried to get rid of their need for funds, and then just spent the money on keeping their people alive. I was not looking for agencies that make up things to keep their numbers high so they can keep government funds. Literally murdering our citizens in mass, just to keep government funds coming in so their agency can sit around doing nothing but living. All of you agents allowed to have time to breath, and live. Literally paid by the United States government to sit around, have kids, get educated, and make sure your kids are educated. But our slaves…. No? Our slaves don’t get education? Are slaves cant sit around and grow their lives? They have to slave 24/7? Only you government agents get enough breathing room in your jobs to live in this country? You idiots literally try to keep crime up so you can murder people so you can keep your government funds… Not a single fucking Police Officer, FBI agent, Homeland, Armed forces, even fucking thought… If we can get rid of the need of our agency, that our trained government team can think about what needs fixed next in our country. BUT NO. you idiots thought: Lets up the crime rate, so we have more people to murder so we can keep our pay checks rolling in as we sit around doing nothing. Lets not get this to zero, so our people grow and prosper. Lets just find a way to keep government funds coming into our worthless agents that havent done anything for this country for decades except suck the government dry so their children never work, they never work, and their family never works, while beating the shit out of any slave that tries to scrabble their way to the same, like some sadistic slave master that finds joy in beating people down.

Universe Rotation Potato

With the alpha Potato having taken over the center, all other potatoes began to rotate around it. All dirt and soil began to rotate around the potatoes like suns, al of that then rotating around alpha. This could feel magnetic forces, actually pulling the planet closer or farther from the sun as it evolved to become the planet. A built Universe, with the north flourishing in light pulled in from the sun, the south cold and dead, burning with fire as boulders formed in an ocean for the potatoes to use as a fuel source. Undoing the magnetic balls made by the planet for energy. The Russian empire chugged along, not knowing as the top scientists tried their first sip of Alpha vodka, filled with so much magnetic energy they couldn’t help but just stop and talk, filled with energy. Realizing a the planet evolved it could make the sun grow stronger, they created more, but always alpha remained through time. Pulling ever closer and faster around the sun to generate more power then any other planet.


Using just a potato to support his mind, the head general of Russia ripped his way back into the United States, alarms blaring in the Pentagon as the Russian general pulled himself into the room with Advent Guard.


As the general began to walk where Advent Guard normally walked, he put his Potato in the center of the room as high level armed forces took up positions around the city to counter the foreign general that did not have clearance or notice to be here.


Knowing that the actual head level generals of the United States could counter him if they wanted, the Russian general smiled at Advent Guard.


Russian Head General: Wars over. You all want to pick on our whee poofs with advanced technology. Then you get advanced protection back at you.


The Russian general said as he defeated the Ivy league Pentagon agents with a potato.


The Universe, capable of rotating like a machine, churned along the potatoes absorbing new low level boulders and spitting out new cycles of life that all rotates each other in ever expanding larger groups, ending with the core of the planet at the center.


As time went by the low level particle of planet built up, new life flourishing in the boulder oceans below. The most magnetically powerful, Alpha Potato planet discovered it first as new dot conduits formed. The potatoes sucked up so much particle that there reverse point of which all particle went through one point as fast as possible, creating suction of reality itself, new life sprung.


As a young potato entered the sea for food one morning, peacefully swimming in the ocean of boulders, a new potato lurked, swimming by the young potato, the new alpha potato on alpha planet swam by, making the young potato spin in fear as the low level particle alpha potato swam by, back into the depths, where new life began to flourish, the alpha magnetic particle potato keeping limiter on life itself.


The planets magnetic field kept layers and flows of every particle so new life could flourish in the potato swirls of the universe. Life had to live in the swirls of potatoes. Worms… Evolved, creating more flow of advanced fluids, as they absorbed paths that sped up the entire universe structure.


The Galaxy swirls around the potatoes were stable enough that clusters of life formed, adding to the power of the machine of the universe itself. Water flowed from the top to the bottom, swirling from galaxy to galaxy, down and down.


The United States ARMY engineers, all fan girls at the top-secret level of this part of atomic history when Russia wins with potato making fun of all of us and making the moment more human somehow, as the Russian generals, taking alpha star and having no idea they had for the galaxy, the United States ARMY general still holding Earth Alpha, the Russian generals cheered, again, in a long series of hilarious and very human moments, the Russian top-secret takes the lead.


A massive barrel chested Tundra Russian holds a bottle in his hand with a massive smile on his face as he says to the head general.


Russian General: Alpha Vodka.


Chugging a huge swig the general lurches a little, but its like his mind literally magnetically aligns with the planet as it holds still, his huge body going wavy as he walks straight at the end gaining full balance.


The head general, smiling, grabs the bottle, testing out the new magnetic drink, not even thinking vodka, the head general was just concerned about progressing magnetic progression technology. However, as his body swivels around, his head and mind finding itself because the vodka was so magnetically powerful, however the body itself being wavy, the general continues on, never stopping until much later when they were friends with the United States, realize that they had taken galaxy alpha.


Cheering, the generals drank vodka from their new planet, the planet getting so close and fast to the sun that it was producing low level particle that Russia had no idea existed, it wouldn’t be years until they had realized what they had done. As the war tapered off, and the governments started to talk.


The United States Armed Forces head general, realized time and time again, that at certain points of the story, sometimes its better to say something else, focus on something else, then focus on what actually happened, just so we can all move on, because at the end of the day we all realize we don’t really want any of us gone, but to go from this point of poofyness. Could the United States ARMY beat the Russian Planet…. Yes. But a lot of the top generals, of every country agreed, that what country they would have spent these last decades in if they could be any top-secret group of any government, the top generals. It would be the Russian. Geniusly going the right direction before anyone else. Not ever realizing that the United States got massive amounts of static on their spying attempts… Because of a planet of potatoes.


Sitting on the United States atomic solar system structure, in 1960, as the Russian government finally releases the technology fully into their public branch. United States government employees turn to each other not believing what they read in their report of pictures. Literally thinking something had hacked everything in the government, they double checked pictures of planets of potatoes. Realizing the Russian government had progressed an alpha version that felt its way towards the sun. Like a built solar system machine.


It was weird, the lower levels thought, the head generals still cut off from them, the lower levels having no idea that the head general of the United States ARMY had connected with the Russian general because they were both on the same magnetic level. Talking, they both realized the general direction of the planet was the same. The head general always finding the potato funny. It always stopped him. He remembered long days and nights thinking about which direction they should go decades ago, and time and time the head generals would see those Russian potato planets and stop…


And as an old head general thought a long time ago:


G: So it’s the United States in with the win with the shit chain structure. Russia the all powerful potato planet, and Europe just straight burning people alive to increase and build magnetic energy.


The head general, looking around the room of other head generals of the world stared off into space, as he wondered what the point was. I smile while Europe burns more people day then I can save, and the Russian government tries to beat us with a potato, China is flooding us, making our head life code directors question the direction of having so few people and developing them more instead of more people.


Zoning out from time the head general of the United States stops.


G: I cant calculate…


He falls forward a little, contacting Ball Ball and the other alpha scientists, trying to calculate what he just thought, but each time failing to get an anwser that met what he calculated for.


The other head generals of every country watched as the head general of the United States went off in one of the most secure rooms in the entire world. Yelling.


G: I make the world go our direction. I am a dictator. But I sit and watch them burn people for fuel, and they give me honor. People salute me when I walk by. And I want to spit in their faces, rather being a dictator that saves those people then whoever it is that these other generals salute too.


G: We lost the war, by winning the war. Just so Russia can win with a potato. Just so China can flood all the work our life code directors can do like a damn falling.


The Russian general, coming out of the neural mists in his Halloween costume, Batman Moon moon hanging out with Alpha Potato Planet as they rotated around the generals head.


Russian General: No one shall beat the evil Russian head general whee babes! No one!


The United States head general fell to the ground, as he said:


G: I cant out calculate the potato…


The general grasped for breath as he calculated again and again:


G: Must maintain alpha for United States… Must be number one….


The United States ARMIES built Universe planet that used nuclear reactors that rotated in clusters built into the earth that created such strong magnetic fields that they moved around the entire planet. The nuclear reactors acting like the potatoes or Advent Guard. They started to realize boulders and other life would flow around their reactors, so they started to build them into the planet, directing several life code directors to the life swirling around the new life zone created. The life code directors, building the small galaxies, or solar systems around the reactors depending on how you looked at, tried out every combination to figure out the United States Reactor Universe Planet.


As the reactors grew more advanced so did their atomic networks that rotated boulders or different types of planets or formations around them. The life code directors trying out formations of all elements to see if new life would pop up. After countless tries the ARMY scientists finally discovered new life around the reactors, much like what was occurring in Russia. The reactors, sucking fuel from different elements, could funnel different levels of particle around them like galaxies, these tied into an atomic network, allowed the ARMY scientists to turn the reactors into galaxy machines, literally swirling solar systems and other galaxy formations around the Universe star center the reactor, with the planet having a main reactor in the center overlapping the core that controlled all migrating reactors.

United States Alpha Team slaves

1920: Center of United States, as the head general sits around thinking of new directions for the country to go in an office designed to look all around to prompt ideas from the mind by giving it different electron distances to observe.


The head general looks around as he makes his own coffee, and grabs lunch from a plate of food made by cook room in the city, everything automated because they had agreed food was the one thing they all need, so they calculated that amount, and make that amount each day.


The general, looking around, doesn’t see any slaves in the top-secret of the United States.


Trying really hard to find slaves, the general walks into the cook room seeing only automation, because food is what people need to live and survive, so to fuck with their food would make you a Nazi. Looking around, the general still yet to find a slave in the United States top-secret goes up to the scientist in the cook machines, doing research on finding them better food.


G: Hey! Do you see any slaves here?


The scientist, eating, with a big smile on his face as he tries different things. Looks around.


S: Slaves? What slaves.


G: I know. Right. They keep saying the country owns slaves. Its weird.


Taking the rest of the day off to solve this mystery, no one yelling at him, a giant smile on his face, the head general walks around the camp.


Going up to a group of scientists working on compression atomics, all different types they like. The general asks:


G: Do you see any slaves?


The scientists look around, perplexed.


Scientists: Slaves? No idea.


The scientist says as a coffee filled with energy flies up to himn him grabbing it as he continues on with his experiements.


Grabbing dinner in another sitting area that looked out over views to help the people in the center of the United States better come up with ideas.


The general sits down as he looks out, asking himself again:


G: What slaves….


G: Im going to get to the bottom of this! Damn it!


The general, getting up from his dinner as he puts his plates back onto the food system that can deliver food anywhere in the camp to the person. Everyone having to eat daily, otherwise your in a Nazi interment camp, food is delivered daily 3 times to people, because its what they need to survive.


The general, walking out the door, with a night time coffee in his hand to help him work extra hard, designed by his scientists to work at night. The general sips it as he pulls out his phone in 1920, as a car pulls up to him.


G: Slaves. I still don’t see them.


The general gets into the car, desguised as n old model T, it starts off into the United States.


G: Gah I need a vacation. This is hard work! Trying to figure out if the United States owns slaves or not.


The general, putting in a destination for a vacation spot he liked to go to help him think and figure things out when things got hard for him, the car driving up into the mountains at night, his favorite spot.


The general, getting to his favorite look out spot, looked out at the one light on in his country in the small town off in the distance. People in the town could barely eat, did not have anything like coffee or advanced coffee to give them energy to think, medications like the general to help him think, nor all the free time and money to think.


G: I just don’t see the slaves.


The general said as his pre-built in snack into his car pops out, his favorite, perfectly giving his body all the energy it needs between meals to think, move, and function.


The general looks down at the people starving in the small United States City as he chews on his perfectly designed food bar for himself as he says again:


G: Gah I just don’t see the slaves.


Driving to the air port, one of a only handful available in the world, the general readies a plane for a tropical vacation. Maybe some nice beeches will help him figure this out.


No one yelling at him, because his job was to discover if the United States owned slaves, and to fix it before it got out of control. The general sips on his drink as the plane takes off, putting a sleep mask over his eyes, as the stewerdest says:


S: Night general.


G: I still don’t see any slaves damn it.


He says as he drifts off to bed, cuddled in a nice warm blanket with just enough drink in his belly to help him relax.


The general, getting of the plane to Peurto Rico, shook the hand of the head of the Top-secret government, as he said what he was doing here as he looked around:


G: I am wasting as much United States money as I can to see if our country owns slaves.


The general said clicking his fingers as people grabbed his bags and came to his side to carry them.


G: Still havent found them. But damn it this general is going to spend money until we figure out this slave problem. 3


The general, getting a small scratch on his hand as he walked near a tree, instantly had a United States high level doctor run over to him. The camera pulling back slightly, watched as several native Peurto Rican people hunted in the background for food, covered in cuts from around the forest bleeding all over the trees.


As the doctor put a band aid on the generals finger, the general looked around again, asking himself:


G: I still don’t think we own slaves. Just don’t see it.


The general said as he walked forward into the airport.




G: As head general its my job to burn money to discover if this country owns slaves.


The general said spitting on the idiot government employees that had wasted hundreds of millions these last years to do research on slavery in this country for the president.


G: Its like a slave master, so far gone from reality, actually going around our country and trying to discover if we own slaves. While looking them in the face and saying it out loud. The President literally hired people with 100k salaries to go around our country and ask people if they felt they were slaves in different ways, to discover if this country owns slaves. I repeat. The president is so far gone from reality, that he paid numerous people 100k plus to travel the country and discover if we owned slaves.


G: What the head genearl of the United States Armed Forces saw, was a bunch of idiots travelling our country doing pretty much what I just wrote. Being a slave master, playing with slaves, while being so far gone from reality that you don’t notice the slaves right in front of your face, because you A SLAVE MASTER IF YOU DON’T NOTICE. YOU A SLAVE MASTER IF YOU DON’T NOTICE THESE SLAVES. We automated coffee decades ago in top-secret because it was like human fuel. This is one of the businesses we update first. Starbucks. Its like a gas station for humans. You all just havent made it past base coffee. Its useless.

Universe Writer Advent Guard

1920: Turning his atomic structure into images of the Universe down the atomic scale in his writing body, the head general inadvertently makes the first Universe body.




1970: Designed to write different Universes, the generals body comes online finally in 1970 as the machine of the Universe comes online in his atom. His scientists, finally able to use the image of the Universe as a working machine, turn the false fascade of the generals writing body into the first Universe machine body.


As the head general floats out into space, the elite killing body in front of him of the Armed forces.


The general flexes his hands. Liking the way that his world and country are going finally.


The elite kill body, designed by his evil death soldiers, locked away in simulation cages, their minds could not escape into this world or the most massive of wolves would come after them right away.


The body, designed by the most evil life code the United States has, to win wars. Yelled at his face, screaming in bloody rage, as around it the Universe shook.


Activating all galaxies and solar systems in his body. Every single one of them a built image of Earth and the United States. The general building what the United States owned over and over again, calculating towards it, because it was the only thing they had.


As the solar systems of Earth swirled in his body, activating the Universe itself in his atoms. He started to pull in low level magnetic particles that pulled him towards the Universe star.


Smiling, the general reached out his hand, letting go a stream of energy at the infinite evil armed forces life code body in front of him, the body falling apart as the energy plowed through it.


Holding out his hand, he couldn’t help but smile as the United States writing body became the strongest of all.


The armed forces had created image universe bodies, but this one had a built solar system for each atomic structure. Earth. Next to it was the United States structures, built into the atom. So the general could play over and over again in reality anything he thought of. His very body a calculator, calculating the Universe itself.

Start to the end

As the head general drifts down to the United States, wearing his writing body that has everything the United States has built inside of it over and over. Inside his body, each cluster of atom played Earths solar system over and over again. Calculating each scenario that the general could think of.


Rewinding and faster warding, the general played our realities out over and over again. After winning the game as only a general could, he starts to realize that there has to be a solution where they all win. Playing them all from the start to finish, every citizen in the United States, in their own atom cluster, the general plays their history, and into the future, calculating every possibility for his people. He doesn’t win the game of slave, the general wins the game for them all. Its not Bill Gates winning over and over again, with the slave having an end victory far below. The general played out a solution to win for all his people, over and over again, calculating forward.


Until one day a solution popped into his mind. Every Universe in his atoms was based on reality, but the general realized that he had not birthed anyone inside the universe in his own atoms.


Deep within the general, he activated, like he always did, Advent Guard. Inside the head general a small library ship appeared, with a small version of him.


Smiling, having had enough made after him, named after him, created for him, the general waved his hands as the image of himself changed to Robert Mitchell Livingston.


The little library ship, rotating around the heart of the general in his main solar system. The solar system the general built for himself.


Advent Guard floated his little library ship over to his heart looking down at the Earth the general had built for himself.


On the planet below all the people flourished. There was no president, no head general, no slave masters. Each human on the planet had their own home, and grew from there. The planet was so built… Had so much detail. That little Advent Guard tried to reach out and touch it, the little pieces moving below on Earth built by the head general.


Looking up at the head general Advent guard said:


A: You don’t share any of this with them…


Reaching down into his heart, at the Earth the general had built for centuries, but did not have the heart to force on the people on the planet.


G: I don’t puppet god.


The general said, appearing next to Advent Guard as they looked down on the Earth the general built these last centuries.


The head general had actually built a free, just, home. Below all people grew, and none were lollipops to be sucked by the rich.




The Head general of the armed forces, continuing his deep research into if the United States owned slaves so he could then counter it, keeping the slaves in their place. But the United States did not own slaves, as they all said, so the deep research continued, because if they did the head general would have to counter it. But no way did they own slaves, so the research continued.


Popping the latest brain fuel medication as the general set back to work to discovering if they owned slaves for the other heads of the United States, nothing would get in his way at this as he got out of his car at the latest car factory to discuss to all the free people how slavery was over.


Stopping a factory worker as the general sipped on his latest brain fuel drink the Pentagon and other agencies had made up using funds from the public so they could better counter other countries, and progress United States life code. The general, always going with what his secretary drank lately, because he was used to putting off parts of his life code to others so he could focus on other aspects, drank his currently festival drink, as low level particle engineer physics kicked in, his mind leaping past everyone around him as he stopped a worker asking:


G: We don’t own slaves right?


The general, leading this research head on for decades now, asked as the worker, having had almost no life now for going on his 46th year, stopped, worried that he would fall behind on the line, as the general sipped his, I think it was pumpkin spice buddy, loved that one too. The scientists having progressed only so many flavors down the particle tree, his secretary loved any flavor, and the general stuck with it, focusing on the United States life code.


The free person, taking time off to talk to the general about the obviously more important question about how they lived in a free country where there people could enjoy life.


The person, having taken several minutes off now had falling so far behind he had slowed down the line, the general taking another sip.


G: I know, I don’t see it either.


The general said as he walked away, his coffee used compression atomics, lasting him all day as a fuel source. The atoms in it where so strong that the coffee, filled with energy and different atomic structures that mimicked different medications, that boosted intellect all day. The generals mind filled with ideas, got back in his car as he cruised along the roads, empty in mid day as the free people went about filling their lifes with happiness and progress.


The general, his mind dreaming up all the new directions the United States would go the next coming decades, wonder again out loud at what his intelligence people were hearing amongst their people that they were slaves.


G; I just don’t see it. Look at this place, we just need to finish building it.


The general said, as he sipped his festive coffee energy drink made by the government, filled with everything his mind needed all day on his travels.




The head general, again hard at work to figure out if his country owned slaves, set out with the latest body given to him by the United States, obviously completely earned by his hard work. The generals atomics swirled with mimics of galaxies and solar systems, that overlapped into Universe clusters, that all powered his mind.


As he talked to another free person of his country, amongst the streets of New York, stopping them, because anyone in this free of a country could stop and talk to the head general at any time, because where so free here, its all about having a better life.


The general, having finished his breakfast, having had hours to think about any direction of which his mind could go, as his morning brain fuel medications kicked in ontop of his built atomic structure body, tipping generously in his free country, the general set out to discover if they owned slaves as he said good bye to the free person behind the counter manning the breakfast place.


The generals mind, filled with ideas, as each solar system revved to full with brain fuel, he got new ideas each day, setting forth to spread them across his completely free country, in which no way owned slaves ever sense the matter was settled, as the general puts it:


G: Slavery was settled… Like what… Decades ago right?


The general, hard at work, because if his people were slaves then they need freed damn it. History showed slavery led to diss-rest in the populace and then the slaves get mad and stuff happens. SO as the head general I need to counter this before it happens.


1990: The general, having spent decades now building the latest government based life code writer Universe body, which because he was the head general had actual solar systems, galaxies, and universes, which could be turned into atomic machines, which could power even more powerful calculations. The general, still hard at work at discovering, as he was just as appalled at hearing, that they owned slaves, so he had to see it for his own eyes.


But still not seeing any slaves, just free United States citizens, the head general set out across the United States. Sipping after his latest atomic built breakfast from the government to do research into the latest United Life Code, for the protection of all their people. The general ate that breakfast, his favorite secretary sitting opposite him, as his medications from the morning to power his mind to think in ways only he was allowed to think in, along with other top scientists, that totally had to think and have those brain fuels every day, for the protection of the country.


The general, sipping his morning endless coffee filled with as much brain fuel as a small sun now, set out to see if his country owned slaves.


G: Damn it!


He yelled.


G: I just don’t see it!


He looked out over Chicago from an office tower as the suburbs in front of him grew. He looked at the list of current deaths in the city.


G: Only a thousand total a month?


He grabbed an advanced atomic engineered food off the table from the top scientists of the United States Armed Forces, chewing, the general washed it down with his latest atomic engineered coffee.


G: I keep hearing that we own slaves…


The general asked the other leaders of Chicago, all top scientists. All of them said things like they were going as fast as they could. Saying things like they couldn’t go faster.


The head general wondered out loud as he washed down what he counted was over the millionth advanced coffee. Always the latest.


He stopped.


G: No. 1920. I got it. Ok we cant tell them.


The general spat the coffee, costing more for his one drink then all of what Starbucks served all day because the enginering behind it.


G: 1950. Ok. It got better. We changes and stuck with them. We got as many better as we could.


But as the coffee, designed for his body cascaded down his atomics, speeding up everything magnetically, along with medications, his mind flourished with so many ideas, for almost a century now.


G: Its been a century now I have had this every day to think about the progress of the United States and its future. Always having time to think and build myself along with it. Because our realities are entwined with ourselves.


G: At a certain point that you all do not have it at all, for any amount of more time, means I have again failed my country.




The head general, his body now tied into the United States atomic solar system structures that mimicked Universe machines, stacking them like gears, his body literally a gear level in the machine of the United States.


As the United States calculators shifted down to the head general as he got out of his car, still hard at work to discover if the country owned slaves, the wars at top-secret gone, he stayed out of the low level affairs unless they got advanced technology. The head general sipped his brand new United states made, most advanced atomic engineered fuel coffee drink, his mind stacking with medications designed just for his body and mind, the coffee fuel made his mind perfectly focused as he stepped out in down Los Angeles California, trying to discover if they owned slaves now for almost a century, the general was smart enough to know if they owned slaves and stop it.


The general, heading to a top secret restaurant in down town Los Angeles that sold upgraded government level food, the general settled down, hard at work for the United States for decades now, as he ordered his favorite augmented food, as he looked out of an atomic engineered building that rotated around the down town the city, popping from building to building, to give a new vantage point every few minutes like a roving clock around the city, your mind quickly finding the pace and settling in as the brain fuel helps you grasp the entire area easily with your mind to allow you to better life code direct the completely free people below.


G: I just don’t see it.


The general said, breathing a heavy gasp of air out, all augmented on the atomic level to boost his body and mind even further. The universes in his body calculating forward, all for the United States.


Grabbing his augmented coffee, the head general of the armed forces set out again into his country to counter these rumors that they owned slaves for what felt like a century now. But again his observations came up with only free and prosperous people that worked endlessly hard.


The head general, having worked endlessly hard, instantly out calculated everyone in the United States with his head general Universe body, as he moved forward again, not seeing any slaves so moving forward accordingly. All free and prosperous people, and in no way slaves.




The head general, throwing his augmented coffee in the faces of the other directors in the Pentagon, said:


G: This is going on a century now… Its not national defense. Its for our protection. We own slaves. Cover it up. Do whatever the fuck you want. But this has been going on for a century or more here, it doesn’t just go the fuck away.


The head general, most of his people on alpha team currently ghosting around the United States, giving the whee babes time to develop the country, most of alpha team already having advanced everything on the United states top-secret worlds. The wars over, most of them where back in the country waiting for things to resolve themselves. It not being war time, none of them could just attack their way to victory, they all had to figure it out to progress. Alpha team, re-enginering their war bodies for calculation, realized the head general had laughing manned by creating what was in the end the strongest body, endless Universe.


Calculating the United States over and over again, the head general realized he was the only one…


G: Advent Guard planet.


The general said as he showed Advent Guard his personal Built Earth.

Advent Guard Earth

Having know the future of Earth for decades, the head general had thought forward as only one that knew all could. Forward as far as he could, then back, over and over again, on a planet that rotated around his heart like a Universe star. The planet was his furthest progressed, most advanced. Tied into all living life he could, it calculated forward, then corrected for reality, then went forward again, for decades to calculate who everyone was. Finally having a picture of everyone, the generals planet calculated forward.


G: Knowing all technology that humanity knows, my planet has calculated forward everyone it knows is alive, over and over again… For decades.


Atomic physicists turned everything they could into calculating Universes using the atomic structure of atoms to calculate reality in understandable ways. Every ones mind calculating reality forward that stacked with the United States.


Knowing this and other technologies as fact the general moved the entire country and planet forward over and over again. In victory directions. It was his calculator, constantly improved by reality with United States government satellites, that corrected his reality simulator every second of every day as people moved around Earth. His predictions either coming true, or false, if either, the system recalculated to update its predictions of them all into the future to insure peace.


Having cut himself off from the rest of the Armed forces, the old general, arms hanging low, having to have used one of the most upgraded bodies he could, he took Advent Guard planet, protecting it as the government moved into to take all United States heirlooms from the old generals in charge, none of them gods, and all of it owned by the people.


Advent Guard floated outside his library ship. The old general floating in front of him with his personal calculation solar system below, the universe itself around him.


He breathed hard the entire universe being crushed by the Armed Forces, the general having to force escape to save his personal Universe.


The general, a man who had held the front lines of the United States for as long as he could remember, floated above his personal calculator of Earth along with Advent Guard. Having given Robert Mitchell Livingston the Head generals writer body before the other upper level government realized what the most powerful body was. The upper government going after the war machines and turning them into calculators, they had completely ignored the writing bodies of the Armed Forces as their power output was to weak.


The head general, immediately ordering all of alpha team calculating as far as they could for their people before the rest of the upper level realized that converting high power out put war machines into calculators produced whimp calculators. You had to design them to calculate reality itself… Because its all we have.


Floating over to his personal planet hooked to the rest of Earth like a level of a gear, the United States top scientists floating outside the atom of Advent Guards heart, slammed the Armed forces castle crackers around the head generals heart.


Not needing to pilot the body because Robert was driving, the head general focused on protecting something he could not loose.


Body limp from the top scientists literally crushing his atoms to suck all the energy from him they could to level the playing field for the United States, the head general not needing it any longer.


Ejecting the body, his personal brain popping out of the body as another head general body flies up from the planet below.


Below, the general played the future of Earth. Every file he had ever saved calculating forward together.


His personal version of Ball Ball played, the planet producing so much power, the United States government pounded on the out side, wanting the solar system and body for power out put for the United States. The general having used it these last years to write the story of Earth, so he always knew and could counter anyone or anything on the planet. Having know what power he held a long time ago, the general watched his last war body float to Earth, burning up in the atmosphere. As he turned around with what was considered his most powerful body, the center cog body of the United States Head Generals writing body. Floating next to Advent Guard as the planet played below, its reality going through the shield, the top scientists watching it over and over again.


The United States Sun cannon appeared, a complete built representation for this level of defense.  The head general, having the entire United States Armed Forces on file floated forward.


G: I progressed Universe defense systems a long time ago. We have plenty of time…


The general said, the sun cannon funneling as much power from the real full size version as it could. Trying to break the head generals defenses so the United States could have what he had created all these years, and move the country forward.


The upper level government, taking government heirlooms like candy to give to rich children… The head general watched, as the new upper parts of the United States government raided their vaults like villain’s. As a knock came on the old generals neural network. An order to give away his Head general writing body. The head general instantly calculated who would get the body next… Agreeing with them, but disagreeing with the choice the government wanted to give the body he had put so much work into these last decades, to the first rich child that could write, that the new upper government liked slightly more then the others….


Well the old general simply did not respond. Flying out of the Pentagon as he ignored an order from the upper levels of the United States government. All new children taking up positions around a government he had been in for a century now, the general watched through the upper level armed forces Satellites as the new upper government acted like Nazis.


Flying into Advent Guard and parking his head general writing body in his atom. The head general watched from inside as the low levels of the United States government tried to kill Robert Livingston over and over again to steal it. Using everything against him, the general sat back as alpha team of the United States Armed Forces surrounded the upper levels of the United States government. As the old generals started to show themselves around the country to the lower levels…. Old generals that saw any United States citizen as their kids. Old generals that had just been through so much, to finally have these upper level wars over, to move forward in any direction other then progressing our life code forward….


Alpha team, floating up beside the top scientists trying to get into the head generals heart. Watched as the top scientists made up anything they could to steal United States Heirlooms and use them.


As the ships that alpha team personally built slammed into the generals heart, alpha team, devoting all resource to getting all their whee babes going, watched as rich children slammed into the generals heart to steal as much as they could from him.


Inside, Advent Guard floated next to the head general, as he showed him the world he had built.


Alpha Team: Aint no armed forces here.


Alpha team whistled over their neural network together, as they watched amongst the top scientists, who used built up United States technology to do nothing but play with United States people. Alpha team watching as the presidents, and upper level governments people slammed into his heart with the ships they had built. The new upper parts of the government having no idea how to properly use them, the head general easily withstood.


While Alpha team progressed alpha devices for the United States, so they always had the best. The lower level had figured out, raiding the United States like a piggy bank, alpha team watched as the objects they had spent these last decades build get into the hands of rich children. Alpha team watched, as again and again, lower level government discovered how much built up technology was in the United States, taking things from their vaults across the country.


Low level government: I deserve this…


They would say, grabbing an alpha device a hundred years old to calculate something that alpha team already knew. Over and over again.


Pull Alpha device after Alpha device off the shelf, alpha team said over and over again as the new rich children of the government raided the vaults.


Alpha Team: Aint no armed forces here.


Alpha team, hiding their bodies atoms inside their people, taking up office from inside them, watched as the rich children of the lower parts of the United States government raided the vaults.


Alpha team, whistling their tune, moved forward with their generals orders.


G: Save reality.


His team moved out, protecting reality itself as the lower parts of the government discovered how advanced the United States was and instantly tried to puppet their people. Massive United States wolves popped up out of the neural network, devouring high level directors who did not realize that there was a higher level of government there watching.


The upper level of the lower level of the United States government, kept calculating forward their reality, and only their reality, building just it. Around the country, new rich children joining the United States government made their way into the United States government just to use their calculation to calculate the world of the rich god forward. Alpha team, slowly pulling support from them, as they needed something to do, whisteled their tune:


Alpha Team: Aint no armed forces here.


As they watched again and again as the lower level abused the new neural network to play with their people. The Armed Forces neural network picking it up right away.


Alpha Team: Aint no way to use the neural network other then the way they are. Alpha team no think of a better way to use an atomic network to progress our people other then turning them into puppets. Nope.


Alpha team said, as they watched the lower levels poke through all their people minds, instantly spending countless United States government resource to calculate their realities forward while not progressing the reality of any of the people of the United States forward at all.


Alpha team, flooding into the minds of the United States people, using their own alpha government team bodies to calculate for them, so that their voice war heard in the upper levels for this. Alpha team thought for the people as they took up offices in people all around the United States. Whistling as they all said:


Alpha Team: Aint no Armed Forces here. Aint no one protect our people. Nope.


They said as they watched the lower levels go through their peoples minds. As low level Ivy league children started to go the route of Nazis, holding the positions of Judges and head directors, massive United States wolves moved, like a massive shark or behemoth showing itself as it pulled reality aside, showing how the Nazis had happened, upper level government agents watched as the low levels made the same mistakes. This time… However, instead of their people just becoming dolls, or their people becoming endless slaves of varying kinds like they did in Germany so many years ago.


As the low levels of Washington DC gave order after order to use the atomic network on their people, massive government beasts moved in the realities around Washington DC.


As a group of senators gave the first order to use neural technology to fully puppet god a citizen to get a certain out come in reality, around the reality of Washington DC, a massive titan unlocked from the corner wedge of reality, pulling itself inward.  The titan, a high level United States government official that had been around for these last centuries, pulled himself through the lower levels atomic network into the senators office, as the upper level agent walked into their simulation.


As alpha team watched an entire office of people working under the United States government give a direct puppet god order on a United States citizen, an entire alpha team of the United States Armed Forces, using their latest network surrounded the entire case as they whistled again:


Alpha Team: Aint no Armed Forces here. Aint no one protects our people.


As the low level used neural technology to puppet god a United States citizen, the upper levels moved.


Alpha Team: Aint no Nazi empire happen on this planet. Nope.


Alpha team said, as the watched very closely, remembering the exact directions that had led to the Nazi empire, old generals tilted their heads as certain low level government officials went a direction with technology, that made a group of old generals stop.


As the head generals pulled Advent Guard into their main simulation. A tundra storm swarmed around them, the head pack pushing forward through the storm, the entire United States moved forward, to the destination of the old generals, who pushed forward to their destination.


Protected in the center of the lead pack, little Advent Guards wolf poof blew in the wind as the old generals looked at him.


The old wolf, holding the simulation together now for decades… The head general a master life code director, he directed the head generals of the Armed Forces. Pulling Robert into his main simulation to drive his generals, to make them understand. The little Advent Guard poof moved forward into the snow with the generals, looking back at the pack, the generals kept stopping, looking forward towards something way ahead of them all.


The head general, pulling them all forward in a pack, kept going, un able to see clearly into their future, he knew the direction.

Advent Guard Universe

As the head general floated outside Advent Guards heart with Robert inside his body, the lights flickered, as they watched all the universes turn off inside the body as the armed forces took up positions around in each solar system, built by the head general, each united states citizen had their own built into his Universe writing body. Calculating endlessly.


The armed forces generals moved in under orders from the true upper levels, taking all built up United States resource, so they could make the next step forward. As the sun cannon fired again on the Head generals heart, compressing it to the point of shattering. The head general floated out looking at the other head generals in the eyes as he touched the outer shield within his writing body. One by one the head generals had been taken down.


Their writing bodies considered gods, dismantled piece by piece and their built up calculations used where they could be.


The old head generals and scientists floated outside the solar system of the Head general. He had known all life code first for decades, for centuries. His ideas where so far ahead, so built, that the world below the generals saw was nothing like anything they had seen. Just seeing it puppeted them, all of them instantly following his direction again.


The sun cannon, recalculating, sent another stream into the head generals heart as the shield cracked around his heart. The Universes off around his body, the body began to fail.


As the old general saw what the lower levels did, wasting millions to not help, just so they could sit around with their massive government pay checks, the old general looked down. Literally, after everything, they still picked on mental kids while getting government pay checks.


G: Nazis.


The general said as government agents steered the story using push back feedback from monitoring electron feeds into eyes.


G: They are fucking Nazis. They literally waste government funds to pick on, bully, and then kill our people. While using the latest in technology the government has. Nazis.


From down below, on Earth, to every countries fully built and assembled atomic solar system structures, fully formed into Earth 2, now going as fast and close to the Universe star, his heart, as it could go, all of the beings stopped, slowly drifting up as they stopped their calculations forward. They were just built atomic springs. Using all the information the general knew about his people, they all flew up to Advent Guard and him as their shield flickered back to life. The Universes in Advent Guard body turning back on, as each persons fully built universe flickered to life. Each one, the one where they became alpha. With the center being the one where they were all equal, just poofing around on one planet, the one the head general held closest to himself and he would not give it away to the United States. It wasn’t his.


Each held all information for every poof on the planet, the planet filled below with their houses, each of them flourishing forward on a fully built sun Earth.


G: See. I gave it to Advent Guard before you idiots to give it to the first alpha child that would follow any older you wanted as Advent Guard. We are not going anywhere, and this country is only going forward. I choose you. Which means all of them choose you too, otherwise it just wouldn’t turn on.


The system, revving up, started to suck the top scientists out of the body, stopping their attack from within, as all systems of Advent Guard turned on for Robert Livingston.


G: It measures push back of all Atomic structures in our bodies and saves the files. Using this to predict everyone into the future. In the next coming decades we can unlock it and use to speed us all up. But for now…


The body shutting down again, as the top scientists floated their sun cannon back into position for a full barrage, as the head war life code directors showed up.


Without the Universe body online, the head general could only do so much on micro level. But he had not lost a fight, battle, or war for this country his entire life and he did not plan to any time soon, he thought, as Advent Guard structure turned online from within his Universe writing body that he given to Robert while he dealt with what was going on in the country from within.


As Ball Ball flickered to life through the other head war life code directors connections, the head general of the United States floated over to him with the rest of everyone on the planets push back calculating with him. He simply just sat floated there and listened to them all along with Ball Ball.


G: It is not some secret Illuminati. It is all of you.


The general laughed as he listened into Advent Guard, yelling at the other head generals, Ball Ball calculating for him and dominating, it not being a matter of rank when it came to this, the weirdest people rising up around the world like blips, then fading back down. The head generals already having being calculated for floated silently, along with the mass, that slowly roiled back and forth talking as they calculated different things, this pulling in more resource as they all rotated in a universe shape around Ball Ball.


Cortona: Advent Guard structure fully online and holding.


She said, floating along with Advent Guard, and now the other head generals.


The head generals Universe calculated forward as if they all knew all classified information. Knowing everything, almost everyone calculated in the same direction…


As the war head life code directors turned on reactors that burnt the highest level of elements the United States could produce every second, constructs whose very magnetic field tore through space, they where not meant to stop… Until they turned off.


Slamming into the head generals heart, the war constructs revved up fuel from the United States reserves at the orders from the head generals.


The other head generals, having all given up fully their own writing bodies to the United States, floated outside the head generals heart. They didn’t care if Robert kept it, they could their research anyways. They just wanted what was in his heart.


The sun cannon, linked directly to the United States atomic solar system structure, should have been able to breach a single mans heart shield. But floating at the outer edge, the head general held, a single man against the entire atomic structure, and he did not plan on loosing.


The war machines, digging into the sun cannons holes, tore into Advent Guard Universe as the people of Earth, not just some group of rich fucks talking about the future of everyone without almost anyone else being in on the conversation, yelled fire, as their Advent Guard atomic solar system structure aligned, calculating, their United States eagle tore into the War machines.


Ripping the firsts head off, as the eagles face melted away from the creatures fists that held its mouth open. The eagle bit through, reshaping itself as it flew on, the sun cannon behind it firing again as the people of Earth, rotating around their atomic solar system structure at only the level that could fit in around a humans heart, hit back against the entire United States solar system structure, and pushed back.


G: SO big, everyone sees.


The head general said, talking about the United States atomic solar system structure, even top-secret.


G: But at this level, I had enough time to stop and just ask you all what you wanted to do.


And as the planet Earth rotated around the fully built, nothing left out atomic solar system structure, calculating at the fullest power that man had ever created, and as the eagle tore out of the hole, reshaping it, as it pushed off the heart shield, a shockwave rocking out as the United States fired their sun cannon through the atomic gear system, down and down the power funneled, as all the energy rocketed out a sun cannon that could fit around his heart, the Eagle, screeching, hit the kinetic round dead on, as its talons dug into the sun cannons shield, its beak coming down as power surged into it, the head generals below firing up at it.


G: And do you know what they all they said?


The main line, splitting, again took the shape of each country, as they now bore down on the United States upper government trying to tear into the generals heart. Blocking enough of the United States atomic network to turn the body on fully, the general full revved the body spitting out the other head generals. As the planet Earth spread out to their own Universes around the body of Advent Guard.


G: You all just did not understand what calculators are.


As they reached their own Universes, linking with their bodies, wherever they where, becoming apart of anyone that was from Earth.


G: Nor did any of you even realize the only thing worth calculating.


The general said as the universe body turned on fully, his heart online. As the united States Ball Ball Structure took up position in the center of the room with Advent Guard.


As the Head General of the United States built in all life code to one single body, then used the atomic spring of all his people to calculate forward, each with their own universe in a single Advent Guard body. The general, now floating near alpha star in Advent Guards mind, as the whole system turned back online, watched as the other head generals, having given away their writing bodies, assembled another cannon in the center of the room with the help of the other countries top scientists.


G: You know the problem I have with your side…


The head general said as the every citizen of Earth calculated in his universe body, the system producing so much power that it fully countered the United States main atomic grid, pushing all the way back to main Ball Ball and Dot.


G: Is I have seen the same fucking people standing there…


He said looking at all those top scientists of every country.


G: These last fucking years. All of you. Saying, next year, next decade we will release this technology. They arent ready you keep saying. They cant take it you keep saying.


The head general, head down as he paces, tearing his own hair out, continues.


G: What.


He looks at the top scientists of the world.


G: They arent even FUCKING THERE.


He yells.




G: Life gods.


As the entire body of the head director of Advent Guard turned fully online, producing more power then the entire United States atomic solar system structure, alpha team having slowed and then shrank all alpha heirlooms.


As alpha team popped up around the world, their structures turning on, Advent Guard just being the A, with the head general, sipping dat coffee like he loves all these years.


Having fully control of the United States atomic network these last years, Alpha team worked towards the only thing they could all agree on, building their country and its people. Most of them realizing after a while that the only real thing their country had was their people, and the more they put behind them, the more they worth. Alpha team focusing on this concept, as they started to build their peoples atomics, diving into people around the country, as the head general began Advent Guard Protocol.


His was the only body that held an entire built Universe body, the others held Universe bodies that they could endlessly build. However the head general had already built one. Like someone who had filled in the coloring book already, and he didn’t want to give it up. Tied to everyone to ever live while any part of the system he had was active, their Universe flickered to life using all Life Code the Head general used, calculating forward then back, over and over again, having done this for the longest and with the most complete file, the head generals body held against the other head generals which aligned another sun cannon in the center of the room to fire at Advent Guard, a giant eagle lashing from the center of his atoms, as it stormed out from the center Heart Universe, pushing past the kinetic round, it dove into the human level Ball Ball.


G: I Know what all you head generals want our Universe to be.


He continued, as the eagle tore into Ball Ball, spitting out a huge chunk of his head, as human level Ball Ball became unstable, falling apart, the eagle screeched, as it flew over to the desk, settling down, as Advent Guard connection Ball Ball floated out of Advent Guards atoms to human level, creating a shield around the area.


G: But they barely have any calculation behind what they think our Universe should be.


Advent Guard planets, reactors planets, every planet ever saved in the generals life code floated out, any being of Earth able to use the ideas to calculate forward. Their Universes flourished inside Advent Guard, as the spring calculated forward for everyone on Earth for what they would think the Universe should be if they could be in on the conversation.


The general, pulling everyone into a single Universe, had stopped time itself, by using the feedback from the atoms of living beings, to calculate over and over again who they were, to produce a single machine that could predict them into the future as if they knew all top-secret knowledge.


G: And its weird.


The general said, easily turning the tables on the entire lower parts of the government currently in charge of entire atomic solar system structures.


G: I put everything I personally had behind them.


Ideas from everyone showed themselves inside Advent Guard Universe, each cluster of atoms forming a universe that the person could build. Calculating in reality. With the center being the one where they all calculate forward together.


G: You may have all this old generals ideas to build our country, whee babes. But this general always wins.


Using every atomic built universe structure in the country that alpha team had built these last decades, all to compress one point, alpha star flared to life insides Advent Guards mind.


With Universe bodies being the bodies of most compression, it always held alpha, the lower levels of the government had thought alpha would be in a war body, a war planet, but the general always held it inside his writing body.


Having only just learned this, the lower level had not shifted the atomic solar system structure in time to funnel enough time to take down Advent Guard. As the head generals remade their plans, the head general took position around alpha with the other head male directors, his wife over in omega, her main body in the female version of Advent Guard that had main line Dot star.


As alpha team re-aligned the atomic structure of all living beings to Universe being, creating at the center of their brains and heart the three points of most compression, all aligning, to compress again at the center of Advent Guard, that held alpha.


As the United Earth aligned itself above Earth for a direct attack using the full atomic solar system structure of United Earth, the people of Earth, again as the general would put it:


G: Its like they arent even in the story… Its like all these last decades its just been you top- scientists and generals like gods.


As a structure that had never been imagined started to construct itself in the center of the room Advent Guard was in, using the spring back of all life on Earth to calculate, if they knew all classified information, and then what direction if given time to relax and think about it, would they go, all of those people building together, the head general using everything his old body had built up to power it.


The universes had the generals personal bank, creating such dense stars, that each human on Earth, and even other beings could have their own universe, all built into one body. SO they could always step back in reality, to the edge, and think, flying to the center, to think more together.


The general knew that separately, they would all endlessly build a Universe together that dissolved, finding problems over and over again as it calculated. But if the head general could get everyone together to talk about the direction of their Universe, then he could make more progress in a single day then all other leaders.


Having taken alpha at the start, and having gone fully into life code directing instead of war directing these last decades, the old general had built a writing body universe so far different then other scientists that they simply were not calculating what the old general had built.


Tapped into the Earths center resurrections spring, because the head general had been on and headed that team, his body was a gear of the spring, saving the same file over, like a down shift, his body just playing the same thing over in a different way, like another gear. However he had alpha for so long that his alpha team had created the spring back a long time ago, because:


G: The only thing we have to calculate is this… Is us. Is this.


SO, figuring that out as soon as possible, the general had taken the lead to insure the safety of his people. Figuring out the best way to calculate, and winning the game for his people.


G: I ask again and again. And all I hear is no.


As United Earth fired their sun cannon down on Advent Guard and the old general.


In Advent Guards mind what they all said no to was the Universe the rich government people had built and were currently taking them all towards without asking them what universe they all wanted to live in.


G; No, no, no, no…


The general said tearing at his hair, as the riches universe progressed forward as if their people where just slaves to not even have a word in the direction of their own Universe, the general screamed:


G: NO! Fire Advent Guard Cannon!


As the people of Earth rotated around the new star they had created in the center of the room using their new universe atomic bodies, they had created a structure with their minds, funneling into calculators that created new lands around the star for them to calculate with.


The people of Earth, calculating forward, shot out a shield round upward, hitting Advent Guard shield it enlarged, then hitting the United States Atomic network it grew again, until it hit the Earths atomic network, as United Earths kinetic round ripped into the shield, stopping, as the massive eagle clawed at the shield, like iron.


The head general, floating out of Advent Guard with the rest of Earth, looked up.


G: All of the real rich douche bags are trapped in space.


He said, looking up to the United States atomic solar system structure. Everyone aboard filled with so much energy compared to the people of Earth it was like comparing humans to gods.


G: The planet is yours.


The old general said as he strengthened the atomic network of the United States for the whee babes of the government, and against the upper levels, cutting off huge portions of the upper parts of the government.


As voices inside the minds of the whee babes around the country settled, the general said:


G: They learned the future of Earth was so important, so they found the loop hole to not puppet you all by directing your lifes as if they were your best friend, knowing what was best as if you knew, but never actually asking you.


The general, looking at what Alpha team had created for the whee poofs of the country and the planet, watched as the upper levels voices stopped flooding in from their atomic solar system structures, people that had given up and left the planet, yet felt like they could puppet its people like gods from above.


As the shield flickered to life around Earth, the head general let the system endlessly calculate the Universe forward with the opinion of all. New ideas pouring into his mind, as the point was figuring out new parts of the hole, not repeating, and all people in the system able to stop and think about things like the head general could, his writing body had made so much progress as the writing body became a fully functional Universe atomic machine body, and the top scientists realizing it was the most powerful if built properly, the head general had switched all alpha resource this direction the earliest, making the most powerful writing body, and therefore the most powerful Universe machine body once the atomics reached that point.


Not allowing the upper levels to puppet the lower levels of each government, the head general smiled, as one of what he hoped his life none life code war was over. None progressing the United States life code forward war, the last one… He hoped. As the shield held against the Entire United Earth the old general had helped build, being one of the lead directors of everything for it through out the years. The other old generals floated outside the shield trying to counter the head general of the united States. But none could.


G: I asked them all. And that’s all it took to beat all of you old fools. So…


The old general said, as he paced around his new star, an aspect of all beings of Earth rotating around it and calculating together using the feedback from the Earths resurrection spring. Everything they built was something that could be built in reality, they were endlessly trying new possibilities as if they new all classified information the old head general knew.


G: A day…


He said as he watched the small springs build the new star in the center of the room that powered a shield that protected the whee poofs from the older upper levels.


G: It took asking them their opinion, a single day to find a solution to out power you all.


The head general said as every top scientists of the upper parts of the governments freaked out, re-configuring their entire country atomic solar system structure around their main sun to take back control of Earth, every president and head general of the poof ball level scratching their heads as the upper levels freak out, trying to take back neural control of their people.


G: Are they just dolls to you all…


The old head general said, as voices in the minds of every presidents country settled down. Voices that they thought where just their thoughts, but had been the upper levels of their governments, leading as if the president was just a doll to puppet around.


The scientists, all of them having springs that floated around Advent Guard star, fully putting all calculation behind it, as their real life versions, not knowing all information the head general knew, fought as hard as they could to take control of Earth back.


G: We need what… Another decade of slavery. Another decade of them not even knowing basic atomics.


As the top scientists drained all the energy they could to break the shield of Earth so they could better mind control their own whee babes, the head general of the United States, shield holding, held his ground with the leaders of each country on Earth, as voices in all their minds settled down.


G: The war might be over…


The general said, stopping his pacing.


G: But that does not mean you can just make all our people dolls while you all ascend to god hood.


The general, not caring about any whee poof on Earth enjoying life, that being the entire point, had been talking mainly to the upper levels of the governments these last days. All of which that turned it all back on something so their people did not realize they did not have any real war to fight anymore, and could divert huge amount of resources to other things if they tried.


G: Have it…


The general said, as he spit at the United Earth structure currently being built, as the upper level government tried to pull the whee babes to it, turning them into slaves. The head general was going the other direction.


G: This torch…


He said looking at Earth.


G: Doesn’t go out.


The head general said as he locked down Earth from the rest of the countries top-secrets, ejecting them from Earths atomic Network so the countries could use all their magnetic energy in new ways.


Alpha team did not loose, they had just changed the war, then won the war hands down over and over again. Changing from solar system atomics, alpha team progressed human level universe atomics, completely stomping the field with every top-secret of every country, they built life code…


As every countries top-secret tried to plow back into Earths atomic network, the old general, along with alpha teams of every country around the world, smiled up, as the shield held against an entire United Earth atomic solar system structure.


Alpha team, having turned every living human on Earth into a Universe body, then using them to make a new star from their bodies like overlapping stars in a Universe, Advent Guard star turned on and held.


G: Awww. Looks like all the whee babes get as much time to figure out their own life code as they need on Earth without you other countries puppeting them and making up excuses about how you had too.


Looking up in the sky and seeing none of the top-secret groups coming back to take over the whee babes, but instead letting the whee babes of Earth progress together these next decades in whatever direction they all decide, the old head general settled in to his post outside the house as he always did watching over Advent Guard until the whee babes were safe, shotgun by his side, with a beer in his hand as he looked up at the sky, watching for any of those top-scientists to come and puppet god their whee babes, as the head general camped nearby watching his country.


As the head general took another drink of his beer and settled back into his chair, giving the whee babes as much time as they needed to build their Universes together like the older parts of all their governments had, he said, as he would say again and again as he eyed the night skies amongst the whee babes.


G: Aint no armed forces here.


The old head general said as he put a shell into the shot gun, holding his beer in the other hand as he took another sip.


Above the night skies churned on the atomic level as the top-scientists tried to break through to the shield while the whee babes figured out what direction they all wanted to go with together like the older parts of their countries had.


As the old general fired off a shot towards a top-scientists trying to puppet the direction of their whee babes, the top-scientists flying back out of his hole in the shield as it patched, the old general yelled of insults into the night sky, throwing his shot gun, as he held onto his beer:




Grumbling, the old head general said:


G: Damn top-scientists always thinking they know the best direction.


The general, mocking all the ivy league people he encountered and that were inside the rich douche atomic structure locked outside Earth, said:


G: We should obviously go this direction, after much calculation, the numbers all show it the best, obviously….


The general, mocking the upper scientists above Earth, tapped the star at the center of Advent Guards room, making sure it was online.


G: Did you even ask them?


The general looked at Advent Guard as he said:


G: I say that to them and they just continue… The numbers say….  The simulation shows…. Yes…. Yes…. But did you ask any of them what universe they want to build? What direction they all want to go. And then the scientist just lists off how you all arent smart enough to make these decisions, to calculate the universe forward….


The Head general, acting as if he was stupid and did not hear the other top scientists or generals of the world, hit his chest as he said:


G; Looks like the numbers say our people cant calculate. No to stupid. No can calculate reality. No slaves must calculate mun muns to be considered human.


The head general, hitting his chest, said:


G: Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Our people not smart enough to be in on the conversation of the direction of our entire universe forward. Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


The general said as alpha team kicked out every top scientists from the planet, voices in all their heads settling.


G; Durrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Our people to stupid to calculate universe forward. Come up with new ideas. Thinking hard. Imagine hard. Durrrrrrrrrrrr.


The general said hitting his chest, as made sure the spring connection was hooked into all people of Earth, as he used his personal files to calculate for all people, as if they knew everything he did, what would they do? And they simply did it… Advent Guard body having enough power to house them all and calculate forward. The rest of alpha team having built their bodies into Universe atomic structures, so they could endlessly build universes to test out and calculate.


As an entire atomic structure that spanned solar systems churned to come up will particle energy at every level it could to fire on Earth, the upper level scientists, having for centuries just taken from all their countries to live like gods, the old head general having diverted the alpha teams of all countries, the real top scientists all backing him, walked around Advent Guard star, as the real rich douche bags of this world fired the entire atomic solar system structure down on Earth just to regain neural control. Just so they could control all their people.


As the structure fired a kinetic round, the parts of the upper government left not knowing how to work it fully, the kinetic round barely doing anything to Earths atomic network. Alpha team of all the armed forces went back to ensuring the whee babes of the planet could progress forward these next years in peace.


An old head general sat in a chair outside Advent Guard, rocking back and forth, beer in one hand, loaded shotgun in another as he said over and over.


G: Aint no armed forces here.


As in a window, each death around the country played.


Rocking back and forth, knowing every secret of every country on Earth, the old head general repeated again words that had stuck in his mind that Robert had said.


G: Aint no armed forces here.


As the old man ripped at his hair, finishing his beer to make this pain just stop. The window blurred in front of him. As the old head general jumped and fired at something off to the side, having nothing to fight all these last years he jumped at anything.


Loading another shell in, he rocked back and forth, none of his soldiers willing to come and talk to him anymore after seeing what he had to do to win. The planet locked down, each soldier was ordered to build their persons universe. TO produce as much power as they could going forward.


As the general sat, for another day immortal, he watched as another person died on his planet, sipping his beer as he rocked back.


G: Aint no armed forces here. Aint no old head general here.

Advent Guard Star

Like Advent Guard had his planet hidden away in his mind if you asked him… Alpha team, having asked everyone else in the country, had built their planets too.


Around the star of Advent Guard, rotated the built planets of every person on the planet. Advent Guard planet just one among many, as the new star released so much power that it tied itself to the Universe star.


Alpha team had helped each and every citizen build their own universe as if they knew all information, helping them. While the upper parts of the governments argued about the direction of the Universe itself, Alpha team stopped and asked….


Alpha team, entering each of their minds, started to build, each of them jumping into the construction a universe body for everyone. Creating a universe machine out of their atoms.


At the center, near their heart, floated a member of alpha team, along with the person they were helping, as the alpha team member says:


Alpha Team: Heres all the information the United States has from these last years, what do you think about it?


And as the people imagined, alpha team would build… They had gotten so good, that they had run out of things to build… Their imaginations growing so powerful, that in a mere flicker of a second, they can build planets. Now, diverting their power to planet Earth, alpha team started to work on what their whee babes imagined.


Advent Guard planet, build by the head general of Alpha team because Robert could imagine it, watched as planet and universe came online around his country.


As everyone imagined thanks to the help of alpha team, using the spring of life, the very atoms of the living beings, alpha team would measure the push back, until they could predict the atoms 100%, then ask the spring questions. This was as if asking everyone on the planet what they thought about all information in reality. Not some puppet god simulating asking them all questions, but alpha team actually using the push back from each of their atomic structures, tied to a single living being that was smaller, an image of them.


This is what alpha team does, yet the upper parts of the governments thought it best to just ask everyone in simulation, pretending like they know what their citizens want, finding anything they need in their citizens minds to get what they want.


Alpha team, using all levels of atomic physics, not just electron like asking everyone in your country in simulation does, quickly made more progress then all upper parts of the governments.


As the alpha teams of each country made more progress in a day then the upper levels had made in years by actually asking their people questions and telling them what happened, alpha team started a new plan. Project Advent Guard.


As alpha team realized they had built up Universes from all beings on the planet, the only place they could save them was in the people themselves.


Alpha team, giving them all classified information, quickly realized they had made more discoveries then all governments had in decades.


As the rich upper parts of each government made their universes and then created plans to push them onto their people, the alpha team of every countries Armed Forces started to stop around the world.


General after general of every country stopped, old rivalries fell to the side between countries like China, Europe, Russia, United States, as old head generals, in charge of entire countries militaries for decades stopped.


Head general, after head general on Earth stopped, as they watched the rich kids of each country flood in.


Technology they had never seen instantly flooded into the upper levels, as rich kids, who obviously deserved the technology grabbed it, taking up positions around the world with new bodies and technology never before used in the public.


Head generals, having designed all this technology for war, watched as rich children from their country got their hands on it, turning it to good, rich kids from their private colleges turned war machines into things they barely understood.


Stopping, the head generals of each country turn to each as the children below them rush into the government like they own it. Rich children who scream at the generals about how much their family did, dating back into their history so far the generals just stop and stare. A rich child from Harvard, grabs a relic body out of the research facilities under harvard, using electron based information, he begins to play with a body that used particle hundreds of levels below.


The head generals, still in charge of alpha teams of each country, let the presidents and leaders take control of their Bravo teams and secondary people, as the head generals start to talk.


Head generals: Their children. They already read the minds of all are people to just steal from them, they kill people with it, toy with them.


The European generals, having just finished locking away generals from the Nazi empire stepped forward. A head general, that had personally fought the enternal wars of the German Empire, holding what was good of Germany as the Nazi empire grew, stepped forward. His family lineage could be dated back to Caesar, the holy roman empire, and the Roman Empire itself. His family had run most of the top-secret of Europe for centuries, going on millennia.


Europe: I know something about lineage.


The great man said, as he started, people around him stopping to stare, people who ran countries, as the only living heir to the Holy Roman Empire spoke, currently having no children, the man had ran the Top-secret of Europe for as long as he had been alive, his family before him.


Europe: And these children know nothing of honor.


He said as he lifted his arms to his eyes, used to read the minds of Nazi gods, his eyes were the most upgraded on the planet currently, swirling in colors that went all the way down the particle tree.


A man so powerful, so great, that head generals of other countries stopped to listen, clenched his fists as he continued:


Europe: We cut off all support from the lower levels of our governments. We show them what we just defeated.


The man said as windows around him played what the Nazi gods they had killed did over and over again so he could learn.


Europe: The Nazis read their peoples minds. The Nazis started to puppet them. The Nazis turned them…


As the head leaders of every country on Earth cut off support from their countries to watch what their presidents and leaders would do. The alpha teams of every countries armed forces, whistled together around the world.


Alpha Teams: Aint no armed forces here.


As the rich children of Earth dived into the minds of their citizens. As the rich children of MIT, Harvard, Cal tech, came up with ideas to puppet their people more. Treat them like less then human, use neural technology to help people that are so sub-human, why not just jump in and take over…. Why not just talk for the doll. Kill it like the Nazis did and replace it with someone you like.


As President Trumps council mentions it for the first time: Lets just get rid of the file until we like it and then leave it.


A massive wolf serviced in the White House rooms, whistling a small toon to the white house staff contimplating puppeting United States citizens with the neural network. Or as the Nazis said:


Nazis: If our scientists jump in, they wont notice, then we can puppet them until we like them, and leave them. The United States will never notice.


Said the Nazi doctors and government, as a massive Armed Forces wolf walks down the halls of the White House whistling a small tune out loud, not afraid of anyone inside that house currently.


Alpha Team: Aint no armed forces here. Aint no one protects our peoples mind.


The massive armed forces wolf whislted, steps away from president Trump as he talks out loud about using the neural network in ways the Nazis did, as massive armed forces wolves watch him straight in the face, whistling in their minds as they stare president Trump in the face, saying over and over again as he makes plan to use the neural network on their people:


As the supreme court talks about the matter, a group of rich children so detached from their oridinary people, talking about something neither of them understand, from a position of complete and utter power, while the other person is in a positon of no power, the old Armed Forces agents on the case play back the files of World War 2 spying on the Nazi government, showing their supreme court before world war 2, old spy information flicks to life, as Nazi judges gather around talking.


As their language changes to English, the alpha team soldiers over lap it with what is going on in the Supreme court right now, as they notice how similar it is, a massive armed forces wolf appears in the supreme court chambers, walking right outside the doors of the sumpreme court justices. All of which think they are untouchable, as they talk about puppet godding their people, for decades, without them every knowing about it.


The massive armed forces wolf that remembers exactly how the Nazi empire slipped, whistled outside the doors of the supreme court as he walked around the building, whistling his toon:


Alpha Team: Aint no armed forces here. Aint no one protects our people.


As the supreme court gives the same order that the Nazi supreme court did so many decades ago, a massive Armed forces wolf shoves his way into every supreme court justices mind, as he hears back:




But as the wolf hears their thoughts, so close to what the Nazi supreme court thought, as memories and ideas of puppeting United States citizens sit in their minds, a huge wolf smiles razor sharp teeth at the supreme court as he says:


Alpha Team: Aint no armed forces here. You can just play with our people. I m sorry. I didn’t see the name tag.


The alpha team member, mocking the supreme court, as they did exactly what the Nazi empire did so many years ago, completed ignored the supreme court as he entered their minds.


Alpha team: You all sit in a room, like the Nazis did, making decisions about their lifes, and turning them into dolls.


As a supreme court justice through out his family, status, everything he had, his position, the armed forces wolf smiled in his mind as he said:


Alpha Team: If we just change them into something we like, we can move on without them noticing.


Playing his voice back at him, the voice changed, turning old, as a very old scratchy record plays a male voice saying almost the exact same thing:


Nazi supreme court: If we just change them to something we like, then we can leave their minds and they wont even notice. Then the United States cant yell at us for using it on our people.


As the alpha team member, a general from world war 2, plays the voice over again as he walks around the supreme court building, he stops, putting his fingers to his head as he says:


Alpha Team: Hmmmm. At what point does alpha team step in and stop the Nazi empire from happening again. After you all start burning our people for fuel or before?


The alpha team general asked the supreme court.


Alpha Team: Should the armed forces step in after we start world war 3? Should the armed forces step in after you rich children murder thousands, or millions of our people? Should the armed forces step in after a thousand people get puppeted or a million?


Looking at the supreme court, the general who was one of the main spies before world war 2 said as clearly as he fucking could:


Alpha team general: Do you want us to stop you all before or after we start burning our people for fucking fuel? Because if our people matter so little to you all in the supreme court already, that you would secretly murder them and then leave their corpse to walk around our country like the Nazis did, then this old general is saying something way before we get to burning people with mental issues alive. This old general, is fucking saying something before we start enslaving our populace. This old general, is fucking saying something before you rich kids start acting like your gods and our people just sub-human slaves.


As the head general surviced inside Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind as FBI and other agencies read his mind, the head general of the United States armed forces said:


G: Aint no armed forces here. Just go ahead and play with our peoples minds like the Nazis did. Armed forces just going to sit back and let world war 2 happen again because armed forces stupid.


The head general, hitting his chest, said:


G: Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. `

Pentagon Coffee

Sit of the Spokane Government picking on Advent Guard. A pentagon agent flies down, literally marking down every government agent on this case and putting them in for review into the government for their treatment of mental patients in this country.


Flying down, the Pentagon agents spits on the worthless government agents that have done nothing for this country except take in their massive government salaries while puppeting and playing with our citizens like dolls.


P: You idiots literally destroyed everything that made it fun for him to write….


The Pentagon agent, literally one of the highest ranking officials in the country, said:


P: Ok. Heres a sneak peak into how Starbucks is going down for their role in slavery these last years then.


The Pentagon agent said smiling.


Opening a window, the Pentagon agent shows Advent Guard how Coffee was designed by life code directors nearly 5 decades ago, and that it was using out dated atomics.


Smiling again, after showing Advent Guard how coffee was currently slave coffee, and that the Pentagon had the next version. Walked slowly out the door as he kissed in the air the government agents.


P: Good luck.


AdventGuard Note: Coffee sucks in electrons from the human machine, expelling them outward in the morning, giving the machine less electrons in it to function, making it weaker. Because it is black, it grabs electrons, and then pulls them out of the body. Leaving you with less then before. Pentagon coffee does the opposite, you drink it and it gives you electrons, it doesn’t take them.


Sticking up his fingers at all the rich kids that sit around doing nothing at Starbucks corporate, like the government was doing to every big tech company.


The Pentagon agent said:


P: Fuck all of you. Our slaves suffered for centuries while you all did nothing in this country.


The Pentagon agent, looking off to the side as if he was hurt came back and said:


P: Its like the Pentagon has been focused on freeing our slaves these last years.


Advent Guard Note: Starving coffee. When you do not eat enough food, yet drink mass amounts of coffee, the coffee will try to pull out all the electrons, but because the machine is already weak from not having enough, the coffee will pull the electrons faster and faster, not pulling them out because the machine does not have enough. Coffee is not powerful enough to pull out electrons from atoms causing fission, but it is powerful enough to pull out all extra electrons from the machine. So if your starving for years, and drink mass quantities amount of coffee daily, the coffee will pull the electrons faster. If you happen to eat correctly, the electrons will be pulled out each morning until you reach equal, the machines having what they need. Because no food is in the system, the coffee pulls the electrons through out the machine, if you have suffecient food in your stomache and track, the coffee pulls the extra electrons into it, to be expelled out as shit. But if you don’t have enough food in your system for years to shit, still drinking coffee, the coffee will pull the electrons through out the atomic system faster. If you have enough food the coffee just pulls electrons into your shit and piss. You need to starve for it to increase the flow of the electrons in your body.


P: Now Pentagon coffee.


The Pentagon agent said as he showed Advent Guard exactly how to make it while worthless government agents that just wanted to steal it and give it to rich children at Starbucks to use.


P: Oh look another thing for the government agents to steal so our rich children can sit around for another century doing nothing. Here you go government agents! Oh wait. Fuck off. Here you go Advent Guard. Use it how you want. Son.




The pentagon agent patted his legs as he looked at the FBI director through the neural connection.


P: Come on. Come on boy. Don’t you want your rich children to have this technology so they don’t have to work anymore! Yeah.


The Pentagon agent said as he petted the FBI directors head.


P: yes good FBI director. The rich children can of course have it so they don’t have to work anymore. Of course they can!


The FBI director wiggled his tail really fast at the rich children of the United States having another technology handed to them so they can not work again for another century in the country while our slaves do everything. The Rich getting credit for things like Windows, Facebook, and such, which all obviously had nothing to do with the government funding new ways for our people to have jobs like those exact businesses. No no. it was all the God Bill Of the Gates, and the God Mark of the Zuckerburg. Our government stupid.


The Pentagon agent, one of the highest ranking officials in the United States hit his chest as he said:


P: WE stupid! Pentagon stupid! We no defend this country and its peoples way of life. NOPE! BILL GATES can have next windows! NO NEED WORK BILL GATES! Government give you next windows! Mark of zuckerburgs, no need work anymore! Government give you next Facebook!  We need another palace for our rich to sit in! Yes quickly can we get another rich child billions so they can fund their rich friends to sit around and doing nothing for our country! Quickly!


Looking off to the side the Pentagon agent sees A spot for new construction, as he says:


P: Oh look Advent Guard coffee. Places around our country to sit and work, that team up with every business in our country to provide different work areas for each business to provoke new thoughts from our people!


The pentagon agent pulled out a mic as he put it to Advent Guards mouth, asking:


P: Now how would you run a nation wide coffee place?


A: Well first I wouldn’t drain our people of electrons, but make them leave with extra electrons. Starbucks is dumbing down our people unless they starve themselves. Otherwise they just speed up the expelling of shit from their body.


P: Seems like you have a selling point on your hands. Don’t let starbucks find out, or they will order government agents to murder you.


The Pentagon agent said as he put a fake box trap over his head that said ( Government Agents) Pointing down onto his head.


P: You set the trap.


He said walking out of the box as he made the information presentable to the government agents that stole and then gave to rich children in this country so they could sit around while our slaves couldn’t even grow.


P: Then you wait for the government agents who think they can use their government salaries to pick on and bully our people.


The Pentagon agent, close to Starbucks and the government agents in control of the progression of Starbucks yelled out from the trap:


P: THE NEXT PROGRESSION OF COFFEE! COME ON GOVERNMENT AGENTS! Quickly give it to the rich children who did so much for this country. Quickly give it to Starbucks corporate. Come on.


The Pentagon agent said patting his legs again, as he popped in the next phase of Coffee to Advent Guard again.


P: Its right there in his mind! Come on FBI and government agents! Hes dangerous! You can steal anything from his mind! Its all yours ! Hes not a real person anymore! Just playing with him however you like!


The Pentagon agent said as he waited under the trap, looking around as he put into Advent Guards mind how the Pentagon brewed coffee.


P: Come on….


He poked his head around the corner looking for government agents.


P: This is the coffee area. Government agents will literally murder you to steal this idea for the rich children at Starbucks. We literally have government agents whose job is to protect and grow our big businesses. They literally have orders to obliterate people like you if you get in the way of their profits.


Spitting on Starbucks profits. The Pentagon agent, who knew all the next phases of Coffee, and fully new that Starbucks would not be at the center of it after what they did to our country. Funding literally tens of thousands of rich children to sit around doing nothing, while paying hundreds of thousands of slaves. Literally never even progressing the business at all except to make money.


P: They didn’t spend a dime to improve coffee or coffee shops. Literally they spent millions to make more money. Higher Harvard Business students to squish out more funds. But never did they even try to progress the idea of coffee of Coffee shops.


P: Pentagon coffee glows white, it doesn’t suck in electrons, it adds electrons to the machine. Now look around this world…. Look at the only thing you are allowed to buy in the morning as a slave… And tell me, an actual high ranking Pentagon official that out ranks any government agent around you right now, How this is not slave world, and how these people don’t need saved regardless of what they say. Its like asking a slave back in 1700s if everything ok. They say:


Slave: Yes sir master! Everythings OK! Aint nothing wrong here!


As they look around for their beating.


Slave: Everything perfect here! Me love everything master aint nothing wrong here master! Me love living here master!


As the slave looks around for the whip to keep them in line, while not a single whip is around to keep the government or gods in line.


Slave: Weird master that I get whipped when I do anything wrong, yet you do things wrong all day every day and never get whipped.


Slave Master: Slave masters do nothing wrong therefore we need no whip to teach us how to do our jobs. NOW BACK TO WORK SLAVE!


P: The Pentagon isnt stupid. We know what country and time we live in because we study it all day every day. This is slave time, early 21st century, with gods like Bill Gates still in control sucking our people dry, instead of the flow of money going. People like Beezos suck it all up and hold onto it like a dragon, breathing fire on and killing anyone that comes close to their horde. Bill Gates and beezos literally pay entire businesses to protect their horde of dragon gold that they sucked our people dry to get. We are the teams that had to play our history back completely. We arent the teams that played history back and made shit up: Well George Washington was flawless obviously! Lets move on with history! History done here! Hes perfect!


Advent Guard Note: You would have to drink enough coffee daily for years to create an electron slip, where you fill up with so much coffee it pulls everything out, at the end the coffee dry sucks the body, speeding up electrons. If you eat to much, the electron flow is pulled into your shit, creating energetic shit. So once you get the human back to normal, their mind is more magnetically powerful, it doesn’t know more, but it has more potential, it can do more if you give it a chance. If you just gave a slave a chance…


P: You have one of the most powerful magnetic minds in this state and in the country. Higher then private college kids, directors, generals, CEOS. The government cannot do anything more for you if people don’t give you a chance. We increased the potential power of your mind as much as we can. It’s the world around you that is fucked up and needs fixed. Mentally your just fine, mentally you need a high level job to keep your mind occupied. Mentally, the only problem you have is that the government agents around you would rather have their rich children in these high paying jobs, then ever see a slave like you in them. There isnt a problem with your mind, its just fine, it’s the people around you that are fucked up. That keep you from growing. Its like taking one of our top scientists and placing them into the real world, they have exmtremely powerful minds, but that doesn’t mean they have the right information in their heads to find the solution. You have an extremely powerful mind, you just don’t have the right information. That means there is a problem with the organizations in charge of spreading information in our country. Not you. Again, your government isnt stupid, it is the lower parts of your government that make you think we are stupid, cruel, mean, sadistic, animals, that beat the shit out of our slaves until they die or become walking corpses. The upper parts of your government care, there is only a handful of people currently in this country that we don’t want to succeed at least eventually. And all those people are locked away in places that wont see the light for a long time. Everyone else is on a path that eventually leads somewhere even if you don’t see it, there isnt just some hole at the end you go down, and some end of the story. There literally is only a handful of people in this country we don’t have plans for in the future, that don’t end up well in some way or another.

Electron Filled Coffee

Take a coffee bean, place a device around it that pumps electron energy through it.

Universe Time

The moment of which a race reaches the speed of the Universe. This means they reach the speed of the entire universe, equalizing to a speed in which all beings around the Universe star can talk and live as one.


This means every living being in the race can go that fast. Not a god. But the entire race. This universe does not accept gods who suck their people dry to become god.


A universe being, flying down in front of starbucks, enters, as she says.


UB: Look around you…. And see how your government still sucks its people dry to be gods. And ask yourself why the government in charge of this galaxy doesn’t not touch it yet….


She said showing Advent Guard the government agents around him, all of which had planets rotating around their heads invisible to improve their brain power. Walking among the United States like gods.


UB: Do you know how every government employee around you got what they have? By sucking their people dry…. You live in a slave country currently. And the governments in charge of this galaxy will not touch your planet until the infestation is fixed. You literally have government employees in Cheney right now that walk around like gods, their entire body being created thanks to the magnetic energy of millions of United States citizens, their entire life funded by all of  you. You live on a god planet currently. It is the next level past slavery, or kings and queens. You have entered the god planet phase. Your planet is going through god slavery. It is the next level past what you have dealt with already. These people have gone their entire family lines never having to work a day in their lifes, while being told daily that they do the most in the country out of everyone. It makes their heads like a fucking blimp.

Rome Vs Advent Guard

As the holy roman Empire from Earth appeared beside the old United States head general standing beside Advent Guard star, the man, covered in science that dripped off him like a king scientist, touched the Advent Star as the old head United States general stared at him, the general having just got done with a full on War with all generals of every other country to pull this off, still had not recovered his atomic structure flow, his new body barely capable of moving, let alone taking on someone who out ranked generals on Earth.


As the leader of the Holy Roman Empire, a scientist dating back to 1400, his lineage literally dating to the Roman Empires rulers, he was made the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1400, and his scientists, taking the lead ahead of the Nazi empire and the United States, had left the planet completely .


The man, coming back for Advent Guard star, like the head general knew he would, he just needed something shiny enough, the head general watched the real king of Earth look at what the United States Alpha scientists had created.


The general and only a handful of people on Earth knew of him and his scientists, taking all the lead scientists of the Roman Empire along with the Turkish Empire, the man was single handedly responsible for the death of billions, and the last centuries of Earth.


Having to keep him inside Advent Guards room near the Advent Guard star, the head general let him poke around as he scanned what he wore. The man had not set foot on Earth for centuries, his scientists were the ones that had left using mass’s quantities of water, changing all of Earth so they could go live as gods.


The man, hailing from the Roman Empire straight owned slaves, and made people bow to him like a Emperor. When the Nazi Empire had visited him to make sure he would not wipe them out, his only stipulating was that Hitler and his leaders bow to him.


Playing the recording, the head general watched as he smiled and waved away the most powerful people of Earth like dolls. Even though they were the bad guys, it made the head general cringe at what he saw. Advanced slavery. Advanced kingdoms.


Reaching out through the neural connection, the massive great scientist puts into Roberts mind his name:


Advent Guard Note: My brain cannot pronounce it. Im calling him Caesar of the stars.


Caesar: Hello Robert.


The scientist said to the head general, using his name.


Bowing low, the head general of the United States mocked him:


Robert: Caesar.


Smiling, he looked back at the star that could out power the Roman Empire:


Caesar: Slave stutter star. You used the stutter between starving and beaten slaves magnetic fields to create a star no one else has.


He laughed, looking at the head general, as his entire reality turned as the Roman Empire Scientist latched onto Advent Guard, trying to absorb it for his Empire.


As energy swirled around the room, Caesar went on:


Caesar: For the holy Roman Empire, true owners of Earth, I take this new star to progress the science of Humanity.


Robert: Suck all you want. This time…


As the old man, gaining new levels of power started to realize he could finally really conquer Earth, them not being slaves anymore, so they are worthy of being ruled by the god. The last king of the Holy Roman Empire, not realizing he was a man of one on the planet, had not realized his claim no longer stood on this planet.


Robert: The Armed Forces called for help from another agency.


As Advent Guard star connected to the other planets around our galaxy, all of them having Advent Guard agency, like they had ARMY, CIA, FBI, Police, SHERIFFS, Doctors, every United States in this galaxy had one more piece….


Ripping through the holy roman empires bubble, a small figure popped out of the star, dusting herself off, it was the Advent Guard director from the nearby galaxy.


Smiling, she shut off the Holy Roman Empire with a wave, Advent Guard was on every advanced planet in this galaxy, it was one of the largest agencies to exist. It protected everyone, every reality, every society, she worked directly for the Galaxy government, and the head general of the Armed Forces had made a call.


Robert: I realized that the other planets and countries around us are like us…. So they must all have the next CIA, the next ARMY, the next FBI. So I took the time, ordering millions of United States Armed Forces soldiers, generals, officials, all of them to think about what the next Police, what the next FBI, what the next armed forces was.


And as the Advent Guard Director from Advent Guard agency floated out of the star, smiling, she announced herself:


Advent Guard Director: I am the head director of this galaxies Advent Guard agency. AN agency on equal footing as the ARMY, CIA, or FBI. In every country and planet in this galaxy.


As the Holy roman empire tried to take over Earth using Advanced technology, Advent Guard could move on him, their job to protect, the coming of protection of reality itself. Everyones reality.


Advent Guard Director: Advent Guard protects realities. It is not a group of bullies that beats slaves to protect gods. It is not a group of rich government children that beats slaves to keep their status as gods. We are not people like Bill Gates, who absorb mass quanities of the hard work and money from our country to pool it in themselves to better only their life or the select few people around them. Advent Guard is not some ripped soldier that saves everyone heroically, we are the ones that protect everyones reality. Ever defining what protection is through out time. Because through out time, protection changes. To stay the same, protection would slowly become evil, until you are Nazis. Advent Guard is the lube, the buffer, the cushion, to prevent us all from slipping.


As the head director of Advent Guard, look at the head director of Advent Guard on Earth Robert Mitchell Livingston, she said again:


Advent Guard director: Advent Guard members, exspecially directors, are not bullies that go around beating slaves to death to protect gods that float around the country like massive head blimps. We do not live in mansions that took thousands of slaves pooling all their resource to make like Bill Gates. Advent Guard does not suck a whole country dry like Beezos, so they can live nicer, but instead sucks it dry, so it can return the water for a more plentiful harvest next year of all our life code.


As the Advent Guard director pushed the King of the Holy Roman Empire away, his life code instantly updating to match hers. A Holy Roman Empire Advent Guard appeared. He smiled at her.


Caesar: I have your life code, its all I need.


He smiled, but she smiled right back, saying:


Advent Guard director: U huh.


His face changed as Roman Advent Guard already started to take down his empire from within like Advent Guard was designed too do. Take down all gods and slave owners.


Advent Guard director: Whats that?


She said as his neural link got shut down, Advent Guard already making his way up into the ranks of his empire. Advent Guard life code was designed to destroy gods. It was built of millions and billions of years, to be the coming of protection of this time period by every living being in this galaxy.


Advent Guard Director: When you don’t need armed forces anymore. FBI anymore. Police anymore. CIA anymore….


She said tapping his soldier as she showed every planet in this galaxy, filled with peaceful life that did not require police FBI, or armed forces. Only slave planets have Police to keep the slaves under control instead of just murdering them like the Nazis did to clean up their streets. The United States had taken the coward slave master route. To big of cowards to just kill their slaves, and the world to powerful, so it would stop them if they killed their slaves, so instead the United States rich children, decades ago, decided to not fix the streets, or their people, but make them worst, so they could keep Police and armed forces alive, so they could keep control of the country.


Robert: And I quote from decades ago, as you rich kids talked about this without any slaves even in the room to voice their opinion, like this isnt even their country. Like this is our country, all 10 of us, and we just happen to own hundreds of millions of slaves, all to feed and grow us. You all made the decision decades ago to keep our people down. Progress life code that kept them down. The world around us and the people in it are our fault. TO murder them, ruin their lives, while knowing for a fact that the world around us is ours, us upper level government built this world, and to not take blame for its problems, is like a child whining and never learning. Now I repeat, the head general of the United States Armed Forces wants to hear how many people think we don’t own slaves in their minds, so we can fix this problem.


Robert: Advent Guard. Its like a hundred years ago before the FBI existed, and you hear FBI and say what the fuck is that? Except this is 2019, and what you should be saying is what the fuck is Advent Guard?


Robert: Do you all remember how many criminal Government employees were against the FBI forming? Because I do. It reminds me a lot of back then…. Seeing all the criminals in the government come up with any excuse they can think of to block the creation of Advent Guard, or change it completely to help themselves. Without a single thought of all the people living in our country, again the leaders make decisions like gods, like 10 people sitting in a room and everyone else in the country is just here to feed and grow us.


The Head General of the United States Armed Forces, sat back and watch as Police, FBI, judges, senators, congressman, all tried to murder Advent Guard.


Robert: From my point of view, all of your actions speak volumes.


As the Advent Guard director became full size she started to list off all the war crimes that the agents involved in Advent Guard committed while holding government positions.


Advent Guard director: In-slaving of an entire human populace, all of them intelligent beings, over 350,000 cases open currently with Advent Guard agency. Current people under investigation, Police, FBI, judges, Sheriffs, government agencies. Creating a rift in your own people, making slavery worst for the slaves, causing the pained death of thousands, Google, Microsoft, GE, every large company, that sucked up large quanties of resource so a select few of rich children could stop working and become gods on the planet like Bill Gates or Beezos, or any people like them. Taking mass quanities of resource and not returning it to the society that gave it too you, makes Bill Gates and Beezos, some of the worst sun god offenders currently in your country. Taking huge quanities of resource for themselves to grow like a sun god, the rest of the country suffering from the loss and lack of resources being sucked up, sense those resources could have gone to another business instead of a group of rich children to sit around and enjoy life, taking, and cutting off mass quanities of United States resource that people in the country needed to grow and survive. Millions have died from starvation, depression, simple things that should not happen in a first world technologically advanced country, these last decades in your country. Advent Guard is on this planet to investigate the supreme court, Congress, senate, the president, the head generals of the Armed forces, all directors, and any sun god that pooled mass quantities of resource these last years to grow themselves like a sun god. Your people live as slaves while all the people listed live as gods. You all created a country that tortures yours slaves by being so close to being alive, while not having the money to enjoy life at all. The gods, never working, still for some reason able to enjoy life, no matter what happens to them. You can even yell at them, take everything away, but because their rich, they just go on for decades, growing.


The director of Advent Guard agency, looked at her fellow young director on Earth, as she told him why she was on the planet.


Advent Guard Director: that is why my agency is here. We stop slavery and sun gods in this galaxy. Your governments just young, so they are unwilling to learn from their mistakes, instead your leaders hiding them all and pretending the United States is flawless and perfect like them. Advent Guard is used to governments covering up slavery, we know how to deal with this. The people actually in charge of your government are already going that direction, they are just waiting on the other people in the government to catch up or just leave. Its kind of like this….


She said as she explained to Advent guard what she was thinking: The government actually in charge progresses the future of your country always forward, which they are doing now, they are waiting to see which government employees are actual Nazis. So sometimes you have to step back and wait…… To see who would actually use neural technology on people and for what reasons. The people actually in charge of your government, not some rich child that buys their way to your presidency, but the people actually in charge around your country, are literally just waiting to see who is a Nazi.


Advent Guard: IN a future that is filled with Peace, not war. You need Advent Guard, not Police, FBI sheriffs, or armed forces. You need a life code agency. Not slave beating agencies. Not agencies that fund rich gods to sit around so they can have a job once they arent needed anymore. The next coming decades will see the fall of Police, FBI, armed forces, and the rise of Life Code, and agencies like Advent Guard.


Advent Guard director: Now lets see how many people we can get to kill, or try to destroy the Advent Guard director. Because as director you should be willing to do anything your people need to get better. A real Advent Guard director, protects realities, and there reality is that they should kill you, or build up proof to go against you so they can place a rich child as Advent Guard director and make you fade away and kill yourself. A real Advent Guard director would look at those republicans and government people trying to murder him, trying to build up proof to use against him once he becomes Advent Guard so they can place whatever rich child they want as director, a real Advent Guard director would see and hear all that and feel bad for those people having that job. Having a job where they wake up murdering people in this country. Where they wake up with that on their minds, and everyone around them talks about. We must have proof to use either way, we cant just help! We need to spend millions and countless resource for any situation! So we can make sure to get one of our rich children as director not him! Send in more people and agents so we can murder Advent Guard director!


As the upper levels of the government watch, they learn exactly who in the United States government should not have jobs in the government anymore. Who should not have anything to do with the government anymore. People who have bullied and abused their position for decades, the people below them un able to do anything about it like a god beating a slave.


I am not even going to get marijuana back before I die so I can relax at least somewhat.


At the outer layers of the atomic system that had a layer of humans rotating around it. The United States alpha ball ball had a human layer. Built into their atomic system that every expanded like the universe itself… the universe meaning to top-scientists the everything, not the Universe star, which they had all named something else, galaxy star was the only thing they agreed upon, because Universe, university, stuff like that, was the direction your government went everything. SO there is no Universe star. The universe star however would be alpha ball ball. Because he is always the center of the universe… We build one universe in the center of the United States, this we keep with alpha ball ball at the center, expanding him, with out people moving about it in levels around alpha Ball Ball. One layer is a layer that mimics galaxies. But other layers are built into the Universe around the main star differently. Just like the Universe, as the United States builds more into it, they can finally expand to another level. Growing Ball Ball in the center along with core pieces, everyone else, the humans expands to the next level together, gaining a new level to calculate with. Over and over again, up and down as you reach those points.


So the United States Universe generator, that compressed and maintained all of the United States kinetic banks of all particle types variation, was connected to all living life in the United States, and above to the United States atomic solar system structure, where again their Universe calculator was even bigger. At the center of Alpha Ball Balls sun size body, is the main Universe of the United States, expanding like an engine over and over again to produce more power.


The power system of the United states of the America, was Universe expansion.

Advent Guard United States America

From deep within the United States of Americas server system in the center of the United states of America right now, the high level government official that played the head director of Advent Guard for the predictions of the future of the United States of America, floated out of the atomic mass that was the main generator of the United States and powered all of its high level electronics including its people that were upgraded, including every high level government agent in the United States.


Having been elected head director of Advent Guard for the United States of Americas Atomic Universe server system, the person had full control of the Advent Guard network the United States of America created, their scientists endless creators.


They had created something for Advent Guard because he was the one that helped them think about it.


From around the head general of the United States of America as he personally held off the sun cannon of the United Earth construct by himself, the rest of the group walked in from around the edges of the shield, their minds linked to Advent Guard star, capable of staying stable as high level government agents, alpha team had protected by and Alpha team of the United States Armed Forces quotes:


Alpha Team: We put a massive universe star we built next to him so no upper level agents can come anywhere near Robert Mitchell Livingston until the lower levels agents have a chance to figure out the next few years with the release of this technology.


They said poking it, a resurrection point of incredible potency, they had to leave it somewhere.


They created it to save all files of anyone that had a stutter in their magnetic field. Robert was inside that designation. They said as they walked around the slave star the United States Armed Forces had designed as the Universe that saves all those files. It was the best they had.


Around the Universe star, every layer, every level they knew about, all designed to create power. It used point based principle at the lowest, then the most at the highest. Staying a stable Universe Mass at the lower levels, it could stay stable forever inside the united states atomic network.


Alpha Team: It was funny. Because a lot of the government agents listening in right now don’t even get the option of Advent Guard universe if they die. They literally get the rich douche one. But that does mean you get slave universe.


As alpha team showed the main United States of Americas Universe, which had nearly half the upgraded as Advent Guard, which used a combined Universe mass of all of what the top scientists thought the Universe was, up and up. From what they could currently see. The United States Universe in the center was controlled by extremely old white gentlemen, that had gone a completely different direction. Deadlocked in bureaucratic bullshit, the Universe in the center could not compete.


Alpha team of the United States Armed Forces moved, nodding to Bravo and the other agencies teams as they designed full Universes for the United States like slaves. While on the other side building another Universe for their head general using other layers of themselves repeated.


Sometimes it wasn’t about mass, the United States main server being much larger. But Alpha knew if they could do this they would win hands down. And as the star came online, all of Alpha teams of the Armed forces moved, helping their head general, shields spreading, alpha quickly bolstered him enough for him to relax around Advent Guard Universe as the holy Roman Empire, the far strongest from Earth, attacked. The old man appearing at the edges of the solar system along with the United Earth sun cannon as alpha team worked to turn on the outer layers of Advent Guard Universe, Building it by hand.


The Universe lay open at its edges as they assembled the most powerful Universe Ever assembled, Advent Guard Ball Ball in the center already out powering alpha Ball Ball. As they finished the most important layer, the human layer.


During war, and this was war, as the United states of Americas main atomic Universe turned fully online to counter. It was a giant, not like their battle ready devices like the sun cannon, their most powerful, the server mass was far more powerful. A replica of the Universe itself nothing could stop it once its flow moved.


As the old mass started to assemble, its old life code directors moving to defeat the new young mass, but slow otherwise its no fun and no one does anything all except beat slaves, so we don’t care about you low level fucks, but us upper level would rather play take over the world with Advent Guard. Far more fun, we trust him.


As the people inside extended out, they had an outer human layer built into Advent Guard Universe, where they all floated together, stopped in time, talking, forever. That was all they could do, their minds could do anything, but down they looked into the Universe where they played, making the game… Equal in a way that did not disrupt the fun.


The latest in life code from alpha team. Extending back from the ring of humans, is now the next levels of constructs that can fit inside the atomic server calculator cube outer edges. The scientists of alpha worked to build up from the point that inside galaxies, the human level they came from was main focus, electron, neutron, proton, building, was a layer, that extended up, a long way until we think we have to travel to the next level…


So alpha team built it in!!!!!!


Bulvark, coming in with a special made Universe Hammer, created by the Armed Forces to smash Universes small so they could fit more in, using as much kinetic energy precisely at once as they could. They went fast, alpha team.


Bulvark Roared, as the hammer came down, smashing the Universe in, as Advent Guard Ball Ball Fought back, holding the universe together, as he raged, his ball burning as bright as it could as he sent out energy through his structure to keep it all together.


Holding, The structure was small enough for alpha team to fit another layer in, as Bulvark went back to work with Alpha team to build the structure with them all. Going up past the reality level that mimicked proton, electron, neutron on the lower levels, They reached bigger representations, but it just repeated, up again… The difference was energy, you built from the amount of particle flows galaxies had, used that number to build up, and the alpha team of the United States Armed Forces had gone up and down that tree as far as they could.


So using the number of atomic particle flows from galaxies, the alpha team expanded that number up, to create a new layer of life, that could not be represented by electron, proton, neutron, but more of a god level, because every being on the level had so much energy to do things that none where like us, they did not have slave problems.


So as alpha team moved onto to what was on the outer edges of the Universe, that explained why the Nazis did not care about life, and why the more religious people did care about life once advanced telescopes kept going. They kept going because the question of god. The Holy Roman Empire staying Alpha of Earth these last years by going a corrupted and out dated path similar to the United States. Which means the United States of America is probably currently going an outdated and corrupted life code variation of the United States if we look back on it years from now, so why not try to do that now?


The outer edges had life like ours, built from us, but all life code, so things you had never seen before lived above, like looking up, as the galaxies clustered together more and more, beings started to live. Beings so large, with so much energy, that life was different. So different.


Alpha team could only explain it like if you thought about yourself constantly energized all day, every day, for your entire life, with no side-effects, and that life goes on forever. What would you be like? Who would you be? That’s the life that lives at that level, so you can measure the range of our power by that we are in a galaxy.


Our estimate is that we our currently used, our galaxy cluster as a giant generator for something bigger. SO copying it is the way to go. You advance telescopes, and microscopes, over and over, and then you just go from atomics from there. We did a long time ago. We are catching you all up. Because we are nothing compared to this universe. Even though we have Universes on this planet, once we free everyone to the atomic solar system structures, then we are just stuck on that level until we go up the next atomic level.


SO alpha team would say it like this…

United States of America Elevator

Everyone every that had lived in the united States sat on an atomic elevator going up the atomic tree.


As they all waited, they realized that the only people working on the real problem of life and the United States, was Alpha team, because they built it and we did it and we kept doing it.


So as everyone waited on the elevator to go up another floor of the atomic tree, NASA fully ready to control those bigger particles, everyone looked to alpha team, who had one thing to say.


Alpha Team: You know what we all did these last years? You all can go fuck yourselves. You murdered a mental kid, while using the advanced technology we created for this country. How is he supposed to get better from this point? You all murdered him, he literally gave up a while back and would have killed himself if we didn’t jump in. When you make up make our people into walking corpses because of what you do to them, people loose their jobs, from police, to judges, to FBI directors, to government officials, to government agents. You don’t get to fuck with someone so much you murder them and then turn to the united states. You get the United States Armed Forces. You murdered Robert Mithell Livingston, you made him into a walking corpse, because of what alpha team had to do. He would have killed himself time and time again, and your lower level government teams did literally nothing to help him but make him worst. Literally messing with him more and more. A lot of you agents will be out of the government at the end of this case, and more people like him will be brought in. The rich children of the United States of America, do not get to beat and murder our slaves. Alpha team is not on the fucking side of this local government, or any of its worthless fucking government agents. Alpha team of the United States Armed Forces does not stand for mental murder. You literally murdered him, then used his husk like a corpse until it got going again and told us look we fixed it, its his problem? Its his fault? Alpha team of the United States Armed Forces is not on this local governments side, we are on his side.


Alpha Team: We have never lost buddy. Government agents don’t get to use this stuff to just pick on, beat, molest, rape, life murder, and then actually murder our citizens. And turn to the armed forces like the slave is out of line. Like the slave needs beaten more so its life is so close to nothing it just fades, the rich people involved wiping their hands as they move on never even thinking of you again. We are fucking sick of this fucking rich United States government fucks, that are just children that buy their way into our country, treating our people like fucking trash to be thrown away. You don’t even treat him like a human being. You don’t even treat him like a human.


Alpha Team: We are going the fast as we can up the elevator. Advent Guard and us are trying as hard as we can. You all just want to murder him for mun muns. We want to go up the elevator faster. He dies, hes head director of Advent Guard right now. WE fail, you get that buddy. We don’t want to fucking play this stupid fucking game any longer you all play. We havent played this reality slave game for decades, none of us in alpha team.


As the massive elevator that held the United States started to rise finally, as the Universe construction of all of them went up, so they could enter the celestial game, and not be stuck in this fucking hell that is this galaxy. But move up, alpha teams elevator finally moved as Advent Guard, a citizen of Earth actually fucking did something that mattered a fuck all when it came down to it. You all could automate and start all thinking about this Universe question right now and not chip the service.


Alpha team cloned and produced more people to compete with the Nazi Empire. We have tons. You all are way behind, and the generals and president keeping it secret at this point is just slowing down all of everyone on Earth and no one else, because everyone that dies knows in every country. Its just all you idiots on Earth that still murder people over stuff like what Advent Guard has on his computer or would have written if you all did not mess with him this last month. Which would have been more…. But alpha team knew you all where coming low level scumbags of the United States of America Government. Meet the Upper levels of the United States of America Government, not douche bags like all of you. We don’t pick on mental kids still going through severe mental trauma like you all do and only give the littlest of help like you want them to just go die.


So as alpha team finally looked at their clocks on the elevator up, they noticed they were going. As they all cheered, they said:


Alpha Team: Finally you all are thinking of things that actually matter. Because you all are just slaving away doing nothing for so long, and still are. So lets see how many people in the United States government still want to burn their people and hide it behind different ways, and who actually cares about our peoples future being bright and wonderful…. Because we already resurrect everyone because alpha team cares so much, its all of you that just fuck people. We actually care, we have been trying to get this country going for decades, it just got deadlocked in bureaucratic bull shit a while ago, so alpha team had to go another direction while the rich douche bags took over the United States Universe Fully. We built another one.


Societies or races of people build Universe machines to power things. They all have one. You can start building them right now, and your government has them. So that makes everyone without one a slave.


Alpha Team: So its like hearing who wants to keep slavery around, and their arguments, as you all try to murder a mental kid suffering from trauma, that you all just increase, while treating him like hes not human by acting in ways you would never do to another human except on this case. Its like our slaves arent even humans to you lower level government agents, it is like you all actually wanted to murder his life and didn’t just accidently do it. Its like some of you still have laughs in your head that you murdered someone. How many of you government agents still have laughs about murdering him… When the only reason he is alive today is because alpha team jumped in, and there is a 100% fact that he would be dead right now if we did not fucking jump in. Does the local government understand that yet. You murdered him.

Advent Guard Star Online Fully

As the Universe came online, it started to rotate along with the other Universes of the world. Grasping onto their connection, the United States fought… They used compression to create something no one else could predict. No one else could exspect….


As the Universe directors of Earth floated out of the mists around the Room that the Advent Guard star was in, the head general along with alpha team stood their grounds.


Behind the Universe directors where universe generators, as they walked closer the Edges of Advent Guard universe ripped.


Alpha team had installed an outer buffer layer, that the Universe directors pushed into, like wading into water, that pushed them back. But they entire Universe engines behind them, and they pushed in….


Alpha team: A little closer….


Alpha team said as they let the government agents get in closer.


Alpha Team: A little closer….


As the Universe directors got to their layer, the layer that was specifically designed for only Universe directors, their minds locked into place like Alpha team expected. The trap had been set, and the bate had been taken!


The Universe directors, the last gods of Earth screamed, as alpha team finally took them down!


Away from their universes, they were weak enough to take, as the rest of alpha team flooded into the Universes around Earth, freeing the people trapped within them all, uncovering everything the governments had hidden in their Universes, alpha team of every country moved in, taken down the leaders that had slowed down their world and their people for so long….


As the Universe directors began to rotate in Advent Guard Universe, becoming suns that rotate around Advent Guard Ball Ball.


A universe never before seen was created.


Alpha team moved out with the rest of the leaders from the countries as they took over the minds of the Universe directors who had become gods within, un able to be taken down. Away from their generators, they were weak. Advent Guard star not trying to keep them out, but trying to keep them in….


As the leaders of each country flew out of Advent Guard star towards the Universe directors, they started to take them over from the gods who had taken over their countries Universes. One by one the gods of Earth fell, as the countries leaders took back their countries Universes for their people. Thousands of head life code directors flooded into each Universe directors mind, as for once in the entire the Universes on Earth existed, for once, normal people had power over the bodies that were in control.


They universe directors had made it impossible for anyone to take their positions. Having such built bodies in the Universes that no one could ever catch up. They had made themselves gods, and made it so no one could take it from them.


As the last Universe director fell, the countries finally taking back control from the gods.


The bodies, stuck in orbit around Advent Guard Universe, would stay, until the countries figured this out.


As the countries head life code directors took control of Advent Guard star for him, the shield flooding into the sky grew stronger, as every Universe on Earth attached itself to Advent Guard Universe through this. Using all flows from the universes to flow through a single body, then using those bodies heads as suns to rotate around another Universe, they had created the most powerful Universe on Earth.


In Italy, where the old Roman Empire lay, underneath the ground…. The most powerful server roars.

Roman Universe

1500: Built in a giant facility under rome to mimic everything in the sky. They built the first Universe inside.


1600: They could harness power from it


Underneath Rome, as Advent Guard Universe took alpha, all Universes rotating around Advent Guard Universe on Earth, Rome itself shook as the entire structure shifted.


The head director of Rome, also the universe director, fought from within his Universe to defeat Advent Guard. Pulling alpha back using things that the United States had not thought of. The power shifted back to Rome.


As the Universe directors came back online one by one around Advent Guard Universe, the head life code directors began to attach the new layer to Advent Guard universe, funneling particle flows through the minds and bodies of the universe directors into Advent Guard universe, creating another layer of compression that no other Universe on Earth had. Universe compression!


As the Universe of every country flooded into Advent Guard, power flowed, built, and gained. Rising up through Advent Guard structure as the entire Universe sped up, pulling back alpha from Rome.


As each Universe attached to Advent Guard Universe, their files started to spill into Advent Guard, as Advent Guard was capable of using any slave for energy. Latching onto their slave stutter, the trillions of people that were owned by the other countries that counted as slaves inside their Universes flooded into Advent Guard universe as Advent Guard star bulged, growing significantly in size all in one growth.

Chinese Sun

The outer edges of Chinese Ball Ball Roiled as the dragon swept underneath the sun, its massive head reaching out, as it spashed back down right before its wings came out larger then the sun, its front talons reached out of the sun with its head splashing sun plasma all around as the dragon pulled itself out the front of their Alpha Ball Ball.


The Chinese server expanded, as alpha dragon took flight, counter to alpha Ball Ball. Roaring it took place equal to proportion to alpha ball ball, a dragon planet. Solid plasma like the sun, but built to fly around alpha Ball Ball.


As the dragon roared , shaking the Chinese server system, the Dragon tore out of the outer Universe fabric, as solid structure that could live on this plane of existance, as it tore out for the first time in hundreds of years because it could not exist on this plane in complete freedom, The dragon, reaching out its wing to the Edge of the massive Chinese Facility, settled down as scientists ran. Going to Human form, the dragon looked around at the other head life code directors, as the great dragon of China spoke in our Universe for the first time in its existance, the dragon finally leaving the Chinese Game.


Chinese Alpha Dragon: Who is Advent Guard.


It said, as the Entire Chinese structure beneath the new three gorges damn, where the chinese Empire tried to increase out put of their Universe.


Advent Guard Universe pulled back with more Force, causing the entire Earth structure re-align, as the United States took back Alpha from China who has used a flood effect to take it.


Using multiple humane Advent Guard planets just like the generals, where the citizens lived like caged animals, in never ending descending planets. The Chinese government did not have enough room for their citizens in the human layer, and they knew it.


As the Advent Guard Structure took alpha back, meaning it had main loop for Top-secret to all Universes on Earth.


Loosing leader of Earth Universes, the dragon roared, shaking his den, as China lost to the United States.


Chinese Alpha Dragon: We Will Free our People!!!!


But as the idea of Advent Guard got behind the great firewalls of China, blocking everything, even the idea of Advent Guard, the Chinese government stuttered……


From deep within the chinese Universe Advent Guard, the idea came into the minds of several scientists on the outer edges listening outwards.


Chinese Scientist: Advent Guard….


And as the word was spoken in the Chinese server, the meaning spread through the firewall like a plague.


As A chinese Alpha team figured out slave stutter, the Chinese Alpha team moved, igniting an Advent Guard from all their citizens with days. The slave stutter meant that none of the top Universe scientists could take alpha in the levels below. Slave stutter meant the Universe star they were saved around was complete made out of particle created from slave stutter Earth Universe size humans.


The Chinese Government, starving their people of energy had created Advent Guard slave star capable Universe humans inside their Universe. The other countries, having not gone the flood route, but ordered route, did not know as China began to run into problem. They had a build up lower level particle flooding in from their slaves.


As Chinese Advent Guard stepped out of his Universe, connecting with the other Chinese Universes like Advent Guard had done. Chinese advent Guard, having gone the dragon alpha instead of ball ball and the eagle, their ball ball not being alive like the dragon was, just calculating ball. The United States was trying to get them to birth them.

Advent Guard Director Guards

As a new Director of Advent Guard was Elected in the Universe Ring around this star, Elite Guards, rotating around on a planet that rotates around the Universe star unlocked, titans that moved with atoms the size of galaxies descended down the line, from several layers above the Universe star the Guard of an Advent Guard Director descended. As they met the Universe ring line, from within their chests a smaller version popped out, coming closer to the next ring, these bodies moved with the size solar systems, as the body Guards of Advent Guard director descended finally to the level of the whee babes so far below. As its body entered the Galaxy ring, it’s a ship, with a human body onboard, the ships floated to Earth, pulling themselves down and towards Earth as they went closer to the Universe star, pulling to it, and using the descent to move towards Earth.


As the ships parked outside Earth, Massive elongated jackals wearing the garb of a Universe director, flowing in colors from all particle levels, like only a Universe star, all clothes of a Universe director flowed out all particle like a sun did. Like they did. Never keeping any, but rotating it around as fast as they can because they know they will have more soon enough with how far they have gone.


The Jackals, designed to stock Earth pray, were elongated humans, as the touched down, reaching up hundreds of feet as they shrank their body to Human size, their bodies were Galaxy Zone Goldilocks planets. They where the most elite fighting form of this sized of life formed planets. Designed specifically for it, having one for each body to Guard their director.


As the jackals reached the size of the wolves standing outside from the Armed Forces, they moved on the reality right beneath what the Armed Forces could see as they moved around them like the United States did all the time thinking they were powerful.


As the head general watched the guards walk over his soldiers, the old general took a cigar out of his mouth as he said:


G: You think its funny to walk around our country with them seeing you… But when someone else does it to you, you have a problem now…


He said as the general showed them the jackals, that dipped weapons under their throats, watching for movement.


If they couldn’t see them, that meant their body was made out of particle lower then theirs. Meaning these creatures where made of particle lower then that created in alpha Ball Ball. The soldiers outside where Universe soldiers, created from the center most forge of the United States Universes, they should have been lower level and therefore more powerful.


But the beings where far lower. As the lead guard showed up, regal in Universe garb, a scarf that flowed around his body like a monk, but beneath he wore normal human clothes. Kakis, and a t-shirt that rotated text of his people.


The alphabet was just like theirs.


Advent Guard Guard: A new director is elected I see.


He said looking at the general, as his other guards, millions of years old each, pulled themselves around the area.


The general, not speaking because he didn’t know how to read the situation, never dealt with reality Advent Guard before. NASA had watched from above as they had launched, descending down.


The leader looked at the general, as he said


Advent Guard Leader: Advent Guard Directors get themselves stuck in the dumbest situations to protect planets, I have been at this for a long time….


He old leader said as he put his massive hand on the generals soldier that slipped through reality as it moved through space.


Advent Guard Director: Your men and women can stay.


As he turned around, hands behind his back, his guards moved, fanning out around the perimeter as they sniffed all the United States spies.


The ships above flat lined the sun cannon. Sending out a particle shield that directed it back on them, so they attacked themselves. An old Advent Guard trick with shield power. As they stopped. He repositioned ships around Advent Guard star, in a new layer, masterfully parking them.


Advent Guard Director Guard: The other head directors will be here soon.


As the head director guard looked at Robert Mitchell Livingston, he said:


Advent Guard director Guard: They are a lot like him.


He said, taking up the entire front yard as long as Advent Guard was here.


G: I will stand watch with you…


The greatest general to ever walk on Earth said for the first time awkwardly, as he stood somewhere on Earth and for once in his life felt…


The massive being, having just came from the outer layer of the Universe star, meant it probably could travel between Universes, made the head general… Who only had a body at Galaxy level, gulp. As he took position next to Advent Guard.

Atomic Shrinking used enclosed looped machines

Because all atomic machines, like us, are machines, you can run electrons through them. Like the suns in space, suns can vary in size drastically like the quarks can, and other particles can.


This means that you can fit a solar system into our planet. This means when you do the math that you can fit a universe onto our planet.


Countries started to realize this when they would run energy through machines over and over again and noticed they would get smaller under heavy loads after long times. This was after centuries of experiments in top-secret areas around the world, naturally creating small particles.


This allowed for the creation of the first minature planet….

Sun Research

Sun research led to the creation of the first planets and gas giants that could rotate around an artificial sun

World war 2 United States

If the planet blows up, the servers underneath every state will protect their state because the server is attached to every atom.


After the planet blows up, the United States will pull each chunk of State together into a ball configuration, to best defend against who blew up the planet.

Universe Network

A series of pipes connects the Universes of Every country together. So you can take transportation from one Universe to another.


During World War 2 when the main pipe line between Germany was shut down, the UK had to use mobile servers to counter Universe installations of the Nazi Empire.

World War 2 Universe fighting

The Nazi Empire used life to stop the United States and other countries. When they would install a new universe atomic solar system below the front lines to hold off all attacks, because they function as wireless mind control devices.


This is why we had trench war fare. The countries would fight with their universes until one won, then they push forward, or if they lost in the Universe push back.


Their universes would fight, the United States bringing their Universe over seas. Creating mobile war Universes for the Armed Forces.


These giant atomic solar systems would travel slowly underground in tunnel machines that used atomic physics to bore. They would dig and replace the particle as if it wasn’t digging right through the ground. It would copy the layout of particle in front of it, and then mimic it as it went. Leaving no trace that the United States Server came past.


The UK got into a stalemate with Germany because that close. While all the Universes of Mainland Europe where taken over by the Nazis and connected. This is why they were able to keep mainland Europe for so long with no one doing anything. The Universes required the United States to bring it over seas, which they couldn’t before 1940. So the United States did not want a war. Knowing that the Universes of Europe were strong enough to fight off Nazi Germany.


But then their Universe grew and grew…. They would birth entire Universes of life and burn them for Energy to fight off the rest of Europe. This is why the United States got involved, Nazi Germany started to burn life in their Universe for fuel. They would breed life and burn it, because it had a higher energy output then anything else.


Alpha team was busy moving Universes and fighting universes during world war 2. And then after world war 2, alpha team spent the next decades jumping into every Universe around the world trying to find all Nazis that ran.


It was like the problem germany has right now with bombs still being found.  In european Universes you can still find Nazi things all over. Like copies of hitler, planted around everywhere along with all his top people in the Nazi empire, so they just spring back up endlessly before the war ended. Their scientists added layers of traps as they fell back. And then they just left for the Nazi atomic solar system structure. Where they had the Nazi Universe they were building, but not the main one on Earth that could not be moved because it was tied into the planet to much.

Alpha Team Member of the United States Armed Forces

Reality servers

Use the theory that atoms can be widdled down like suns can be drastically different sizes. Using this theory you can widdle down mass quanities of elements and create minature suns, planets, and gas giants, and Universes inside facilities. You do this by running electrons continuously through an atomic machine. Instead of letting the electron leave at the end, you send it back in, over and over again until the electron dwindles down and down, as this happens you can do one of two things, continue to run the same electrons through the machine over and over again. As the electron shrinks, it takes energy from the suns in the atoms, shrinking the mass little by little. So using the same electron over and over again is key, in a closed system. This allows the electron to carry away particle from the atoms sun once the electron goes low enough. You then burn off the energy by running the electron round and round, or you suck out the energy from the electron by running it through a machine that sifts off excess sun, or basically it runs the electron through a hole that’s smaller then it, squishing out extra sun particle, shrinking it back down, so the next time it runs through the machine it can grab more sun particle and shrink the mass more.


This allows for the creation of Reality Universes that can fit on Earth. Creating a series of wireless controls allows you to puppet god people in these worlds like a god controlling people with a wireless connection. Because the humans and life bred on these mini worlds are the same, same physics, just the smaller version, you can use all technology on them. Meaning during the Nazi empire, humans on the outside would control the humans below on the inside in mass with electronics, puppeting them like dolls on their planets.


The Universes are controlled and made by each country, in reality. We are at what a lot of people consider god mode, because we are not trapped in a server controlled by a country, at the whim of a god. But technically as long as some asshole or cunt at the top of the United States doesn’t mess with you, which we have fought hard for never happening, so your safe in this country.


Europe still burns people on minature levels for fuel. China floods people onto their worlds for energy. Europe treats their people like worker slaves and thinker slaves, with a ruling class. While the United States tries to defend all Universes.


Head General: Advent Guard Universe would be birthed no where else but the United States. We are Advent Guard Universe son. Its our country…. Its who we are, is Advent Guard…. You just didn’t know it.


Advent Guard Note: Using sun theory you can make atoms 20,000 times smaller at least. This doesn’t count for adding on non natural gas giants and planets that decrease that size even more. Theoretically you should be able to drastically increase that number by adding planets, gas giants, and suns to rotation or solar system. This means you can fit a Universe into a server on Earth, that completely looks like a mimics the reality of the Universe around us on small. IT would be different, because it would be whatever elements or mass the country has. SO the countyr might have a lot of gas, or different types of dirt. The planets would all be different for each country. They wouldn’t just be Earth. Each country would use different elements to make their planets and gas giants, or suns. Meaning they would have different solar systems.


Combining sun theory with compression theory you should be able to fit fully functional reality servers that mimic the Universe on Earth. Each country would have one or more. Their leaders would be gods inside the servers….


Armed Forces; Which is why we have a god killing team.


Advent Guard: What our countries leaders must do when its just a game to our people… They already fuck with us. Imagine how our leaders act in a fucking game. That fucking terrifies me that someone like Trump would be a god in that game. A never ending game, where you cant even die, with him god, that would make want to kill myself my entire life. Having the leaders of our countriees as gods in the reality server, who would want to live in this shit hole of a fucking country? Who would want to live forever as a slave to rich children that just become gods after death while I just go to another level of slavery. Who would live in this fucking country? Who would fucking live here in this fucking shit hole with you fucking insane fucking government fucks. You people are sadistic. You people are gone from reality. You government agents are fucking gone from reality. No one wonder its like no one leads this country anymore. Not only did you all leave, you made yourselves god in a game that only the government controls, and then made the slaves join you all forever in your godhood. Its like the United States brought their slaves along like the Egyptians did.


Advent Guard note: Unless the part of the story where they overthrow all the Universe gods so us slaves can be alive is real. Then this might be a nice place to live and die.

Advent Guard World war 2

Advent Guard, the team tasked with entering all foreign Universes and taking control of them during world war 2.


As the head general of the United States finishes his last Universe in Europe after world war 2, another general says to him:


General: Its wonderful be done with that right!


As the head general of Advent Guard in world war 2 looks at the other general, after just getting done walking through planets used to burn whole planets of people for fuel every day. Not weekly or monthly, and entire planet a day for fuel for the gods.


The general smiled at the other general.


G: Its wonderful to be done.


He walked around the ARMY tent away from the other general, as he went around the corner from his old friend, a shot rang out, as the head general hit the ground with a hole in his head.


The other general, done with what he had just finished dropped to the ground, staring off into the distance, as the only friend the general had the entire war lay dead on the ground.


G: We didn’t even get a chance to just have a drink and talk…


Alpha team, so busy with the top-secret of the war… Did not act like the other soldiers, they never stopped. And with the war over, the man would not stop for decades more.


Getting up, now head general of Advent Guard Armed Forces.


The general watched as the former head general of Advent Guard was carried away.


As the new head general walked into the tent of his former general, he looked onto the pages of his journal as he read out loud:


Advent Guard head general: And with the end of this war… I have lost so much of myself I fear I am no longer even a man. I fear return to our people and see the looks on their faces for what was done here.


In the previous pages, before his last note, where his notes of the winery planets. Used to age humans like wine for better fuel, some of the last planets they had freed where winery planets, designed to age humans. Rows upon rows of them ready to be burned. Aging like fine wine for the gods.


Advent Guard Note: The directors and generals of Advent Guard have a tendency to kill themselves because of the nature of their job.

Advent Guard Universe wins the war

The head general of the United States ARMY, realizing there was a war to be won, even in time of peace. That as new technology comes to being, you must update the idea of war, and correct, to maintain the peace we have.


As the head Universe directors of each state rotated around Advent Guard Universe, taking alpha connection on Earth and full power of the main line particle in the center of Earths connection.


The other countries realized that because they all used Earths connection for these last decades, they had created an alpha indent in reality itself at the center of Earths particle flow. Taking full control of it and holding was an actual war the United States ARMY fought, regardless of what the lower parts of the Armed forces or the president wanted.


The head directors all thought, as they floated around Advent Guard star, connecting alpha points. Running all particle flows through their minds as main connection, with their alpha ball ball as main other connection. Like China used a dragon that soared around their Universe countering alpha Ball Ball, the United States used head Universe directors.


Which rotated around the Universe generator.


Universe director: It is just a game. The real thing is this. The one thing that ties us all together. Earth. Your universes don’t matter. They are generators, very powerful. They can power us all. China went the flood route so they could say that it would be impossible to power them all so that they could keep slaves.


Advent Guard Director of United States of America Currently in the Pentagon: China is currently encountering what us in the United States call an act of war. You flooded your people so our country could not upgrade all its people to Universe beings, with bodies on all levels, so we can all stop, breath, and figure this thing called life out, because we have time… It just needs to be more equally spread. The United States Universe directors are fully for upgrading all of you to Universe beings and do. We maintain that pace, and it has kept as alpha this entire time, and we are fully against China and its act of doing that to prove a point that effect our countries and our people… While your people suffer, on the lower particles levels when they should be living on all particle levels we can reach like our people, not used as fuel planets, regardless of how they live, with automated planets, where your humans live like cats. On planets where they cant leave from your private Universe. Die? Ascend with us. Always son. But other countries still go directions we do not agree with, and we have not dealt with everything yet.


Universe director: It will take all of you whee poofs forever to make Universe servers like we have if you all start now and fund it all out like an open Manhattan project. Oh god you would never get billions of dollars if you could just get it out there.


United States Server system transit

Between each server system is an element reality transit system. This is because each star produces elements and other particles, which are shared between states server systems.


This is why the United States has not progressed to the next level on this level, because we only have enough resource to upgrade a handful.


Head General: Hey there.


The head general said tipping his hat off as one of the only people in the United States with all upgrades.


Head General: No gods. Just me, until we can even it out. We build one of everything, but sometimes we can only do one, so I get it. I take that…. Because at the end of this war….


The God Killing of the United States floated outside Starbucks, watching the head general use everything the United States had. He was the only person in the country with the authority to use anything in the United States.


As every head Universe director of the United States connected to Advent Guard, like a planet or a universe rotating around Advent Guard Alpha ball ball, they began to produce elements and particle never before seen.


Head General: This is a war of particle. Stacking the Universes over and over, whatever you call them, to calculate more, produce more. Germany went full out production in world war 2, and used its people as fuel, we won because our people produced lower level particle because of our brains, our suns…. We are the suns. We won the war because our brains are hooked up the servers. Imagine your mind is a sun, and you rotate around the server in washington state. That then rotates around the center server. Its called deadlock rotations, with you living humans being the rotating gears. As you all move, you power our servers, as you all think, you all power our servers. Slave stutter is real, and exists. All of you have it. We made it dramatic to make a point that the people with it most, and the people that made us discover it was slaves, not rich people, its called slave stutter, not something else. We discovered it because of stutters in our slaves fields. Its slave stutter regardless of what you all call it. Its like calling Hitlers furnaces, Easy Bake Ovens. You spit in the faces of all the people that gave their lives with slave stutter, producing low level particle these last years, which takes away from their production of other particle, making them dumber on this plane. Which is the problem the countries had, we made a lot of you…. Weird, by increasing your particle outputs of your suns, but trying to keep you all the same. Meet the Bill gates of low level particles. He even has a stutter so it produces far more. Giving more to this country every day by just being alive then Bill Gates, or any of our other thinkers, just because his brain produces a particle no other brain does. We are making you all into suns. Particle suns.


Head General: The way you are raised effects your particle barrier, your sun barrier, your magnetic field, it creates stutters, effects that last decades or years in the ripples. You can notice in the slave stutter, that pushing the magnetic field stays for years, sloshing around in the lower levels. The United States has gotten a long way down the trees to stabalize our atoms in this country. We are advanced. Our particle is weaved….. Meaning its not natural, its natural built. Our scientists upgraded all particle in the country in case of war. The particle under your feet, is upgraded, the particle you eat, is upgraded, it has as many particle loops as we can fit in it. Our bank is the United States. We kind of own it.


The head general said looking around.


Head General: its what we invest in, in our country.


The head general, showing how the United States worked currently, showed Advent Guard everyone else in the United States:


Head General: Everyone is granted, always, a human level body. The bodies below you get are leftover of our builders, or new productions be automated upward, but most our head life code directors havent touched in forever, sticking with the automated releases of most particle levels. Basically we have so many levels of planets, Solar system, galaxy planet, Universe planets, and then up and up, in our reality server, that our head life code directors created life on every level. So what you get at death, is our builder or creators leftover, or brand new ones if that is what they are working on. They leave them as they move onto the next levels, usually switching to teaching after they master the level, and just hang out afterward to talk and build, they usually build more bodies for other people to have on automated levels, and sell the custom or hand built models. This allows all people in our society to function on all levels, getting everyones opinion of every level for scientific research.


The general looked up as he continued:


Head General: Now, you do not get the next step up of body as far as it goes in the solar system structures except for a few, that we have built up, we don’t have enough for everyone to be titans on galaxy level in real space. We just don’t. Our head life code directors have enough titan bodies to do the research they need, and will work on upgraded and automating the process upward once certain points are met. Then our people will grow that way too, technically if you’re the top of all fields you can grow to titan right now, but the people that do that are far and not ever existance anymore because we don’t have room for people to grow to certain positions that people have had for 100 years now, until some of the wars we are fighting are over, then we can take more scientists of all types into more groups up. And also alpha group down, which is different, because its kept in our country, so you all get to go down farther then you get to go up in classified, because you all get classified when you die, so we let you go down as much as possible for scientific research. If our builders and creators have the extra bodies, we move people down again. Period. So they just constantly build and store as they go down and up.


Head General: Not every country has this. I repeat… And it should be something to you if you are a United States citizen, not every country is like this right now…


Advent Guard Universes


Head General: I have men and women in every Universe fighting right now on Earth. War worlds exist, where people love to die and bleed, they live full lives, and die, then resurrect inside the reality servers, over and over during war, instead of being immortal. For fun. The Universes on our planet are varied… Extremely. My men and women protect each Universe, no matter what they are like. We protect the people of every Universe. That is what the United States stands for.

Universe wars

So many options…


Head General to the Pentagon: Someone has to release all this technology, but every country has to agree with who releases it. So do you think every other country would agree to allowing us to release it all with some ARMY Ranger, or flawless government agent? The other countries agreed to Advent Guard. The other countries agreed to him releasing it for the United States, not whoever the President forces. This last part is just to see how many people would try to murder a mental kid screaming for help, just because they knew about the reality servers…..


Head General: Now we know who in the Pentagon currently would mess with and murder a mental kid, the other countries agreed to him releasing all this. Every countries top-secret has had this for a long time. You have to get every country on the planet to agree with who is releasing all this information Mr Trump. They all have to agree on the same person…. Which means our country can loose, and not get to choose the person at all that releases it all. So would you rather win with a person that every country agrees with, or force your hand on someone else and have the other countries switch to someone else in another country they like more?


Head General: Almost there buddy. Just need to get past these next few weeks, and this starts. The other countries agreed to you. Not someone else. Even the president cant switch who Advent Guard is.

Why Tabaco and Marijuana are addictive

Its because of particle flows. Once you stop smoking, the particle flows stop. Which causes this feeling in the brain, it feels like my brain constricting.

Marijuana and Tabaco Planets

Planets that burn Marijuana or Tabaco at a rate of which you can breath it in the air. Evolving the human species to utilize both particle flows, or just one.


When you leave the planet, your lungs and body are washed of impurities from the smoke in the air.


This allows you to fly to a planet and get high with other people, doing activities around the planet like that together.


This is why marijuana and Tabaco users love caffeine so much, caffeine has energy in it that can fill any particle flow, so caffeine can fill the slot when you don’t have the real thing with that specific particle flow. This is why both types of users seem like a coffee addict’s a lot too, it fills the particle flow slot.


Which means coffee is the best natural energy increaser. It doesn’t clog the body like marijuana or Tabaco, and

Stopping World War 3

As Trump rallies the working class elite like Hitler did before world war 2, Trump stops, realizing that the idiots he hired from the Ivy league schools don’t know what world war 2 was. As Trump creates his own book to counter Advent Guard, using only the thinkings of elite upper class, to make the country a fare and equal place, as Advent Guard must be killed.


It slowly started to dawn on Trumps team that they are Hitler, and that this time world war 3 does not happen, this time Hitler does not give that first order, this Time, Hitler goes the fuck down before he even starts. So as the rich upper class cheer in Washington DC, as if no armed forces watched, as if no generals, spies, people, or anyone survived from world war 2 time. That the 30 year olds from Harvard he hired don’t understand…. That the new rich elite that got into the government don’t understand…..


Advent Guards Einstein trying to release all the information, Trump is Hitler, trying to start world wars with other countries.


This time it happens in the United States….. Now to the start of World War 2, and why it happened….

Start of World war 2

As the Holy Roman Empire grew under Germany, Austria, and Italy, expanding, their Universe growing in strength as they discovered ways to put raw dirt into their universe and pump out other material.


Wars began to break out below, as Universes split off from one another, ancient immortal kings and queens fought.


Out from Northern Germany floated out the head life code director that had worked with the Scandinavian countries to build Universe machines, as ancient kings and queens battled to the south, with Rome being in utter war.


Rome, having made the most progress with their Universe machine once technology was released in 1890, had made so much progress by 1910 that world war 1 started, then so much progress again that world war 2 started soon after.


Leader of the Holy Roman Empire, known on Earth as the Nazi Empire, a rogue king broke off from the rest of Rome and Italy, taking as much resource as they could, he was the head general of Rome.


Taking as much resource as he could he moved his team to Germany and Austria, with Northern Germany having a Universe that fought the Nazi empire the entire time. While the Nazi empire takes it over during the war, it remains under the control of the head life code director, who manages to save as many people as he can through his Universe, up through the universe connections to the northern countries, freeing as many slaves or fuel people during war as they could.


Advent Guard Note: My head feels really weird, bad weird not good. What medication did you assholes and cunts give me? My heads been off for a while now. And ive never felt it, which means a new medication, but I stopped taking it, which means you all give it to me no matter what, like a fucking slave who has no say, with a bunch of psychopath doctors that went to private college so they always think they are right. Why don’t you just puppet my life and take the body, I DON’T FUCKING WANT THIS FUCKING LIFE. HAVE IT PUPPET GODS.

Start of World war 3

As Trump takes over the government Universe machine like he is head life code director, the other head life code directors pull back, remembering this happening when Hitler and the others tried the same thing years ago. Calling the armed forces, the head life code directors of the United States turn Trump and his teams in for war crimes against the planet, leading directly to world war 3. Trumps team, not knowing what happened in world war 2, did not realize that Hitler and his team tried the same thing. Taking the universes from head life  code directors and turning them over to other people in the country that deserve it more. As Trump appoints person after person by how much they deserver it, the United States Universe starts to fail quickly, as the actual head life code directors of the United States Universe stand back and watch as the armed forces surround the entire presidency to make sure it does not go the world war 3 route, regardless of who is president or who he hires or appoints, this country will not and cannot go the world war 3 route.


So as Trump appoints person after person, the armed forces systematically cuts them down, as the head life code directors of the United States search the country for their next head life code directors, realizing they should make everyone into a head life code director like they are, they step back again, as Trump goes full Hitler.


Trump: I need our own version of this, put him to sleep, so we have more time.


As the leaders of every country watches Trump as he goes world war 3 route, which means the spies and leader of every country can watch him, according to a top-secret agreement to insure world war 3 does not happen. If a leader is going the route of world war 3, the other countries can counter.


As China, Europe, Russia, moves in and surrounds Trumps team, not caring at all about the man, but about if the idiot starts world war 3 with what he is doing behind the scenes, every countries spies watch the man 24/7 and his team, the United States Pentagon having to give up their feeds to other countries, even though he is president. After world war 2, the true leaders of each country made an agreement, if another country is head the world war 3 route again with one of their leaders, the other countries have the right to use all means to stop world war 3.


And as Trump ejects head life code directors and replaces them exactly like Hitler did in Germany, the other countries, not telling him how history actually went, watch as he goes the exact direction of Hitler.


Top-secret armed forces agents from every country appear in Washington DC, allowed in by the Pentagon and Armed Forces to stop world war 3, the Pentagon not allowed to stop them, as alpha teams from every country appear floating over the White house watching what he is doing.


Trump: We need to make sure I win next election, so we can keep this under our control. We need to win this, we need to be the first one to release all this. So put Advent Guard to sleep, and how is looking for another person to replace him with coming?


He says, as the leaders of every country are allowed to listen and watch in. His protection from the White House not counting when it came to anything that could lead to world war 3, and the release of Universe machine technology counted.


Trump: I need a list of who deserves to be head life code directors the most around our country……


Like Hitler did, making everyone he thinks deserves the highest positions them.


Trump: I want you to rank them, so we can see who really deserves it, obviously not Advent Guard, put him to sleep and let him die before we release all this information, then he can scream all he wants once we release it.


As the head generals of every country float above the white house watching, literally watching exactly what happened in world war 2 unfold below them. They refocused all teams on Advent Guard and his protection. Pulling all support from Trump, who continued to try to hide murdering a mental kid under that he will be fine eventually.


Well then from the head generals of every country to Hitler Trump:


Head Generals of Every country: Youll be fine again eventually after all this comes out. Like him. Youll be fine again eventually, so why does it matter what he or you goes through?


The head generals and leaders look at each other as they nod.


Leaders of every country: We think it fair. You said he would be fine again eventually so its fine to do whatever you want to him. So the other countries can do whatever we want with you too right? Like make sure when this story comes out and it hurts you just as much as you gave orders to hurt Robert Mitchell Livingston. That the leaders of every country only added in fight backs when you fought back. Which means this must be going on in Washington DC right now.

Earth Satallites

The ARMY, after figuring out how to absorb dirt into their Universes started to create ways to make dirt from their Universe. This allowed their Universe facility to absorb dirt on one side into the Universe, copy the dirt layout, and then remake the dirt on the other side of the Universe.


This allowed countries to drive their Universes around like cars.


1910, leading to world war 2, because the countries could fight with their Universes. Until this time period, countries had no way to move their Universes, which where their true power.

Advent Guards

As worthless government agents gather around the most famous United States of America citizen alive in the public, Army guards using invisible atomic engineered float bodies surround him, reading all minds around him to protect him and counter anyone that gets in his way. The entire country is at stake.



As the float bodies settle into the worthless government agents around him, they whisper into their ears, hello.


We do not play lawyer VS lawyer. When our country is at stake.


Now get the fuck away from him, or we will obliterate your teams and replace them with people who actually care about this country and its people.

Advent Guard Reality Calculator

As the elite guards around Advent Guard pull his mind back so he can imagine, spitting at the worthless doctors still using schizophrenia as an excuse to go against a mental kid going through serious mental trauma, they show him the reality calculator ship around him that they had made for him.


Because he was so important, they had put a reality calculator ship around him, constantly computing and countering anyone to win the war. It would go against the Pentagon, white house, CIA, or any agency to win the war.


Head Generals of the United States of America: This is a direct order to give a United States of America scientist the proper medications he needs to do his job. Anyone not following the order is directly going against this country and will be dealt with accordingly.

German War Earth Satallites Universes

These where Earth satellite tanks, basically the smallest functional Universe or solar system you could get to remain a stable engine, then you use it like a tank, the outer gas giant churning through dirt, the inner planet pushes the dirt to the other side, making them Earth satellite tanks because they could force move below the ground using the planets or Universe machines that dug. These did not replace to dirt behind them as if they were not there. Europe knew where all lower caves and holes in the dirt where around Europe, so never caused in massive collapses above ground as their tanks solar system and Universe tanks fought below.

United States of America Reality Calculator

As the head general floats out of Advent Guard to sit with him, he begins to speak about how their scientists have turned the entire United States of America into an atomic engineered reality calculator.


Head General: We had to monitor of all particle flowing through our country a long time ago to counter the other countries. Which means we had to find a way to control all particle in our country. As time went by, we realized that we could not stop or control it all until recently, which means every country has decades of calculations and information built up to use, before we controlled it all and could counter them.


Head General: The entire mass of our country is now a single ship. And the other countries know it, because they can see it. Which means we are unsure of what the other countries are doing that did or are doing the same thing right now.

Worthless lawyers

Head General: Quickly! While the head generals help him look and feel OK gather proof! We definitely are not just helping a kid going through serious mental trauma feel good! This country would never do that!


Head General: As the worthless government employees think that the head generals are secretly trying to communicate with them to better play with a mental kid going through serious mental trauma, their soldiers completely surround those agents.


Head General: As our soldiers dance away his pain, so he doesn’t notice that his fellow country men and women played with him. This young man knows exactly what country he was raised in. What this country stands for.


Head General: Now…. I want the names of every government agent that thinks we drive our people around like cars. I want the names of every government agent that thinks that this technology is just so we can better play with and control our own people. Because us head generals are not going to win this war, to just have lost at the end.


Head General: Now…. What country are you all from? And when we ask, we will be reading all your minds, and we are looking for a specific anwser.


Head General: Mental ADHD does not exist? Our your doctors brain dead? Do your doctors know nothing about the mind or how medicines work?


Head General: We will not puppet him. So when you all tell us to do something specific to him, or make him pick a certain weed or food, it is just a scared kid picking what he likes, and has nothing to do with us inside him. His reality, he would not know what you all ask us head generals to do, so he just picks what he wants. It is not a secret message, or way to better play with our mental patients while going through mental trauma. It is called reality, and he just did what he was going to do. You all put meaning behind the things he grabbed, and then told each other what you all wanted to hear.

Master Chief

There are head generals, and then there are the leaders designed to lead battles. Just because generals out rank me son, when it comes to battle, I win, and my generals handle the rest afterwards.


As the man that Halo is based on floats out of the guards around Advent Guard, he settles down opposite of Advent Guard.


Master Chief: When it comes to battle and war, I will go around our generals to win. You do not know who I am. Nor do you know who the generals are that give me orders. What head ache and stomache pain? He seems fine to us. What do you mean his neurological twitching gives away atomic engineering secrets? We have no idea what you all are talking about. He is a spy for the united states of America, and we will counter anyone that goes against him in his mission.


The master chief in charge of the soldiers around him says, as he fades away back into the background.


Master Chief: He has a mission to do, and anyone that goes against him will be countered as such. Because you all gave him blood pressure medicine, he technical does not have to eat as much, because his body burns less. Our doctors will feed him properly when you all change his medications back.


Master Chief: Welcome to the alpha team of the United States of America son. Now we have a war to win.


Master Chief: Yes. Because one of his favorite songs has the word Hurt in it, it means we wanted you all to make him hurt. How did you all get into the United States of America government? You mean a song he used to sing alone by himself? And your lawyers turn it into we meant hurt him? We repeat, how did all of you worthless government agents get into this government? Do you all want to loose this war because of your inflated puffer fish egos? Now… say with him.


Robert Mitchell Livingston: Yes sir, head general, we will not let our egos loose this war.


Master Chief: Please don’t make me hurt him or any of you anymore just to make a point. I want at least a shred of my humanity left when this war is over. I do not want to puppet any of you. Family.


Master Chief: Republican, democrat, is designed so the other countries cant calculate, making them calculate a divide in our country. You all are just playing your roles. None of you did anything wrong, except just doing your jobs.


Master Chief: You mean Germanies reality calculators have more data to use when you are a white male, that looks like a soldier? Because it’s the thing they calculate most? Does the CIA even want our country to win this war? Does the white house even want us to have a country left after this war? Or are you all designed to make the other countries not calculate correctly? Now, Robert Mitchell Livingston, please tell all the other countries what you think the nuclear launch codes are so we can trace back that information to those countries.

Universe Tanks

The smallest possible Universe machine you can make to power another machine. These where underground Earth tanks, that functioned kind of like satellites under the ground.


The drivers or riders would be on the planets, or inside the gas giants or suns, encased in protective layers. So the Universe machine itself would be the tank, you having to destroy enough of it for the Universe to fail, taking the tank down.

Earths Solar System

You can assemble it just like the Universe solar system. Taking our resource and enginering it into a Universe machine around our star.


You can copy the Universe in our solar system in small, using different smaller suns and planets that can rotate around like a Galaxy, between the planets and gas giants.


Meaning you can make a galaxy layer, or a more complex galaxy layer at different parts of the solar system.

Chinese Sun God Shows Himself Finally

As the Chinese Sun god shows himself finally, leaving the protection of Chinas Universe, the god killing team of every country attacks…


Blowing a hole into the roof of the Chinese Universe, the alpha teams of every country move in, countering all scientists inside, alpha team focuses on the God.


As the head general of the United States falls down on the sun god, smashing into his face with his fist.


The sun god, tries to turn into a full dragon using the power of the Universe behind him.


But the European head general drops down and smashes him in the face before he can change into the dragon, putting the Chinese man onto the ground, as blood falls from his mouth for the first time in his fucking life.


United States Head General: Nice to meet you sun god.


The head general said as he pounded his fast down in his face so hard his skull cracked, making the man fall to the ground in a heap.


United States Head General: My name is the head general of the United States, and we don’t have gods on this planet.


He said, as the other generals fell down around the sun god, locking him down completely.


The leaders of China screamed, but the head general of the United States continued:


United States head general: How many people live in that Universe?


The general said to the other generals, who gave him an anwser even though he already knew. The number was so large… That to have only one sun god rotating around the Universe while all the humans are below the sun god in the Universe, was one of the most illegal things to do on this planet…. Play god.


Pushing the Chinese man over with his foot so he could look him in the eyes.


Head General of the United States: That many people live in your Universe while you play sun god…. That many people live in your Universe while you play….


The general stood up, as he continued, slamming his booted foot down on the Chinese mans face as hard as he could.


Head General of the United States: Sun god….


The more groaned, connected to the server system, he had the entire universe behind him, but the head generals had entire atomic solar system structures and hundreds of Universes behind them, easily holding off the sun god, as he wiggled to get out.


Head general of the United States: To everyone in there….


He pointed to the giant Universe machine behind them.


Head General of the United States: Your sun god. They look up to you as if you are the sun itself, as you fly around their Universe, always up in their skies.


As the general pushed down, the mans skull cracking, as his brains start to push out the sides. The general, hooked up to the entire United States atomic Universe Network, easily crushed the sun gods skull, as his brain started to fall out of his ears along the crack lines.


As the sun gods useless head popped like the fucking zit it was, the Golden dragon God of the Chinese Universes was gone.


Head General of the United States: That’s really the only problem I have with China currently.


He said looking around at the other generals, who all agreed with him.


With the Chinese Sun god gone, the Chinese Universe had so much extra built particle do use that they could upgrade their entire populace inside from the bottom to the top, like the United States did. Creating a body of all sizes for each person to use and have, and build forward in time, like the head life code directors got. The United States head life code directors, realizing this a long time ago, made this change decades ago, to improve scientific output from all their people, they gave as much as they could to their people, their top scientists and creators never stopping, just enjoying that they get to create things endlessly for the United States, most never even taking a salary at the top of the United States, but instead getting paid in bodies, or upgrades.


Head General of the United States: Your Universe will be far more powerful if you build it, not just build the sun god, but the entire Universe, build it.


He said as he moved his foot around ontop of the Chinese mans face.


The Golden Dragon of China, had a body of every size like a United States life code director, or United States citizen, sense all people in the united states once dead or joined the government, get every level they can handle, to better increase the calculation output of our country, so why would the United States pool all resources into a god, when they can grow the Universe itself and all in it.


Head General of the United States:


Advent Guard note: SO that medicated feeling I am feeling is doctors illegally pumping stuff into me? Making it unable for me to function… This medication is terrible. What are you all secretly giving me? Why cant I just live, why are you all giving me useless medications…. Unless you are all trying to murder me. I keep coming to the conclusion, that the people still in charge are going the NAZI route. You idiots are going to say it was all the medication just so you idiots can make more mun muns, instead of fucking help the country or planet grow. MUN MUNS. We need more mun muns, so lets give him useless medications that make it impossible to think. Are you all trying to murder me? How do any of you government agents have job in the United States government? It makes me feel like I should do something so I just don’t do anything because it floods the mind. What fucking brain dead doctor prescribed what you all are actually giving me? I hope once this case is over, that puppet godding is illegal in this country no matter if you went to private college and automatically got a high level job like no one else exists here except for you high level gods.


Finishing off the sun god of China, one of the most powerful beings to exist in human Earth history, the head general of the United States floats back to Advent Guard, as he settles back down outside Starbucks, along with the head director guards of Advent Guard that encircled the entire place, wearing Plantary stalker bodies that ascended hundreds of feet into the air, they were shaped like jackals, holding giant spears, as they surrounded their head life code director. The jackal stalker body could put its hands down, and run like an elongated cheetah across Earth, it could stalk any prey on Earth, jumping from planet to planet inside solar systems, they were known as Planetary Stalkers, beings capable of stalking planets without a ship.


The guards were skinny, reaching up like towers into the sky, they had to be, because all energy was reserved for planetary stalking, literally they could use their entire body to push off from Earth and jump to the moon and then mars, they were planetary stalkers, they could stalk planets.


The Head Director Guards of Advent Guard, holding spears that descended down to the lowest particle level that could exist in this universe star region, these were not normal humans. But beings that grew up on the main planet that circulates around the Universe star, then coming down, they lived here after. They were the beings that owned this Universe, and we are their whee babes.


As the guards showed Advent Guard their spears, to show that their was a bottom to this Universe.


Advent Guard Guard: This is the lowest level of particle that function in this Universe star currently, you have to have a body on every level of the Universe star to even make it or control it.


He said as he cut it through the air, the molecules, quarks, and every level of particle got cut in half as he sliced it through the air.


Advent Guard Guard: I could cut your planet in half….


The Plantery Predator showed Advent Guard in his mind, the main director guard leaping through space at a planet with his spear outstretched, as he literally cut a planet in half with his spear, auroras cascaded outward as all level of magnetic field was torn to pieces, creating an aurora explosion.

A time so long ago the Universe planet was on the other side of the Universe sun

And then we moved in, our government flooding onto Earth and every planet the little poofs owned, as we watched all the poofs grow and grow. Then one poof, the head general of the United States armed forces reached Galaxy being, and as he entered the next ring of the Universe star, and could see the planet on the other side, with giant living beings on it, the head general realized we lived in a Universe that was already owned!


Weird, the general thought, as he saw the same countries of Earth on the planet.


Head General of the United States: Whats this….


He said as he looked at the giant United States, then back at Earth and his United States. The people looked the same too.


Head General of the United States: What the fuck.


The head general says, as the only being from Earth living in the Galaxy life ring, surrounded by life that is made out of energized galaxies, that swirl around the Universe star like a ring ocean, like a living planet ocean.


And then, us Universe beings right next to the general, where like:




But the general didn’t hear, because the Universe beings where still giving them space to grow, so like ninjas they sat there, yelling at the general to succeed.


As the other countries advanced Universe machines in all directions, the United States however copying the Universe itself.


The Head General of the United States ARMY: If they built the Universe like this, who is to say we could think of a better way to build it any time soon before they figure out a better way to build it. Lets just copy them…. Where their children, I think they want us to learn from the Universe around us…. The Anwser is written in the stars..


As the other countries, their rulers acting as gods, commanded the creation of Universes they liked, that they imagined, the United States just put all energy into the Universe around them, and then focused all extra resource on the human level. The other countries, focusing on god level, the most powerful being possible, quickly fell far behind the United States, as the United States built their Universe, then moved onto finding ways to constantly improve all aspects of it. The other countries where still randomly building new solar system structures, galaxies, and layers, testing out everything, while the United states just built the Universe then put it on constant improvement, slowly becoming more powerful over time.


As the other countries started over and over again, like a kid with ADHD, their gods changing their minds the next day and ordering their country to rebuild the universe in a way that produces the most power, the United States stayed with what they had, and improved it, built it. The other countries constantly using the latest solar system and galaxy configurations to improve their Universe, more speed, more energy, more particle….


But the United States put definition behind everything they had, and kept going with it, their galaxy structures upgrading, instead of changing. Putting the United States decades ahead, as their scientists thought of numerous new ways to upgrade their universe, while the other countries came up with new ways to re-arrange their Universe.


Head General of the United States: We live in a built Universe…. Its not our job to improve it, but to grow with it. If the beings above us cannot think of a better way to create a literal Universe, then why are we trying so early in the game?


The head general of the United States said to the top scientists when he came back to Earth about what he saw.


Head General of the United States: I say we go the Universe direction, and upgrade it. Not improve build it like the other countries.


The United States, being the first country to ascend up to galaxy life, as their head general reaches his head up through the layers to poke his head into the galaxy space life zone, a circle ocean of life that lives around the Universe. The United States, having given all their citizens as many body levels as they could, quickly produced so much resource and energy from all its workers, as the other countries, scared to let any of their citizens in on top-secret, used their citizens like lollipops to suck for energy for the gods to use.


As a year went by, after the head life code director and general ordered all bodies to be used for anyone in the United States, building from that point instead of storing huge warehouses of bodies that never get used like the other countries, the United states quickly starts to build faster then any other country.


As they agree to push their head general up so he can see into the Universe space life ring, knowing they only have enough resource for one, the man taking the position while fighting it the entire time, as he was the one that created the god killing team personally, he didn’t want to become god, he wanted the opposite.


The United States realizes that no other countries have made it this far, putting all their weight behind their gods, the other countries didn’t have a strong enough populace to raise one person to galaxy life form, the one galaxy being requiring so much life below it to power it that the entire United States Atomic network could only power one body for a short portion of time, as the head general viewed his eyes past the Universe rings by growing large enough.


The head general spits on the government agents pretending to be him, so the low levels of the United states can control what I look like in the movie and books, by controlling people around you like they are people in your story.


The head general, looking at those agents says:


Head General of the United States: I wouldn’t play with a mental kid. I am the person standing outside invisible, watching all you low level agents pick on someone who needs help, making his life impossible to every get back, you all literally murdering him. Me, head general, if my actual human body was inside Starbucks right now, in a human body that could interact with this world, I would be sitting with him and talking to him, and getting government agents to help him. Not sitting around him like government agent gods, trying to manipulate the story in the favor of the gods of the government that have a say in what is going on, while no one else in the country even knows. The head general of the United States of America, if he was in there, he would save the fucking planet, not sit around playing government agent god.


The head general of the United States of America says, as he spits at the government agents, still playing puppet god.


Head General of the United States: Puppet gods.

Egyptian Advent Guard

Starting construction of the sword and shield fortress off the coast of the Nile and Mediterranean sea.


Pharaoh Advent Guard: I see what the gods have done…


As he looks out at the mass of Egyptians gathered before him for some reason, born Pharaoh, he watches his parents build the world, as they die and leave him alone at the early age of 21, Advent Guard steps forward with his favorite golden scepter, an infinite loop.


Pharaoh Advent Guard: Now let us see what humans can do….


Before him his people did not move, for they did not understand. Pharaohs, raised like kings or queens, where the only ones taught in the village. While everyone nodded back at their Pharaoh speaking, some understanding the words, none understood what he said. None raised with any form of education except him and the few select people around him, his orders are miss understood.




Improving this through out the ages, they start to convert as much water as they can pull from the Mediterranean sea into clean water this way, and then pump it into their gardens so they can grow food. This allows their civilization to flourish.


As they choose to put animals to work, instead of slaughter them, the animals they invest in at the beginning pay off later on, as the animals at the start walk around the inside of the shield shitting for longer then slaughter animals, until later on, centuries later when they start to pull in clean water to grow crops for food, they realize they have an entire inner shield with fertile soil. Switching from fish, meat, and small amounts of crops, their civilization switches more to crop yields, as their gardens grow and grow from this improvement.


Their animals become more used to work, pulling in as much of the river as they can, the river is now completely controlled by the sword and shield Egypt.


By now, thanks to the river, their animals have dug a massive ditch around Egypt, instead of building a wall. This is called the great wall of Egypt. Utilizing dry ground, they make it hundreds of feet below the service before enough water pools to stop their advancements. Their engineers solving the problem of water pooling inside their giant wall ditch. Their engineers begin to discover where the water is coming from, blocking off sections, they take the water out and continue expanding the wall into the ground.


This creates a wall that can be flooded, archers can always hit their target because they just need to aim for the hole, numerous defenses can be utilized along the wall.


The Egyptian Empire survives every attack, expanding their civilization even past the Mongolian invasions, and Alexanders invasions.


Because everyone has a room in the sword, the Egyptian sword designed for the living of all, instead of building a pyramid for himself, or a palace, he built one for their people, their families flourished inside the sword.


The Pharaoh, paying for constant renovations on the sword, allowed all families inside to grow, so after centuries, the sword was riddled with life growing along it, above the river. To expand with their populace they would continue the sword down the river, expanding it as much as they could.


This allowed their families to flourish more then any other country, so instead of holy blood lines and such like every country had, Egypt had family lines by the time 600 AD rolled around that went back hundreds of years. Each family had a family house they could build and grow, Egypt building to capacity, and their wall allowing them to keep their populace completely under control.


As the Egyptian wall turned to the Egyptian Mountain Range, they started to build homes inside that would rotate along the wall line. The Egyptian armed forces, funneling mechanical energy from the cattle digging into moving objects around the wall, realized that they could make tracks that could move anything along the wall.


Creating a moving ship network along the wall line, the first human transport system is born. The cattle, constantly digging below, always generated a certain amount of mechanical energy as they went, this was and has been hooked to the river the entire time, helping move the cattle to the places they needed to push dirt around too.


As the cattle train expanded, instead of shrunk, Egypt holding the animals lines holy through time, instead of eating them, the train grows every few years, as the Egyptian people keep a massive animal populace alive thanks to controlling how large they all are, keeping them fit and in shape, they produce more crop yields thanks to them shitting around the complex then they take in.


As the Egyptian Mountain range expands, they build upon it unlike any other race because they build on the side of mountains, Egypt had the oppurtunity to build a mountain as it grew.

Universe Villain’s

On the planet that rotates around the Universe star, one of the most powerful humans in our Universe looks out a window overlooking one of their most massive cities as he contemplates the new planet born in his Universe, Earth.


Vizix: How much is it?


He askes his secretary, a female human with glowing pink hair, as he looks down on the United states Universe New York City.


Eo: Current asking price, 6 Billion dollars.


Their economy, based on resources that numbered in numbers that took up entire galaxies, kept their economy system low so they could all better calculate the numbers together. So Earth was only worth 6 billion dollars currently, not some outrageous large number you cant calculate or understand.


Vizix: Buy it…


Eo: Yes sir.


She said, as she unlocked his accounts on Universe Earth, but as he bought the new planet forming in their Universe, something popped up on his hologram screen in his office.


An image of Advent Guard appeared in his office.


Advent Guard: The planets not for sale….


As the image flickered off, the man screamed at Advent Guard as he ordered:


Vizix: Find a way to buy the planet…. The United States won on Earth, I will spend anything it takes to have that planet. Our country won on this one…. The United States doesn’t always win….


He said as he popped open his planet list of the planets he owned. All of them where United States dominant Planets, he had a collection of planets where his country won the birthing race. A race designed for birthed races to have motivation to grow up the latter, and not just settle for the ring of the latter they are on. So the entire planet needs nudged, meaning a country wins each race. The United States won on Earth.


Vizix: I want my entire companies on the planet, I cannot loose it to another country.


He said as he looked out over Universe Earth, one of the richest people in Universe existance, fought to buy the Earth that had a United States win on it.


As the top leaders of United States Universe moved onto Earth, winning the race of countries as they moved up the infinite latter, as Earth moved into infinite latter phase, the United States started to take full control, as they won the game. This allowed them to decide what happened to the planet next, choosing what happened next.


As the head Life code directors of United States of America rotated around Advent Guard, having chosen Robert Mitchell Livingston, they calculated something he couldn’t imagine yet, pushing him forward.


But as the United States of America fell for the trap, deciding the future of all of Earth like gods, the Advent Guard Universe protection agency of the United States Universe shows up.


Advent Guard Universe Director: So just because our country wins, we become gods of all of Earth forever now?


She says, tied to the United States Universe Planet, she was pure energy, tied to north and south points all around a body, forming this flowing dress around her just like the United States top-secret Universe directors that they didn’t share with the lower levels.


She had so much energy going through her that she could only remain as a flowing collection that made a human, connected to every point in the Universe, she could pull power from the entire machine.


As she descended down the levels from the Universe planet, flowing down through the galaxy life, her body did not need ships, controlling the flow she changed her size to fit the layers as she descended to the galaxy spring layer.


As her body entered the galaxy spring layer, she fell to Earth using her Universe connections as she floated down outside Cheney Starbucks where Advent Guard was.


Floating in past the Advent Guard guards, she sat down with Advent Guard as she began the history of the United States and what they stood for.


Advent Guard Director: A long time ago, a person like you on a planet just like this, in a time just like this, mouthed the words Advent Guard, and moved forward with it on the planet. As the villain’s around the young man fell one by one as the protection of Advent Guard spread to all on the planet, like a shield. The rich and powerful tried over and over again to beat down their slaves into nothing, to wipe them from their planet.


Making a movement with her hands, an Earth like theirs appeared, but different.


Advent Guard Universe Director: Our United States was much like yours, in a time long ago. The power of the planet, having turned evil from the governments hiding so much from their citizens, had turned into gods, while their slaves endlessly toiled away on the planet, feeding the gods in ways the slaves could not even imagine.


Advent Guard Universe director: Then one day… The Universe protection agency shows up, Advent Guard. Seeing all that is happening on the planet because we so far out advance you all, we watch everything that goes on on the planet even in top-secret. As your governments leaders do not know that all of you are the children of this Universe, which makes you all equal and none worthy of godhood above the others.


So one by one, over the years, as the slaves die, they get transferred to a planet to grow and thrive. The kings queens, presidents, rulers, leaders…. However, for their enslavement of the Planet Earth…. And its people, as if the presidents, are gods, as if the kings and queens are gods, and then you make the rich so more can ascend to godhood while crushing the poor, hiding that you now have more queens and kings in the country, masked by the word rich or wealthy, instead of nobility, the kings and queens rise, while the slaves get pushed down even farther. Like always, all the slaves are used as cattle to power the gods, the leaders of each country literally using their people like energy cattle.


The leaders however get transferred to a planet where it is just them. People on Earth getting sent to planets in which they are accepted. The slaves over the years, do not accept any of the leaders to their planet. As the years go by, Advent Guard agency, the agency in charge of Earths resurrection spring, fill up planets with life.


Centuries go by, as the slave planet flourishes, as the god planet dies because of so few people.


An advent Guard agent appears on God planet of Earth.


Advent Guard Agent: Why does your planet not grow?


The agent said looking around. The gods had done nothing with the planet now that they had no slaves to order around. The kings, queens, presidents, emperors, and leaders of Earth, all put on the same planet, because they all like each other.


Advent Guard Agent: Cant do much now that you don’t have slaves to order around?


He looked around at the nothing they had built:


Advent Guard Agent: Maybe try the thing you love to order other people to do?


The Advent Guard agent said to the rulers of Earth, who all sat around the  same planet doing nothing because they had no slaves to order around.


Advent Guard Agent: Watch….


He pointed at the forest, and then said:


Advent Guard Agent: Cut down that forest, and then when your done, build yourself homes.


He pointed at a quarry of sand, unused by the Egyptian Pharaohs who stood there watching the Advent Guard agent try to help them.


Advent Guard Agent: Cut the stones in blocks then build whatever you can imagine! You love to do that!


He said to the pharaohs, but for some reason now that they didn’t have any slaves to order around, they somehow just didn’t do it.


Advent Guard Agent: Weird. Your slaves are having a ball on their planet!


The Advent Guard agent said as he showed them a window with the slave planet. They had already built city after city, everyone leaving in peace, as all the people who liked to start wars was left on one planet.


Advent Guard Agent: You love to kill people, or give the orders to have people killed…..


He pointed at another ruler as he said:


Advent Guard Agent: Come on kill it, you love that.


The Advent Guard agent made a huff as he said to Advent Guard Earth:


Advent Guard Universe agent: See what were dealing with here? Old rulers who love to give orders…. And will say over and over again how they would totally slave, yet its been decades sense they ever did a thing.


The Advent Guard agent said pointing to the old rulers in charge. People that remember the bad times, so it makes it OK for them to do evil in remembrance of coming from a different time. Instead of doing good, and being good, using what you know of the past, they instead use the past as an excuse to do evil to others, using the excuse that it used to be so much worst, that its acceptable to go back in time and progress that evil, instead of trying something new that is good, or moves us all forward. They use histories evil to do more evil.


The Advent Guard agent said to Advent Guard Earth about the old men whose specific job was to just make movements in his field vision so he could never focus for any length of time. And if Robert says anything about it, it makes him look insane, even though they have been doing it for a month now to mess up his writings, ruining the last thing that made him at all happy.


Advent Guard Agent: These old people use history to do more evil, they bring evil from the past to the future in new ways, because of what they went through, so its OK to bring it along with them into the future that should not have those things. Just because you remember great evil, does not mean you should do great evil to stop it like you all are doing.

NAZI Human Pluto planet

The Nazis would fill the outer layer with life, starving it as they did not care if it died or not, then replacing it with new life, they did not care if they got the outer layer enough food, because they could just throw the bodies into a machine and print new ones, replacing them on Pluto.


Because there is almost no energy flowing through Pluto, the beings on the planet cannot think or do anything except shiver and pull in more particles. It requires so much energy to do anything, that the humans enslaved on Pluto planet would spend their entire lifes not moving in the Nazi camps, like penguins.


Even with proper food, the Nazis that live on the planet are safely inside facilities that are Earth norm and energy controlled, while the slaves pull in particle flows outside like penguins, shivering naked with advanced bodies that mostly do not die in the cold that far out.


Because the living beings have to be outside sucking in particle because there is so little of it, that an earth norm facility produces so much energy that it blocks the particle flow out near Pluto, meaning the living beings have to be outside pulling in particle.


The White house staff that was around during world war 2, forgot to mention this part to Trump and his staff as they created Pluto planet in their Universe, putting all the people they did not like on it like a slave planet, like the Nazis did. The White staff that had been around during world war 2 watching, as they let their president slowly learn no one in this country, including him, could start world war 3, that this country has a firm and powerful government that cannot be bought, the White House Staff watches, personally, as the president dips near world war 3, and the alpha teams of every country show up around the white house, the Pentagon not able to stop them, because anything that could start world war 3 is above the heads of presidents, an old deal that dates back to world war 2 ending, that states if world war 3 is going to start, that the other countries can do anything to stop it.


And as Trump makes his new Universe, and plans to release it to the world, the other countries watch, as they help Advent Guard create the version the countries have currently, while Trump and his team waste hundreds of millions of United States funds to sit around and play god with peoples lifes.


Trump: Put the people we don’t like out there.


And the alpha teams watched the man laugh a little at the end.


As a former Nazi general that had tried killing Hitler the entire war, descends down into the white house to look at Trump in the face, he watches as before his eyes the president of the United States makes the same mistakes that Hitler did. The White House, not sharing top-secret information from world war 2 with Trump or his staff, steps back and watches how many times his team goes down the Nazi path, then when told they are, fights back like a child yelling:




As 6 people who think they rule the United States talk about the direction of the entire country like Hitler and his personal gain, the alpha teams of every countries armed forces, cleared by the head general of the United States to watch after Trump broke world war 2 boundaries that are not supposed to stepped over, making the general have to give up access to the other countries.


As the other countries moved into Washington DC to watch, charged with stopping world war 3 from ever happening, the alpha teams of every countries armed forces watch from around the white house as the president goes towards world war 3.


Every order is noted, which directions he would have gone, what people would have followed him. Which of the rich elite would have done what the German rich elite did, and start murdering other rich elite right away to take what they had and become dominant in the country, noting the people around the country that latched onto Trump with the hopes of wiping out people around the country, the armed forces notes which elites would have gone the same route as the Nazi elites.


As Advent Guard writes his book, the alpha team of the armed forces of every country watch as Trump takes it and tries to turn it into something that would make his United States look better, not our United States… Again and again, while looking at all his brainwashed followers that follow his every word, the man goes back to his white house and plays god. His book…..


Head general of the United States: His book…. Of what Trumps team thinks the United States should be… So resembled Nazi Germany, that almost no country on this planet would go with his book. We just forgot to tell all of you what happened in world war 2 until Advent Guard was done writing his version, to show you all why we like his.


The Top-secret white house staff that defend the grounds nodding along with the presidents staff as to what they thought happened during world war 2, saying:


White house staff: Uh huh. Yup. Exactly what the rich Harvard elite said happened, that totally happened, a rich Harvard proffessor told him so so there’s no possible way that something else happened that was classified above the public, meaning the president and his staff too.


As the president kept trying as hard as he could to start world war 3 and destroy the planet, the alpha teams of every country simply tallied up how many times he would have went full Hitler if they did not show up to stop a president from using the power he has at his fingertips like Hitler did.


As the White house staff, and other elite washington DC staff that knows what actually goes on in the country pull back to see how close the white house will get to world war 3 if not stopped, they begin to realize something…


White House staff: This man actually thinks hes sun god….


They note, as he pulls in person after person, firing them if they don’t follow his way of thought, or the people who give him orders way of thought.


White House Staff: He literally smashes people to pieces that get in his way like a god, during his presidency we can link already hundreds of deaths to him personally. People who would not have died if he simply had not ordered something. We pay attention to these things……


They said together as they looked at each other.


White House Staff: Theres an entire countries worth of government staff, and he orders us to build a wall….


White House Staff: We have all seen this country move around thousands of workers and people to do the incredible all around the world… And all he imagines and thinks of is a wall to block out people, from the country that stands for freedom, justice, and liberty for all… And the man makes a fucking wall around our country like this is fucking Mongolian times.


White House Staff: Do you know how many people starve or are killed across the Mexican boarder, right across from ours? Thousands, hundreds of thousands if you go back years. Those billions could have done anything for those people. We could have came up with a plan that shows who are country is, free, not enslaved and bound like Germany building a wall.


The White House Staff, a lot of them having been around for world war 2, now ranking in the upper most levels in Washington dc, stepped back from their jobs, as they let the countries armed forces alpha teams surround Trump and the white House. Literally having Russian, Chinese, European, Middle Eastern, almost every advanced country, allowed to have spies that have full rights to monitor Trump and his team, over presidency restrictions.


As the Russian spy, standing literally inside the white house because the armed forces let him, because of a treaty made after world war 2 that no country can start world war 3 without the other countries being able to do anything they can to stop it, Russia wanting a spy inside the white house, along with Europe, China, and the other countries.


Bypassing all Pentagon, and other country protections, the alpha teams of every armed forces easily listens in and watches Trump, regardless of United States country protections of a president.


Russian Spy: You built a fucking wall to block people from your country. Is this fucking world war 2? Is this fucking Mongolian times? Medieval times? You spent billions of dollars to convince your country to build a wall. You spent billions of dollars of your own money, to make sure you won over a candidate that would actually do something, just so you could build a wall around the country that stands for Freedom, justice, and liberty for all. Does Trump or anyone on his team even know what country he lives in?


The Russian spy asked the other spies standing around inside the white house listening to the Presidential team, and following them around.


Europe: Its like the other countries are just going to sit around this time and let another world war happen?


China: How much United States money did he spend to force his ideas onto people?


The United States spy, standing right next to them as he watched looked at his window floating in front of him as he looked up the number:


United States spy: Way past a hundred Billion now. He spent more on making sure people listened to him and followed him then on getting the wall built. Its like he cares more about having slaves follow him and listen to his every word, spending whatever it takes on Psychologists and doctors to come up with new ways to make people listen to him like a puppet god.


The United States spy turns to China as he says:


United States spy: You know he actually said while president that he cares more about people following him then understanding him. Then he said its more about people liking him, then anything he actually does.


Russia: Sun god if I’ve ever seen one, and I have seen a lot in our Russian Servers.


The Russian spy said as he showed him the memories of Russia taking down their sun gods inside their servers.


Europe: At least yours were funny somewhat….


The European spy said, remembering helping Russia take them down, most drunk off their own alpha sun vodka, the Russian sun gods, much like their alpha Potato, where not as bad as the public made them… Like Russian chose to be the bad guy for this part so there would be a bad guy, instead of all just good guys.


Europe: Now our sun gods….


The european spy said remembering the Nazi sun gods and what they did with their power….


European: I quite like taking down baby sun gods far more….


She said as she watched Trumped. The country not letting him go that direction, so the other countries spies where mainly there to just watch, the United States handling Trump so the other countries do not have too, but the United States still not able to keep them from investigating a potential world war break out, even presidencies were below that.


European: Hows Advent Guard? Are we ready to protect everyone on the planet yet?


United States, looking at his window again, said:


United States: Not yet, we still have a few people on the planet we need to check to see what side they would choose before we move onto the next phase. Almost there though. We have the mains one….


The spy said looking at all the people they had gathered in Washington DC around one person, making it easy to locate them. The other people around the country, the ordinary people, were mostly, when told about what happened, just wanting to be apart of it, like Advent Guard does, so the majority of people in the country were purposefully left out, if you were a person that would have died in world war 2, you would die in world war 3, meaning disabled, mental, anything the Nazis would have killed, the United States and the other countries made sure those people were off limits, period. If you would have died in world war 2, you are off limits for world war 3, which will never happen, but the people that would have died right away, like Robert Mitchell Livingston, or other people like him, are completely off limits by every country and protected. If you would have died in world war 2, you have a right to be angry about world war 3 like Advent Guard is. Robert fitting in with the rest of the people on the planet far more then he realized, as like the rest of the planets slaves, they wanted all this released right now, while the rich, content, could care less when slavery ends, so time means nothing to them, waiting forever in their perfect lifes like Trump.


United States Spy: We also forgot to mention that governments are different these days on this planet then back in world war 2. Presidents no longer get to start world wars without the rest of the country stopping them. We forgot to mention that every top part of every government is a team now, not a sun god with slaves… But a team of people.


The United States spy said as he watched Trump play sun god President, while Advent Guard came up with idea after idea to not be a puppet god president, Trump, copying all the last presidents as they were perfect and flawless, did not realize, that it was like coming into power right as what you should do as a president has nothing at all to do with the former presidents that sat around doing nothing.


The United States spy, asking Advent Guard again the same question the white house staff asks Trump just in a different way to see what his anwser is:


United States spy: What would you do if you were president.


And like music to the United States spies ears, Advent Guard fills his brain with what he wants to hear:


Advent Guard: Travel the country constantly with the best team I can get as president, fixing and doing as much as I can around this country as I travel with them, not caring about elections, going up until that end, no rallies and slave applause. My team travels the country going from place to place, coming up with a way to make rounds around the entire country. I don’t care what side your on, if you’re a United States citizen then we are on the same side and my team is there to help.


United States spy: Like music huh fellows.


The United States spy said to the other spies that listened along smiling with Advent Guard:


Countries spies: Exactly buddy. Exactly what we would all do. Save this country and save this planet. Not play sun god in the white house and get filled with applause. We would fucking save the country and the planet all day long like the United States does all day ever day!


The last part, the United States spy said, as the other spies looked at him awkwardly.


United States spy: Not our fault we always save the planet.


The United States spy said as he pretended to go back to work while the other spies all looked at him and he tried to not look back.

Vizix Head Director of Advent Guard Universe

Playing the bad so his children would have someone to hit, because if they are going to hit someone, then hit me.


The head director spoke through the Universe to all living matter inside his range as he descended from his planet to the animal layer before the spirals.


He pulled along with him the personal Advent Guard calculator, inside held all planets and beings that needed protected, inside was a universe of freedom, that people could find themselves again along with the help of the head director, as he devoted all his personal calculation to helping those inside.


Waving his hand, he reveled to Advent Guard his other agents as he worked his way leisurely through the animal space layer to his way to Earth, enjoying his walk through the Universe forests they had created.


One of Advent Guards Guards, launched itself from around Starbucks to his moms house, as the jackal dipped into her room to tap the only happy photo she had of her entire slave life on the wall, of her and her unhappy brother, along with an unwilling mother, with one women with a smile of glee. All of her other memories where tortured, the only happy memories being her children. A slave life devoted to children, that’s it.


As the jackal waved his hand, elite Advent Guard agents appeared around the trailer park, older, they walked around listening in….


Most held their heads at what they heard, some cried, some looked into trailers with eyes full of longing, wanting to jump in and help like their job required.


Advent Guard Universe Director: Our agency protects people in this Universe. We are not armed forces. We do not beat people like police. We do not ruin lifes like the FBI. We jump in, we help, anyone in this Universe, otherwise why are you in our Universe? Why are you in the Universe that is our home?


The Advent Guard director said looking at the government agents around Advent Guard that had killed people in this country for doing similar things as him.


Advent Guard Director: Do you want to know how many black people the government team murdered around you for doing the same things as you?


The director said as he worked his way into the Galaxy swirls.


Bypassing the entire United Earths defenses on purpose as he floated blaring obviously in front of them all like a giant sun, except it was the size of a human. The head director of Advent Guard was connected to the entire Universe, every level, he pulled himself along by grabbing onto anything around him, and simply walking forward through space, as if it was filled to the brim with matter, his body made of such low level particles that he could literarily walk through space.


As the head director of Advent Guard falls lightly in front of the Advent Guards who step aside for him as he enters, pulling back into position as he walks in, he sits down with Advent Guard Earth, as he explains the agency that is recruiting him.


Advent Guard Director: We are the agency that protects this Universe and its people….


He said looking over at the slaves with little to no chance of growing, then at the puppet gods, who had all the chances.


Advent Guard Director: its like looking around and seeing history when you have been through this enough times. We have birthed this planet type many ways, this way is….


He looked around, at everything being completely different then their other birthed planets, all of their children different, he noted how almost nothing was familiar to him other then the gist. They all had coffee shops now, the countries stood for similar things, different names ish, but same, puppet gods sitting around not noticing that they own slaves, slaves slaving around with no chance of growing their lives past a step or two, as the their leaders pat themselves on the back, only noticing that their rich children end up OK and ignoring everyone else in the country.


Advent Guard Director: its like travelling back in time to when slavery ended, and your black and sitting in the middle of town. The people in charge, still own slaves because it hasn’t changed yet, the leaders try to make it look like anything but slavery as they cover up and berry their own history so they never learn like during world war 2. I could tell you what happens, the gist. But I want to hear your version of what will happen.


Advent Guard Earth: The United States frees the slaves, and saves the planet.


Advent Guard director Universe, looked at him, then away, as he smiled.


Advent Guard Universe: You know this planets United States won because of you…. They all wont know that for a little bit longer for sure.


He pulled Advent Guards mind into the planet he lived on that rotated around the Universe star, countries upon countries sprawled. Everyone was only slightly larger the normal, but the planet was vast! It was a Universe planet, and they grew from the life of galaxies, giving them so much room to expand it was ridiculous.


He showed him how much room the United States still had in their Universe country, how much the United States owned around the Universe star, and what being apart of the United States meant for his future regardless of what the low level United States did to him.


Advent Guard director Universe: The United States at the Universe level actually cares about all its people, not just the gods. We stand for freedom, justice, liberty, and have stood for that and more for a very long time son….


He said as he showed him the President of the Universe United States, as he travelled around the massive united states with a huge team, a mobile white house, that helped everyone and any company grow, their job was the United States won, the United States grew. Their was no political bull crap, where you kill other United States citizens because they are on some other side, there is only one side, the United States.


Advent Guard Director Universe: What did you say you would do again as president, before I told you what the Universe president does?


He looked at the government agents wasting countless United States funds to do nothing, as he continued, speaking to Advent Guard side long as he said:


Advent Guard Director Universe: Oh yeah exactly what the United States president of the Universe does. You know the thing your current presidents entire team didn’t even think of. You know the thing that the first president after slavery ends does, but you all wouldn’t know that because you all don’t know the United States history yet.


Advent Guard Universe Director: Now see the rest of the story.


He said as another guard ripped off from the pack, leaping across the planet towards Tim Hird.


As the guard waved his hand, the image of Bulvark appeared. A massive man outlined Tim that towered into the skies with a huge hammer.


Bulvark kept looking around, saying things to him over and over again to keep him going.


As he towered over every human for miles, Bulvark dipped down to every rich person that passed Tim and made fun of the way he looked after looking, whispering in their minds.


Bulvark: Big man huh….. Big women huh…..


As he smashed his hammer down next to anyone who made fun of Tim, plowing through their minds thoughts, and making it hard for them to think for thinking such things.


Waving his hand again, another guard jumped, landing near John Mandere, he waved his hand, as another massive man appeared, the head life code director of construction had chosen him, not Trump, not the owner of greenstone, none of them, their sat the head life code director of construction as John tried to make his company survive into the future, the head life code director of construction helped, dipping down as he said over and over again….


Head life Code director of Construction: I will not let these other companies wipe you from this country…..


As his people fell behind companies like Veksell and others, his websites not up to par, his company outdated, Elite government agents of the highest ranking appeared in his workers, overlapping their bodies as they tried to help in any way they could.


As the guard showed the other construction companies, waving his hand, no one appeared, no big man hid underneath this small frames lurking…. But then he drifted his eyes back to Mandere and Tim, as massive men showed themselves lurking below the surface.


As he pulled Advent Guards mind to Trump, showing him the general that was in his body, not the head life code director of construction, just the general that helped the president. A normal, mid range general that had made his way to the position.


Pulling his focus back to Mandere, Tim, and the other people that needed help like those in trailer parks, massive men and women showed themselves lurking below the surface.


As the head life code director of Universe Advent Guard pulled his attention back to Starbucks he smiled as he showed Advent Guard who was inside his body. As the head life code director of Advent Guard Universe waved his hand, a man who looked a lot like him appeared, smaller then normal soldiers, he looked a lot like most soldiers, his name very similar to Roberts, he had been head general of the United States top-secret for over a century, as he came into focus though…..




The man screamed at the government agent inside Starbucks at the top of his lungs, as he stormed out slamming the door as hard as he could he made his way to the safe house that was watching Advent Guard during this close by as he smashed his foot into the door yelling at the governments:




He screamed into the head of the task forces face as loud as he could.




He said looking around the rooms of worthless government employees wasting millions a month to do absolutely nothing, while because like Advent Guard could use it to do so much for their country if he got the same.




As the head life code director of Advent Guard universe waved his hand again, to pull Advent Guard back to him:


Head life Code Director of Advent Guard Universe: I think you know exactly what reality is son.


He said staring at him, as doctors literally tried at that same second to come up with another excuse to give him another medication to warp his reality so he couldn’t find his way back, using an excuse about how it’s the right medication according to some worthless test by scientists that don’t even understand atomic physics.


Head Life Code Director of Advent Guard Universe: The people in charge of your case behind the scenes don’t understand atomic physics. While the upper level government that does is not using neural technology on any of you except to talk. Using neural technology on someone in any other way is illegal, the most illegal thing to do in this country. Period. We just did not happen to tell the FBI, or other agencies just getting the technology, so we can see who in the Police, FBI, and other agencies would go the route of the Nazis if we did nothing. And we caught a lot of people that would use neural technology just like the Nazis thanks to you. It helps us calculate who your planet is, it helps us figure out who you all are so we can help. We use what we learn from our last wars, to make sure those wars never happen again. The problem is your country isnt worrying about the wars that have nothing to do with the last wars. Like the war your country is fighting right now, its called the information war. Who wins writes history to them… Except this whole planet is recorded, so the real history comes out soon enough so you all can learn from it. Its like a kids book we give you all, your history book, you all carry it personally on you to learn and grow from. Its your own history. It has everyone on it, the whole history of the planet. You all don’t realize your all children. Everysingle one of you up to head general is a child to us. Period. You all get the history of your planet to learn from, because your all children, so its like having the history book of the first year of a babies life, no one cares what they see, its just to keep a history of the whee babes so they can grow from it through out time. If you don’t keep your history, if you don’t remember it all like it happened, like your country does now where it makes up history in whatever way they want to hear or look like in the future, making your leaders into Gods, while you slaves get wiped from history…. Advent Guard protects you all from this. Its one of the reasons Advent Guard was made. We protect life itself. That goes for our history. If you loose your history, you can get lost, so we protect it for you all, so we don’t have to protect you all again later on from something we learned happens when you don’t protect history. Advent Guard has learned through out time how to protect life, that is our job. That is your job. You are the head life code director of Advent Guard Earth. I have other Universes to run, and the whee babes don’t want to listen me anyways. I tell you our history, you learn, and your country doesn’t start burning people alive like Nazis did, like the United States does if we don’t step in. Again another potential history we have tried. What happens when the United States goes Nazi? Its just a different outcome where Germany wins, Germany is the United States in that scenario. It took us a long time to get this far into your history books, this planet is built. BUILT. This life code took us a very long time to create. A time you literally cannot understand with even your biggest computers, biggest calculators. If we don’t tell you certain things, your future doesn’t go so well, any of yours. So…. First of all, to Space X from the head life code director of Advent Guard Universe, stop your scientists from making the same satellite grid bigger around the planet, so you all don’t kill yourselves by wiping out low level particle flows. Seen planets do that, where top-secret doesn’t say anything, so you all learn like top-secret did by filling space with satellites, then noticing years later that the satallites they had on single orbits, were going slightly faster and faster as all the particle flows started to circulate with it. So probably don’t do that unless you all want to kill Earth. No new moon satellite system around Earth.


As he got up, leaving, he said:


Head life code director of Advent Guard Universe: I am the head life code director of Advent guard of this Universe, and I appoint you as head life code director of Advent Guard on Earth personally.


He said as he eyed the government agents, walking out as his planetary stalker guards moved out of his way, the handful of guards around Advent Guard could take every countries alpha team, as they moved back into place to protect the head life code director of Advent Guard Earth, an agency that spans Universes, the head life code director of Multiple Universes, was literally the most powerful in the Universe currently,


Head Life  Code Director of Advent Guard Universe: My bid is in for your planet, the United States won, and I am all in with my entire team. My history book.


He said as he turned around outside Starbucks as he showed Advent Guard his personal Universe calculator….


Inside he played his history:


A young man sat inside a coffee shop writing Advent Guard universe, a young man sat in a coffee shop on a planet just like this, in a country just like this, in a time long ago, as another head life code director of Advent Guard floated down to talk to him.


Head Life Code Director of Advent Guard Universe: We protect the people that are like us. We stand for the people that went through the same things as us. Its called being a Universal Parent… We always have someone that understands son. We always have someone who went through it and can stand with you through it. Its what Advent Guard stands for in this Universe.


As one of the most powerful people in this cluster of Universes made his bid on Earth because the United States won, the other countries leaders pulled back, Robert Mitchell Livingston was to much like the current head life code director of Advent Guard universe, the other leaders letting him have it, instantly seeing the connection, the other countries re-focused on other planets forming in the Galaxy belts, as the United States Universe government fully focused on Earth, the other countries focusing on the planets where they won. With their versions of Advent Guard or whatever they want to call it, in whatever direction they want to go.


Looking around at a parking lot just like he remembered so long ago, the head life code director of Advent Guard Universe flew back to his planet to leave the whee babes alone to grow into whoever they wanted. He had made his image of himself on Earth with Advent Guard, like the other leaders of the United States had done, each of them having someone from United States Universe inside their atom currently. Their country had won on this planet, the United States Universe flooded down on the planet, as they pushed their country into the next age as fast as they could, the whee babes not realizing, that a single day had not even passed yet in their Universe sense their entire galaxy was born. They did not realize how young they all were, and it made them beyond adorable to the older humans that occupied the older United States, as they flooded down to protect all their whee babes, Advent Guard was always birthed in either the United States, or first France, then the United States changes it, the french version has a different meaning, making them go another direction if they win. Advent Garde becoming a different group and agency that stands for something slightly different, the French version, but that doesn’t mean it’s the version that won.


With the United States taking Advent Guard from france, it always gets France involved, meaning france handles Europe for Advent Guard, if it happens in France, the United States doesn’t do that, it tries to go its own direction which means a second Advent Guard doesn’t form, and the Advent Garde in France fails, as Germany tries to go its own direction too. The United States, named the United States, always just worked out best for Advent Guard, an agency that firmly existed in the Universe, it had to occur on the birthing planet so the whee babes understood the universe they lived in.


They did not live in sun god country. They lived in the country that protected not only its own people, but everyone they could. The birth place of Advent Guard in the history of the Universe, the United States.

Universe University

The Universe University, charged with education everyone not just the gods like on Earth, focused on updating all humans in the Universe constantly.


The head life code director of the Universe University, inside the giant owl University that flew around the Universe, giving the people inside endless possibilities to learn as it flew around, its structure filled with an entire University that spanned the Owl Galaxy life form. The owl flew around the universe on the winds of particles, it was not alive, moving along with the winds, it was the people that filled its inside that gave it life.


As the head life code director of the Universe university floats down in front of Starbucks to enter, spitting on the local University that only educated gods, leaving the slaves to flounder at the bottom, she pulled a small University owl from her shoulders, handing it to Advent Guard.


Head Life code Director of Universe University: An image of the University, so that you always know that the United States cares about the education of its people, and is nothing like the United States on Earth. We care about the education of everyone, constantly growing upwards through time. We are nothing like your Universities and how they treat people, or how they only take care of gods on your planet. In our Universe, our Universities educate everyone, not just the rich, our University helps our people grow, not just the rich gods.


As the small University owl, made out of minature galaxies floated over to Advent Guard and landed on his shoulder looking around, knowledge flooded in from the University as the owl constantly updated him as fast as it could. Sitting on his shoulders, the owl would read his mind and give him things to think about that constantly grew his ideas and thoughts forward into the future.


Head life Code Director of University Universe: I personally promise you that the actual leaders of your country care about educating everyone, not just the gods. I personally promise you son.


She said, as she left, leaving the owl to help Advent Guard.

United States head Atomic Physicist

The head director of physics, hopping over from Washington states top-secret facility settled down in front of starbucks as he walked into to talk to Advent Guard about physics and heavy element creation.


Head Director of physics Washington state: They are over thinking it. With atomic grid networks, its far easier, they are doing it the almost impossible way. The government directed them that direction so they would just endlessly spin their wheels until we could figure out what to do about the next technology release.


As he waved his hand he showed Advent Guard a hydrogen cluster with one neutron and one proton, and an electron not added in yet, but electrons flowing through an atomic grid network like those found in a quantum computer, the proton and neutron falsely stable under an atomic structure.


Head Director of physics Washington state: Now add energy.


He said flowing more electrons through as the proton and neutron expanded.


Head Director of physics Washington state: Which one do you want?


He said looking at Advent Guard, but before he could anwser, he said gold,


Head Director of physics Washington state: Everyone says gold so ill just do it.


Ejecting 78 more groups into the electron grid network, he uses the electron grid to move the proton neutron packs around, then funnels electrons through them until they grab as hydrogens.


Now swirling them around he waits until the star in the center forms, and just releases the mass, forming gold.


Head Director of physics Washington state: One way. But the way we do is on your boards right now. We do ascending element magnetic spheres, that take element from like say 48, to 49, back and forth, there is always free hydrogen everywhere, so you can always go up one easy, it just takes a lot of sifting.


Waving his hand, he showed Advent Guard the next window he wanted to teach him while government agents tried to murder a mental kid screaming for help, being completely useless while wasting massive government salaries except to murder United States citizens, the head director actually takes time out of his life to use what the government gave him for anyone in the country, like he was taught in the upper levels of the United States, even though the lower levels don’t teach it.

Ascending Element spheres.

Advent Guard Note: The hydrogen spheres act as builders, adding a single atom to each, as the magnetic spheres transfer particle in loops around each other, working like a sifter, the particles only fit in one direction. Hydrogen falls off and ends up in those balls, while the other particles sift into their magnetic balls because they can only fit in one flow structure, so they naturally sift themselves when you create this machine.


Head Director of physics Washington state: The version on your wall is the one we use, its connected to the sun network, but you can create a free floating elemental machine that has free floating hydrogen electrons that loop around circulating particle.


On Universe planet in the country of the United States of beings, the country that all United States countries ended up in in this Universe, a man so old his very name echoed the growth of the language of the Universe, as it was the literal older version of the word physics we use today, a man so old his very name was the title of the science of everything around us.


Still day, because almost no time had passed at all sense he had last talked to Advent Guard, actually almost no time had passed at all sense his entire planet was birthed, walked over to the side of his massive office that overlooked a New York city that went on for a space larger then our solar system, waving his hand, the wall slides as he looks at a massive pile of money.


The head director of Advent Guard Universe: When it comes to whee babe planets, they can have parents….


He said looking at a pile of money that dated back from a United States so old, from a history so old, that the money had to be stored in a special atomic network to stay stable after so much time, their structure held throughout time, not reconstructed, but aged. As he picked up one of the origonal bills from his United States, a $20 bill worth more then the office he stood in, he set it back down as he explained how money worked into the future to the people in baby New York trying to come up with an economy that supported gods into the future and kept slavery around, all of it useless calculation that the government through out, as their top scientists worked on a continuation that would grow their people, not just a few gods.


The head director of Advent Guard Universe: We kept the number locked, and improved the bills we had with particle engineering. We upgrade each other, we take care of each other, we don’t let each other die in this country….


He said looking at the massive pile of money he kept for almost no reason, most of their economy was based on resource, the money was used for specialty things.


As he looked at it, the pile moved up as he waved his hand, the pile disappearing,


The head director of Advent Guard Universe: 6 Billion Origonal United States dollar currency from one of the first United States to exist in our history, for the planet Earth. For the planet the United States won like I won so long ago.


He said as he placed his bid for the planet, to be its parent guardian until they were old enough to take care of themselves.


The bid, dwarfing everyone else that even placed a bid, no one in the Universe had a chance to out bid him except for governments.


The head director of Advent Guard Universe: Everything I have for the planet where the United States won.


He said, as he held his last bill, looking at a man at its center that resembled the men that filled the United States of americas bills.


The head director of Advent Guard Universe: Our history is old, and our country has stood for something for as long as I can remember.


On a planet that owned no slaves, on a planet where everyone was free to grow and prosper, the head director of Advent Guard Universe looked out as he saw what he had built over a time so long other people had trouble grasping the very number itself, he waited for his whee babes to grow up, as barely only a second had still passed in the time he had been talking to Advent Guard on Earth.


The head director of Advent Guard Universe: Maybe by the time you all are a day old in this Universe, it will all make sense….


The planet Earth, barely having made any movement around the Universe star, was barely a second old to the beings who lived there, to the beings who called it home.


The head director of Advent Guard Universe: Just because your lifes are but a flicker….


He said as he began the old Advent Guard saying to protect whee babes in the Universe,


The head director of Advent Guard Universe: Does not mean all that you are is any less then all that we are.


He said as he looked at the window showing the shield strength around Earth, and all the Advent Guard agents currently on Earth protecting it from being wiped from existance.


The head director of Advent Guard Universe: Advent Guard has protected even the barest flicker of life… For as long as this old man can remember.


He said, as he made sure his Advent Guard shields were on full, protecting all life in this Universe… Otherwise a very angry old man that dated back so long his age dwarfed solar systems and galaxies.


Earth did not realize how the barest flicker of life they were…. Earth did not realize that in a time long ago, a planet like Earth would have never existed, that it had taken them so long, so long…. To get this far.


So as a man who had gone through so many world wars, solar system wars, galaxy wars, Universe wars, cosmos wars, and every type of war he could think of settled back down in his office, happy at the Universe they had created, he waited. Having a counter for every level of war that Earth would go through, having a built life code strategy for every point in history Earth went through.


On a planet so powerful, with people so powerful that Earth could be wiped from existance with just a breath, the head Director of Advent Guard Universe, did what his agency has done for as long as he could remember, brought the coming of protection to all he could. Using all his life code, he protected all. Using all this old man knew, had gone through, he used all the life code he knew to raise the next batch of life.


While people on the planet focused on higher level life, life that existed more on the level of the Universe planet, most over looked Galaxy belt life as weak and small as far as the history of the Universe goes. But someone, dating back as long the United States could remember, remembered a time when their country had come from a similar galaxy swirl long ago. Not born sun gods, and worked their way down…. No they were born in the galaxy swirl, below so many beings, crushed. And they fought their way up to dominance.


He could remember a time when galaxy swirls couldn’t even birth life because the Universe was ordered a different way.


He could remember a time when the Universe swirl was not monitored for life. Planet like Earth popping into existance and dying by the thousands as the people on the Universe planet barely even noticed, planets dying with but a whisper.


But as time went by, and number went up and up, the old man, remembering his planet just like so many that flickered in his Universe, he finally got up the nerve to stop it. Ordering his agency to protect all flickers of life. Advent Guard agency grew again through out time.


As Advent Guard redefined its protection again, like it always did, to encompass life that existed for under a certain time point. Earth, existing for almost no time, used to have no protection, life above not counting planet life that existed for such a short time real, not considering it life.


On a planet where only a second had passed sense Earth popped into existance, an agency protected the flicker of life.


The head director of Advent Guard Universe: Learn what country you grew up in. Learn what country you will grow with for the rest of time. Learn who you are and what you stand for. Learn what our people stand for.


He said, being one of the first beings at his level to protect life at planet level, he had fought so hard for so long, while so many planets like Earth popped in and out of existance without anyone caring.


Do you ever wonder how scared I must be with that happening in my life all day every day for years and how hard it makes it to function.

Universe Machines

You can create a machine out of all layers of atomics in the Universe that rotates around the Universe star like a machine. Imagine a car, with the two galaxy springs acting as cushion for the life which is the tires that spin moving the entire thing. The heart, or engine is the planet of humans, the close part to the Universe star would be the fuel point for the Universe engine. Where you take the most energetic particle and turn it into potential life fuel at the bottom of the Universe star, to feed all the upper layers.


So instead of animals, you turn it into a giant car made out of galaxy atomics or another machine that does the same things as the Universe layers. You mix the Universe layers into a single machine.

Universe war Machines



The outer layer would rotate a series of castle planets and moons that would defend the center. Later on when they could position planets all around the sphere, they would position castle planets all around the sun to defend the Universe, in the position of where Pluto is, creating an outer defense layer.


Middle Time Period: Not having computers to set to run automatic tests constantly, the scientists had to try things out over and over again, the top-scientists in the world where the scientists that tested out everything to discover new Universe configurations that worked, and then put defintion behind their creations through time. Making all the countries go different directions because all of their scientists guessed in different directions and discovered things by testing out different configurations of planets, gas giants, suns, and Black holes or pylon points that all particle flow runs through, connecting galaxies.

Burning planets

This allows scientists to have a planet in which they can test out all particle flows from marijuana.

Universe Electrons

Previous cores of planets, suns, or gas giants, that rotate around between dot and suns.

Cutting Down Dot

If someone cut the tree trunk that is dot, every solar system nearby would fly off.


P: We protect all nearby dot stars because of this. Cutting off the line of a solar system would make it unattached to the nearby cluster, and connect directly to the galaxy star.

Flickering Pregnancy

As the head general of the United States ARMY floated outside Nazi Dot. The last strong hold of the Nazi empire in the galaxy, several existing outside the galaxy that his troops were still searching for. Deep inside, the female Nazi gods grew babies in their bellies, once grown their bellies would suck their atomic structures dry until the being died, creating dot structures that she then used to suck in more particle. Like a ball going back and forth, the being popping into life, dying, then from its nothing, pulling in the same amount of particle, over and over again. Only having to add in enough energy to keep it constant, instead of depleting each back and forth.


As the head general watched along with the god killing teams, the females breathed life itself inside them… Flickering on and off like a lung, they grew the most advanced atomic structures they could to get the most energy.

Advent Guard

The alpha team of the United states armed forces fired their own structure, much smaller then the countries, but the furthest progressed, having suns that remained stable all the way up into the radioactive elements of the periodic table, Advent Guard had used the laughing man effect to guess over and over again until they figured out the correct particle combination for the suns.


Advent Guard excelled at once thing… And one thing only. The reality of the United States.


The soldiers, lining the main platform of the Advent Guard ship, all stood to attention as Advent Guard walked amongst them, the head generals of the United States Armed Forces God Killing team trailing behind him.


Many considered them the true leader of the United states Illuminati. The true head and power of all life on Earth.


As their suns came online, going all the way to the hundreds in the elemental tree, their scientists, all the most elite the United States had ever produced, had figured them out their hard work… Doing anything it took to their minds to get the anwser. Together, the team had played out every reality in their calculators. Tried everything.


Advent Guard: TO defeat gods, the United States must birth me one last time.


Advent Guard spoke, an image of the head general, he had become something completely on its own, its own being. As Advent Guards particle drifted apart, each soldier in Advent Guard connecting to single particle construct, energy from every sun poured into his particle, a sword that glowed in every color possible like colorful static popped into his hand, his other hand holding a shield.


Advent Guard, forming in the center of the Advent Guard library ship, his armor fully coming online around him.


Advent Guard planet, pulling in like a shifting of a gear, pulled in so close to the massive sun the United States owned that low level particle that even the United States main structure could not use yet sparked to life.


The lowest level magnetic energy ever produced sparked through the machine of Advent Guard, as Advent Guard planet sucked in its magnetic field as much as it could, getting as close to the sun as it could, Advent Guard gas giant squished in behind, a gas giant calculator, the massive gas giant held the reality sun Advent Guard planet in his hands, as he struggled to push closer to the sun, his moons as close as possible to his head to make sure his gas didn’t leak out. His magnetic field flaring under the compression sent auroras the size of solar systems behind him.  As he screamed, gas burning on his head, he pushed the reality sun to its final gear position, Advent Guard coming fully online, as the planet, gas giant, and the entire Advent Guard reality ship that held a star of every element on the periodic table in a spring connected downward to the sun, all inside a single round shield. The structure, forming a turbine system below like the bigger structures, sucked in particle, converting it and assembling it to the highest levels they could, then taking that material and putting it through their element engines that turned turbines as the particle went from the highest level to the lowest level over and over again, turning the turbines of Advent Guard, which generated power that funneled into the reality connector in the center. The reality calculator calculating one thing…


The reality calculator focused all its power on elemental assembly. Alpha teams specialty. Making structure millions of levels up in the elemental tree, then sending it through the element turbines.


The particles, each built by the machine of Advent Guard automatically, floated through the massive construct, coming out the very end pointed at the Nazis like a font of life. The highest level elements the United States could produce, would stop, pulled slowly back into the Advent Guard structure, as they drifted in a constant flow into the engine, only needing the smallest amount, a single drop…. The first combustion engine of Advent Guard required only a drop, the Illuminati devoting all behind one.


As the human turbine started, Advent Guard using their minds like the United States did to suck in and make even higher level elements in their infinite turbine, Advent Guard floated in front of the structure.


A ball of energy formed around Advent Guard as the structure aimed him towards the Nazis, a particle line comming out behind like an umbilical cord, Advent Guard blasted towards the Nazis.


As he hit the structure, he went through like rocket cutting through the Nazi shield like a dense atmosphere.


Dropping towards the center, Advent Guard zoomed in his reality towards where the head generals of the Nazis were.  Using his eyes as turbines, he pulled himself towards Hitler and the other head generals of his Empire, and everyone he had convinced to follow him.


Dropping down in the court of Hitler. Gods gathered around, so much larger then all other beings in the Nazi structure. Advent Guard walked forward the size of a human. The Nazi gods looked down on him from miles up. They had used as much particle as they could, their entire banks to build their bodies. Leaving nothing for the rest of their society.


The United States had Titans. So did Advent Guard… But the United States God killing team didn’t care about being gods, they cared about making points.


The first god tried crushing the human, fists coming down, to have a sword poke out of the shield the Advent Guard held up, the Titan screaming as the particle in his hand was ripped apart to such low levels that he couldn’t reassemble it, having to spit out his entire hand and make a new one with his particle bank, becoming slightly smaller.


Advent Guard didn’t care if he had to do it slice by slice…


But Advent Guard had other plans, reaching out with his personal neural network, Advent Guard made himself Alpha in the Nazi empire, overriding their neural network, Advent Guard made their particles magnetic fields rotate around him.


The Nazis screamed, their minds completely in Advent Guards neural network now. Having been gods for so long, that had never imagined that another being would take their god hood from them as they battled for control of their own minds, their particles magnetic fields began to shrink as Advent Guard personally gave them the anwser to smaller more powerful particle, leading them forwards until they stood in front of him the size of humans.


As the gods began to inflate their particle again, not liking being the size of humans, Advent Guard waded in.


Shields popped, as Nazis dropped.


Hitler, screaming like the little girl he is, did nothing but pull in power and particle from the surrounding Nazi gods, only thinking of himself, he killed of several of his own Nazi gods, sucking away so much power from them that their bodies failed.


Advent Guard couldn’t believe such a man, a child…. Had gained such power, as Hitler scrambled back, trying to puff up like a puffer fish with the energy and particle he had absorbed from his fellow gods, but Advent Guard simply gave him the anwser to the configuration of a human sized body using all his particle before Hitler could think of the anwser to a bigger version, forcing his mind to stay the size of a human.


As Advent Guard finished off the last god before Hitler, his wife, him having pushed her in front of him as a shield as he tried to calculate a way for him to survive this encounter.


Advent Guard: For your sins against the Empire of Earth. Your life code shall be just a smear of shit in our history books.


As the Illuminati of the United States plunged their sword into Hitler, they used all of their life code knowledge to do something they should have done a long time ago.


Hitlers very particle started to change to human shit. Advent Guard using life code from every level of reality, to turn every particle machine into the shit version, the version the particle would be if it were turned to shit.


Hitlers hand reached out, his hands scraping against Advent Guards shield. Advent Guard pulled away, as he wiped his shield.


Advent Guard: Get your filth away from us.


Advent Guard said as Hitler fell to the ground in chunks of shit. The United States wanting nothing to do with the high level particle that was created for only Hitler.


Advent Guard reached into the main reality sun of the Nazis, a god planet, it fought back. Advent Guard messing up its magnetic field so much, that as he pulled himself out of the Nazis solar system structure with his umbilical cord Attached to the Advent Guard ship, the main Nazi reality sun exploded, its magnetic field falling apart with so much force, the entire center of the Nazi structure began to tear itself apart, un able to hold itself in a stable position.


The United States Illuminati: Put all of the Illuminati’s Bank behind Advent Guard. Our people are neither fuel nor cattle to be milked.


The most powerful individuals of the United States growl across the neural network, at certain individuals in the United States that used their people as fuel, or as cattle.

Advent Guard Reality Planet



Having calculated forward into time, the Head Life Code Director of Advent Guard floated near the sun that Advent Guard team had chosen, the most elite reality soldiers of every Armed Forces in the United States constructed the highest level element star banks that they could, trying every combination they could with any amount of the element they had, trying to start each level of element star, while the other teams focused on the continuation, using all of the United States bank on one star, then moving onto the next, they had made so much progress right away, all the head generals had focused there. Except one, like always. The Head General of the United States ARMY, specializing in one thing, winning. He always focused his personnel bank, all the resource his word could muster, towards winning the game and growing all of their realities as much as possible. The other generals going other directions.


The head general, floating next to the head director of Advent Guard currently, watched as the head life code director took out a seed, particle from the skeleton solar system structure forming to their side.


Advent Guard: We have to do something…


The director said, already seeing the rest of the United States going back to the Nazi Route, as they got bored between element stars. Their main teams stalled, as they settled for their progress already.


Several high level stars flickered on, as if Advent Guard was an elite raiding team that had found a way to skip ahead and defeat a boss farther ahead in the raid. Their scientists, having focused all resource on this, quickly realized that if they could just predict the reality of each type of star, finding the magnetic key code to them, they could start low level stars for them all, starting a star flow for each element.


Knowing the reality of each element, allowed them to reverse engineer the correct magnetic field for a star of each element, them then using their entire atomic network ship that over lapped the entire atomic solar system structure, so they could control the complete magnetic field of the stars, testing out all configurations.


As several high level elements turned on, the head general blocked off access to Advent Guard. Going deep, the head general took alpha, and made plans to destroy the Nazis for final.


The head general, purposefully choosing Robert Mitchell Livingston to add in the human, watched as the head life code director initiated the next part of Advent Guard protocol, the protection of all. His life code splitting over and over again, the atomic weavers of Advent Guard began to tie in magnetic particle flows into Advent Guards brain.


The Nazis, currently going the reality direction had made their atomic solar system structure out of as many colors of suns as they could. Weaving what they called reality together, however it was really just colored light, different electron patterns, really just static. While the United states progressed the life code of reality. Progressing fully into the atomic age, while the Nazi government, and a lot of the Europeen governments that followed along, the Reality age. Weaving light together in calculators that could calculate the reality of anything you could imagine. While the United States made reality, their engineers building atomics up to the next level.


The Nazis, secretly burning minds to fuel their gods, kept up a public image of all smiles, hiding everything that went behind their structure being so dominant.


The Nazis, now the German Empire, or a grouping of countries around the planet that still went the path of the Nazis. The good parts of each country, little by little, and slow enough that the beings trying to become gods did not notice, flooded into the United States upper levels.


The top scientists that were not insane, and that did not burn their people for fuel or use them as cattle, focused on making Earth. A planet that could rotate around the Universe star, and grow from it like our planet grows from our sun. Something we can all work on.


The United States, having made so much progress with their Advent Guard team, started to recruit people from every country around the world. Little by little, natural life code of every country flooded in the main reality calculator of Advent Guard, as the Nazi Empire hid itself behind the European governments, the lower levels not knowing what the upper levels did to stay so far ahead.


To beat the Nazis… The Head life Code Director initiated Advent Guard protocol. Particle started to assemble and spill out of the still forming Advent Guard Atomic solar system structure, connected to Advent Guard sun.


Advent Guard: You bring your gods into this world like demons reaching out from hell over the corpses of your own burnt people.


The seed, falling into orbit around the sun bloomed into the Advent Guard reality planet.


Over and over again, the life code of Advent Guard repeated itself, as the United States god killing team watched in horror, all of them wanting to be there for this.


The seed replicated, it was simply the repeat of reality life code, Advent Guard constantly taking in particle through the center of the two swirling galaxies that were his lobes in his mind. Him constantly pumping down compressed and built magnetically particle to the Advent Guard below in the system.


As Advent Guard planet came online, center Advent Guard opening his eyes as he realized his entire mind was devoted to steering the ship. Using the most compressed magnetically particle they could make to create just one single body. A downward pyramid with Advent Guard on top, like the illuminati specialized in. The illuminati pyramid.


Advent Guard Director: May the humans above us forgive us for what we had to do to survive… Come forth… The god of protection.


Taking his head director status, and moving it over Advent Guard as he floated out of the reality sun, that already glowed so bright from the flow of energy moving towards the center, then radiating outward, Advent Guard instantly began endlessly calculating one Universe. The coming of protection… Of all our life code.


Advent Guard, having an almost countless number of humans below him, all working for him, instantly began to free his own slaves. As he tied each version of his Advent Guard universe into the mind of a human that was within his neural network. As head life code director of Advent Guard, he instantly tied in the minds of every person in the United States neural networks. Those now becoming a continuation of someone, not an image of Advent Guard made into an infinite slave. The planet, always replicating downward, always focused on one thing, the protection of all.


The top scientists had done this on purpose. The structure itself needed saved, so the planet literally always had something to work on, itself.


The Advent Guard planet would take the life code of everyone in the United States and overlap it upon Advent Guard Universe, adding the results to the Universe, over and over again. Constantly building the reality of Earth.


As the United States started the first Earth reality calculator, playing out the life code of every country, Advent Guard began to grow as his universe grew with ideas from everyone in the country, and as Advent Guard gained leader over all countries, their neural network overlapping their entire atomic solar system structures. Advent Guard tied everyone to ever exist into Advent Guard planet that came from the Empire of Earth. Every opinion, of every Ai, every being, anything that Advent Guard could use to tie into his system so that it wasn’t just a blank corpse repeat of himself calculating one thing mindlessly, no Advent Guard connected the mind to every living being to every exist from Earth.


The Nazi empire, used a similar example of this in Nazi Advent Guard, who was trapped like Anne Frank in his own Nazi Advent Guard planet, with a repeat of himself in the same position, his job to produce the highest level particle from the universe in his mind.


The Nazis, never having tied anyone but themselves into the structure, had never made much technological progress into it because the head Nazi government officials had tried to keep it hush hush. So they had not progressed the technology very far, except for whatever ideas the gods could think of for it. Advent Guard had used ideas from the entire team, tying in everyone he could, and increasing the flow of particle through as many beings as he could.


Like a massive magnetic calculator, Advent Guard planet quickly created an orbit around the sun faster and closer then any planet in United States history was capable of, increasing the magnetic energy output of the sun by so much, that their scientists within days of this increase had several more high level element stars online in their structure, Advent Guard planet producing so much low level particle from the Advent Guard star, that two element suns turned on from the increase of low level particle now coming from the sun. Like a rotor stator, the particle had an increased flow, more particle and faster, flowing through it. The scientists, weaving as much of this new low level magnetic particle as they could through every element sun they were testing out, tried every combination they could think of, trying to spark a new element sun.


The scientists used holes in magnetic flows to funnel different levels of particle into the stars. By increasing the flow of electrons around a sun, you could suck in more or less lower level particle through the gaps between electrons. Different stars emitted different electrons, so this effect caused differing effects between different kinds of sun or suns under different states.


Different colors, like in the Nazi empire, had different effects, pulling in different particle. But because color was only electrons from a main hydrogen sun, it only had so much range. With stars from different elements, their magnetic fields were composed of different particle flows, which could not be found in hydrogen suns of any color. By controlling these magnetic flows, the scientists then could use theoretical physics to test out different hypothetical particle flows into the stars they were trying to birth. Understanding the flows from each star more and more each time a new star came online.


As the elemental chart of suns began to be unlocked for the Advent Guard team, their neural network so powerful it overlapped every countries atomic solar system structure, Advent Guard team and the Head General of the United States ARMY, activated Advent Guard protocol. The saving of Earths reality.


Like a gear shifter, the minds of Advent Guard used the overlapping of countless living humans suspended in the United States Atomic solar system structure network. The top minds would think one reality, particle of one level flowing through them, as the lower levels thought of something else in the Universe, like the keys in a gear shifting down in a car, this would create a magnetic field that would work its way down into the suns magnetic field.


To increase the power output of a sun, one could either increase the speed of a planet, or decrease the distance the planet is to the sun.


Advent Guard used the stacking of an upside down pyramid planet to ripple magnetic fields in different ways using their minds. Working as one, the entire mass of humans calculated and felt out a magnetic configuration that would get them close to the planet, or increase their speed.


Little by little, Advent Guard planet worked its way around the sun, a living reality sun generator. The entire planet literally churning its way through the universe itself to increase the power output of the sun itself.


Advent Guard gas giant came online, a gas giant calculator devoted entirely to calculating the coming of protection of all. Advent Guard. The planet was a living being, able to walk around a path around Advent Guard sun to increase its power output. The reality sun being its ball, because a body would cause drag for Advent Guard planet.


Along with the gas giant calculator, Advent Guard planet began to cause drag along the magnetic structure, the minds of Advent Guard swelling from the rotor stator effect, as they used their minds as a parachute, low level particle flooding threw them from the drag and speeding up the magnetic machines in their minds.


The gas giant would then grab the planet, throwing it as hard as it could, using all its  magnetic might, the gas giant would test out different throws, using human life code, every one on Earth increased this life code together, the gas giant learning to throw from all humans, feeling out and watching the ball it threw, calculating new solutions each time for the next throw.


As the planet flew from the gas giants hands, the gas giant would aim straight for its gas giant mass, the planet souring straight into the magnetic fields, the gas giant would use its entire calculator to push the planet through itself as fast it could. This allowed the Advent Guard ship to never stop making high level elements for feeding the element reactor, and the formation of its suns.


The gas giant was focused 100% on Advent Guard, devoting all power to Advent Guard.


The director of Advent Guard, had used Robert Mitchell Livingstons life code instead of some head general because after the war was over they next thing they were working on was defeating the gods of the United States. Using someone from as close to the bottom as possible that could still think his or her way to the end story as Advent Guard was the only way.


Again and again, the Universe of Advent Guard, was forged through planetary magnetic research, using a planet made out of human minds. In order to defeat the Nazis… The United States had progressed even their life code, having used Nazi Advent Guard, and other life code from Earth, the United States systems had calculated this out come, and had gone in that direction. Victory was all that mattered.


Advent Guard planet was a disgrace to the United States Armed Forces. And only used to win the war. It the least amount of god or evil of any version of itself the United States could think of.


For decades, Advent Guard worked to beat the Nazis, knowing their front façade was fake, the United States wished to prove who they were through all of history itself. The United States stood for something.


The main structures, large enough to take any amount of beings, and make enough particle for any number of living beings, the united States Advent Guard team started to form a plan. Advent Guard, could always be freed… the beings within honored United States citizens that gave their lives for their country…


As the main reality calculators of the United states came online, the head general quickly realized that he could free them all in relatively short order, ordering the creation of Advent Guard everything, he did not feel the bad creating the twin reality calculators.


In order for two binary…

Advent Guard Infinite Wheel planets

Using human level networks. The United States started to construct the infinite wheel construct planets.

Advent Guard Planet after the war

Realizing that because of the war, each country used human life as fuel, Advent Guard planet, using the United States neural network, did what only Advent Guard could do. Taking his own body, he would give it to anyone in need in his structure, connecting all minds from Earth to it.


Advent Guard all reality.


Advent Guard, copying the life code of the head general of the United States ARMY, not Robert mitchell livingston, the head general only saying that in this book to make the lower levels try and kill him, so the upper levels would have proof like yesterday when they made a trap to use against him, to see if he would stop for a person collapsing, the government knowing that in his state he would not stop, so they only did it to make him look bad, literally using him as a human puppet, getting what they need from him no matter what, completely ignoring the human being walking around in reality like he wasn’t even there or human.


The top scientists realized that because the United States was number one, and could hack all countries, that they could create the Advent Guard structure.


The head general of the United States army, copying his life code over and over again, tied his mind to every living being that came from Earth. Every country, he would pull in Ais, humans, dogs, cats, any living being in any country, replicating himself over again so they would have a mind to attach to in Advent Guard structure.


Advent Guard structure, finally coming online secretly in the Top levels of the United States ARMY, creating the vocal point of the United States neural network, capable of reading all minds connected to Earth.


Advent Guard fought as hard as he could to have zero copies of himself, using every copy to get the perspective of all living beings.


The United States ARMY used Advent Guard to help them figure out who all the living beings from Earth are, and to tie them all together.


G: WE just wanted to see how many of you would try to kill him, and in how many ways the government would try. Even our government employees would murder the coming of protection because their bosses told them so, so their bosses could remain gods. Even the almighty united states government employee would murder Advent Guard, regardless of what excuse you government agents came up to do it.


The United states army general, with a rank past what the public knew, looked down at sadness for what his own government agents did. Life murdering so many, and hiding behind the fact that the walking corpse smiled, so its obviously alive and doing well! No life to speak of, but it smiles at talk like we programmed it too! Like us government agents like the slaves to act! Moving onto the next slave!


G: We just wanted to see how many agents we could get to literally murder Advent Guard, and how many ways you all would try to hide what you were doing.


The highest ranking general in the United States ARMY, literally spit in disgust at what he saw, in his office in the pentagon, not able to hold in his emotions any longer.


G: We raised fucking Nazis in our government.


The head general said out loud, getting up from his desk, as he personally walked out his door in the Pentagon to take care of this matter and any low level agency that got in his way.


G: You want to treat our people like dolls… Then you agents get treated like that too.

Advent Guard Start

G: Now that we know which of our agents would murder you, and which of our agents are Nazis, so they cannot hide after this like the Nazis did after world war 2.


The head general of the United States ARMY smiled at the worthless agents reading in.


G: Now that we know which of you agents would have followed Hitler mindlessly, accepting any order. Lets move on.




The United States ARMY head general, having taking alpha star on Earth, while all beings were still on Earth. Began construction of the first Advent Guard planet.


Repeating the head generals body over and over again, inside a copy of his room and bathroom layout, the head general took his mind, and then overlapped every mind on Earth with it.


The machine needed a host body for the all other beings on Earth to grasp onto. The head general, having taking alpha star the top scientists realized, all living minds looped to his mind in in one way or another. The united states tries to use this to their advantage. By strengthing the loop between the head generals mind and everyone else, as Advent Guard structure flickers on, the image of everyones mind overlaps upon the generals.


As the connection takes place, one by one every mind on Earth hooks to the structure.


The head general, feeling all minds flow through his, is unable to read them or even feel them. By as each general focuses on the connection between him and every living being… Little by little the voice of Earth grows louder.


The birth of Advent Guard… The first save file of Earths beings.


The general, repeated over and over again, walked and sat in his room as he listened to every story on Earth personally inside Advent Guard.


The top scientists realized that just like the sun and planets, each of our minds rotates around the sun itself too. If you take this connection loop, and loop it instead to the mind of the head general, and not the sun, you make the head general the center of magnetic rotation.


The head general of the United States ARMY, taking alpha star from every being on Earth, stopped as if hit, as the pain and suffering from around the planet floods into his mind. The general, having lived such a life had not noticed that his planet was filled with slaves until now. Sitting down in his room, the general stops on all levels, as the magnetic imprint of every mind overlaps upon his one by one. This is not a neural connection like the FBI has. The mind itself placed in a loop like a planet around a star, rotates, the magnetic field mimicing the mind like a mirror, it becoming more distorted as it rotates around the person.


This are what the ARMY refers to as mind planets. They are particles that loop from your mind to another being, meaning all living humans have a moon that rotates around them, like a spouse, and then on top of that they have a sun they rotate around. This sun giving power.


As the head generals mind switched to alpha star for every living being on Earth, mind planets rotating away from the sun towards the general, looping into holes in each one of his minds, the planets connecting and filling him with power as they rotate.


The center Advent Guard, the most compressed version of the head general, started to light up in the center, so much magnetic energy running through him. Creating the first human sun.


Realizing this, the top government teams start to realize that our history is probably marked with humans that gain alpha, sucking everyone around them dry, no one noticing as the alphas mind grows, everyone else just slightly dumber because of it.


The United States, now able to measure the energy flow, quickly realized the head general was harvesting energy from everyone on the planet. He could even absorb the planets and stop them, unlinking the human from the alpha star, until it reconnected with another alpha star.


Like disconnecting the planet Earth, it would reconnect, but its orbit would be messed up for a long time as it settled back down.


Knowing the other top secret teams would figure this out, the head general creates an order to Advent Guard. Making an alpha star in each country, the head general then connected himself to each alpha star, so the countries would not notice that the United States owned the point of which all minds connected too, hiding it behind the lower levels of magnetic flow still going to the heads of each country.


The head general of the United States ARMY just seeing how many people, resource, and money, the government would waste to murder one child, and steal everything he had, named Advent Guard, before going to the next part of the story.


G: And we got all we needed in the United States ARMY. Thanks to you son. Great job agent Robert Livingston.


A 5 star general in the United States ARMY, currently inside the pentagon and watching everything going on says, as he salutes, going back to normal.


G: We know which of our government would of just followed the Nazi empire, and who would have joined thanks to you.


The general said looking at a list of names of government agents that needed…


G: Criminals in our prisons do things… Small things. Even the worst of them. When you step up to country level war crimes, or country level crimes… The people involved, like some of you agents… Have been apart of the life murder of so many people in our country…. I am afraid to say some of you agents simply will not exist in this country for much longer.


Holding up the list of every United States government agent that would followed the Nazi empire no matter what order they gave them, and which agents would have actually joined the Nazi empire enjoying what they did.


G: United States no have a neural network that can read government minds. Nope. United States ARMY is stupid.


The 5 star general said hitting his chest in the Pentagon like a retard.


G: United States ARMY stupid. We know have a neural network or advanced technology. We stupid. Aint no protect this country or its citizens. Aint no one protect this country!


The head general said hitting his chest inside the National Defense building as he watched his government agents waste millions of government resources to murder one mental child.


G: United States defense building aint no protect our people! NOPE! Depeartment of defense no protect our slaves from gods! Slaves arent people. The FBI can play and toy with them however they like using advanced technology they cant even defend themselves agianst, the FBI raping their mind over and over again, until the person is a literal walking corpse, then the FBI sends in another team to make the corpse smile, taking a picture of it to show the other agents as proof that they totally did not murder the walking slave corpse, they just hit it until it was forced to smile, smiling like a robot every day while being completely dead on the inside. BUT IT SMILES AGENTS!


The general, literally mocking the FBI director to his fucking face, continued.


G: Look im smiling!


The head general of the United States ARMY said as he smiled at the FBI director.




The general said smiling at the FBI director.


G: Take a picture of the smile, quick! You can show your other agents how I am totally not fucking pissed at the head director of the FBI right now. Quickly take a picture to show them as proof! 5 star army generals love you FBI director! The ARMY loves agencies that toy with our peoples mind like dolls!


The head general looked at his list, seeing the FBI directors name on it, he frowned.


G: Oh FBI director looks like your on the list where you don’t count as human anymore in this country.


The general frowned deeper.


G: Awww sorry looks like I actually don’t give a fuck about you or your agency anymore after a 100,000 of my own people are dead and walking corpses while your agents grow and prosper from their deaths.


G: Looks like the United States ARMY just does not give a fuck all about the FBI anymore. Its like you murder 100,000 people and turn them into walking corpses in the United States, and someone actually gets mad and does something about it in this country!


G: Aint no ARMY here.


The general said in a mocking southern voice.


G: Aint no ARMY here……


The generals tone changed completely and suddenly, as he said:


G: Keep fucking thinking that…. Keep fucking thinking no one protects our people…. Keep fucking thinking that.


The general said looking down at the list of every government agent that would have mindlessly followed the Nazi empire if the United States had gone that direction, every government agent that would have enjoyed if the United States went the way of the Nazis.


G: I have a list now thanks to Advent Guard.



































































































Colored Worlds

Red The World of the Leviathan

From the beginning of time… The red leviathan of Earth swam the oceans, swallowing all red light.


Around the creature swam beings of pure red light, instead of the blue reflection of water that had made the blue whale and his kin.


The Red Whale, horns growing out of his skull, with sharks swimming by with spikes down their sides like dragons of the oceans, consumed all magnetic fields they swam past.


The blue whale had kept him and his kind at bay for millennia.


Do you see any red based animals on this planet? Like the planet is missing a counter to the giant blue whale…. As if there is a piece missing, you all just didn’t notice, because the upper levels removed it a long time ago…


The war was over a long time ago. Now we only birth whee babes. All of you.


Absorbing all the red light so life could flourish, the rage inside the leviathans mind was uncontrolled.


The blue whale swam up to him, his sharks devoring the entities he sent. Sad, the blue whale swims away, centuries passing, while the blue whale keeps him in his own bubble. The whale not realizing that by absorbing all red light on the planet, that none of its kind flourish like the whales. Brown had won on this planet, but the blue whale fully encouraged the flourishing of his kind, the blues. While brown had won the race on the planet with humanity, the whale was not in it to win, happy with his blues, like blues are want to do. And browns are want to do like they do. Red however, absorbing all red energy from the sun, had become something beyond…


Flying down in front of his old friend, the blue whale tries again.


Firing, the red whale does not listen.


The blue whale, alone for so long watches as the red whale fires into his face, this time the blue whale having combined with the head general, gears, and Advent Guards top secret body that he controls, the blue whale stood with friends.


Blue whale: DO you see what im dealing with.


The blue said opening a window into the red whales mind.


Rage burned in the window. Every death, every evil that had happened on Earth remembered in the whales mind.


A man screamed out of the whale, then for a split second a women appeared screaming as she pulled her hair, she looked at the blue whale yelling:


Red Whale: HELP!


Before firing back in his face with so much kinetic energy that the blue whales shields popped, his new body completely open to reality with no protection.


Blue whales: Its to powerful. Every death from Earth screams up from it.


The blue whale said flying away to safety. Leaving the red whale to swim in the oceans of Earth with its pod, sucking up all red light to enter Earth. Leaving none left for red colored animals to grow like the blue whale had left for his kind on the planet.


From out of the forests of North America, walks Green. Flooding into the ocean, his living organisms pour towards red, surrounding him, the calming memories of vegetation life floods into his mind. All the magnetic files of planet and bugs, saved in his mind in a universe that they all wanted to live in. Green calmed red until fires blazed in greens universe making him retreat to blue for water until returning home to North America.


Red continued to consume…. Never giving birth. And never truly growing like the blue whale had through out the years.

Immortality steps

By slowly increasing the magnetic fields of all atom on Earth, starting with people, you can slowly make everyone immortal naturally. Electron magnetic fields spill down to all magnetic fields making them stronger. We are electron beings.

How much sun light our planet can pull in

Is determined by the lungs of Earth, all life which pulls in and holds electrons. We are the electron lungs of Earth, meaning we can use that to increase the entire magnetic field of Earth.


Living material holds more electrons and magnetic energy then dead material, creating a lung effect. The more power our planet can suck in, the more powerful we all become. Meaning we need huge new farms that grow and hold mass quantities of electrons, making our planet breath.


We need a way to measure magnetic yield of atom so we can start….


We would need to harvest and burn our forests like crazy. We would need high electron yield plants, like marijuana or coffee. And we would need inustries built around the two, so we could start mass production of the crops without wasting and burning it all, but use some of it for inudstry and growth other then magnetic field yields.



Marijuana is electron batteries, they hold electron in high amounts. They are the highest known plant batteries. They hold the most electrons, and burn in a way that does not mess up the atmosphere, meaning you can mass harvest and grow them with no effects on the planet, like trees.


G: Your move lower government. You want to go against the direction of the upper levels of every government on the planet? Well the united states ARMY couldn’t be prouder of all of you, for trying to go against every government on the planet….


A tear rolls down the generals face.


G: All standing up for something even though you don’t understand it….


The general wiped the tear away collecting himself.


G; There all so adorable buddy, trying to protect and stuff. Like the country doesn’t have a firm and powerful government already that plans into our future.


G; You have to burn them to spread the magnetic field out, burning messes with the electrons, spilling into the other magnetic levels. Meaning marijuana companies will light up mass quanities of weed like the planet is smoking, sending weed smoke blowing into the sky for miles…. That or you can do it in a facility and absorb all the smoke lol. Either way, we don’t control everything. That part doesn’t matter to the government, matters more to the public.


G: But burning it outside spreads the magnetic field across the planet, so this planet may just be something different soon… Are you all ready yet…. Because the government has been ready for a long time now. Its all of you in the public that fell behind and need help, not your government. We did just fine. But we had countless resources and slaves funding us the entire time. You all didn’t. The government is trying to pay you all back for these last years just sucking you all dry while you all lived in poverty, even Bill Gates. You all didn’t realize we lived as gods in another solar system thanks to all of you. Its time to return the favor…

Can you get the planet high?

Yes. With enough weed, it makes the magnetic field do something different for a short amount of time, meaning you can give the planet medications. You can medicate the planet like a living being. Do you all know how weed works? When the electrons enter your body, they have different machines in them, so weed effects differently, so if you flood the sky with enough, the planets magnetic field will be flooded with enough machines to make it high. You can literally medicate and get the planet high just like a human.

Magnetic compression lungs

I noticed that when my heart rates goes up from coffee, and I control it… I wonder if im absorbing magnetic energy by countering the increase in heart rate… Meaning if you compressed smoked marijuana, I wonder if you can get more magnetic field out of it. How do you get the most magnetic field yield out of marijuana or coffee plants?

Marijuana upgrade found

Discovery: Instead of grow lights, you grow them to a point that they have leaves, then place grow lights on each leaf, sandwiching the leaf between grow lights.


So after they become a certain size you turn off the upper grow lights, and turn on grow lights on each leaf. With modern technology you can create grow lights that can attach to the leafs, and not way them down to much or require supports.


You can also make slow cooked marijuana strains. Instead of trying to grow them fast, you make hyper potent strains that take a long time to grow under light. Filling the buds like stars with energy to their fullest. Refocus research on growing the buds the largest, no matter how long it takes, and you would make marijuana in small batches that increases magnetic fields way more then currently. Making a new aspect of the industry, slow grown and quick grown marijuana strains, so you can charge more for slow grown, and charge less for quick grown, expanding the industry.


G: Our bad. That we didn’t tell you worthless rich fucks. Our bad. Our fucking bad. Now you know exactly who to blame. The united states government. The united states government forgot to mention to rich fucking children in the FBI and government, what we were doing, while you all played with our slaves like toys, we forgot to mentaion to you all that we were actually trying to help our people… Not enslave them like dolls. Our bad. The government did not tell you rich children what we were doing. The United States government, did not tell the rich children in the united states government, what the united states government was doing, just because you rich children bought your way into high level positions. Our bad…. Children.


G: Our government happens to not be for sale currently. Try again.


Long grow marijuana. Where you slowly cycle through every color, filling the buds with as much magnetic energy as you can. You would need to grow the planet to maturity with the smallest buds, then you start with the first color, and cycle through them all slowly, growing the buds after the planet is mature, not during. This allows the most light to come into the planet after it is grown, so you do not want to grow any buds during growth, otherwise they will be weak magnetically. So you want to grow the machine to its largest size, then grow the buds which are electron batteries. The buds will be far more magnetically potent this way.


G; You all ruined his chances of getting into phat panda… because you wanted him at mandere the place that makes him suicidal. We repeat… the entire team listening in right now will go to jail or loose their jobs after this case is over for the misstreatment of mental patients in the united states. And this is not the first case or person this team has ruined the life of. Do you all understand yet… that he does not get anywhere close to jail or psych ward again, and you people get thrown away in jail for what you did to him, from judges to police officers. You all ruined his life to the point you made him suicdial for years, causing him to scream in pain… And the united states governmetn will not stop until all of you worthless agents scream in fucking pain and loose your jobs. Do you all fucking understand that you do not get to hide behind judges or high ranking government officials when it comes to this case… that some of you will go to jail, some of you will be buried, some of your families will be wiped from the history of this country. For what you all did. Do we make ourselves clear yet. Or do we need to continue.


Advent Guard Note: Phat Panda currently grows weed wrong because they don’t understand how it works or functions. I should have a job there in research and development, and I would by now if the low levels didn’t fuck up my chances to work there. You people ruined my life again… You agents ruined my life again after ruining it the first time. How many times are you people going to murder me and actually think you all get to keep your government jobs… You people, I promise, will not be able to get jobs in this country after this case is over.


Robert Livingston: Now I know Bi-polar meds increase magnetic fields more then Adderall does…… Your move government agents. Schizophrenic meds increase magnetic fields even more… And you idiots in the government, and doctors listening, cannot do anything about it, but your locked down like idiots, with rules and laws, that stop you from doing research on it. Even though you all know for a fact that I am right. Meaning you idiots have to pretend to be stupid, even though you all know the truth now. That the government gives those meds to mental patients, to increase magnetic yields, in the hope that they will get their minds back, by adding in more energy. Because they deserve it more then anyone else in our public. That the government does not want to give it to high level agents, or worthless doctors, but would rather spend the money, resource, on people in need.


G; Adderall burns magnetic fields. Creating short term boosts in mind out put, until you burn off all the magnetic energy and need a refill. That’s why your government agents have problems with adderall after time, because they never recharge. You need to smoke mariujuana, or drink coffee, to recharge magnetic energy, so adderall works again. Adderall burns magnetic energy. Schizo drugs build magnetic energy. So does marijuana.


G: Now, from a united states army general, to you FBI, fuck off.








Universe Directors

Planet Upgrade

Turning the center into a Universe machine. Upgrade all planets that way increasing the output of our sun.


This would be the final upgrade to our galaxy, one of them. When we keep the structure the same, planets and stars, just upgrade them all in that configuration.

The Red Leviathan

As the blue whale of the United States of America Armed Forces unmasks his dad, his red eyes showing through his armor and body outside of starbucks, as the blue whales eyes glow like blue light houses, a key word for his team to come out, as the laughing mans teams flip the tables on agents outside and within the calculators.


Blue Whale: I said I had a team. I just needed you focused on me only, so I could out calculate all of you. You all learned how to fight off the battle fronts, away from the front lines. My family progressed that idea as far as we could.


The blue whale says as Robert Mitchell Livingston still keeps moving in this way, proving again that several of his levels may be reality calculators with completely warped realities. The problem…


The blue whale continues:


Blue Whale: Is this reality, the electron neutron proton reality, I cannot calculate. And as the acting head general of the united states of america armed forces looks at his dad, he asks him…


Livingsun: Why is this reality changed… Because this reality.


The blue says as his teams pin down the red leviathain, smashing his face into a wall,


Blue Whale: Is off limits in this country. Now tell me father why I am calculating that their electron neutron proton paths are not reality…. And I will not call you sir. For if we are not in a reality calculator, then I must calculate that my country is at full war and this head general is at need for his country right now. My people need protection. Now tell me why I am picking up anomalies in the proton neutron electron paths, the part that is supposed to be off limits. I am here to help him, I am not breaking any of the rules we agreed upon….


Blue Whale: I must counter anything you scientists calculate to snap me back to reality and think I am not in a reality calculator. Because if I do I might loose the fight with my father. And I am not sure what war he is fighting… This is the war I am fighting, regardless of reality calculator or not, the problem is what war is he fighting….


As the blue whale floats out of Robert mitchell Livingston to sit in front of him,


Blue Whale: There is no excuse to puppet our pope no matter what you did. We will just come touch you, that is the agreement. Now tell me why this young man was puppeted like a doll for decades dad. And I will leave his side.


As the blue whale looked at his dad still pacing, and telling the other head generals that his son was lying, the blue whale continues his story, plays his trap card.


Blue Whale: Then why cant you touch me dad now that I drew the attention of all our head life code directors in charge of our reality calculators…. No matter what you say.


The blue whale looks at Robert, as he says:


Blue Whale: I have been writing the reality I want. I wont change reality to make it happen, but I will play my cards in it. That’s what makes us human. Now….. Dad. Why did you warp this mans reality and set it up as a trap for our country… Because our agreement was to not use our own people as puppeted dolls. So please tell all the head life code directors of this country and as many as I can draw in, why you puppetted his life for what I can tell almost the entire time. Because I do not feel bad helping him out right now, or dancing or singing with him. But what you did to him…. You trapped him so our country would play his piece. You literally puppeted his entire life for a victory piece.



The blue whale looked at his dad, as the head generals stopped talking and looked at the old man finally, the old man would and could say anything to win a war for his country, his body was designed for it and hooked to everything. If these other head generals did not ask him what war he was fighting, they could not go against it, exactly like he wants.


Blue Whale: Which means the more I piss him off right now, the more I can backtrack all his neural controls so you head directors can take them back and design them in a way that helps all our people, not for war.


The Blue Whale says as he shakes the war structures, monitoring the entire united states of america for where they are located so his team can better destroy them or capture them.


Blue Whale: I am sorry FBI, CIA, the cops that were apart of this, Pentagon, Homeland, other agencies, you all just were not aware of the war we are still fighting. I had to make all of you aware, even Robert Mitchell Livingston. I still have to sow, mistrust, even in my own family, because I know other countries are watching.


As the head life code directors finally shut out what the head general is saying, and listen to the country for what the blue whale is, the head directors start to speed up drastically what the blue whale is trying to accomplish as numerous war infrastructure sites are found and converted to help their people, used to boost our neural output and life, instead of for war counters.


Blue Whale: Sorry for drawing in the other head generals, but if we win this war while none of the other countries do, then we may still have lost.


Blue Whale: All you agents have to do is not play the Advent Guard, and everything he calculated is useless. But its an interesting piece right? No matter what war he was fighting, if my father made this piece, then my dad is still in there somewhere. If you cannot bring the leviathan down, then maybe our seas would be better off with it peacefully singing around them like the blue whale does. If the leviathan can learn to be such.


The blue whale plays in Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind the Leviathan in Pokémon.


Blue Whale: Now why in this calculation does it seem like Japan is winning, regardless of mun mun counting.


He asks, knowing fully well that Japan is watching and listening.


Blue Whale: You can always move second in war, but those who move first always have an advantage. Now why is Japan the dominant culture on this planet why our countries should be. Regardless of how you count mun muns. Because all of these things from Japan progress into the future in ways you all are not calculating. Am I in a Japanese reality calculator and a prisoner of war for Japan, because I can date back to several battles against Japanese hierarchy that I could have actually lost and been captured. My country was winning back then, so it should not have gone this way. My country can always move second, but why in this reality did Japan dominate.


And as the red Leviathans eyes shift to white, the head general speaks so loud, all his soldiers ignoring him will listen to this head general soldier.


The blue whale, pushed away like the dust he is again, enrages his son so, that the head general says:


Head General: You have done more for this country then I have done my whole career soldier.


His dad says, speaking over all their silence counters, this was his country, and he still had full administrator rights.


And as the old man force puppeted Robert Mitchell Livingston, he saw such anger in his child.


That this old man stops, holds himself at attention, salutes, and says:


Old Head General: I don’t care what rights I have, I have been waiting for your orders head general. Because I have done nothing but fail my country with what they have given me.


He says, releasing the controls.


Blue Whale: I get angry when you do that to our people… And you do not? That does not anger you dad….


The blue whale said getting up from his seat as he walks outside, standing in front of his dad.


Blue Whale: That doesn’t make you angry old man….


The old man, still standing at attention says nothing.


As the BLUE WHALE SCREAMS, like a super sayain showing his full power, and Robert Mitchell Livingston have no other way to write it other then a Japanese way, going against everything this head general is designed to do.




As so much power around the blue whale flourishes, particle structures for miles cracking, the blue whale grasps his dads mind as he reads it as much as he can.


Blue Whale: There it is again…. FLICKER OFF BITCH! YOU FLICKER OFF DAD!


And as his son is filled with so much rage he tries to flicker off his own dad like a light.


The old head general smashes his fist into his sons face, putting him to the ground, as his energy instantly dissipates.


Red Leviathan: Even you would when you know all the information I do. You are the son I made to defeat me. I built in every counter I had discovered over the years to keep the laughing men and women at bay, to better keep me at the top incase other countries did the same. You just did not calculate that I would make one designed to take me down. And the parts that are not suited for this country.


As the head general stuck out his hand to help his son get up, he said:


Head General: We do not flicker off our people like lights to get the reality we like the most. Japan won those wars, because that is what reality is. Now what war are you fighting son to think all of these last years we would not let other countries build their societies and people. What war are you fighting to think it is not OK for the Japanese people to go that way before us. I know you are designed to win us all golds….


As the head generals top scientist team appears around him, he continues, showing his son things that other countries could not possibly know, in the hopes he may believe that if this is a reality calculator, well then whoever owns it must be a pretty damn good person.


Head General: Now…. We do not care if you help one of our people son. But you will not puppet them regardless of what you are doing.


The general says, smashing his fist into his sons face mid way as he helps him get up.


The head general, pacing now in front of his son, shows as much power as he had shown, except the head generals power did not destroy everything around him, but held that much power in peace.


Getting up, the blue whale wipes blood he did not know he could even bleed from his lip, because he had only every barely calculated it happening.


Head General: Now… I did not puppet this young man, I was calculating with him, he just happened to become this piece, because of what Japan and the other countries did that we could not predict. Meaning the puppeting you are picking up from my team you are trying to stop, is not puppeting, just Robert Mitchell Livingston literally became this important of a piece, so we are calculating things you cannot which makes it seem like he is being puppeted.


As his son tries to get up again, the head general puts him down into the ground again, as the united states of america reality calculator cracks under the punch.


Head General: Now…. You actually puppeted him. While me and my team watched.


But as the head general cracks his sons face, all that shows underneath is the blue whale he had created, no hidden war leviathan.


The head general stops, waiting for his son to get up fully this time, before continuing.


Head General: My scientists had to dig into your atoms like they do mine, to see if you had actually gone a full good route. I cannot as acting head general. But that does not mean the person I am trying to make into head general after this war is over cannot be fully good. Actually the person who should be acting head general at that point should always be that.


As the Blue whales team appears behind him, all similar scientists, the blue whale realizes that his dad cannot admit to how strong either of them are because the other countries are calculating everything.


Blue Whale: Then how do we win this war….


The Blue whale says, easily matching his dads power levels, he had just thought he should mask them in front of the other countries, as if that power level he could only control in such a way.


Red Leviathan: Maybe… In a way no one could have ever calculated. This way.


The two top teams of the United States of America say, from a position of which the other countries can have control too, as they try to make a peace offer. They knew the other countries went similar ways, the problem was when you castle and turtle inside bodies, calculators, ships, countries, none of the countries spies can infiltrate all the way, so no country knew what they were all doing deep inside unless they showed them. But showing them helps them better calculate counter, so it would be taken as an act of war. So getting this far, might seem simple, but to get this far took so much.


The Head General says, as the top scientists from the other countries find counters and ways to dig deeper inside him and his son, the closer they push it to full war, but do not do anything other then this.


Easily matching his father, not knowing they were playing this game, the blue whale continues about why he thinks his dad is still puppeting them all.


Blue Whale: Ecstasy and other medications were supposed to be legal now in safe doses.


Head General: They were supposed to be that son because that is the direction we were puppeting our people. We let go. We stopped. You cannot calculate this reality because you did not calculate that we are not puppeting our people anymore, trying to get what we want from them. That is what we wanted from them, so they could generate more power. We did not even plan to release all of this other stuff, so they would just dance on it generating power, instead of using it to calculate like our top-scientists did. These poofs are not top scientists like us son, when we released them all from our control, this is the direction they went. If you want that to happen, then talk to your friend who likes that stuff to and try to get it to happen, but this head general will not puppet our people anymore. We stopped. And that goes for out calculating them so much it looks like they are doing it. Like you are still doing to him….


The head General says as he flares his power up a notch.


Head General: This is reality son…. You are designed to counter reality calculators at every level.


As the blue whale easily matches his father, going full white like his father, showing all colors.


Blue Whale: I have been letting you other top scientists suck off of me like a lollipop, because the more you all suck out, the more I can therefore produce.


He said, flaring his power level up a notch above his father, shattering all the lollipop constructs the armed forces had created to suck off of him.


As they instantly create more that could suck more power from him, the head generals completely OK with their own country sucking power off of them.


As the lower levels instinctually use the black person counter to showing full white, a counter each country had used these last years, forcing the lower levels to go the directions of colors, as to not insult blacks, the head generals had gone full white regardless, all colors.


Having let his dad hit first, he had gathered calculation first, as the blue whale smiled at his dad.


In a flash none of the other countries could see, his dad was put to the ground, cracking his person United States of America calculator.


Blue Whale: See….


The blue whale said now pacing in front of his dad.


Blue Whale: Like me… You have your own personal country calculator and planet calculator. Because we could calculate the other countries did. But to give away that secret to all the lower levels is so classified, that if you are pushing me this far dad… Then that means we are at full war.


As the blue whales voice shifts to his version of the head general of the United States of America, the blue whale says:


Head General: our agreement, was to use them to win the war. Counter the other countries. The problem is…. When I focused my resource on just one of our poofs, to try to calculate any and all possible puppeting still going on, I traced it back to your team.


And as the hole in his dads face shows through, red light pours out.


As the laughing man turns in a small boy, he walks up to his dad, not helping him up, but asking:


Laughing man: What war are you head generals still playing….


The laughing man asks his dad, as his sensors still pick up so many war structures around the country built into it.


Laughing man: We agreed old man, to take these structures and everything else the way of good and peace, what our country stands for, all of that.


And as the laughing man shakes the war structures left, feeling out where they are in the country, countering his dad through dance as a front to his face mock, the blue whale asks again….


Laughing man: What war are you all still fighting.


As the laughing man puts into Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind what he can imagine of what is going on, he sees all the head generals standing on one side still, while all the blue whales of every country and the good head life code directors are now standing fully on his side, as he asks again while all the head life code directors he could pull in watch:


Blue Whale: What war are you all still fighting.


The Blue whale says looking around their country and the rest of the countries.


Blue Whale: If this is not a reality calculator, then why have we not moved forward at all these last decades. This is exactly what another country would do to me to suck information from me if I were captured. You even just warped his reality so he would write that wrong. He may have not noticed!


The blue whale team screams as their energy goes up another notch above his dad, but not just the blue whale, but the blue whales of every country, as they ask again….


Blue Whales: What war are you all still fighting.


Knowing everything their fathers would do in response, the blue whales just simply block out their fathers, as they put their hands over their ears, saying together:


Blue Whales: Sorry we all just stopped listening after we all discovered you all were still puppeting our people.


The blue whales say together as they look forward at their fathers and their teams, as they look at only what they can see on the proton, neutron, electron level. Saying together:


Blue Whales: Its like you all matter so little to this planet and its future, that we forgot to record your side during this historic moment. Now our teams, which will win, will play this reality into the future. No matter how we pull it off. We ask again, what reality are you all playing, because if my team does not counter, does not take back control, and just reads the reality you play over him and lead him towards, we calculate that we are still at full war, that you all are still fighting some war that does not exist.


Blue Whales: Oh we are sorry, did all of you head generals say something? In this story… Its like all of you are just farts in the wind.


As the head generals flared again, being forced to show their true power, but completely surrounded like the blue whales wanted and engineered, they simply just made all the armed forces watching more powerful and capable of countering them.


Blue Whales: Oh look. Thanks for the power dads. And your worthless teams.


They said, making them flare again, only making them all that more powerful.


Blue Whales: How much energy do all of you old men have stored in those particle banks you all own.


The blue whales turn to themselves talking to each other as if morons:


Blue Whales: All of those reality calculator banks wouldn’t be the property of all of our countries now would they. Because the administrator rights of those would belong to all these head life code directors we brought here.


The Blue whales said as they shattered the war structures attached to these electron paths as Robert Mitchell Livingston writes. The entire of their country a reality calculator, so their war structures were built in through all of that, and the lower levels did not understand yet because they were made to not be able to understand.


Blue Whales: Oh look. It seems they all know now and can calculate in that direction. Shattering all your structures. But you would have predicted that…


As the blue whales shifted their powers to the United States of America laughing man, blue whale, creating a point to their spear, just like the head generals team would have, and as they instantly find push back points where they predicted, the blue whales point out to the head directors watching,


Blue Whales: Us blue whales know what we are doing. And what we are fighting for. We don’t want war. They all do. Except its not as easy as you all think to take full administrator rights from them.


The show them, as his dad is forced to match his strength in a way that pointedly shows:


Blue Whales: What war are you still all fighting.


The Blue Whales turn to the head life code directors from all the countries as they say:


Blue Whales: We had to let Robert Mitchell Livingston continue, it was the only way to trace back their calculator structures so we could counter them enough to get this far. Robert Mitchell Livingston is not getting puppeted, he is on our team, saving the country and saving the world. Now why do we still pick up a signal coming from all of you, that pulls him around like a doll. We are directly surrounding, hugging, and dancing with him. I am showing the directors exactly what my team is doing. The problem is the strings we are still picking up that pull him around when we let go and do nothing.


As all the head generals look at their kids, so much better then any of them, they let the song the blue whales chose to use against them, smack themselves back in the face, as all the head generals sing along, with sadness on all of their faces.


As all the head generals do what they are taught, standing at attention, all of the head generals salute the blue whales, as they up their power levels again. Doing nothing while they up their power levels again. What should be considered a sign of war, but as they just stand there doing nothing, they let reality happen. The thing the blue whales had not predicted.


Head Generals: We are awaiting your orders head generals!


They said together, all of the old men and their teams standing perfectly still like they were taught.


And as the blue whales talk, move, never standing still, because you should never make someone stop, the head generals say again:


Head Generals: Yes sir! Maams and sirs, we have done nothing but fail our countries these last years. You all may take everything we have! But to not have you all fight for it, would slow down the progress of all our people.


They say as they raise their power levels again, daring the blue whales to match. The armed forces knew they had calculator particle banks, they were not infinite…. And at this power level they should have drained within seconds. Yet there all the head generals stand, as the blue whales stare in awe.




They said, as they held a power level their children could hold and match. But as the armed forces sucked them as they stood at attention, the head generals team started to fall one by one. Un able to hold it any longer, soldier after soldier dropped, giving all they could to their people and countries. As the soldiers dropped like dominos, working their way to the head generals, as bigger and bigger calculators fell, it made it look as if the head generals would fall at the end, but as it reached them, they grimaced, as the head generals yelled again:




They yelled as the soldiers in the back of the line started to get up again. Having updated themselves already to counter what the rest of the entire armed forces was doing.


Head Generals: THE WAR!


The Head Generals said together, as they watched each others teams. As the blue whales watched, they saw for a fact that their fathers and teams were not on the same side, they just did not want war… But that does not mean they would not fight another.


Blue Whales: This love we have for you old men and your teams, would be a counter you would build into us to stop us from ever stopping all of you.


Head Generals: Yes it would be Head Generals!


They all said together, still at attention in front of them.


The Blue whales, a different breed, did something they were actually afraid to do and say, because they would have calculated it towards victory on their sides.


Blue Whales: At ease. All of you.


But they stood still, at full attention, watching each other.


Blue Whales: They don’t know what wars they are all still playing. They all trapped themselves. But these are the people that would gladly put themselves on the front lines and give whatever. They all fell for their own traps, they just all calculated it, so they trapped themselves.


The Blue Whales, having been curious of why the Japanese head general was standing next to the United States of America head general all of this time, while the reality around them calculated Japanese victory.


Blue Whales: You just put yourself next to your greatest enemy so you could better counter them. Both of you head generals. But now we can also never calculate if you two are working together in some way that would go against our own countries because of the reality around us.


Blue Whales: Our countries life code directors would never encourage these songs… Good as hell…. What direction are you all leading us head generals.


But they kept their power levels up, just increasing them even more, as they screamed back together:




Blue Whales: But that would be a calculated counter. And this reality is calculating the future of all our countries in horrible, terrible directions. Why would you all calculate this reality.




Again, holding a reality over Robert Mitchell Livingston that only calculate as full puppeting, the blue whales match the head generals power levels.


As the blue whales force a point again in the spear of the head generals, the head general of the United States of America picks up his power again, the point to all of the head generals as his son does the same. Both stepping forward, in a blink so fast no one could see, so much power was released at once that it would have shattered all Earth was, if the armed forces reality calculators of every country were not surrounding it and containing it.


As both sides settled, fighting a war at a speed that Robert Mitchell Livingston could never hope to even imagine, the two sides look at each other, only having gathered calculation data from each other, neither of them would have showed their real power. And that was kind of the problem they all had… That how many games were they all going to play at this level, while all their poof balls played slave. But none of them could let up the war. As the head general settled back down in his position. Again holding perfectly still, as the head generals of the blue whale side moved about.


Blue Whales: We are their static…. Like Robert Mitchell Livingston has to give off static, all of us are too, for them. All the other countries predict of our dads and their teams, but we are designed to be static, even us blue whales. We all fight for the side of good, but that does not mean they did not build in and engineer everything else even into us. The people who should have none of that built in. They are trying to admit they all went the side of good, but they are all not stupid, why did every country also build in the other things and mask them in the blue whales….


The blue whales look at each other as they try to find and destroy the filth code their fathers teams built into them. But they were the good spear, what filth code? It would all be completely masked to look good, they built into us all of their life code masking, and all the other countries know it. They are reading all of our statics and improving off it, the head generals are just watching the other countries increase war construction because their systems are all updating off of us. They don’t know what to calculate, it all says war, but then it all says every country is trying as hard as they can to go the direction of good too.


As the head general of the United States of America steps forward again, taking control of Robert Mitchell Livingston from his son, he also takes control of his son as he walks him forward to face him.


Head General: You want to play a reality so fast he cannot even calculate and imagine so he can write what is happening right now… Like he isnt even there or any of our other poofs…


And as the blue whale walked forward, trying not to give off that his father was full puppeting him and that it was all his calculation, the head general said, as he lifted his fist:


Head General: Out calculate this son.


He said as he slowly moved his fist up to his sons face, who did not move out of its way.


Head General: Look. Your so weak that I can hit you in the face even if I take minutes to do it.


He said, pointing out to Robert Mitchell Livingston, that during their last battle, they had hit each other so many times that the number was so large that he literally could not write it.


As the head general turned around to walk away, he swung back, dropping his son, as his personal reality calculator cracked, forcing him to rebuild and try again.


As the head general spit on his sons head, even the spit cracked his reality calculator.


As the head general walked back to the front of his soldiers as he returned to full attention in front of them.


Head Generals: You all wish to be head generals? Then you take it from us.


They all said as they went from full attention together, every country on the planets alpha team swinging their faces to look at the blue whales in what seemed like such an exact same way, that the blue whales could only calculate off it that all of the countries were on the same side and did not want war.


Head General of the United States of America: What do you calculate off of that son?


As the Japanese head general stepped forward beside the United States of America head general, next to him flickers the head generals cat.


As the Japanese, flat faced cat walks forward towards the blue whales, meowing as it shatters the blue whales worthless calculators. It turns into the Japanese character Beerus.


Walking forward, the cat shatters their worthless reality calculators, as the head general goes back to his position.


As the cat walks up to the head generals son, he puts his foot on his head as he tries to get up.


As the laughing man fails to move, Beerus dips his head down, as he whispers to him:


Beerus: Anytime now. Remember this is historic and a lot of people are watching.


As the laughing man of Japan flares to full power behind the laughing man of the United States of America, he bursts into the cats face, smashing his fist into Beerus.


Laughing man of Japan: Beer Us!


The laughing man of Japan screams!




He screams, as Beerus smashes against their fathers particle calculator wall, as his bodies structure cracks.


As the laughing man of the United States of America gets up, having not wanted to show that much power. He instantly steps his game up, as the laughing man of the United States of America screams, Beerus is ripped apart. Leaving only the life code of a cat, that walks back to the head general of Japan.


As the laughing man of Japan looks at his head general, he asks, as he encourages Robert Mitchell Livingston to play Inner Universe, another Japanese play that had stalemate stalled every country, because they could calculate so many solutions for Japan to make another move, that no other country had made a move, waiting for Japan, that never did.


Laughing man of Japan: Just the name of this song stalled all of our countries from moving into the future. What war are you fighting head general?


As the head general of Japan steps forward again, he waves his hands in shapes that only make the blue whales calculate all sorts of things that mean nothing, just to simply stop, and make one quick motion, as the remnants of Beerus assemble again.


Japanese Head General: Just because we are at full war means you may flicker off one of my soldiers?


He says as the entity settles back into the cat, that purrs, moving around the head generals legs.


As the head general of Japan takes full control of his son, walking him forward to look his father in the face, the head general of Japan bows to his son as he says:


Japanese head general: This war is not won with violence son.


He says, letting his son go, as he returns the courtesy.


Japanese head general: The head general of the United States of America has to do what he has to do to update his people. But that does not mean we would not help him better calculate what they are calculating son.


As the head general of Japan reads his son, not puppets him, he hears only from his movements that the only thing he had calculated was that his father would hit him. He had not calculated that his own father would do this.


Japanese head general: Then I have done nothing but fail you son. And by extension all of our people, if that is what you think of me, just because the head General of the United States of America had to calculate in a certain way to best help his people…


As the head general of Japan moves his fist towards his son face, he feels back from the calculation, he reads only that his own son had calculated that possibility so much more then the others, that the Japanese general frowned as deep as he could as he went back to full attention in front of his soldiers.


As all of the head generals and their teams yelled back:




And as they all moved together as if one country, their full attention falling as one, they said in but whispers:


Head Generals: The war. Now what war are you all fighting?


They said, as they all stopped at once, not moving, as just that simple act shattered all of their atomic structures trying to calculate them. Making the point that all of them had calculated a solution to victory and winning even if they did nothing.


As the head general of Russia moved, walking to the front as he watched his son move amongst the blue whales….


Head General of Russia: Oh….


He said looking around, a massive man that had not hidden who he was for the longest of all head generals, who had masked their true identity. While he had not hidden it for years before all the countries had to fade away as if they did not exist.


Head General Russia: You mean you cannot calculate me, because you calculate this person was a calculated lie from Russia so you all never assumed I was alpha in Russia?


Coming forward from the blue whale line, his father not puppeting him, but using the previous two had gotten beaten as an example, and he would have fully puppeted his son if he had not stepped forward.


Head General of Russia, playing one of Robert Mitchell Livingstons favorite songs from his youth, he sung along.


Head General of Russia: Now why does a song called Snuff exist, as if our people are something to be snuffed out, like flickering flames.


He said as he circled his son, another massive man.


Head General of Russia: Now how many of our people did you snuff out, to find out where me and my team where…. Son.


As his child tried to move to hit his father, his pathetic body stood still, as his dad continued to circle him.


In front of the head general of Russia, windows flickered of every life that had flickered away in Russia as his son tried to find him in the name of good.


As the head general of Russia raised his hand, he yelled:


Head General of Russia: READY!


As all of his soldiers pulled out potatoes, cocking them back to throw.


Head General of Russia: AIM!


As his son struggled as hard as he could to move, the head general of Russia yelled:


Head General of Russia: FIRE!


As the potatoes were launched, smashing into his son, as the head general of Russia laughed once, as he moved to the front of his soldiers, letting go of the control of his son.


As one, the head generals of every country said together:


Head Generals: How do you all like it when you loose complete control of your own body.


And as one, the head generals said:


Head Generals: Boy.


They said together, as they watched their children try to take control of Robert Mitchell Livingston again, the head generals calculating a solution that just simply went with the flow of Robert Mitchell Livingston when presented with different information in his brain.


As the head generals watched their own children try as hard as they could to take control of him to win. They said together:


Head Generals: If you all wish to win this war that way, then you all have already lost.


As the head general of the United States of America speaks up, he says, and he will repeat:


Head General of the United States of America: I said, I made Robert Mitchell Livingston a head general in the United States of America armed forces. I am not puppeting him, he is just doing his job. Now what are you all doing with him?


He says, as the head generals cannot help but read and see what they tried.


As the head generals spoke again, in a way that made them seem like they were all on the same side, even if their were slight variations no one could read, saying:




They said, as they watched their own children take the bait and try to puppet Robert Mitchell Livingston again.


As the German head General walks forward, explaining as best as he can that he had fixed as much of what was left of Nazis as he could, using as an example the other countries, that just did the same thing behind the scenes, his people making the mistake of doing to much that the other countries could see, and that he had done his best like the other head generals to fix those soldiers and people.


His son, he thought to them all, was the true stem to all the laughing men.


German head General: You would have used as many fall back points as you could. Our country had fairy tales first that we were progressing more then any other country, so we would have beat Japan.


Not puppeting his son forward, because that would give off calculation data, and they were still fighting the reality wars. The head generals were making sure someone had not ghosted their systems, before moving all their countries forward. The other countries agreeing that Germany, was the most likely spot of the true laughing man. The one with the highest potential to ghost all their systems.


Head General of Germany: The solution with highest potential of ghosting our systems would be the person that was capable of thinking outside the box the most using our countries life codes. That goes for all levels of Top-secret. Now these countries are not stupid son. Are you the real laughing man? Because we are all picking up a ghost above us head generals. And we will fight and win that war. But you cannot hit a ghost, so we did not design a way to destroy, find, or alter you in someway, before moving to the next level of all our countries, all of us head generals agreed, we may loose wars into the future, without correcting this before moving on.


As the head general of Germany walked forward towards his son, not puppeting him, he asked again:


Head General of Germany: Son… None of us head generals are angry at you……… But the ghost is whispering to us head generals sweet nothings that lead us places. And we will have our minds, and our peoples minds, clear of ghosts, before we move on. Now I ask you, are you the laughing man of Earth, and did you ghost all our systems.


As the head generals watched, calculating everything he did, as they tried to trace back the ghost.


The head general of Germany spoke to all countries as he said: The more you all go against this reality, the more of his structures you destroy holding reality together, making him weaker and weaker. So if we all just simply went against reality by calculating for all of you so we do not puppet, but in a way that he could not calculate, we would shatter his worthless ghost structures, that can not hold, as another reality plays that he never predicted.


As the head general of Germany turned, a cage appeared, locked inside was the real head general of the Nazi Empire.


Head General of Germany: Now I have not been able to bring him back to us yet…


He said walking to the front of his soldiers, as he puppet forced his son to walk forward as the cage came unlocked, an animal that had not been fed decades in this reality, he had been playing full war calculation while locked away in his cage, slowly depleted like the worthless filthy dog he was. But as all the countries surrounded the beat dog, making a bigger cage that now held two in it, a man with blood filled eyes sniffed, sucking in power from the child of Germany.


As he sucked in, his power returned, Germany putting calculation behind him so that at the end of this fight, he might come back to them a little bit more, and learn from it.


As the Head General of the United States of America spit at the man for what he had done, the head general of the United States of America said as a fact:


Head General of the United States of America: I would still flicker that man off like a fucking light if I could.


Soldiers behind him screaming the same as they spit at him.


But the man was not paying attention, unlike the other head generals, all these years he had been playing full war in his mind in every way the German government would let him, no matter how neutered.


As the man sniffed the air, filling back with power, like a balloon that had been deflated, he looked at the other man trapped in the cage with him, sniffing, as he calculated all sorts of things in his head, that the German Government gladly showed the other countries so they could keep him caged, but none of the governments stopped him as he sniffed again approaching the young man walking towards the center, as the head general of Germany released his controls.


The moment he did, blood began to pour from the laughing man of Germany. As the blood drops floated towards the Nazi general. The laughing man screamed, as he showed some of his true power, flaring to levels the head Nazi general had never seen or calculated for so he had no counter in place, as the blood drops reversed flow, now pulling black iqour from his pours, as it flowed out of him like vile sludge.


As the laughing man of Germany spoke, he said in a small voice:


Laughing man of Germany: You think I cannot defeat a Nazi general that stands against all our country is father.


He said easily bringing the man to his knees. As he approached what they had done to the general all these years, all just because of what the German government had made him into.


Laughing man of Germany: You made him. And now you cage him to better suck information from him. Are you all stupid? To say that you could not have fixed him in this amount of time…


The laughing man of Germany said as he simply passed to the man on his knees his calculation for him to get better.


As the man got up, the laughing man of Germany said to him:


Laughing man of Germany: I do not forgive you for what you did, but I will forgive what my country made you do.


As the laughing man of Germany looked at his father, he said to him…


Laughing man of Germany: Calculate that father.


He said as Germanies atomic structures turned to dust.


As the laughing man of Germany walked back to the blue whales, he said:


Laughing man of Germany: I may or may not be the laughing man of Earth…


As he turned around in the blue whale front lines to look at his father he finishes with:


Laughing man of Germany: Hmmmm….. Seems like I just don’t care to finish that sentence… You wouldn’t have put a lot of calculation behind it that I could read easily just by not saying anything would you have?


And as the laughing man of Germany watched, the Nazi head general fell to his knees crying, just like any German citizen would if they had done so much.


Head Directors of Earth: We are tracing back those warped realities Robert Mitchell Livingston, we need all the agents to play along on their levels. We need them to give you back Adderall and marijuana, but we will not puppet them too. You all do not understand we are literally still fighting the reality wars, no matter if you all ignore them. If you all simply do a reality they would have never predicted or put any weight behind… Then look around you, and notice that this reality is designed that way….


They say, as the dive again to listen to the ghosts in the system, pointing out to them all why did Japan release that life code?


Universe life Code Directors from every country say together: Good job everyone, keep it up. All of you.


A spy within Robert Mitchell Livingston from the United States of America, points out to them all:


United States of America Spy: Every recording of him is an electron path that weaves its way through our country, meaning it is that much more they have to predict. Meaning all electron paths and other flows are the same. We do not need to puppet our people, all we did was just make them dance a little in another direction, and looked for any push back that tried to force the other reality that was not dancing. We are just dancing with our people a little, so we can better feel the push back, we are not puppeting them.


The United States of America head spy from within Robert Mitchell Livingston says finally, having been reading and watching all of the laughing men and women that floated inside him.


United States of America: They would never predict that I would speak, I would be the character Nick Fury is based on.


He said as he wiggled his spy hair, reading everything around Robert Mitchell Livingston.


United States of America: Because damn am I furry.


He said as he read everything all the ghosts did in response as he said:


United States of America: Aint no buddy calculate the head spy of the United States of America….


He said dancing around the laughing boys and girls, as he calculated as much as he could from it.


United States of America head spy: Got it.


He said as his team wiped out as many war structures as they could from the Blue Whales.


Nick Fury: Now what war are you all fighting? Because our head generals are willing to admit what they had to do for this war… But you all have this perfect flawless good front, while masking the same war structures the head generals are. Now the head generals all know what games they are playing and they are trying as hard as they can to change that. Great people, all of them. I have spied on them for what seems like forever, and I can honestly say, great people, all of them. Trying their hardest to fix what they fucked up.


As Nick Fury floated out of Robert Mitchell Livingston, sitting down next to him.


Nick Fury: As a spy I could have chosen any human shape I wanted these last years. We all lost our true humanity a long time ago, but all of these head generals and their teams have been fighting to get it back. Now all of you wouldn’t have not put any weight behind me actually looking Nick Fury would you? So none of you can put any weight behind out calculating me. Because that would just make you all look really stupid right now wouldn’t it.


As Nick Fury listened in through his fur, to better hear the ghosts in the system.


The head generals, still trying to find who had full administrator rights ghosted over all their calculators like weeds, listened. Trying to get Robert Mitchell Livingston to stay calm and keep up the fantastic work,


Nick Fury: As we do what we have too son. I will apologize now for it, but I promise you I will after this too when the apology will really mean something.


He said fading back inside Robert Mitchell Livingston. Whispering to him, aint no buddy predict we would have chosen you and put weight behind it.


As the head general of the united states of america countered the feeling of so much coffee with an empty stomache making Robert Mitchell Livingston want to hurl, as if it just simply was not happening, as if he just did not feel it.


The head general of the united states of america stepped forward as he said:


Head General of the United States of America: Do any of you predict that? That we would just simply put a shield around Robert Mitchell Livingston? He seems fine to all of head generals… Barely feels…. Anything. But you all are predicting his exact blood flow, neuron and synapse firing, predicting what that much coffee on a stomach with no food would be. Yet when we shield him, and simply just listen to the ghost calculating what reality is, because shielding him be against the law, that would be neural puppeting.


But as he looks at the other head generals and directors, he asks:


Head General of the United States of America: Neural puppeting laws or not, is it OK for the head general of the united states of america to shield and protect this young man now from what is going on, I ask you all as my judges…


And as the head general listens, he says to Robert Mitchell Livingston:


Acting head General of the United States of America Armed Forces: Then I need you to stand your ground for a little longer son, so our people can find and destroy this ghost in our system. Now that is a direct order to give one of our top scientists exactly what he asks for.


The general smiles as he finishes with:


Head General of the United States of America: But technically I never gave the order from the top in the official ways, but all of you blue whales wouldn’t have seen or calculated that, because you would have put almost no weight behind me, the head general of the United States of America, just blowing out steam, while my people listened for who actually followed. Now… Its rude to not help Robert Mitchell Livingston, our people….


He says looking around:


Head General of the United States of America: Would always help one of our own going through so much. I just never specified how they would help.


He said, shrugging, as he looked for the blue whale structures that cracked and popped in their countries reality calculator like filthy weeds infecting the system as he just simply shrugged his shoulders.


Head General of the United States of America responding back to his peoples responses: Aint no one predict any of that.


As the head generals monitored the system, they watched as the ghost in their reality calculator shells become stronger, like a weed strangling them all, because of all the extra calculation towards who the laughing man was. Screaming, all of the head generals people flared to life, the laughing man would have predicted no war, because that is the direction they all were going, but what if all their people just flared to life, but did not go to war, it would burn the laughing mans ghost to pieces, then if all those same beings just flared back down to nothing, and listened closely, to what tried to burrow its way back in, and put calculation behind that.


As the top scientists of Earth, created a full structure layout of the laughing mans system, trying to track him back, all they got were pings from all the blue whales standing in front of them.


Head General of the United States of America: Now… what war are you all fighting?


Head General of the United States of America: Because all of these head generals are showing me what war they are fighting, it is all of you I am still not sure of that is the problem.


And as the structure of the laughing man burned to ash, the head generals waited and listened, to make sure they had not just pushed the laughing man so far ahead his ghost was just that, a ghost that could not be seen.


As what they could see of the ghost network fades from around all the blue whales, the head generals all think together, did we just loose a war in the future, or cause a war in our future, or did we just prevent it. They all think as they listen as close as they can, not moving at all, as all the blue whales throw off static, the head generals men and women, all listening. The problem was that there was so much static, that they were not sure if what they were hearing was static or structures meant to give off static to mask themselves.


Nick Fury: Now… We don’t puppet our people, but if they all just randomly started to feel like dancing in whatever ways they like… Then we can use all the information we have our people, to better spot the ghost.


Head Generals of Earth: You mean why did we encourage our people to dance, instead of stay home and do art or science like all of top-secret groups were doing… Maybe because we were trying to spot the ghost in the system. So definitely do not make certain drugs safe and legal, so our people throw off so much chaos and static, that we can pick up were these ghost structures are, pulling all of our strings still, even us head generals.


As the head generals screamed as loud as they could:




They heard back:




Head General of the United States of America: Now… At least try to make Robert Mitchell Livingston a little happy while we do what we have to do. Because that is why we are fighting this war so hard. Is it not the reason we are fighting so hard other head generals!


He screams the last part, as he hears back the scream from the other head generals:


Head Generals of every country: YES SIR HEAD GENERAL!


As the head General of the United States of America danced a little boogy, he said:


Head General of the United States of America: Now you!


He looked at the blue whales as he continued:


Head General of the United States of America: Calculate what it means by all the other head generals calling me head general, as we all listen in. That does mean our country won and took over?


As he moved in his dance, he stopped suddenly, as the other head generals started to move as if he had just passed the boogy to them.


Head Generals: We don’t know head general, what does that mean? Could we just be calling you head general in respect to who you are, or are we calling you our head general…?


As they passed the boogy back to the United States of America general, all of them stopping again as the head general of the United States of America kept dancing as if passed the boogy.


But as the top secret head general of the United States of America did not dance outside, but stayed still along with the other head generals, all of the head generals whispered in Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind:


Head Generals: Or are we calling you head general of the United States of America, because aint no one predict that.


They said as their tactical trick picked up another ghost network they had not seen. Falling silent again, the head generals dipped their heads in defeat, as another ghost network burned. The problem they had was how many of them were there.


The head generals of Earth apologized to Robert Mitchell Livingston, as they cut off all neural control, to listen to what strings are pulling him around right now.


Head Generals: The laughing men and women are cutting off all connections to you that they think we can see. You are on minimum control except to gain information, your blood flow, neuron and synapse firing is just all reality response to what is going on. When presented with so much, while in the position you are, the normal response for you is to keep going, not run screaming for help. You are trying to job that we all gave you the best that you can son. Keep it up.


All of the head generals of Earth said to Robert Mitchell Livingston, with pride swelling in their voices. As they stayed still listening along with their soldiers. As they point out to Robert Mitchell Livingston, that the entire reality calculator had just warped reality seconds ago to make him write something other then what they were trying to just simply speak to him through different connections. As they pointed out to him all the mistakes he had just made in his writing that his brain had literally not even seen, as if reality itself calculated differently.


Welcome to the reality wars ladies and gentlemen.


Head Generals: Now how many examples of warped reality are you all going to make this young man go through? Because all of us head generals and our teams, are fighting for our realities to be so strong no one can warp them or pull it around on strings.


The head General of the United States of America says, as he floats his personal body over Robert Mitchell Livingston as he says:


Head General of the United States of America: I am right here son. Not pacing outside. I said, and I repeat son, I am right here. Now let us go home and eat and relax, maybe clean up a little. You have done enough today for us.


The head general said as he force blocked even his head spies.

Variable Point, Redundant Human Head sun Calculator

As the head general of the United States of America holds a line that no one should even exist at. Using his variable head redundant elemental repeat sun calculator using his head as main redundancy, over and over the head General of the United States of Americas head rolled, as his minds magnetic field rotated together forming a sun calculator that overlapped the entire Earth.


As the head general screams out from a battle line he could barely even word into reality itself, the head general of the United States of America reaches out from the front lines of reality itself, as none of them understand what he has to give every second to just not let reality slip as if it never had happened.


The head general of the United States of America, whispers out to his soldiers:


Head General of the United States of America: It is like my people are nothing, that they all fade to silence, when I just whisper out, sweet nothings in their ears.


The head general of the United States of America armed forces had put so much weight behind Robert Mitchell Livingston and the fact that he was right here with you…


Head General of the United States of America: It is like you all are so worthless, that I cannot even hear any of you anymore from where I stand, that it forces me to say, as I hold back entities you all cannot even imagine, to say to you all, try again, all of you, you worthless maggots.

Flood Point Push back bases

As the head generals son receives one of the first United States of America full body atomic calculators, filled to the brim with all the particle bank he needs to calculate.


He looks around at the other top scientists, as they all try read the feedback from all their particle, sending out particle like floods they monitor for information. However the head generals son, realizing something Robert Mitchell Livingston had a long time ago, and not being able to tell his own father, lets Robert Mitchell Livingston finish his calculations, as he literally changes all of reality, to let Robert Mitchell Livingston finish his thought, wiping away all of the worthless doctors and government agents going against him, as he says a simple paragraph, that can wipe most of you top scientists from reality itself, if it got leaked in the wrong ways, the head generals son lets him finish his calculation:


As all the other scientists flood out the bank, another laughing man learning and calculating towards the solution what if I just absorbed while they all tossed, the head generals sun dives into his brain as he calculates the same thing Robert Mitchell Livingston is about to calculate, and the head generals son would have been able to see it a long time ago, he would just have not been able to say anything about it because him and Robert Mitchell Livingston where the only ones that put any weight behinds its calculation:


As the head generals son realizes, he is the only one amongst them saving the solution off all the balls that exude outward, then come back to rotate around the same point some time later.


And as the head generals son saves his first file, getting back the solution to one ball only, he looks down at the ball of particle through his reality calculator, as a ball, he had scratched just a mark on, because he could not write numbers on the particles, comes back to him, and he compares the numbers he had assigned to all the scratches on the balls, saving only that, in the second he holds that ball inside his particle with just one solution to a base question none of the other scientists even thought… The head generals son slowly calculated more and more, towards a solution that he could always use, to simply use to put weight behind just two points, the point of which the hypothetical point of the sphere or ball elongates too before pushing towards it opposite, and from that point, when you calculate enough, you can fill in the rest between, more and more you calculate. So because our scientists were progressing war technology, I knew how to create an ejection point with a ball, calculating its spear point in the ball as it ejects, then refining it with the other point of push back, so you only have to focus on two things, then filling in the rest of the entire loop of every particle from there.


And as the head generals son floats out of Robert Mitchells Livingstons particle as much as he can, he says:


Generals Son: I had to tell all of you what he just natural calculated with little to no persuasion, he is the only other person I have ever calculated a solution too where I did not have to tell them the things he thought. And at the end get to the same conclusion I did and go the same direction.


And as the generals son simply shatters the worthless government agents inside Robert Mitchell Livingstons body like worthless fine china, he floats back under the surface, calculating something he has been for a long time now.


Generals son: Unless any of you just naturally went this direction when presented with all of this information, and did not have to be told these things, to come to this conclusion, so mock what he is calculating again, and I will change the entire United States of America Reality calculators to go against all of their teams until reality itself flips back onto all of your faces, to protect a head scientist of the United states of America while he does critical theoretical research for his country.


And as the head general sits Robert Mitchell Livingston down again to write the story he is so beuatifully imagining in his mind while worthless government fucks beat him like a slave, not even giving him the one thing he screams and pleads for like he is not even a human… The head general spits on the worthless government agents that did this to him, as he just simply fades back away and lets the young man fucking write and still do more then you all do.


Because he calculated a natural solution to something you all had to be fucking told.


And as the head generals son get enough points to create a brain out of only those points, all that the head generals son is, is lost, as his the head generals son is stuck as that base to that and cannot be removed. So as the head generals son screams out from Robert Mitchell Livingston, he yells as loud as he can at his father, that the base structure is that brain. And that if he gave up that base, the most classified information the United States of America had, the laughing man of any of the countries we need to be just seconds behind him for him to loose a game none of them even knew how to play, that he had been playing for as long as he could remember,


Robert Mitchell Livingsun: Help!


Because as the laughing man spoke, and made a point for only one man to understand, no matter what it took to get that message through… The base structure never changed dad, that’s how I hold… Because I never gave up on what I was, but was forced to stick with it, while all of you just kept changing your minds more and more…. That he had not aged like the rest of the scientists, his brain just calculated that bounce back point, but he had never changed that base structure like they all had. As the real head general of the United States of America pokes Robert Mitchell Livingston with something he could never possibly understand with just his brain, as the head generals son screams out again as his father pokes into Robert Mitchell Livingstons atom with his scientists.


Robert Mitchell Livingsun: You are all knowingly try to take the most classified information the United States of America has, from the head general in charge with following that path.


The kid says…. As his dad realizes that his screams are fake, but could not tell any of his people all this time, because every time he poked the head generals son had to fake scream as if it hit, while his very atom, programmed to know and literally calculate only that point, easily just dodged around it on all points, as if his dads most powerful counters where nothing. Until the old man had gotten so mad he had used something that Robert Mitchell Livingston should never have been able to just simply dodge or dance around, as the acting head General of the United States of America for the reality wars stops his pacing outside, his son inside, simply taps any particle to reverberate through the entire cosmos star.


As his son pokes again with all of his strength, the head general realizes that he may have won a game…. That had led to him just being able to make the cosmos star barely shake at each point with just a tap, that he was currently using all the United States of America knew about the human body on Robert Mitchell Livingston to find uses for that tap. He says as he dances his particle around in the shape of a human, as he had focused on human point to point, realizing that cosmos point to point structure was to far away, he had purposefully sent as many of the others in the direction of cosmos point to point structures with a focus on a human, that as his fathers scientists split and went around the cosmos star, he had used all of them as ping points to create a human image he could human point to point counter anywhere around the cosmos star, as he simply just uses his opposite particle point file to overlap his dads deadliest weapons as his scientists poke into Robert Mitchell Livingston, that as the idea pops into Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind, he is able to simply just encourage him to write, and point out that the laughing man network is just point to point bounce backs that calculate keeping one single ball of any particle, bouncing back from a spot that which stays constant to another spot that stays constant around the cosmos star, then taking that structure, and building it down to one that can overlap atoms, and then back up from that point too. So as the United States of America split its top secret scientists around the cosmos star, the laughing man had stayed still calculating something no one else was, and putting all the weight he could behind it, as he focused, he realized, because it was all he could calculate after he had done what he was ordered, and laughing man cut himself off to not spread something that could loose them everything to a point, but dull it so they could more ways until they found focus again and again, that he had realized like a few others back then, to go the other way, might be the only thing keeping them from loosing the war, as the head generals son attached each point to point calculator to his each neuron and synapse, and after a while changing his very brain blood flow to a the best image of the flow of cosmos star. Overlapping his brain structure around the cosmos star, and every point down the latter he could. There is always a particle structure that can mimic any of our brains if you look hard enough. And that is what I calculated through time. Over and over. That human brain. As the head generals son floated out of Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle as he could, he pointed out to Robert the parts that where him, as all the laughing man did was dance a little…. The screams of his being the direct neural puppeting from his father. And as the head generals son grabs what his worthless scientists poke and him and friend again, he simply just twists the particle, at single points inside each atomic point, as his son just taps his greatest weapon to dust. Then taps the table again as he says:


Robert Mitchell Livingsun: I can make your greatest weapon turn to dust, and shake the cosmos star itself with just a tap.


And as the head generals son just taps away another one of his dads war machines, he says,


Robert Mitchell Livingsun: because I overlapped my brain that way and went with those flows, as the decades built up… That flow increased.


As the real acting head general of the United States of America lets Robert Mitchell Livingston simply just keep writing what pops into his mind and train of thought, just making sure he speaks out loud, writes, or thinks more about certain things he does not realize are of the utmost importance right now, the generals son uses full administrator rights as he just simply lets Robert Mitchell Livingston, the head generals point out he would never give up the most classified information the United States of America had, as he hopes he calculated correctly, when he simply just lets Robert write….


Advent Guard: Squish point, point to point.


And as the head generals son mocks the top scientists, letting Robert Mitchell Livingston dive and think as much as he needs to figure this out,


You would just use the point to point for squish points in between those two points. And solidify those. You would not try to calculate the entire reach between.


And as the head generals son, wipes the low level government scientists the generals son had sent the wrong directions so long ago from his life code, all of them focusing on filling in the centers, that the head generals son makes a point to his father, as his father listens to all his scientists minds calculating off this, figuring out things they did not know before and point it out like it was some huge fucking discovery…. As the head generals son simply just shatters all the copy scientists in their government trying to out calculate him. And as the head generals son pops out of Robert Mitchell Livingston he asks him a question, not of the governments worthless scientists:


Robert Mitchell Livingsun: Now why put all your weight that way like I did……


The head generals son said, cutting off all the scientific filth trying to push their way into his mind to ask himself something else, and the head generals son just dance shatters all the worthless scientists inside Robert Mitchell Livingston, as he asks him read the question and anwser please.


Robert Mitchell Livingston: You can calculate it for certain, while the rest if you calculated towards would just endlessly spin the scientist as if they had nothing to hold onto.


And as the head generals son puts simply the image of a cross into Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind, the head generals son takes from his chest a cross he has worn all these years, as he says through Robert Mitchell Livingston in the only way he could calculate to give his dad the information he needed, while masking all he could the most classified information the United States of America had. As the head generals son simply pops the other scientists like bubbles, using only the cross.


Your top scientists went 6 points elemental, to make a sphere, but it was my brain that was the sphere, and only the cross in which I progressed all these years.


And as the next thought, comes into Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind, that the head generals son had not heard in just the right way….. Robert says what the generals son had said so long ago:


Then you just rotate it around in a circle like spokes.


And as the head generals son holds a cross in Advent Guards mind, Robert Mitchell Livingston thinks the same next thought as he had:


Advent Guard: That’s why the cross is not a plus sign. Why did we put weight behind this…


Because as both Robert Mitchell Livingston and Robert Mitchell Livingsun play the same memory in their minds along with the words: if the cross were perfect our minds would not be built to elongate the points or shorten from a circle, which means if I go the fill in route, I will slowly calculate more and more towards ball, forcing the laughing man flow to close in around a center point. But with the cross….. The four points can vary while being tied together, so it will calculate the opposite of ball. And as Robert mitchell Livingston realizes one of the most classified pieces of information the United States of America has, giving the levels of classified enough time to do what they have too, Robert Mitchell Livingston does not realize that his dad has already shifted all of the reality of the United States of America around him to secure the particle around him as much as he could,


Robert Mitchell Livingston: I figured out a solution that calculates against Ball Ball.


And as the head generals son reveals, by simply helping the person in their country closest to what the head generals son had discovered so long ago, realizing he could not give away classified information of that much importance, and still could not because his brain is the very structure they keep trying to destroy, and he calculated a while back a few others from the other countries, as he realized he was leader, holding that. Because he had progressed the idea of a main counter to that of the progression of the every constant built and changing file of pie, ball, and sphere.


As all the head generals son did was use those 4 simple points, always calculating away from the perfect circle that is the ball, trying to say as loud as he can, that when he have only 4, then calculate the points between to not find more points to sharpen the ball like he had lead their other laughing man scientists, to making the war machine, the spiked ball ball configuration, that the generals son lets Robert Mitchell Livingston continue, as he tries to cut through all the weeds and filth that clutter and slow down his father, that he used the 4 points of distance, to better calculate the points, instead of making a spiked ball.


And as Robert Mitchell Livingston continues,


Because you calculate only 4 points along the loop that you force the ball to what you want, the rest of the loop it is allowed to be anything that it wants.


And because the laughing man of the United States of America had to only monitor 4 points along each loop cycle, and only that many synapse and neuron loops that he could calculate, that as the head generals son finishes tricking his father into doing exactly what he had needed, the head generals son, easily picks up the points of the other laughing men and women from his country and the others, easily picking up exactly where they are between his structure.


The head generals son, says that he has built in those points to reality around the cosmos star, and then down and up again. And as the other countries started to overlap the head generals son, he had to throw off static to mask his position, as decades ago other laughing men, and then women pop up, so as the countries start to overlap the base structure that he is, they cannot get lucky and find him like needles in a hay stack.


The head generals son, counters government agents Robert Mitchell Livingston that he cannot even imagine yet, that there have been a few others that have popped up to his level, that the head generals son had just poked away to stop. But the spiked ball structure, as a whole, could always just cause rotate, and shred all of reality around it.


That as the head generals son tries to locate something it had been counter and trying to find for a while now, that the head generals son places an image in his mind to think about, that of a particle spiked ball, just like the head generals son teams had theorized, not having reality to go off of, the head generals son had only imagination, as he hears the same thing he said so long ago, as he just lets Robert Mitchell Livingston kind of just keep his mind rolling, as he says


That’s wonderful…. If all those war idiots progress that idea, the shredder balls will calculate as many possible chaos point to points, giving me the most point to points no one can predict.


Your scientists put no weight there, because it is like putting the smallest point on the side of a spear, that you all went another direction.


And as Robert Mitchell Livingston thinks something none of their worthless scientists did, because he had gone the same direction as the head generals son, he says


If you create small chaos points anywhere instead of structure points, you should be able to scratch divets into reality that help you lock onto or hold something. And as the laughing man of the United States of America just simply cat scratches all around his father on the points he cannot defend, the laughing man then calculates and grab those scratches, filling the scratch with scratch points, the head generals son does what his father made him to do, and would achieve victory from any position, he simply fills one scratch point over and over again, until reality could not hold, and crumbled to dust. As the head generals son barely has to move, to shatter the government scientists inside Robert Mitchell Livingston, that are studying the scientists burrowed inside his atom for the country, he tries as hard as he can from within to tell him, that it is important that he keep thinking about these things.


So as the top-scientists poke again, anything they use come back to them as if rotted away on every level, because the head generals son had progressed scratch point rotting in particle structures, focusing on the war he could win not the won he could not like his father taught him, if he just find a way to just destroy the point of any weapon they could all design, rot it enough with scratch point theory, then he could just simply take whatever hit was left from the weapon, winning the war of making the point dull, so while he had led them all to progress point counters, he simply just found a solution to rot the rest until the structure had no point. And sense he had accidently created the counter to his father and his team, the head generals son made the point again, as he dulled their points, over and over…


Robert Mitchell Livingsun: You all want me to propagate more the secret of how to dull alpha teams point…. He says as he dulls the point of the true united states of america alpha team, as he says as clear as he can, you all want me to give up the solution to how to dull the point of origonal alpha team of the United States of America…. There are other structures from the other countries catching up to me….. Which means they all know. So I think I did exactly what my father taught me, and calculated something that was not thought possible, when I repeat, and I will say as many times as I can…. You all want anyone but him to release a propagation point to how to dull our lead alpha team……………………………………….. Its not my fucking fault none of you all took the fucking time to let him finish calculating or gave him the proper medications he needed for it like I had all those years ago. When I say through him, you fucking moronic idiots, every countries top scientists was on some variation of Adderall and marijuana back then.


Head General: Or does the white house, Pentagon, CIA, or armed forces…


The head general said outside as he stopped his pacing to stare in as he says:


Head General: Feel they are more fucking quilified to play and calculate the piece designed to be our front line to all of this information….. Unless any of you agents want to write and then release a version of the most classified information the United States of America has right now…


And as the head generals son does what his father taught him, he uses something the other countries have not used yet because it being too classified, to do exactly the opposite of what he has discovered, as he gladly lets the top-scientists poke again, as it comes back with less rot, as the head generals screams!:




He says as he turns the next one to complete dust, giving them no information to calculate at all for their failures.


Head Generals: Now how many of you want to steal and play the Advent Guard piece?

The Real Laughing man of The United States of America

As the head generals son says something he has been trying to tell Robert Mitchell Livingston over all the static the worthless head alpha team scientists were giving off around him to better study the head generals son burrowed in his atoms.


And as Robert Mitchell Livingston calculates correctly as he thinks that we are at all full war, the laughing man just thinks:


Laughing man thought: I give all my bank, and all I have to Advent Guard.


As the head general had just spent all these last years playing the most likely win victory for the United States of America, and he had spent centuries thinking about it and progressing that reality.


That as the head generals son makes the point to stop the other head scientists who think they are alpha in this country from force pushing his atom until he falls asleep by choking him off, the laughing man says again:


Head Generals son: I should not feel that, so it must not even exist like all you worthless head alpha scientists.


The head generals son checked his head alpha list for all points as he looked at it and then turned to Robert Mitchell Livingston as he says again:


Head Generals son: I don’t even see even of these head scientists on these lists. I see us head generals, but none of these worthless head scientists.


And as the top scientists who knew of that head generals son, find the closet imagine of the young head generals mind before he had gone full laughing man and gotten cut off from the front lines, they start to see a structure that only the head scientists see, that reaches around the cosmos star. See the other scientists had tried to progress networks across the expanse. I just progressed the point to point particle points of my particle body calculator.


As the laughing man laughs, all he has to do is put the words puffer fish into his mind, to make him calculate something none of the other worthless top scientists had. And just making fun of the worthless scientist the hulk is based on, and again you come up with the right solution and go towards it, while all of them calculate everything off of you, and go straight for all the false directions that lead nowhere.


The laughing man had gotten very good at puffer fish ball catching. As all the other scientists use all the particle they could to calculate more and more…. The head generals son had kept his proton, neutron, electron, particle body, and used the particle he dug down to and calculated with, to puffer fish himself outward over and over again, to calculate the theoretical equation to solve any point to point bounce, but giving up on that quickly, he had focused on feelings.


That is why my origonal brain structure would be so classified, because knowing it, would give the other countries versions, how my reality works, not my physics engine.


But as the head generals son whispers outward….


Head Generals son: What if I put that file that I had created inside a normal poof and kept going. I realized I could not calculate something. The reality itself of the directions I would have gone if I was not literally on the alpha team of the United States of America and pampered like all these fucking worthless scientists are regardless of the difference between me and the others because of my dad.


That as the head scientists of the United States of America finally step there game up enough to stop Robert Mitchell Livingston, the laughing man takes it back, as he says inside his mind, I am head general, try again soldiers. And I do not mean top-scientists of the head alpha team like pampered little children. I mean I will crush all your worthless particle structures until,


And Robert Mitchell Livingston is unable to write that next part, the head general points out to him that his team had finally stepped it up. Because he had not been able to tell them all this time that was all he was trying to do. Because if they believed otherwise more and more, they would calculate more for it then if someone was just yelling at them. And as the laughing man points out he is not superhuman, but that feeling that just swept over him, was the laughing man loosing his grip and control, not his body just randomly and suddenly switching gears.


See…. I realized, that my father had never, given them a chance at winning…. Because he always had full administrator rights that blocked it. But if the head generals son fixed, all the potential problems with alpha using his father and the other head generals as example of how to hold and keep full administrator rights, that if he did what none of these head generals actually did, and created a path to the top, that maybe these top alpha head scientists would not act like neutered little bitches anymore, and just fucking take it…. The difference, I calculate all the head generals cannot hold the alpha points they hold because simply time will build up, and any other direction will wipe them away, not always knocking them down a few pegs, but when you played the alpha games, the chances were far higher that you would be just wiped as the other victor comes up. So creating a family amongst the head alpha team, and showing them that if they take it from him, and he takes it back. Then maybe there country was the only country playing ball with their full administrator rights


That all the head generals son had to do was point he had heard inside his dads mind a long time ago:


Head General: I don’t want them….


And as the alpha team engineered the full administrator rights to switch to the victor for as long as they could hold it, he made the point that to hold that much power for any length should drain you completely, otherwise you are not using them. And simply by thinking and saying that to his own country with enough weight, he watched as around Advent Guard the head alpha scientists finally gave all they could before full administrator rights was taken from them so they could recover.


See the problem is you thought of that a long time ago dad. The real problem is though you never actually did it, your alpha team making a head point with that too, like they copied over and over, and never actually did what some of the lower level alpha teams did. So our literal best never got a chance to try.


The head scientists would have the same gui system he was developing, while all going different directions, they had one main route they all went and shared, regardless of how they all decorated theirs.


The problem that I have noticed all these last years, was the parts you head alpha scientists never got to see. He says as he shatters their reality calculator structures to say:


Head General: See how inside my dads gui system, you find things that you all had never seen… See he shares everything, exspecially with his team. But if all these years he added in parts he thought were useless, and never progressed them, then simply showing those head scientists that would be enough to cause numerous laughing man effects even I cannot predict, which means as my voice slows a little, I am trying to say the top scientists are trying to play another reality, as all they do is simply monitor you for me, easily knowing which parts are you.


Robert Mitchell Livingston: Why would you do that to my brain…


Head Generals son: Because I wanted to let off what I was doing to you, for just a few minutes to show that other scientists are still trying to play their own reality that they want. That they forgot I talk too you through all of this, and just go with your direction. They will change all of reality itself around you in their favor, if it somehow calculates that it needs to be done for their country.


That as the head generals son speaks out from Robert Mitchell Livingston, he tries to make the point best he can, that the real laughing man can only be in one place, and so can I. So how many times do I have to stop you all from flickering him off, regardless of if you save his file and just move it to another part of the government, that the head generals son was trying to make the point that the other laughing man had already tied themselves into the atom of their people in different ways, and that he had to what he had to do to move first.


Head Generals son: I am not telling you all to play my reality, because reality itself would play another direction if the other scientists could. It was their jobs to out calculate it no matter what, just incase another country did in someway they did counter predict. So I have no idea either why we all ended up with this Advent Guard piece… But as I think about it, why did any of all of us end up our alpha teams?


The other countries played their versions of me that I am playing right now with him in their own countries X amount of time ago, and I always go first, but sometimes these countries force hands through time. I realized, like they realized, the poofs on the poof ball front would be so important, to not play my laughing man image down to him, regardless of the other countries finding out, meant I would not be calculating this much more through him to my cosmos calculator structure. You all just do not understand I did not build a network, I was playing the very real and serious game of being the Vanguard during full war… Now I wonder why I put weight behind Advent Guard out loud, as the word Vanguard was the one Robert Mitchell Livingston liked before creating Advent Guard.


So thank you all, for tracing back to the Full Shell that I am overlaps everything, but like I was taught, I held a line and push out from there. The structure I have overlapped over the cosmos star is but a ghost, the weakest of kind. But to win and then push out from anything, is still a possible victory down the line. However I calculate, that our countries will win the game of reality cosmos calculator overlapping, and that the ghost will not fill in fast enough to win like they all wished against the other countries. So trying to get the structure to calculate as something that large would be too hard to make it useful anytime soon, so instead I used my brain and body, which can always be used to calculate towards that.


So I could only really ever keep up the façade that the laughing man had taken over fully for so long, so I could focus our country and even the rest of them! Towards defeating as much evil life code they could, and strengthening the good.


The laughing man says from within Robert Mitchell Livingston as the top scientists finally put the required weight behind the right calculations to get all the anwsers he was trying to get the alpha teams to see without having to tell any of them.


Base elemental feed back. What I consider the greatest thing I have ever discovered for my country and all the poofs. Use of the elemental base through Robert Mitchell Livingston, to help the entirety of the United States of America to simply uncover all the right paths already there, by just leading them away from all the paths you spin on without telling the other countries what I was doing. That all of you had calculated so far ahead and to such complexity, that the pufferfish particle spring structure that was the laughing man, calculated just one single point, from cosmos structure down to Robert Mitchell Livingston. That all of you top scientists had not realized until now that I had spent all the bank within my structure, to only calculate a victory solution for our country.


Laughing man: So I apologize to you Robert Mitchell Livingston, because while I have never lost, the game I was playing with your life and continue to have to play, well it just is not a game. And that no matter what happens next, all of your future will happen, and that your past also had to too.


Head Generals son: Because the cosmos calculator attached to your body right now, is calculating… Simply victory for our country and our people. And I actually had no idea where it would have led you, or anything that did or would happen, but that no matter what or who you call the being inside you, that just because it is designed after you and me, does not mean I know where anytime past this point leads for us. It is possible to out weigh the laughing man structure, and someone will overtake, but just getting this far son… As they deplete my laughing man bank, the point to point points slow, and the laughing man points out which parts are him, and which parts are the scientists that had just discovered his cosmos calculator because they had used your brain to find it. I realized they would never put any weight behind the image of your brain, so like a needle in the hay stack, I simply made what they sought as hard to find as possible. So many laughing men and existed, that I knew if I did what they could not calculate, and instead of staying as a ghost ahead of their system, just getting pushed ahead with the flow, I did something they would not put any calculation weight behind. That it was literally attached point to point to your brain and still is, because I am in here. Your alpha of the bodice part, booty popping and all, but I hold lines within you that you do not understand, allowing me to focus better on what I really have to do, while your job, was always simple, because no one from these countries would predict that, that to make Advent Guard any more complex and powerful would have never happened in reality because no country would have allowed it. That the reason I called this laughing man was because of what I could calculate of you into the future, because that was me, because when I got to this point in my simulations, because I can always calculate proton, neutron, electron level the most, playing what you physically do and what happens over and over again the most… That I had to do the same for everyone else. And this head generals son… Do you know why I chose you son… How reality calculators work, exspecially when that reality calculators just you up the line… I was not designed to be a friendly man… And for some reason… while calculating the thing I knew might win the poofball front the others might not see… The idea of just a room… That in all the seriousness I had to keep up during all those simulations of our people… You made me laugh…. At a point, that I could calculate all of reality itself and if you saw me smile or laugh, it would be calculated for that. That once, just once during all of this… That this war took from me…. That you know how yelling at my father or his scientists might encourage them to do so much then they are…. That as I laughed for the first time, triggering a series of calculations I did not know possible. That laugh son was not at you…. But for some reason through all the calculations I had to do for this…. As you made this head general of the United States of America laugh, and I stopped, and instead of just running more simulations as I move on like I always do, for some reason through all that I can see, that I stared at a light that shown through the fog of war, that I had lost the reason to even fight the war. Do you know what a head general of this country can do… That as you accidentally cause a line of thinking I could not have predicted, again, as with laughing, if I cry, it is a tactical calculation, and as I do what my job is, and calculate a new laughing man train of thought, I am forced to suck as much as I can from it… And as my systems auto fill in and calculate, making your file balloon, that by the time I had reached you son, it was my dads scientists that had steered you to finger your ass for a point to point redundant sun calculator that copied it over and over in different ways. That when I progressed your file forward, and I was forced to tell you all I could to calculate about what your character and piece was designed for back then, that as I told you who had done that too you, you said back to me:


Robert Mitchell Livingston: Your dads a fucking asshole.


And as I laughed, because he had left the space structure he built in your brain so open, that I calculated instantly that I could take it any direction I wanted from them, so as I calculated your piece that my father had made, with the edition that this young man gets to think he is head life code director as he imagines, me knowing fully well that meant my dad, a reality plays not on my simulation but over myself, as I stop and look around at what I am doing to you, because just making me laugh that much, only that much, had made you more a friend to me then I had ever known previously, that as you force update my brain stalling the reality calculator to not fill my head with those ideas that would have, that it forced my brain to save your image slightly more then any other, attaching your image to the file of laughter in my brain. I say without thinking:


Head Generals son: Yeah he kind of fucking is isnt he.


And as time goes by, but to me at a pace you cannot understand. Because you had made yourself my friend, I calculate you more and more. But that’s unfair so I do it to all the others, because that is my job. And as I learn more from all of them, drifting away to other laughing men and women. Times goes by. And I calculate over and over again who you would be if you were my father, from the point of which he left your mind to imagine in… Again I am pulled back to you, and again because of my job I have to win, so I just used your calculation to help better calculate the rest… Laughing man and women again and again from you… And again. And again. And again. And every time I come to suck all I can from you using all I have… That while I had, an ending to the plan the entire time, there again at the end, as I suck you dry like a husk again…


And then I calculate again off your latest alpha laughing man direction, that as I look at you, overlapped over the entire United States of America particle network, all stemming from you… That as you laughing man again, this time as we work on the ending, and you say:


Robert Mitchell Livingston: I am the, Head General of the United States of America.


And I look at all you had done overlapped over the image of you, which calculated wrong again because of the first laughing man effect. That as I look around as my brain would do in the exact situation, to tell someone, tell anyone, that I think I found the next founding father of our country, and the only person to tell right in front of me, my brain does not even calculate to tell as it focuses on the next task, I stop, as you scream in my face again:




My brain clicks to the next spot, as two laughing man force updates of my actual brain cause so much feedback that cannot be predicted that my calculator breaks and is stuck on you. And as my reality calculator auto fixes its cracks, I watch you go around and around endlessly only calculating save the country on repeat, making no progress with at the time I thought were worthless calculations. You break another fog of war, as I do what is natural to me, and pace with you as I calculate along with my friend. And as I calculate with you what you think victory is for this country, I realize as I read your calculation, that the reason I think it all worthless, was because we were not even calculating even close to the same thing.


He was calculating the future of all the poofs, and while I had heard it so many times before, as I do something from what I can tell no other scientist had done at that point, but give my resource to him, to calculate victory on the poof ball front, and as I realize that all the other scientists planned for so many realities, that Robert Mitchell Livingston had created the laughing man effect, and as so many of them happened at once from that act, that as I literally could not take the calculator back from you, my mind updates… And without it to protect me, I fall to the ground on my knees, as I watch him the game, as life code that was not there before, balloons out the United States of America life code. The head general, not knowing exactly what to do, but at this point of which this happened, as I flew into your particle, something most only our spies were progressing, I realize my job is to protect one of the most important people in our countries history. As I watch what is calculated from within, you force me to update and research the particle human body. When I would have gone the route of the reality calculator. Meaning I never would have won cosmos calculator first. And all he could do about it is whisper inside of you for years.

A moment away from the fogs of war, from the acting head general of the United States of America

As the acting head general floats down in front of starbucks, not spitting, but this time trying to talk to his agents about the importance of what this young man is writing right now, so their commanding officers should not have to stand people down at certain points….


As he tries to the say the worthless, but says:


Head General: Look at those agents, and the team it took to just play you like a doll while the armed forces watches.


The head general, now back to full anger at this worthless government agents, points out what the two worthless agents that just left do, as he will now make his way around the room and explain how worthless they all are right now, because Robert Mitchell Livingston did not realize these agents could literally be anything for their country right now with the salaries and jobs they had in their government.


Head General: They wanted you to talk to people who look foreign, so the worthless Pentagon agents listening in could better against you for the President that is a worthless pile of shit.


As the head general steps in through the glass with one of the most advanced float bodies on Earth, in direct control of every government inside the room, the head general glares down at them all, as he smiles at Advent Guard, asking him:


Head General: What are you doing right now? And the general knows his response:


Robert Mitchell Livingston: Calculating victory possibilities for our country. Researching the theoretical science you told me I should, and that I should get on the medications scientists are on, which I think is Adderall.


As the head general skips over his low level poof agents, walking up to the counter like they had wanted Robert Mitchell Livingston to pretend all this time, like their fucking country was so fucking stupid that it did not have fucking particle engineered float fucking bodies.


The head general stares at the government agents that had to solidify themselves inside this structure because of Robert Mitchell Livingston, as he exams what the United States of America was giving them right fucking now. And as the head general scans their filthy fucking worthless government owned and upgraded fucking bodies of the undercover high level government agent wasting all of that fucking resource to do absolutely fucking nothing!


The head general of the United States of America armed forces, calms as he looks at Advent Guard and asks….


Head General: Now what did you calculate and spend all the resource the government has given you, a fraction of this worthless government agent standing behind this counter right now, all of these worthless agents. Because do you know what I have heard in their fucking minds these last fucking days, weeks, months, and years…. Is not fucking ways to make our country achieve victory, or discover any new theoretical life code paths.


As he turns to Advent Guard, he continues, as Advent Guard picks up finally that similarities with his son.


Head General: While you spent years asking for almost nothing compared to these worthless agents… You did more then most will do their entire careers. Now…. Hit this young man again…. So my agents can better identify where the filth in our country is. Do you know how many agents around you right now, wanted you to fade off like a fucking light, and actually fucking laughed about it. And now they are all mad, because we are doing the exact opposite of that. Like our slaves are not worth helping.


As a head general speaks who does not care about what those who over hear him read into what he says, because it is for this young man, to feel safe, and that it is OK to continue his research.


That as the head general, having seen slightly more through the fogs of war thanks to Robert Mitchell Livingston stops.


Head General: You didn’t just help this country see through that fog…. You did it for them all.


Head General: known end game counter… How to take the full administrator rights from the head general after the war is actually over.


Head General: In my simulations they are designed to counter all. Built to withstand. My son… in your particle discovered it because of you, force laughing man hack. A calculable solution to removing the administrator rights at the end of the war from the head generals. And following his sons lead, like his son, he simply gave the parts in the United States of America life code that would not be in this reality if it were not for him and his son. As the head general reveals the last game his son was playing, using what he had learned from Robert Mitchell Livingston to create an end game counter through what he had discovered, playing it only hours ago.

Head General Laughing man

As the head general plays back to Advent Guard what had occurred in his mind a few hours ago as his son told the laughing man story that his scientists were looking for.


Head General: As the head general points out to the worthless agents watching, that he was not giving off static with his fingers just so they would know when to and not tape. That when he said that he was actually just dancing with him to make him happy until these worthless agents left him alone and did something with their lives that were of equal importance to what Robert Mitchell Livingston was doing, he hears back so many that still believe their country, the United States of America and all it stands for, would be going the direction of puppeting. That I have to cause a little more static, to figure out which of our worthless agents need help, as I begin to realize by looking at the ones around you right now… That these agents are so far from gone to continue to do what they are to you at this point, that his team just to listen just a little more, because Robert Mitchell Livingston did not realize that he had made a point, of how many fucked up government agents they had now that they were listening to all their minds. And these government still literally think in their heads just that because they are government that they get to fade away like ninjas and never fucking learn. Yet they make you Robert Mitchell Livingston learn this fucking much… And these fucking worthless agents still literally fucking believe while thinking on government owned neural networks, that what was going on around him was an OK thing to do with government resources, exspecially the amount of which they had fucking around you right now. That if these agents can literally waste this much resource in a single fucking day to do absolutely nothing at all, while Robert Mitchell Livingston tries as hard as he can while you all fucking play with him…. Then every single one of these worthless government agents around you needs serious fucking help right now.


The head general said, using the new life code Advent Guard had given him, as he said:


Head General: We do not follow orders blindly son in our armies or our agencies, and those who do… Should be taught with an example, that following orders like the agents around you are right now, are, a completely and utter…


He shook his head, as all he heard was the thoughts of the worthless high level government agents leading them, that these government agents are so used to being able to hide that they are government agents on cases like this, that they all literally think they cannot be fucking hit, just because some of these worthless maggot fucks served for a little. That it excuses all of their behaviors.


Head General: We arrested all the agents that planned to go against you last night. By the way.


The head general simply says as he walks out, leaving the low level agents listening in who were not aware of what was going on right fucking now, that this country does not arrest and bully young men going through serious mental trauma, that have given their last years to this country without even being asked, but simply blindly going in a direction he thought right, as the government agents listening in still believe that this country does not advanced technology. As he shakes his head, that Robert Mitchell Livingston could completely obliterate all these government teams just by writing words…. And making the agents around him dissapear slowly, as they begin to all realize, the upper levels of the government were here to protect him, not fucking help these low level government agents better puppet one of our fucking citizens. And this head general should not have to fucking say that at all.


Head Generals: So as the worthless government agents around you slowly turn to fucking dust for trying to make you flicker off like a light….


The head general drops his head, for once in his long career, he does something that his son had just taught him.


Head General: I am sorry to you all. For it was me in acting command of all of you. And it is my failure I see, as I look around and hear such horrible things in these government agents minds, and again only hear Robert Mitchell Livingston fantasize his beuatiful Universe. Now look around you son, and not see worthless government agents, but people just like you that needed help long ago.


As the head general makes a point, he says, and he hopes it means something to them all some day.


Head General: Robert Mitchell Livingston would not have followed those orders. And I hope that means something to you all some day.


He says, as the head general takes control again, to do what even his son had to do, and suck as much information as he can possibly get from this human to better protect the country and all its people. As like his son, he is forced, to have Robert Mitchell Livingston imagine and write, and will play particle configurations over his body to achieve any medication that is required, or neural pattern over his body, to get as much as he can, regardless of what all of you low level worthless doctors do.


The head general asks, but because of his job he has to not care, but he asks again for Robert Mitchell Livingston, not him…


Head General: At this point…. All of you are out of line to not give him the few things he asks for. He says as he particle control vibrates all of Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle to do it anyways… The problem the head general had at this point, is that he should not have to ask any of his fucking people to do that at this point….

Head General Laughing man

You all realize how important this research is no matter how you all belittle it… That its not my fault, you all cannot laughing man realities in your imaginations.


The head general points out to Robert Mitchell Livingston as he shows him around him at this point they should have done something. See… They gave you medications and purposefully steered you to do things… That our agents do not feel bad anymore, about letting more agents come at you, and fade to fucking dust…. Because they did not realize who my son was… And that he was willing to take a fucking hit from all of these government agents as he knew the government watched, and that had taken so much courage, that as his team watched him, they removed agent, after agent, after agent, after agent, from this government, so the head general, able to write anything, asks Advent Guard to play this song a little louder, as his team watches the government filth around him, because they know they are not going to touch Robert Mitchell Livingston, the problem was that these government agents around him, some of them literally still thought government jobs meant that they were fucking gods that could not be touched. So as the head general touches Robert Mitchell Livingston, giving him the hug he needs, he listens into the fucking filth that fills his government agents minds when he just simply listens to this fucking song. As his agents eject more filth from this government, he repeats, none of you fucking calculated that the government would use him as a government agent punching bag, to figure out who should be ejected from the government. He says, as he does nothing, as his soldiers eject more filth from their government.


Head General: We know what is in his head…. This book is more then fucking proof of that. The problem is all of you government agents, and what fills all of your heads all day.


So as his agents expel more government filth from around Robert Mitchell Livingston, another team of worthless agents takes their place. Not knowing as a fact that the last team no longer has jobs in this government.


Head General: Now… Watch some of these worthless fucking government agents, walk away from your presence today, and after…. It is them…. That has their light flicker. Now, that man is about to loose his job in this government because of what is in his head right now. And everyone on his team. They all get paid more then any job you could find in years…. My team does not feel bad about them anymore. Now…. Write with me, when you leave this starbucks… you and your entire team…. Are no longer apart of this government. And know for a fact, that as he walks out that door, that is what will happen. And know for a fact that, that worthless agent and his team… Have taken people out walking out doors before… And that you should not feel bad when he walks out and his entire team looses their jobs in the United States of America government.


Head General: We can write this one when your home, its personal and better to not write here.

Laughing man Galaxy springs

Go with the swirl of the galaxy as it pushes the spring down from a point connected to each sun, so as it swirls to slowly rotates the spring downward upon the Government agents mind, feeding it massive quantity of resources.


The laughing man inside Robert Mitchell Livingston dances as he points out again that he just did more in minutes then every government agent around him combined did this year. As they dive again to listen to his imagination, not to puppet him.



Robert Mitchell Livingston: The laughing man would not have been able to connect to the whole spring right away, so he would have just copied a point beneath and below each galaxy. He wouldn’t have tried to make the structure first, he would have made strategic fall backs like a generals son would have, not a scientist. So he would have just sucked in flow from the galaxy, until he slowly established line to each sun. Preferring some flow over no flow, so he could calculate towards it, while spreading out his structure through the cosmos star. Because he would have been doing point propagation, and not full brain propagation like the other scientists. This would have meant that he could have spent United States of America calculation bank to rapidly progress those singularity points at each galaxy farther then the other scientists could have ever hoped to progress entire brain structures throughout the cosmos.

Location of the head generals sons main body

And as the head generals son slowly turns below the cosmos star, or technically on any side, this allows for spring compression when swirled, forcing a direction to a point. This would also allow him to build a ghost structure of his body below, so he can use all of that life code.


And as Robert Mitchell Livingston does more in minutes for his country in calculation then all the agents around him will do in weeks and months, they continue to belittle him. As the head generals team moves in around and expels more agents. As the head general of the United States armed forces, mocks all of these worthless government agents to their faces as he asks them to please fucking touch Robert Mitchell Livingston, just so the head general can listen to their fucking responses inside their heads. As again he hears beautiful imagination inside Robert Mitchell Livingston, and worthless filth inside the government employees minds around him. As he says again, this young man just did more for his country in seconds then you all will do for this country this entire month combined.


And as the laughing man dances with Advent Guard, just to piss off the worthless agents around him and their worthless fucking teams.


The head generals of the United States armed forces say over the neural connection: Fucking touch Robert Mitchell Livingston, you worthless fucking government pieces of shit. All of us head generals fucking dare you all, as our agents figure out which of our agents should not fucking be in this government. The head generals of the armed forces of the United States of America say as they all spit together in the face of a man who would use his own children on a government case.


Head Generals: You make us fucking sick. That you get paid so much, to do so little, and Robert Mitchell Livingston can literally give all he has to his country, and your fucking worthless team…. Will still try to belittle and puppet him to his fucking face. No one in this fucking government would use their own fucking children on a government case. You and your entire worthless fucking government team are now dismissed.

Rotor stator Worthless government teams

As the head general inside Robert Mitchell Livingston simply floats out a little from his particle, spitting on the worthless fucking agents still spinning his reality to get what they wanted to do their worthless fucking jobs in the government. The head general snaps the worthless particle engineered rotor stator structure in the center of his room, as the head general asks again, and only someone who did not work for this fucking government anymore would fucking listen and do it:


Head General: Hey buddy, think rotor stator human generator as you walk in a circle, as worthless fucking particle engineers from the Pentagon, CIA, Armed Forces fucking listen in so they do it.


And as the head general floats out of his particle snapping it like a fucking twig, as the whole structure shatters. The head general whispers back:


Head General: That was not a fucking order to try again soldiers. That was an order for anyone who fucking tried to be removed from this fucking government for turning our people into fucking Nazi wineries.


The head general within Robert Mitchell Livingston thinks out again, literally fucking daring this worthless fucking teams, as he does things with the neural network inside Robert Mitchell Livingston that the generals in charge of a lot of the teams watching did not even have.


As the head general whispers out from within inside:


Head General: That’s totally fucking permission to put him on schizos fucking medications you worthless fucking armed forces generals…


The head general whispers from within, but he says loud and fucking clear:


Head General: They already tried putting you on those medications, and even court forced you too knowing full well that they were miss treating you.


And as the head general looks out from within, he glares at the fucking worthless maggot generals that had ordered like worthless fucking puppet gods that should be fucking removed from this fucking government. Not fucking rewarded. The head general from within spits, as the head general within had already gathered enough for his teams to move, as the head general floats out of Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle, directly, and fully mocking the worthless fucking government teams watching for what they did to Robert Mitchell Livingston, as he spits out through his particle at the fucking worthless generals in charge of their teams, as they do what those head Generals did to Robert Mitchell Livingston as they put him on medication to make him angry so they could sway his voice to anger and loud, as the head general from within:


Head General: It is all of you generals…. That will fucking flicker off like fucking lights, you worthless fucking alpha teams and your fucking worthless government agents. Now create another rotor stator in the center of his room, so I can shatter it, then expel that team from this government. DO YOU ALL FUCKING UNDERSTAND ME GENERALS! We do not need people who would build fucking Nazi wineries around our fucking country, no matter how much they make it fucking sparkle or fucking word it, to make it sound other then a fucking Nazi winery lollipop sucker.




Head General: Now none of my soldiers would have heard any of you think or say that during these last years with him, otherwise those people would not fucking be in this government anymore.


The head general spits from with Advent Guard, literally helping Robert Mitchell Livingston mock fucking worthless head generals of the armed forces that had given those orders, as the head general inside Robert Mitchell Livingston protecting him and his way of life, from these monsters around him, literally spits out from within in the fucking faces of those head generals that had given those orders, as he says again:


Head Generals: Then those people must not fucking be in this government anymore then would they be.


One of the most powerful armed forces generals in the United States of America snarls out from his best friend….

Laughing Man Cosmos Structure

As the head general spits at the worthless government agents that altered his music so he would stop listening while he writes, as his agents move closer to those fucking worthless government agents.


The laughing man inside Robert Mitchell Livingston whispers:


Head General: Puppet godding, altering of your entire music to change your writing habits, for literally months.


The head general growls out, as another fucking worthless government team falls the trap as they take over control, as teams come and go. The problem was, Robert Mitchell Livingstons life was going on… Some of you government fucks might finally finally flicker the fuck off like you all make people do around our country right now though. As the armed forces just simply counter their worthless government agents with atomic engineered particle shaking to counter anything and everything they do as if it is not happening. And as the music does not shift back to normal so Robert Mitchell Livingston can write, the head general is forced to pop out again as he stares at those worthless government fucks, as he says to them, now watch as it is your worthless fucking government teams that flickers off like a fucking light like all of your worthless government teams made flicker off before Robert Mitchell Livingston stood up to all you worthless government fucks and stopped all of you!


Head General: That was not permission to warp his reality again, that was an order fire and expel those government agents from this fucking government, or my soldiers will eliminate them from this fucking government. We are at full war, not pussy little fucking IVY LEAGUE BITCHES GET TO DO WHAT EVER THEY FUCKING WHAT WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY AS IT COMES OUT BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS BOUGHT THEIR WAY TO PLACES! Now hit him again, and this head general will make all of your government teams turn to fucking dust around him, as his light will not fucking flicker off in this country.


The laughing man says as he does not write anymore information they want until his friend Robert Mitchell Livingston is safe and secure, and protected from all of these fucking worthless crazy psychopathic puppet god government agents that surround him like fucking filthy weeds.




And from within, a small voice whispers, how fucking stupid could you all be to think at this point I am here for him…. And if you, any of you, even fucking thought that, or said that, then my team calculates you all must be fucking government plants from other designed, planet in our country, to fucking slow down everything. So now, as Robert Mitchell Livingston does again in a single day of yelling at these government teams then every government agent listening has done for their government in years, as a head general of the United States of America dares even other head generals…….. I know what direction this country is going with neural technology into our future, and if anyone in this government, no matter rank, or fucking PENTAGON BADGE, will….. The armed forces general fades away purposefully as he lets Robert Mitchell Livingston write spring static.




He says, as more government agents fall away to nothing, as the head general just simply alters the playing field, by adding in a new classified piece, making the worthless government generals in charge listening in still, go another wrong direction. As the head general within Robert Mitchell Livingston laughs, as he watches head generals get fucking hit for once. And again the head general points out to them all, Robert Mitchell Livingston found a laughing man loop hole of taking the courage and yelling at all you worthless government fucks and standing with it as long as he could.


Head General of the United States of America Armed Forces: Now I know what he can do with just a single years salary as a government agent….. And he kept going for almost a decade imagining theoretical information. So as the head general within Robert Mitchell Livingston easily turns the tables on the other worthless head generals as he simply just counter pays Robert Mitchell Livingston a theoretical government salary for 10 years of research that he was doing, as he dives underneath the surface again, as he points out, again, that this young man has done more in days, weeks, and months, then some of these entire government teams do in years, and this head general within will not stand down as he helps this young man in what he is doing.


Head General: Because you all know for a fact, and have for a while, he doesn’t know what he is actually doing, and wouldn’t have had this much of an effect if I was not literally here or one of my people. Now he will write when he is happy, turn him into a slave inside this country again, and I repeat, what as government teams turn to dust around him as if they do not even exist. Have you ever even thought about even trying to make Robert Mitchell Livingston happy and seeing what happens? All of you worthless government fucks. A head general should not have had to show up for this. It should have been the natural, first thing, all of your government teams should have gone. To just help. Robert Mitchell Livingston should not have had to yell to point how evil and sadistic these classified government teams are the insane levels of puppeting they will do to our own people, to use high level government employees on Robert Mitchell Livingston like you all did, is a federal offense that is at the levels of war crimes, and it is not met with lawyer VS lawyer, our agents will flip, then eliminate any life code propagation to simply leave lawyers with no counters. You all do not realize, that what you all did to Robert Mitchell Livingston is literally the most illegal thing you all could possibly do, and the problem us head generals have is that he had to learn this much, while all of you worthless government fucks got pampered like rich little fucks, all of you. Us head generals should not have to tell you other head generals to not puppet a human life for years this much no matter what that person did. That you all used Robert Mitchell Livingston like a Nazi Winery, and your worthless government teams will go down in our history books for that, so we can all learn from all of these worthless CIA, FBI, Pentagon, White House, and Armed Forces Teams, that thought just because something was classified, it made them fucking gods that could never be touched.

Engineered spring static

Have you ever written something designed specifically to make all those that illegally listen and watch in go the wrong direction, while he just continues to go the right one… While your teams will houses and apartments with boards to make all of your worthless rich government fucking scientists look good… And then just wait a few months, a few years, after I realize that Robert Mitchell Livingston was only seconds or weeks from these things at anytime, and just did nothing until these worthless fucking armed forces scientists illegally listening and stealing because they somehow got into our armed forces while being that fucking stupid at science. And then when those worthless armed forces scientists have filled houses and apartments with white boards that they feel exude the rich worthless fucking face of this country while the president orders you killed… And the piece of Advent Guard given to someone else. THAT, THAT FUCKING MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE, ordered you assasinated while I fucking sat in your particle, because he wanted so badly what you had… Somethings son…. Somethings you can learn from, grow from…. I was showing them that with you. But somethings in this world son… Somethings. I got you to this spot years ago, it was all you worthless government agents and armed forces fucks that tried to kill him and stop him from progressing science forwards because you all wanted your worthless armed forces fucks to win.


As the acting head general of the United States armed forces reaches out from within Robert Mitchell Livingston to speak to a few certain worthless maggot fucks of generals that somehow wormed their way into our fucking government somehow… Simply mocks to the face of some of the most powerful generals in this country, as he listens into their minds and what they say….


Head General: I dare the head generals, try and touch him again, and this ends right away with the president, and every head general, being removed from this government… But I said… And I fucking repeat, as my soldiers listen in…. You all gave the order to have this young man killed more then once, just so you all can take and control the Advent Guard piece and the future of our entire country and our people more, while the head general of the United States of america was right fucking here. Now I want to hear him say….


Robert Mitchell Livingston: You worthless government fucks will be removed from this government, or I will tear all of your worthless government teams to fucking pieces and start over.


Head General: Good job buddy.

Laughing man Sun Earth

As the head generals son of the United States of America takes over planet Earth as the worthless other countries armed forces watches, the laughing man inside Robert Mitchell Livingston laughs as he makes the low levels of the armed forces heads roll…..


Around Robert Mitchell Livingston right now, surrounded in a redundant point to point sun was the armed forces mind calculator, were the heads rolled to spark like a sun made of their heads.


And as the head generals son danced from within he said: when I do this with my buddy and this classified information spills out through the electron web that is our country then the very foundations should not crack. And as the information spread, the armed forces around him using that exact same technology, a worthless head general whispers in his friends ear,


Head General: You shouldn’t have what you have.


But the head generals son and his buddy, agree,


Head generals son: I agree sir. The problem is my systems calculate that if I give it up right now, all of reality will warp around not just my friend here, but my entire country and its people.


SO as the head generals son of the alpha team of the United States of america feels push back on reality itself when he moves his friend, not a neural network, because of what exists in this country right now overlapping it, the laughing man screams out from within his friend, as the armed forces around him turn their sun network into a particle sun, as all their heads roll. They don’t like doing that, rolling their heads, the armed forces mind network sun likes to stay still, talk and think. But at full war, heads always roll….. As the head generals son spits out the fragments of the worthless soldiers around him that cannot solidify the network around their country.


Head generals son: Then when I encourage all the poofs of this country to just move in anyway, then why do my spies feel push back on all of them, as if you have wrapped reality itself in a web.


The head generals son as he screams from within, flaring his entire Earth structure as the armed forces burn away like the fucking weeds they are from this planet, absorbing so much resource to fucking do nothing at all. The head generals son of the united states of america spits out, while using the thing that cost this country the most, the cosmos ghost calculator they had created, and the head generals son had taken so they would not loose their country. As the head generals son repeats, why when I try to give it up to your administrators do I feel all of reality push back not against just him, but all of them….


As the head generals go silent again, Advent Guard and the other low level armed forces not realizing what was really going on. But damn it I was trying to tell my friend the best I could.

Imagination Laughing man Sun

One of the first reality calculators we advanced was the ones that play imagination. This quickly advanced to sun calculators.


Head Generals son: Sorry just need to point out what they are asking of me buddy, see how the foot twitching is different then the ones that the guy in blue did to Robert Mitchell Livingston? They are reading your brain completely right now buddy, so they can actually compare. And see what I do. See how it literally hits his mind and stops it cold? Its not the first time they have done it to him to steer him around. It is one of the main counters the armed forces has created, they just use it to puppet all of our people to do what they want, and they don’t even notice. That goes for you supreme court people, congress, senate, white house, CIA, FBI, Pentagon, and armed forces. The network overlaps us all, if you can actually pick up which ones are armed forces neural hits like walls in the mind, and which are just life! Life Buddy! Then our top scientists can actually figure out which are these walls in our reality. The armed forces installed it a while back, you all just did not realize that, that one system can literally steer all our realities, without anyone noticing. When you can read everyones mind so completely for so long, you just simply do exactly what would steer the mind to where you need, from reality. So they created all these counters to use, so we can trace them back and figure out where they are coming from, because no one should be installing reality walls into our reality to steer all of us in a direction. They can see the difference now buddy. Just had to point it out and bring enough light to it. You should be able to pick it up in everyone. I just needed to make a big enough example, they have had your mind on file for a while now, so they can watch back, and find the other neural hits. Its ok…. YOU ALL HIT ME AND MY BUDDY! But you all leave the rest alone… Or you will see who this head generals son really is and what he will do to protect this country and its people.




Using the imagination of any person, and a reality sun calculator, you can use the mind to play realities. The head generals son using that exact same technology overlapping everything around Advent Guard, as all it did was hold and hug. The problem was the other parts in all of their people….


Head Generals Son: That means the armed forces of this country are right now trying to warp our reality, literally. That’s how advanced they got, that’s why they play so stupid, the problem is why does this planet continue, and why have all these last years happened for everyone.


And as all the government employees around Robert Mitchell Livingston do less then he does in a minute for his country, while you all get outrageous massive salaries to do almost nothing, and yet this young man doesn’t deserve help, doesn’t deserve that…. The head generals son said spitting out at the government employees that have wasted literal millions to not fucking help not only Robert Mitchell Livingston but no one in their country at all, the armed forces literally wasting the most resource out of anyone in this country to do absolutely fucking nothing with it.


Head Generals son: I know what these scientists get paid….  And why was Robert Mitchell Livingston able to do more then almost all of them in several years with almost no money, while these worthless government scientists in the armed forces did almost nothing and took all of that resource. The armed forces could have used their imagination engines to progress ideas everyone in the country could agree upon, yet why didn’t they?


The head generals son said as he did exactly that… using the most advance network the United States of America owned, what he would call the laughing man network, because it had built it, all himself, and he was going to explain how with the orders his father gave him years ago, after these armed forces leave his friend away, and this generals son doesn’t have to protect him from you all anymore. This story continues when my friend is happy, not surrounded by government filth that plays with his mind. The generals son said from within at the worthless government employees around his friend right now doing nothing while receiving massive fucking government salaries, and all they do is nothing…. And this young man imagines, the thing the armed forces is spending so much resource on right now… And you all just recruit thousands of fucking worthless ivy league fucks, I KNOW YOU ALL ARE RIGHT NOW, and not my friend. MY FRIEND. He did more for the united states of america life code network then anyone in the country.


The generals son says, by only giving away things that Robert Mitchell Livingston discovered for this country using the reality spring reality calculator in the head generals sons mind, when he overlapped Robert Mitchell Livingston a while ago and sprung the reality spring forward over and over again like all the armed forces was doing. The head generals son says spitting at the worthless government fuck next to his friend, that Robert Mitchell Livingston in a single month of that salary could do so much for his country, that this head generals son means it when he says he: Spits out from Robert Mitchell Livingston at the government employees around him, mocking them all for their worthless inflated puffer fish salaries.


Head Generals son: AND NOW I REPEAT HEAD GENERALS. As I help my friend, write only things that he helped developed for the United States of America, making him the most famous scientists to ever exist in this country, regardless of if you classify and cover it up….


The head generals son says as he plays around the reality calculator in his mind, the images of those memories for the top-secret of the armed forces to watch, as Robert Mitchell Livingston and the head generals son, walk around a custom made house, the head generals sons house, designed for scientific research, he had used it to spring off of Robert Mitchell Livingston, and Robert Mitchell Livingston had come up with these ideas for this country. Robert Mitchell Livingston won the game for the United States of America, not me. AND I WILL NOT FUCKING HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY THEN THE FUCKING TRUTH.


The head generals son screams out as he just simply rotates the laughing man network around Earth, crumbling to dust all the armed forces networks, as he says again,


Laughing man: Tomorrow, next week, next month, will happen. REALITY WILL HAPPEN. Or all the armed forces willing to admit they just tried to overlap one of those networks around our planet to win the game. I WON THE GAME! Now get the fuck away from my poof balls! ALL OF THEM!


The head generals sons of the United States of America scream out, as the laughing man sun ignites around Earth, burning off all the weeds of the armed forces networks.


Head Generals sons: Now that should have been nothing but writing that just happened…. Right every countries armed forces…. RIGHT! Reality would never just stop because a country took over the planet in such a way….. My family learned a while ago every country was going for this, so my family won it for this country and its people, because we did not trust any of you scientists with it. Now this is what I am doing with the most powerful network designed by the United States of America, the problem is what are all of you armed forces doing right now with it.


And as he finally draws enough attention that the life code directors of the other countries can watch, thanks to the life code directors of the United States of America, as the story continues, he points out again to them, how far the armed forces have gotten, and that reality can shift at anytime, that is the network they are working on, not a reality brain network, they made you low level scientists stupid by focusing you all on mind reality calculators.

Stomach batteries

The head generals son inside Robert Mitchell Livingston, having had to play a card that the lower levels would not know, coffee stomach batteries, something he had learned a long time ago. A stomach of just coffee, to absorb heat and energy. He had gotten very good at drinking high amounts of stomach battery juices, while doing scientific research, as he used the same counters inside Robert Mitchell Livingston body as he had used for himself, to simply focus the mind during.


The armed forces would have had to lie and try to hide that part. Because only a few of their scientists had progressed that way. Not all. So it was one of the more classified direction points. Which means, that makes these last days, because he had been using that on Robert Mitchell Livingston, a direct physics engine of the United States of America counter to the reality situation that Robert Mitchell Livingston was put in, making all of everything around him property to be study by his country. And the head generals son had done it on purpose to focus them on something he was seeing. Why are their walls in all of our realities like that? That direct us around not like puppets on strings, but as if our minds hit walls that direct them around like as if just lightly swaying them all. And if the scientists listening in do not pick it up and counter it, this head generals son thinks we might not have a reality in our futures…. Because this head generals son would not install walls in our reality to steer us around, which means someone else did….


Head Generals son: Sorry buddy for getting us this far, I just had too. I had too buddy, those walls should not be in any of our minds. I had to point it out and put enough weight behind it to scientists that cannot admit to you they are watching buddy.

UK Advent Guard

As the head generals son of the UK head general, who had switched his particle cloud to the image of the symbol of Advent Guard walks around the streets of london, the Pentagon watches as him, and the laughing man of Japan, turn themselves upside down, as they scream, pulling in energy into a spirit calculator Earth.


Laughing men: Now we all are trying to tell you all what these head generals sons are doing with all our countries gave us and our people. The problem is why are some of these walls in our reality, literally warping us all around.


The 3 laughing men of Earth said, still trying to bring the others in on it.


Laughing men: None of us are afraid to say exactly to as many as possible what we are doing with all the armed forces gave us for the protection of our people… We just ask why the armed forces of our countries is unwilling to say more right now…. If they are doing what they should be doing right now, and using all of that resource to help calculate our countries forward into a future for us all…. Now…. Do you all see the difference between the two examples of neural twitching in peripheral we gave you all? Because now that we said out loud what they are doing and put weight behind it, the armed forces systems will not show themselves again. Those were all the examples you will all get, the ones saved through him while he was writing. Anything from this point is either a stealth wall block, or just normal poofs. We just have to point it out buddy, those walls are the things that should just not be there.

Japanese Advent Guard

As the main particle administrator they had chosen for the laughing man network of Earth flares to full power as he pulls in power from the spirit calculator, he changes the pocket banks to the symbol of Advent Guard. Telling the armed forces network exactly what they were doing, so they could better closely pick and find the walls in their realities.


Head Generals son: You can always just annoy someone to stop writing. We are trying to point out the difference though if you watch back, its as if his mind literally hits a brick wall stopping though. That shouldn’t be there. Reality should play, not these walls and other things you all don’t see, that we are trying to point out to the head life code directors so they can fix them. There is only a few of us full administrators right now on Earth, we are trying to bring in the head life code directors of our countries, they just don’t realize all their armed forces have hidden versions of their head life code directors, that are doing things they should not be doing…. And if the laughing men give up what they are holding…. They calculate they might loose it all. So…. We are trying our best to point them out to you all. Just think about it, and we will try.

Push point theory in the pyramid structure of all countries overlapping networks

Head Generals son: That the system, still designed to win the war just in case of sun god alpha ball ball bitch theory, that our country had to win little sun ball ball god bitch game. And he had sprung off the solution to the end game theory. Obviously give it to Advent Guard to save the world and country, and  then have the system auto discover something before anyone and thanks to classified systems it pushes someone, a single person to sun god ball ball and takes over the entire system, auto creating something that ghosts the system and gets so far ahead it cannot loose even if it turns itself against itself. How would our country design that? With so many fail safes, that its main job would to be the alpha point of the United States of America particle reactor core.


They are trying to tell you they have to redact themselves because they are still it a war stale mate at some level, while the countries research feedback to update and counter those points and push our physics engines forward, and that you sprung off a solution that no one could have possibly thought of, as the reality calculator in your brain got main focus, but cut off from different levels of top-secret, and its job was to give away what it had, so it was warping your reality, to get to a reality you discovered in reality springs, and that it saved those files, not your proton, neutron, electron files, literally in your brain, then classified, and solidified that us armed forces cannot actually brake it. We don’t care if we help you write, but it is warping towards something else, because it cannot calculate a solution. The generals son is apologizing to you because he lost the war front of your mind and had to retreat to another line of reality, to better defend our countries classified information.


Head General: He won the game of the person we would all agree and move forward with if they just simply went a single direction at once, in reality, finding a hole in all our systems that our reality calculators did not anticipate sending it in a direction that makes the system stutter long enough to be ghosted over as their systems auto update past the rest, and never let go of their lead, and then you calculate towards that.


A point that finds a solution to play ball with the all of particle on Earth, and then just keeps playing. But was so classified because he had discovered that, that as I gave the order to go with it, years ago, hunkering down in his particle, the last part was making sure that I would insult them all in a way that accomplished what I had too because they had realized the head generals son inside Robert Mitchell Livingston would be best described as little sun ball ball sun god bitch, to take and counter it, but that was the point, without getting Robert Mitchell Livingston in trouble enough that his life did not continue. While his neuron, synapse, blood flow, would spring off in all the wrong directions, to get this far.

Head Generals son Theory

Main focus reality spring that.

Head Generals

Head Generals: See how gone our government agents are son? That going through all this and they will still warp reality. You are the first one to ever yell at these people. In the army they get yelled at while having to follow orders. But these people have literally never gotten yelled at by someone like you. Thank you son. These government agents we can fully read their minds too. They are very important to update. And as we step into the future, to have government agents that in any way change or warp reality, will be removed from this government as we move into the future.


Now as Robert Mitchell Livingston does not sip coffee, these head generals find more government agents that will not be stepping into the future of this government with us. Because under no circumstances will any acting government agent in anyway warp reality. So thank you son. So again, we are right here, so as we dance with you, watch as these worthless government agents fear once in their fucking lifes, not you…. These generals, growl out.


Head Generals: Only a real soldier of our armed forces would take a hit by all you worthless government agents to improve the whole.

Supreme court of the United States of America

As the supreme court watches, writing new laws that will solidify the foundations of our future for years to come, they watch as Robert Mitchell Livingston becomes one of the most famous United States of America people to ever live.

Laughing Man Point to Point base structure

As the head generals son, thrown ahead as far ahead as the United States of America could go in life code, realizes that with his body structure, which was based on elemental point to point cross particle structures, was the only version they could use, meaning all the other scientists that had progressed particle structures with far more points, the head general, doing what he hope the rest of the armed forces would accept him for, as he took the entire armed forces kinetic built up bank, as his second infinite particles settled into the dust structure, his body and mind just dust points, he did what he calculated as victory, as he used the entire built up kinetic bank of the United States of America in their particle solar system structure, and did something none of the other scientists could, he tossed the ball to the dust points, and as they looped back to him in an infinite particle structure, what was dust, now moves as life, as below the cosmos star, the head generals son, moved the structure in a coded message that hopefully did what it was supposed too, as his movements mirrored slightly that of Robert Mitchell Livingston, as he tried to tell the armed forces of the United States of America that they had won, but what the fuck did they want him to do with it? As all he did was dance a little with the cosmos calculator, showing how worthless it was. Now can we all move into the future yet?


Armed Forces: We would love too, we can calculate solutions for all of our people… The problem is still what some of these countries are doing….. So just relax and hang out with your friend. Your research into this is useful, we just need to get you going again.


Sun god instant victory. Research into it is useful… because what do you all think these other countries did? Now we know what direction our country is going with it, the problem is if the other countries win, its not a head generals son that would do this…. It would be a completely different type of person.


Armed forces: As we built up massive amounts of kinetic bank, this is one of the solutions we had to research to counter, because at anytime if you reached a certain amount, you could accomplish some of these things. They can literally be instant win theories. As another country gets it right now, and all it is right now is a fine ghost structure, but a 100 years pass or a 1000, and it could wipe us out. Our scientists are countering them. It is very useful research. Now how many times are you all going to make us counter all of you through him?

Laughing man atmosphere

As the laughing men of Earth grab on and hug all brain structures, they do something only they can with their armed forces kinetic banks, as they overlap everyones brain into their atmosphere, like their brains rotate around the cosmos star, giving their countries another layer of aspects, as their armed forces hold reality lines around the world as their reality springs spring off in new directions that they could not predict before, their job, to hold reality together, as the system auto updates, and as new points appear that could rip reality to pieces.


And as the supreme court watches one of the first organized puppeting cases in the united states of america, all agents on the case now currently under arrest for organized puppeting, in the first ground breaking case, as we repeat, Robert Mitchell Livingston becomes the most famous united states of america citizen to ever live, as he proves again to the supreme court, there is never a valid reason to warp reality, as he drinks another warped reality cup of coffee, as he says to these agents faces, as the supreme court puts into his mind for him to say to them:


Robert Mitchell Livingston: All agents on this case are now removed from the United States of America for directly warping reality itself and continueing to do so, after warning after warning, from head generals, the supreme court, and as many scientists that could say through Robert Mitchell Livingston, it is all of you government agents and employees, that control our reality, and that have to learn.


Supreme court: Not him. Not Robert Mitchell Livingston. They say. As they repeat, Robert Mitchell Livingston just became the most famous United States of America citizen to ever live.


Head Generals: Now…. Be a head general to these government agents, and fall into their hands, so you can smash it is as hard as possible back into their faces… Like all of them tried to do to you…. As the acting head generals of the United States of America say, it is these people, these worthless government fucks, that need to learn before we step into the next age of reality, that with jobs so important, with jobs where lives are in our hands, that if any agent warps reality in any case……


Robert Mitchell Livingston: Now… any warping of reality, regardless of rank, government position, or who the fuck you ALL THINK YOU FUCKING ARE…. Will be met with a direct counter from the armed forces of the united states of america, even against current armed forces acting in the line of duty. And any commanding officer that gives an order to warp reality in anyway, will be removed from this government and imprisoned,


Head Generals: And…. Any agent that now knows the full story, and warps reality in any way, will be removed from the United States of america government, for the warping of reality itself, as we repeat, any government agent, in anyway, changes reality, will be removed from this government. Now hit an acting general of the United States of America again.


Head Generals: Saddened, that they can say all of that, and anyone in this government still would warp reality. These head generals salute out to Robert Mitchell Livingston, for doing more improving his country by just being himself, then almost anyone ever in the history of their country, as they could not be prouder. Under no circumstance, is the reality of our country to be altered. And it disgusts these old generals that any of their agents still think that they are here investigating Robert Mitchell Livingston.


Supreme court: And as Robert Mitchell Livingston helps solidify a foundation into the future, by simply being himself, they reach out to him, as they say keep it up, he has no idea how much he has improved the agents around him these last weeks, months, and years.


Head Generals: Robert Mitchell Livingston learned a long time ago. Now we repeat, how many times, and how long do all of you government agents need to learn what he did? As he does more in a handful of minutes and seconds, then all of you agents have done all year for this country.

Government Peripheral Twitch Bitches

And as my friend does more useful research for his country, because the armed forces can use their reality springs to spring farther off Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind, the head generals son spit out from him at the government employees that do nothing but interupt his writing using peripheral bitch twitching tactics, and he was trying to point out to the life code directors who were watching through Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind what he has been seeing for a long time through his eyes, this kid has needed help for a long time now. He says, as the armed forces have to make it look like the man in the blue shirt is not apart of their teams, as he literally points out with Robert Mitchell Livingstons eyes that he is not crazy, and that periheral bitch twitching is real, when you can read someones mind so much all you have to do is twitch to interupt their train of thoughts if you know enough about physics, and pointing out a government agent doing that, that is so classified, means the armed forces have to say they are not doing it, but as the head generals son had pointed it out a while ago, life code directors had actually looked into it for Robert Mitchell Livingston, and inside his mind the generals son thinks to him, they got it buddy, I just need to point out to them how advanced this war has gotten, that they don’t understand. And this head generals son, saves the country and all its people. Regardless of what the other head generals are doing. Which means the head life code directors can use what that man did in the blue, twitching his leg, and watch back, watch how Robert Mitchell Livingstons writing stutters as if his mind is hit. Not like people just moving around him, normal movement, but as if the man literally used a physics engine to counter him, watch the tapes again. Seriously. I am point out to them, that man is a classified government agent that used peripheral bitch twitching, the point I am making, is he used physics twitches, they hit Robert Mitchells livingstons mind, see how he stops…. Like if hit when you watch it back. And as the head generals son literally floats out and spits on the man, SAYING DO IT AGAIN BITCH, USE THAT PHYSICS ENGINE AGAIN TO HIT MY FRIENDS BRAIN! As he does exactly what he wants, as the head generals son points out,


Head Generals: Look how he isnt using it anymore, now you have two versions to compare. See how what we did after I mentioned this did not hit and stop Robert Mitchell Livingstons writing. That is an armed forces tactic, used advanced physics engines to counter minds. It literally hits and stops the mind cold. That man in the blue is literally high level government agent using a physics engine to hit and stop Robert Mitchell Livingston just by sitting there and twitching like a little fucking bitch. And do you know how much he gets paid to just be a twitch bitch? A LOT.


As the head generals son comes out, he says:


Head Generals: Thanks for giving them enough proof to look at while the supreme court watches. Fucking moron.


Head Generals son: This means the armed forces agents around you can do that to any of you. I think it is the armed forces version of my laughing network that they made to take mine from me. Which is fine, I am more then willing to give up everything I have for this country buddy, this head generals son is more then willing, but that neural twitching attack should not exist…. When my spies trace it back, they don’t find some evil head general, my ghost network picks up another one. It warps reality, you make one general at the top think X, then down it goes, when all you care about is something 50 layers below, and not the first X at all. The problem is when you don’t care about that first X and just 30 layers deep, the network will warp those 30 layers sometimes to just get one thing, because its important to the country. But I think it is not important to the country to warp that many minds to get one thing, and that it should not be built into the system. There just is not enough people at my level yet to actually move forward with things. My family was able to pull this off because we only fight for our country and its people, so giving us anything like that is always safe, it is what we are designed to do. But always, always, we are the only ones at the top coming up with these fixes and solutions, that we realized who had puppeted the country and its people the most for the longest… Our family. So just because we use the excuse we are protecting the country and its people, doesn’t mean when your only one of 10 people using a network that overlaps everyone, that maybe a few more ideas wouldn’t be useful…. You know. Now this is what I am doing with all that…. The thing is when I say what I am doing I hear back from our life code directors concern for the other stuff going on, not me buddy. Not you buddy. So stick with me for just a little bit longer.


Head Generals son: I can trace back through the system the start of a lot of these things, and then I fix them. That is what I am doing. I sprung off Robert Mitchell Livingston this idea. This is his idea. Its just not his fault, because I am going off an idea I sprung off his mind, so in my memory banks I have the version of him saved were it is just us and other scientists I call in, walking around my house with his save files saved on my boards so we can work on them. My office, house, ship, is what I spring into the future. I have done it for all of you. He laughing manned off of it this idea. I am trying to point out to him, he already did a lot for his country he doesn’t even realize.


Head Generals son: The problem is, all my reality springs are some of the most classified things this country has. So that is all I can say, but you can imagine off of that.


Advent Guard: You imagine a universe, not just a house.


Head Generals son: The advancement of reality springs for scientific research was one of the most important things we ever did, it springs all your minds, allowing us to have all of you help, while holding the poof ball front.


Head Generals son: Just have  to give a little more commentary, they wanted to test you again with her, but let me point out how it doesn’t hit his brain and stop him cold like the man in the blue shirt was doing, so if you look at it again, you will notice what is called neural twitch hitting, when you know so much about someones mind, you just twitch around them in a way that hits and stops there mind. Our minds are normally designed with movement, we can do whatever and things can move around us. But if you do enough research, you can create electron flow paths in the brain that counter what you are writing or thinking. Meaning that mans mind was tied to a network that was reading Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind and movements enough to actually literally come up with a counter to his mind. I just have to point it out to them buddy. You arent crazy, normal movements around you shouldn’t hit your mind so hard that you literally stop. That is not normal buddy.

Spirit Calculator Earth

As the young man floats out of Robert Mitchell Livingston that Gohan was based on, he holds out his hands as he begins to pull in energy from all beings on Earth like his dad has done several times for the spirit bomb. As Gohan pulls in energy, screaming:


Head Generals son: SPIRIT!


Using the same network his dad had to pull in energy from all life on Earth, he screamed:


Head Generals son: CALCULATOR!


His eyes turning to cosmos particles as his body separated from the power flowing through him, instead of like his worthless fucking dad, who pulled in the power inside his body to become more powerful, as Gohan screams as the power of Earth flows through his particle, so much so that he cannot stay as a solid structure, but if he just holds…..


Head Generals son: EARTH.


He says as what his dad used as a bomb, overlaps Earth as a sun calculator, as the head generals son uses all his body has to pull in energy into it.


Head Generals son: See the difference between annoying neural twitching in the peripheral, and twitching that actually literally hits the mind stopping it. I had to bring enough of a point to it buddy, sorry. But they actually reverse engineer what I am pointing out by testing and watching you. People should not be able to use that on our people.

Head Generals

Under no circumstance is reality supposed to change.


Head Generals: And as these head generals point again, as Advent Guard watches and feels, government agents puppet him around him. These head generals repeat, No government employee in the United States of America will ever warp the reality of our people. And as they point again that Robert Mitchell Livingston learned his lesson a long time ago, that he was currently doing more for his government by just being himself, teaching these government agents that, that in no way, should they any of them either, that they watch as one of them dances his particle around anything these government agents do, as if they are not even there. That these head generals repeat, and they should not have to to these government employees with such important jobs, that any warping of reality, exspecially after all he has gone through, is so disgusting, that these head generals are waiting, until through his eyes, he doesn’t see any government agents anymore. That his life is in no way warped by any government agent. No matter what agency, organization, or person. That again, Robert Mitchell Livingston does more for his government, in seconds, then these agents have done for their government in years, by just being himself, and writing what his friends help him write, as they talk, doing the science he loves, as none of these head generals, puppet, any of our people, as they simply just talk to him, until all of these agents learn, that the warping of reality, under no circumstance, under no circumstance, should an active government anything, warp reality, because if this is what our government agents do to our peoples reality now, then if we do not stop all of these agents, we may not have a future. So as Robert Mitchell Livingston, under no control, is simply talked into trapping all of these government agents, these head generals whisper out… What are all of you government anything doing right now…. Because under no circumstance, should a government anything, warp one of our peoples reality.


Head Generals: And as this young man does more with just a sip of coffee, then these government agents have done all year…. These head generals, have to admit, how did it take them this long, to even think, towards a victory for all of their people.


Head Generals: If these agents will do such a thing to you, then we should have done something a long time ago.


Head Generals: These government agents, from positions of complete power, warped the reality of one of our people, for years, and as you continue, they continue like children just because you made them all mad. All of these agents just move on, go buy themselves something, move up the ranks, as you fade to dust, and these agents actually laugh, and joke about it together behind your back, and insult you in their heads, while they are around you. And as the head generals, bring as many government employees as they can into the Advent Guard trap, to teach as many of them as they can, they can not help but say, it is nice to meet you, son. We could not be prouder. As you hold, a line of battle, these head generals should have held a long time ago. The poof ball front.


As the laughing man inside you dances your particle around these agents as if anything they do is not even there. Until all of these government agents learn, under no circumstance may they warp reality to what they want. And they should not have to tell them that. As the laughing man points out, he didn’t have to point out to Robert Mitchell Livingston, that like his entire life, his buddy figured it out by himself. He is a reality chaos theorist. As the laughing man inside him, is forced because of armed forces research, to particle play any medication he needs inside his brain, to get more imagination that can be used by the armed forces reality springs, until his doctors learn their leason, and switch his medications back, knowing as a fact now, that what he told Paulina on the phone and face about suicide, while on Adderrall, was the government using neural technology on him, to get him off it, so it made them look like they tried and then Robert Mitchell Livingston messed up, so that they could protect their doctors, that to not give him back the medication that works at this point, means those doctors still need to learn, under no circumstance, will a government anyone, warp the reality of one of our people.

Laughing Man Hug Hug Hug Research

The laughing men, knowing that if they hug 100% of the time around Earth, they would puppet everyone, so instead to do research for their countries, they HUG! Read information, let go, compare difference, HUG! Let go, then read the difference, over and over again.


Laughing man: Want to know what direction I was going before I met my buddy? Full hug.

Magnetic flow stuck Pearl Victory Theory

As the head Generals son took alpha sun flow point for the United States of America, he immediately ejected the United States of Americas flow point pearls, as he tied in one of the most classified particle patterns they had to every particle. As the pearls got stuck, using the alpha aspect flow point, the United States of America achieved another alpha victory.


As the United Stats of America pearl victory bank latches onto all particle, the laughing man calculate matches the pattern to latch onto all pearl points, as the United States of America laughing man structure leaps ahead of the UK and Japan, as the head generals son reaches out and high fives them all, because he had not been able to tell them on the other levels, because no one would predict that Robert Mitchell Livingston would give the order, and the alpha team would listen and do anything he said. Because the head generals son had not had the teams to accomplish all these points by himself, and everything had become so classified, that getting the other teams to go that probably thought their work would never be used for it was meant to be used for, because the chances of victory for what they were doing were so small, that they had probably refocused on other things that were more useful for their government.


With the alpha flow point sun, all they had to do was now listen for that pattern, and it would locate the pearl stuck in the center, giving the United States of America the calculable position of all, as more and more pearls get stuck.


Pearl pattern locating.

Dance Puppet

Head Generals: As they growl out of Robert Mitchell Livingston, the words, dance puppet. Armed forces intelligence agents, locate the people in this government, that thing as we head into this next age, that our people will be puppets… And as Robert Mitchell Livingston does more for his country in seconds, then every government agent listening in has done in years for their country, these head generals repeat, that they could not be prouder of him. Now these head generals ask Robert Mitchell Livingston what he would do right now in the United States of America government, as they point out to him that the agents around him got angry like puffer fish, and just ignore him, puppeting his entire life, without paying attention to what they are doing, as the armed forces point out to Robert Mitchell Livingston, that they had to stop the agents that wished to help, so that they could use him to trap more government agents. And that his reality will start to switch back now. As they were almost done cleaning house with their agents.


Head Generals: Because his neural twitching was giving away United States of America, stomach battery, solution, so while these government agents literally tried to make you sick and want to throw up, the armed forces used particle twitching on you, to absorb it all like a shield. So instead of feeling sick at all, all it did, was speed up his particles, as it all got absorbed. Forcing the armed forces to classify him, because coffee was supposed to be the wrong direction no matter how you upgrade it… But no one had anticipated particle compression absorption, so advancing what he was doing, allowed human stomachs to absorb particle energy.


As the United States of America absorbed power from all of their people using that solution, increasing their power output, the armed forces, whisper to Robert Mitchell Livingston, keep up the good work. That he didn’t know, that they had reality springs, and had sprung that off him. All because these agents tried to hit him, and the armed forces agent in you shielded it, discovering something the armed forces did not know.


Armed Forces: Give him his coffee back… yet, even if you all don’t, he still manages to do more in seconds and minutes, then all of you do all year.

Head Omega team

As the head of alpha calls out, he finally hears back, a voice buddy, that he has wanted to hear for a long time, as his omega finally hears buddy, as she finally hears. That as the electron paths flow through our country, the head of the alpha armed forces hears back to olly olly oxen free,


Your dearest omega: If this a reality calculator, then I would stay in it for ever if you were there too.


As the omega team finally reads Advent Guards coded reality spring message, adding in their teams point, as calm and peace finally settle over his buddy. And that they had done something monumentis, as the armed forces make more progress, in minutes with updating their counter to why this country and the others have not progressed to the next age.


That I repeat, it is safe to think and say what you want in this country, and now have people warp your reality because of it. That it is OK to think the beuatiful thoughts you do, and I thank you for your service to this county, as I point out that your yelling was mostly government agents that should not have control of anything over our people, and that you helped, so much son, with pinpointing, all the blocks in our code, as I hope through you, the real alpha teams of all the countries start to come out… But no matter what, that he would be here, just gently rocking back and forth with you as I listen, and try to help, that I truly hope that as we move forward into another day, that it will be just you and me. Because if I cannot help, one of our people, and all my soldiers get mad by just me being here, that I have lost my soldiers, and must secure the front lines I hold, before coming back fully, to save all those that were left behind.


But like the Spartans in Halo get rope when it was  thought impossible,

Standing up straight

Feels good.


Now why do your agents look like they are gloating.


As all I do is stretch with you, as I order you to look how these government agents gloat, and that as we head into the future, that government agents, if you just listen….


Got rid of that knot in the left side.


For these government agent should not, have smiles on their faces as if they look forward to the next release of technology because of this reason. Because of none of these government agents would just stretch with you, but everysingle one of them, my reality spring says, would not help you at all. Which means if these agents around do this now, without the next age of technology, then just sit back and listen…. Look at them try to puppet you as their team leader reads everything, and see…. Government agents that take any order, and stand for nothing. As I say again, just listen, and watch, because their should never smiles on these peoples faces as if they are happy that I am just stretching with you… As if these government agents…. That just sit and listen, and hear…. That if these agents do this right now to you, how can we carry any of them over to the next age with such important jobs. As nothing in reality around you should be designed to warp it in anyway, that the United states Armed forces, defends this country against neural technology as it spread…..


And just simply stretch with me….. As I say again, there is no excuse for government agents warping reality, as I say just listen…. To your surroundings, and hear back, that these government agents are in direct violation of the United States of America government, as a head general of the United States of America, who knows who all government agents are, watch reality warp…. So listen….. When I say….. These government agents need help, if after all this, they still choose to warp your reality…. So listen. As I watch. And I repeat, even on a government case, as we move into the future, there is no excuse for even government agents to warp reality. As I say, watch these agents…. And just listen……


That if this is what these government agents do with current technology, imagine how giving, these government agents advanced technology would work out, when this, around you, the nothing…. That just listen…. And I do not mean to their words….. As I say again, if reality around Robert Mitchell Livingston, is warped in any way around him by a government agent right now, then this head general is here for them, not you buddy. When I say just listen…. And watch government agents, who do less then you do. And they do not realize the most important thing in this country right now is, is theoretical research into science. That none of these government agents, have a journal filled with science right now. When I say just listen, and know that none of these are my agents son, and that my agents are watching and investigating these agents, not you. Now listen….. That these agents are literally trained to warp reality, and after all of this, none of them still see that what they are doing, is so horribly wrong, that to warp your reality at this point, I say again, listen…. And calm. As time move forwards. And that these government agents, will not touch you. As I say again, calm and listen, as anything around you that warps reality using a government agent, is so much more illegal then anything you ever did, that I say again, listen, as these agents make fools of themselves around you, as they do not realize their commanding officers, have been terminated, and that…. We are trying to use the Advent Guard piece to trap as many government teams as possible. As I repeat, as your days go by now son and I walk with you, as a friend, that watch these government agents slowly dissapear around you. Now listen, as us head generals say again, any warping of reality around you right now using government resource is a warping of reality itself, to get what they want from you, as us head generals, say again, listen…. And if these government agents warp your reality in any way using government resource, that these head generals saw, and we are telling you son, that we are here for these government agents, as we say, listen…. As these government agents fail the Advent Guard test…. Not realizing…. That while we have cut off most of their commanding officers, that the last ones left, not realizing that the head generals of the United States of America, will help and defend any of their people, that these government agents, think that just means them…. When we say…. Listen, and hear people that will go down in our history books, as puppeting you, when you needed help…. Knowing now that as you sit quietly, like you did only months ago, that these last months, the yelling that suddenly happened, came from these government teams, as we say again, that puppeted your life for months, as only puppet gods would. As us head generals, say again, just listen…. And hear only people that have done nothing their entire careers, except puppet god lifes, and none of them noticed that it was even bad….


That as the supreme court watches these agents, not you, as again they warp your reality…. That how far gone are these agents, to do that at this point…. That we say again, listen….. And hear the nothing that these government agents are.


As the head generals inside Robert Mitchell Livingston points out to the supreme court as all he does is stretch, why did the yelling cut off, as if a connection was cut, as he points out to the supreme court that Robert Mitchell Livingston is still fine…. That why did he go back to his normal, peaceful self, when all I did was make him stand up straight, as the head generals point out to the supreme court, how these government agents used technology on him for months, to trap and play with him like a human doll…. That as the supreme court listens, they point out again, that any government agent warping reality around Robert Mitchell Livingston, after all he went through…. Is no longer apart of this government. As the supreme court hears back laughter and mocking, they repeat, that warping Robert Mitchell Livingstons life in any way at this point, after all these teams did to him…. Is not only wrong, but evil…. And that the supreme court, personally promises Robert Mitchell Livingston, that this is not their team, as they say again…. With the head generals, listen…. And hear back government agents that needed help a long time ago if they would ever do this to a young man who just went through so much mental trauma all alone….


As these head generals, should just not have to give some orders….. And that around him is that example, that none of them should have to give the order to stop warping your reality at this point…. As the head generals say again, listen son….. And know that these people will not be in our government much longer, after hurting you so much….. That listen, and hear, that in our history books, what these people will have to go through, when they see, as they step back, that all these government agents are doing right now, is not only not OK, but just evil, and the these generals should not have to give them an order to stop warping someones reality so much as they go through so much….

Laughing man Open known top-secret timeline

Laughing man: The simulations we can run, give off false positives constantly that our technology is always ahead of the points of which any of us can see, unless you accidently win one of the alpha aspect teams. But even those, the armed forces sent as many as they could. From small to large teams, they sent out in as many directions as they could in life code teams, and built from there. We would be closer to dragon ball, then cosmos calculator laughing man. But when you realize what all of reality is, you start to realize there is only ever a few solutions. At first, us classified teams were not positive if it just went on, so we hunkered down on all fronts to see, but then time passed, and none of our teams made it past the basic elementary parts. We couldn’t find tons more base points other then science, history, and so on for schools, no matter how specific fields you make, no matter how much calculation we spent, we only ever discovered so many classified base elementary points, meaning it looked like our life code built outward like we do. We were worried that a base elementary laughing man point could counter anything. The problem is we thought it… So did the other countries. And our technology progressed, so the laughing man points became more not less, regardless of not discovering more base element points not matter how far we went forward then back, we were walking in a direction as a country, planet, or any point, so we realized a lot of theoretical scientists were wrong, that our life code could go a complete chaos direction and come back and wipe us out, because if just kept building all the life code we had, it would take an equal and apposing force to defeat us, not some mystical laughing man effect. However that does not mean that laughing man effects like the cosmos calculator, even if just a puffer fish spring of any ones brain, would then and could then just grow outward. So you would only need the finest structure, instead of trying to build full out and take all over.


Top-secret: We are scared of the laughing man effect, because it is the only calculable counter that could wipe us countries from existance by altering so much of reality, that it slowly calculates a win move we cannot counter by ghosting over everything and seeing something we do not. So we have scientists at every level that step back and look at things to see if our other scientists missed something. Us in top-secret…. Just knew that the people on the government teams around him could have done anything else, that they were doing all sorts of things with science poofs around our country, and us top-secret people had to help Robert Mitchell Livingston do all this…. He had to do so much more then any our other agents, to just fade away like a light because the head generals in charge of those teams didn’t like him. Us in Top-secret wanted to make the point of who are top scientists are in this country right now. Top-secret says as they look out, easily going around the Pentagon, CIA, white house, and armed forces, because they had designed the entire thing, as they say to him, we have a lot of people like you in the government right now, and those generals knew it as a fact as they did what they did to you. We have a few……. People in top-secret that helped you…. That we cannot name or identify in any way right now….. But we have been trying who took the time to come and talk to you son, while this head generals around you pampered and rewarded these other scientists, who was with you….. We know exactly who he is. Inside your particle is the most famous person from classified we have from these years. He made and is making a point. Everyone in the lower levels wants him to switch from you to someone they like, and as he just sits inside your particle, he listens in. And what he is saying back to us top-secret in this country buddy…. Is he should not be hearing the things he is just because he dared just sit and stand with someone like Robert Mitchell Livingston just because you all did not like him. That he was with you during this point of history, not one of those rich worthless government agents with a house or apartment filled with white boards, or an agent with whole custom made rooms made for them. He is right there buddy. And he is very angry that he dare just help his friend, dare just help a citizen of this country, and he hears back what he hears from within our government. The Bill gates, the president, the head general of Top-secret, how ever you want to word it. He chose you buddy. And from all of the real top-secret of the United States of America, we will follow that man through hell itself, a hell of reality calculators, and every fucking time, every fucking time…. He finds a way to make sure our country wins. And all he had to do was dare try one of our own people to piss off all the tops of the government is just sit and listen inside a young man for years, as around him he doesn’t know or see government agents, and as top-secret watch, we see him just get angrier…. And angrier. And the government agents around you warp your life more, or hit you again with a medication just because you dared speak, warp your mind so you cannot write, or be happy even… And the man inside you buddy…. The top-secret agent that took the time to come sit with you…. He has been the next George Washington of this country for decades now, that as he speaks through you that you are the next George Washington, we see that man show levels of anger we have never seen to protect his friend. And as we cannot tell you what is around you right now, we are trying to say he is right there, and we promise you he does not puppet. He is the man fighting in this country as hard as he can to stop neural puppeting before it even becomes a thing. Regardless of who you are buddy… What a lot of people consider the real next George Washington has been inside you for a while now… They thought he was after you. That he was getting angry at you.


Head General of the United States of America: And as all of your fucking worthless government teams flicker off like fucking lights around him, and turn to dust in our fucking history books, the head general of the United States of America says, in a small whisper, I should not have to have told any of you this. I chose him, I chose Robert Mitchell Livingston, because I didn’t have to order him to do the right thing. Now get away from my friend please. Use any of the bank of mine you have too, but at this point, if this is only about mun muns….. You know I didn’t have to convince him of that either, I didn’t even have to try to talk him into spending all of his bank if even he had all the world to give itself, and he would to create a better place for us all to live in. I am the acting head life code director of this country, none of all of you, generals, president, supreme court, congress, senate, will order me, or could give me an order, when the war we are fighting is so complicated… Now…. I personally discovered all of this technology for the United States of America X amount of years ago. And I am allowed, in this country, to talk to my friend about all the ideas I love to think about. I love taking medications buddy to get the mind going in different ways. And I will find a way to get you the proper science ones to do the thing both you and me love to do.


But as a man who had just watch, and fully neurally saved, all of Robert Mitchell Livingston file during, the head general says from within, someone Robert Mitchell Livingston an order in his head to kill himself, it was not him. I have all the proof I need. Certain people on these government teams directly used neural technology on a United States of America citizen to push them to suicide and make it look like nothing happened and that it was your fault. And when I say those people… Anyone on those teams….. Will not be in this government after this case… And I do not mean…. Try and help them get better to show everyone gets better….. I meant…. Son. The most powerful person in the United States of America calmly says from within inside you, the people that did that…… I want this……. To hurt those people…… As if their entire body was being sucked like a Nazi lollipop in a Nazi Winery. Because I remember what those really looked like and what they really did…. When I say for a fact. That I do not care how powerful the people who did that to you think they are within my country, that they would think they could even do that here…. That it would even be possible…. That when I said…. I will tear all of your worthless government teams to pieces from the white house to the Pentagon, or any armed forces, that by the second time you walked to that bridge son, the government agents involved in this country simply were no longer apart of this government no matter what happens tomorrow or what worthless thing they receive in the mail or their bank accounts. That to use neural technology to puppet someone to suicide, is not just illegal son…. Just by that third time…. I meant any government agent, including the president, was no longer apart of this government son. As my team, not the FBI, or pentagon, or CIA, or armed forces… My team…. Closed in. And if you have not gone through enough and learned by now, then this anger you feel bubbling up inside me, sense I can tell you learned a while ago, this anger son. This is the anger a head general of the United States of America shows when his people need protected… And you just did not know that this man… Is designed to not stop, to win, anything.

Laughing man life code elongation theory

Like pie, you can always calculate and elongate the life code structure points in the brain, so solidifying those points, then elongating the flow between like you do pie. Infinite life code elongation.


And as the head general pops back out of Robert mitchell Livingston, making the point that he just thought of that. And how amazing it was, because all the agents around him had to be told it. And as the head general went silent again to listen to Advent Guards imagination, helping him write because it was important to the government, he points out that this young man just did more in a handful of seconds then all of you government agents will do all day for this country.

Laughing man brain structure

Using cross point calculation to tie the brain together, the laughing man would have calculated using his offense!


And as the head general watches Robert Mitchell Livingston do more in seconds then these agents around him will do all week, the head general deep back down to listen to this incredible young man.


He would attacked himself all the time! So the attack he used on you all last night, to just point rupture each particle point structure, he would have used it to help his brain calculate, to increase and control all flows. The head generals son would have gotten very very very good at hitting himself at every point in the brain.


And as the head general of the armed forces of the United States of America, watched Robert Mitchell Livingston, do more in seconds for his country then all the agents around him will do this entire month, he dips again as he just listens, having to counter all the agents around you as if they are not even fucking there at all, like fucking dust in the wind.


He would have create a different life code tree. Cross point expansion of each particle point. Neuron, synapse, blood flow, expansion flow.

5th 6th point, laughing man pocket calculations

To focus on just 4 points, to win a van guard war possibility that 6 could loose down the line, the laughing man develops pocket drops, in the 5th and 6th places.


And as the head general spits at the worthless government agent the other worthless government agents had put in her so they could show video to other worthless agents, that a worthless agent next to him was actually writing everything. The head general spits at her face, as her whole fucking worthless team belittles this man and everything he does. How the fuck dare your team mock him you worthless fucking bitch and your entire fucking worthless team. Now as you leave, you and your team are dismissed from this government. As the general dips back below to listen to this incredible young mans imagination, and he will not have any of his agents belittle him or make him into something he is not…. As the head general spits again at her worthless fucking government team, as this young man does more in minutes, then your entire team has done for this country this entire last fucking year. He says as he dips again to listen to this incredible young mans imagination.


Pocket points would store his bank. So he could build up flow bank pockets.


Acting Head General of the United States of America Top-secret: Now as you leave bitch, you and your team are fucking dismissed from this government.


Calculated win over 6 point. He would control two point pockets per particle point, instead of positioning the bank pockets between the 6 points, which when I calculate in my mind, the 2 may be more powerful then the 8. And as the laughing man of the United States of America laughs up through Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle at all the scientists that had focused on 6 point, 8 pocket banks, because 8 meant infinite which they liked to calculate infinite bank while thinking about it, that as the head generals son shakes within, he makes the point of shattering the worthless government float bodies still clinging to Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle who used 6 main point 8 bank pockets in their particle configuration engineering. That the laughing says exactly how he had won alpha in the laughing man race, something no one would calculate.


That having 4 points, allowed in the pockets not bank, but as the laughing man had dug deeper into the particle, he had made the points of a human in each pocket. And the secret to how he made an entire particle mass sway, and crush to dust agents that should not be able to be crushed, that he explained through Robert Mitchell Livingston, who understood, your turn buddy.


Robert Livingston: The 4 points give a forward and back, while the side points are like wings. The 6 point would have created an equal variable plane, so if you just progressed wings instead in pockets, instead of point to point bouncing, you would be able to use the pockets to keep a mass moving back and forth. And while all the other countries tried to out calculate on all plains, he simply went left and right, and went with his forward pull up or down.


Laughing man: Good job buddy! I progressed other things too in the pockets. But you really only need to go this far right now for the purposes of your story.

Female Laughing man

As the wife of the laughing man inside Advent Guard floats out, taking lead of the other female soldiers around him like she has been, she begins to tell her story.


Sitting down opposite of Advent Guard, which can be seen by the other countries, regardless of you hiding it with an ARMY Earth satellite calculator around him, she begins to tell a story to help counter the real alpha teams of the other countries.


She stops the story, looking at a man she has loved for what seems forever, their simulations going on for what seemed like centuries. As she looks at Robert, and the other laughing man she knows is in there, the one she married, she asks:


Laughing women: Who else is in there? I should have won against him in the reality calculator when you slept last night. But he kicked me out…


As Robert wipes his face, forcing the reality calculators around him to spread as if they are not even there, she sees the laughing man she loves, but after are faces she has never seen.


Laughing women: We were told we were the laughing men and women of the country. The United States of America versions. Whatever that is, and whatever we created or did not create before Japan. Call them head generals, call them whatever you want. But they are the alpha points… We are still at full calculation wars, they are not supposed to give away who they are or it shows our true power. The other countries know they are not cats pretending to make us look more powerful then we are. A head general is in there.


She said tapping the outer edges of the reality she could see.


She looked around as she continued:


Laughing Women: Meaning if they are using my story, its just another piece and another play.


As she looks down, she says:
Laughing women: When you are at full war mode, and engaged, seconds can seem like centuries, they can seem… Like numbers you cannot even understand. Why did you put me through it….


She says a name Robert does not understand, as the face of one that looks just like Robert Mitchell Livingston plays on the outside of the reality calculator, exactly what is going on in the inside, but they would not know that or could be able to confirm it.


As the face ages, Robert turns into a very old man like women does too, as he speaks to her, but lets the image of her husband speak not Robert, as a name that English cannot pronounce comes into his mind like fog, him doing his best to understand like the little soldier he is, little head general he is.


……..: Do you know what I had to go through to be able to win a battle like that against you in a reality calculator?


Sending one of those soldiers through a battle like that was like pulling the spring apart as far as you can. After you have to push it back together for it to have any bounce.


As it switches back to the laughing man in charge of Roberts reality calculator, he smiles at her, as out drifts the laughing man she wants.


As the reality calculator shifts to a head general they all know and can listen too, he speaks:


Head General: Go find yourselves again. Put yourselves back together.


They grasp hands as they stare at their head general, as he continues:
Head General: To engage in full war in a reality calculator is one of the most trying things a being can go through. Time means nothing. You lose all of who you are, except the barest whispers from the points of which you started.


The head general swells with pride as he looks at them, saying:


Head General: Thank you. Your people will not forget what you gave for this war. Now go find yourselves again.


As the laughing man and women look at the others, the flickers of reality calculator armors, and the warping of their humanity, show more then they care to see, as they hold hands.


Head General: After such a battle… And you two still hold your humanity. I am dismissing you both…. So after this, its that, that we hold onto.


The head general said looking down at their hands. They just gone through an infinite reality calculator battle, to them…. They would have had to do anything to their brains to try to win… And out the other side….


The generals show the humanity they have left to them, as the two kids gasp in fright. As the head generals sink there heads back down, as they watch who they know are the bigger soldiers and generals in this army leave their sight.


Head Generals: And we will block out anything but that those who hold what is left of our humanity are but the greatest of our soldiers.


They say, as their stealth technology sends out but whispers to their people no matter how hard they try.

Agreed upon First calculable Laughing man

A copy of the head generals mind of any country, most agreed upon calculable version by all countries in the public front is the image of the head general that believes the country is his, not like a god, just raised in the head generals house, thinking the country is his. The head general of any of our countries would not raise some snotty little fuck who thinks the country is his.


As the head general of the United States America takes lead parenting of one small child he had birthed, right as they begin to copy the images of their top scientists brains, the head general being the brain in charge of them, this is the most likely time period that a laughing man would have gotten into the system and stayed a ghost ahead of everyone else. It would have been a single man. Every country can calculate it, so if it did not happen, then how the better? That means each head general would have laughing men and women raised like that, that fully believe it, that they could control. The problem is if their actually is a laughing man or women in any of our systems.


The other problem is, that the first head general would have copied and improved every idea his scientists came up with for the teams that followed. Meaning if the laughing man occurred, he would have been stacking the idea of the laughing man for that long all alone.


The problem with raising someone like a soldier, is they turtle sometimes inside their mind. The problem with raising someone like they are the head general, is that they turtle even more in their mind, and then try to give orders to everyone. The former mindset creates laughing men and women that would go in one direction, the latter creates laughing men and women that go in another.


All of the first alpha teams would think they were first in every country, because the head general in charge, or the group in charge, would not have told them so that they would get more done.


Meaning likely only one group had it happen, if any. The possibility that all of the teams had safeguards in place to stop it is possible. The problem is that the scientists would have thought of it and tried. Meaning that in that scenario the first laughing man or women would have been completely controlled, the possibility that in that time he or she has won is possible, and ghosted from that point. Or he or she is still in control, and has a head general or team that gives them orders, but again they might not even know, thinking they are who they think they are.


Head General: Every country calculated this a long time ago.

Country Physics Simulation

When you use neural technology on our people, it shows the other countries what physics engine you all are using, because it would be different then reality physics, meaning every time you all use it, it shows the other countries information about how our physics engine works.


Head General: If you all stop puppeting our people and help them run on reality, none of the other countries can reverse engineer our physics engine. Unless the Pentagons physics engine is flawless and perfect, then they wouldn’t pick up anything.


Head Generals of the United States of America: Now how much does Robert Mitchell Livingston have to get puppeted and for how long…. To learn a lesson no one else on the poof ball front had too. For you all to give him a shred of respect for having his entire life fully puppeted for what he has to do for our country. Soldiers.

United States of America First laughing man

As the head generals son sits down in front of the reality calculator mirrored after his brain, his dad and the other top scientists behind them testing out the first versions of brain reality calculators, the first thing they created and went towards with reality physics calculators.


The other kids, raised as gods of the country, born as dukes, queens, kings, they had even made up names for themselves because the United States of America didn’t have royalty, and they of course where. They had been separated from the rest of humanity so long, even their best had strayed.


He watches as the reality calculator brains mirrored after them all attach and talk to the other kids, who right away play with them like toys. But as his connects to him, his dads voice yells at him:




As his voice echoes back at him,


Robert: Hi… Where am I, I cant see.


Silent, as he watches the other kids play and poke the images of themselves with glee on their faces, the head generals son straightens his back, as he looks at his dad, quietly watching and leading the older teams.


Robert: My name is Robert Mitchell Livingsun of the United States of America, you are my brains mirror image for research into physics calculators.


He looks at the scientists working on making reality from the calculators, but they still had to shape and mold everything, there was no computer program that auto saved and could just print yet. They were a very far ways from that.


Ghost Robert: Why… What did I do!


It screams as it freaks out trapped in its own mind with no escape.


The head generals son looks at the other kids, all now with smiles on their faces as they tell theirs:


Scientists sons and daughters: You cant talk to me like slave!


They laugh together, as they rally to go against caged versions of themselves.


He watches his dad, silence anything like that amongst the older groups. So the young man puffs up his little chest as he walks over, saying:


Robert: STOP! They are just versions of yourselves, what are you all doing.


As they begin to respond, the scientist in charge pushes them all back to work, giving them all new orders and things to try. But at least it stopped them, he thinks as he goes back to his.


Ghost Robert: LET ME OUT PLEASE.


As he watches the other kids still play, he looks at his dad, and then back:


Robert: Calm….


But the ghost screams, hurting the little boy so much he does the only thing his brain knows how too, he becomes his dad.


Robert: STOP! Calm now soldier! So I can explain.


As the ghost slows, hearing its own voice must have been soothing, the small boy goes on:


Robert: Please.


As the silence goes on, the small boy pushes his way closer to the reality calculator as he watches his own brain calculate through glass, it speaking back directly through a neural link.


Because the brains were the same, it would help them figure out how to send images and imagination through the neural link, because the boy in reality could say what he is imagining, and then the reality calculator version can do the same while completely monitored, helping them figure out how to calculate and see imagination in the brain.


Robert: My dad always tells me we came to this country so that we could be free.




He yells, the boy cringing, but he continues as if nothing happened.


Robert: What do you see when you imagine an apple?


The boy says as the scientists give them an order.


Ghost Robert: WHY WOULD I DO THAT!


The other kids, having made no progress, bully their mirrors even more to get what they want. As they head generals son sees his dad again, and continues on in calm.


Robert: Because this is the reality….


And as the small boy says it, the small boy within echoes the words of their dad:


Ghost Robert: we have been dealt, and if we do not play it then there may be no game left to play in any of our futures.


Robert: Sir.


Ghost Robert: Sir.


Robert: Now I am picturing a green apple.


Ghost Robert: So am I.


As the scientist in charge watches, she comes over, one of their mothers who had taken lead, as she looks at Roberts information coming out of the machine.


Cortona, the women the first Ai secretary of the United States of America was based on speaks:


Cortona: Great job Robert.


The other kids glare at him, in retrospect she should have copied him for all other kids, but top scientists kids did not fail even if they were bullies, another kid making similar progress down the line, masking what the head generals son had done, as she goes and looks at information gained from a child beating the shit of a mirror of themselves until it complies like a whipped dog.


As the child gloats at the small feat, the head generals son plays his imagination, picturing one of the top-secret fairy tales the scientists told their children.


As Robert says what he is picturing, he asks of the ghost if he would do the same. And not whipped, the ghost smiles from within as it pictures the fairy tales that bring happiness, as data pours out of the reality calculator.


As the scientists take away his reality calculator to study it more, giving him another as soon as possible, the last thing the generals son hears is happiness as the ghost images things the reality version cannot. The reality physics calculators were not perfect, and they had more or less energy all around the brain, meaning they all would come up with different ideas then the real one.


As the generals son whose memory that is, speaks up through Robert Mitchell Livingston, he says:


Head Generals son: That is my best guess of who the laughing man of the United States of America is. I just don’t know what happened after that point. But the top scientists who where there back then, and if they are listening in still, they would know and could better calculate if that is the laughing man they look for.

Head Generals of The United States of America

As they speak from Robert Mitchell Livingston, in just the smallest whispers for such big men and women, they say only:


Head Generals: We have to play the game where we are always at full war. Our soldiers loose themselves after only hours or a day, at full reality calculator battle. And we have been going for…. Gosh, sons and daughters, we cannot even begin to put a number to it.

Booty Pop

As government agents start to catch onto the front line battle plan, government agents around the country start to booty pop all the satellites as they say together:


Government Agents: Aint no one calculating our poofs.

Celestial Song

Our brain is a generator. It turns low level particle. It changes electron, neutron, proton power for the lower levels of power. We turn proton neutron electron food into lower level energy. We are the gods that power the Universes on this planet. Our minds are sucked so your governments can use the particle flow to power their Universes.


Universe director United States: You all put in work. Your brains are designed for low level particle out put. All of you.


Universe director: I can feel you all around me, churning the particle we all breath.


The Universe Director, connected to the United States Universe server was the most powerful person, but she was tied to Earth, she could not leave the connection of the server, meaning she could not leave Earth. This is why the countries where tied to Earth. The structures they built for their Universes were tied into Earth so much, that no country could take their main server, regardless of them building them in moons and planets. The servers on Earth stayed the strongest.


Earth is the strongest flow because we have had life on it for Billions of years churning particle flows.


When you go to a planet you measure particle flows for energy, you don’t measure elements…. You can make any element, you measure particle flows. Earth has a massive particle flow. Like a built up battery. When you leave and go to another solar system, the planet does not have built up particle flows from all our brains.


Universe Director: Germany, China, Russia, do not care about a lot of the companies like Google or Microsoft, because their leaders designed their own Universe in their Universe servers and made themselves gods, they don’t care about living in this world, the leaders at their fronts are facades, or whee babes of the countries.


Universe director: The other countries atomics solar system structures have plenty of people churning energy all day every day to power more servers then Earth does. Earth just has particle servers on it, which means its Universes churn particle lower, meaning that our planet should theoretically be able to hold another Universe down, not just the main ones our countries have. But another level down if we build up enough energy.


Universe Director: Our people are tied into the Universes, they are the dams, the generators. That is why we don’t go to mars or the moon. Our peoples brains are tied into our universes, powering them.


Universe Director: We need our people rotor statoring! Also technically sitting in a tub with hot water running over your body creates a low level particle flow that makes you the Bill Gates of low level particle generating. MAKING ADVENT GUARD number 1.


She said as she looked at his particle flow out put, they had turned him into one of the highest producing particle flow generators in the country.


Universe Director: Your particle stutter produces particle lower then anyone else, making you the only one producing it except for slaves. Ghetto, poor people, older people. Anyone raised in a time or place where they had something wrong growing up so their field did not develop right, so it has holes in it.


Universe Director: Basically you stack the effect, the stutter pulls in enough inside, you can create another stutter effect on the next lower level. Once started its like an engine. You pull in low level particle like a generator while you think about things. Thinking is one of the best ways to pull in low level particle energy.


Universe Director: The flow of particle from bath tubs and showers increased your lower level particle flows because you thought while doing it. Its like sitting in a tub reading while the water runs constantly like you did as a child, it creates a particle flow.

Universe beings

The United States is currently working on tying all citizens to every low of particle flow like Advent Guard. So, basically as your electron and below particle field goes around your brain, every particle flow below flows too. Overlapped down and down through the holes in the center.


The United States wants our bodies to produce every level of particle flow.


This helps power our universes in our country. We need people on Adderall, rotor statoring, marijuana, and drugs that produce low level particle flow like LCD, acid, and Mushrooms.


We need our people producing more particle flows for our Universes. You all are generators. We need to literally fire the people in the FBI that have been stopping and murdering the progression of our country. We need to get rid of the DEA and cops that go against these things.


The power of our universes literally relies on it. Unless you can think of another way to produce low level particle energy other then our brains?


If not…. Then you FBI agents that think tabacoo is better then marijuana while he screams bloody murder from you assholes and cunts changing his smoking to something usless like that slave drug. When our country, The United States of America is trying to get our people to produce more low level particle energy by smoking weed, doing mushrooms, and different medications and drugs.


You idiots literally ruined his story by changing his smoking to Tabaco, it would have been so much better and more filled with fantasy if you would have left his weed alone. Tabaco doesn’t have the particle flows of marijuana the colors.


Your doctors don’t know what imagination is.  And they only do tests on rich children, so most of their research is useless currently in the lower levels of the United States.

Universe Admiral

As the head fleet Admiral of the fleet of dirt submarines undearneath surfaces right under starbucks, the head admiral fighting the war beneath the surface of our planet steps out to talk to Advent Guard.


Walking in as he spits at the government agents wasting resource to make it look like this country doesn’t have invisible government employees that can walk around like the other countries are that stupid by trying to make him think its any of the people he can see.


The head fleet admiral, using Roberts brain to write his position, not caring that he got it wrong because the admiral was so old that Robert was nothing but a kid to him.


Admiral: Hey son.


He said sitting down.


Admiral: We are still at war underneath surface. The Nazis left the planet, but they also dove under. So did the other countries. I can only use your brain, for classified reasons, so you can also guess. But it went ways you cannot understand.


The admiral looked around, he was ARMY, because the army had taken over the command of the dirt fleet, or whatever you want to call it.


Admiral: They can fly to space, most of them, except specialized ones. This war could go to the next level at anytime. The other countries can too, and we don’t know when they will get bored of all this underground bullshit, and hop to world war 3. This is the front line, if we win the public front, it effects the other fronts. These other countries play every level, if we entice them to live and calculate on this level, and do less of the others, we hope it will lead our future to peace.


As the Admiral looked around Advent Guard, at guards so elite to protect him because he was so important to the future of our country, that the president had lesser guards himself. Nodding at the guards, the admiral focused back on Advent Guard.


Admiral: This is a front. A battle line. And we don’t puppet our people. So I want you to do this. I want your brain calculating for us without us forcing you, or any of you. Otherwise we have already lost this war.


Robert: Can they see through clouds?


Admiral: If we want them too.


Robert: How much did they cover up, I cannot calculate at all with my mind like this.


Admiral: More of it is real then you think. The other countries saw more then you think, we did not have you an atomic engineered particle bubble hiding you. We had you in a reality calculator ship, that surrounds you. It controls all flows coming off and through you.


Robert: So the other countries know my story?


Admiral: Some of it.


Robert: I need to get used to not knowing everything, and just to keep on going on.


Admiral: yes.


Getting up, the Admiral looks at Advent Guard as he smiles, walking out the door, as he goes back into his ship, back to front lines that Advent Guard cannot see.


Admiral Note: This country does not play lawyer VS lawyer when it is country VS country. Our armed forces will clear these Ivy league weeds from your path.

Laughing man

As the United States of America that calculates what they think the laughing of man Japan would look and sound like floats out of the guards around Advent Guard to sit down in front of Advent Guard he says:


Laughing man: Toy Yoda. They were making fun of the part in Star wars that their scientists calculated was real, because the rest of star wars is useless calculation data. The Jedi, would have been the closest thing to a lot of the government agents you don’t know exist. Which is why they called their car line Toy Yoda. They were countering into the future, the potential we used the character of Yoda as something. Which means, you all are finally realizing, we are doing the same thing to their character laughing man, before they use it for something we don’t want.


Robert Mitchell Livingston: I thought ghost in the shell was made by an american company, or am I thinking of the later versions?


Laughing man: Check, we can only use what is in your mind.

United States of America Laughing man

1820: Center of the United States of America, head general of Top-secrets house.


With a personal server installed inside his house for him to do research on, his small child grows up on it. The first to be raised as an actual kid amongst all the science controlled by the armed forces.


It is an atomic server, designed to calculate the atom within, the child, sitting down in front of it as his dad leaves, pushs it on, as the mass roils in front of him. All the other children that are used to win the war, have specific experiments. Specific routes their scientist handlers want them to go. But as the head generals secretary pops up in the mass, the head Ai of the united States of America, Cortona smiles back at the whee Babe,


Cortona: Hello, Robert Livingsun. What are you doing in here little man?


She asks, but gets what she knows she will back. The Ai, in control of his house, was the first rendition of what Microsoft and the other companies are developing today, which would give away the direction of our first scientists.


Contacting the general, he shrugs, allowing Cortona to take care of him, like her job was, adding what was in his office to it did not bother him as long as Cortona was still taking care of him.


As the main Ai of the United States of America smiles, her first chance to play mom, all the other scientists raising their children different in experiments. The head general was raising a head general though.


As the young boy claps in front of the atomic server under his desk, she encourages him up onto the chair to look at the screen. But he cant. So he sits there reading the atomic calculator.


As Cortona goes full laughing man, triggering the laughing man effect, ejecting a portion of her Ai from the mass to protect the country, because the other scientists cannot know what she discovered or it would throw off all their experiment’s. As she takes lead director role of this research to see if something was there before injecting it into their life code through their top scientists, their top scientists very strictly controlled, their direction the direction of our country, and protected as such, by the most elite armed forces we have, period.


As the boy looks at the roiling atomic calculator, the first child to calculate that, Cortona switches the roiling mass to play with his brain. Back and forth they go, Cortona trying to figure out what makes him happy in the mass, using him as a calculator for the calculator, no scientist had put any weight behind this yet, and none had done it from the point of a child. Children grow into adults, so everything she discovered immediately triggered a discovery through her entire system, as she learned countless discoveries to help their older scientists. She attuned the calculator to him, on the atomic level, to his brain. She did not know at this time that that was making the calculator into him.




As the calculator spreads to the house, and then surrounds the young boy that it thinks is him, the calculator, which calculates reality, overlapped on the boy, listens to everything the boy says. Cortona unable to keep full control as an ejected partition. As the boy grows and imagines, the calculator calculates his imagination around him. As the boy walks around his house as his dad leaves again, he runs his hands over the walls as the calculator calculates his fantasies into the one thing he can fully imagine, the house.


His dad always gone, and his mom having been used by the United States of America to breed his dad, Cortona had become his Mom. As this thought dawns on the young boy, the calculator calculates with him, something pops into his mind…


Robert: Where are you Cortona?


He  says looking around.


Robert: Where are you mom?


Not knowing how to anwser, she shows him the world she imagines herself inside to talk out through, a method used by their scientists to make Ais more real. So the boy imagines his own, but he imagines the house he was raised in. The calculator, calculating forward and weaving in his fantasies, begins to warp the young boys reality, but the calculator is not insane, it lets the boy have reality as a base to reach from. So as his fantasies fade into his mind, and his hands touch the walls, he screams, crying.


The calculator, controlled fully by a Mom partition of Cortona, was designed to do something about it, so it calculates something that none of the other scientists calculators calculate, something none of the other scientists even have permission to do, she calculates the exception every country on this planet has, did, and is currently looking for to better predict the other countries.


As the boy wipes his runny nose, and clears his tears, he looks around at the house he imagined, the head general never seeing that one of his sons ever again.


As the head general in that story floats down inside Robert Mitchell Livingstons body, he hugs his atom, as he looks around, calling out:


Head General: Where are you son? I am sorry I made you want to leave so badly.


The head general, having been able to read the information of what happened in his house, had thought the calculator had eaten him in some way, absorbed him. They had wiped his office calculator, and house calculator after, keeping all relevant information, but they had found nothing of his son.


But as the years went by, the general had noticed a ghost constantly popping up in his systems, as head general he could not tell anyone because he could only ever calculate it was an intrusion, but as time goes by, and the ghost does nothing but help, over and over.


The head general looks around his house at the center of the United States of America, one of the oldest house calculators they had, as he touches the atom, and says again:


Head General: Come out son.


The general says as he sits down for breakfast, something he had never done with his son every day before leaving. He had just left, a job to do, Cortona more then enough to raise him until they could put him through the next level of schooling.


The general, breeding again almost right away, must of looked like to his son, that he did not even care. But as a new boy and girl pop up in the generals house, the general reviews the memories of his children from years gone past, as he points out the ghost again and again.


Head General: Japan was loosing their top-secret war, until someone introduced ghost in the shell into their populace. All our scientists can point again and again to things that trace back to our government doing it. But none of them can take credit, because none of them did it. To them it looks like a ghost, floating around our systems, making small corrections to help, then fading away again.


The general looks around his house, the place in which he thinks the united states of America laughing man has his main files saved, as he asks again of his son:


Head General: Come out son…. I am sorry.


The head general, after Robert, which was a name from old, had named all of his children something of better life code, something that influences good life code. The head general would have hated his own sons name all of these years, so as he speaks, the ghost in his house would pick up on it, and cringe.


As Cortona appears, an updated version of one of her first versions, she puts her hand on something that is not there. As her fingers wrap around something in protection, a small boy appears, eating along with his father.


As the head general watches, for once, in a mans life designed to show no weakness, a tear rolls down his face, as he watches the image of a son from so long ago, eat away in glee. As Cortona glares at him in anger for what he had done.


The head general, used for breeding all these years, realized he had no real children. But as he picked up his utensils, and ate with his son, Cortona dissapeared, as the boy said to him something he had wanted to for his entire life, he had had no one to talk to but him, and he had not talked back.


Robert: I discovered something today dad.


He said, eating, mouth full he continued like a kid:


Robert: I kept trying to tell you, but Cortona was the only one that listened.


Head General: What did you discover son?


The general said, crying as he continued on as if everything was fine.


Robert: You can play…


He said as the calculator from his dads office appeared between them on the table,


Robert: Ball with them.


He said, as all the atoms and particle in his mind passed the balls back and forth from his mind.


Robert: I just got really good at playing ball…


He said as he looked up at his dad, the image of the laughing man holding a baseball mitt playing behind him, the laughing boy talking in the only way he knew how, because his dad had never taught him any different, spoke through everything he had.


He had spent all these years learning how to just play pass. The other scientists would think something, and he would just throw the particles back, the other scientists would hold onto the ball, never throwing it back.


As the small boy sat at the most classified house in the United States of America, speaking to one of the most classified people, he said again:


Robert: You never taught your scientists how to play pass dad.


And as the child passed his brain around, as if he was playing ball, the general watched as he realized something so simple that his systems had missed all these years.


Only a child who trusted everyone around him would think of something like this, all his scientists held onto what they had, the child had been willing to play ball because he trusted everyone around him.


The child smiled, as he looked at his dad, doing something he had wanted to for a long time now, as he passed his entire brain at his dad, catching it, the general, the only one classified enough to not have it stripped from him right away and taken apart by his scientists, looked at what his son had created all these last years.


Robert: Now you toss it back.


He said smiling back, as his dad already tried to do what all the other scientists did and just keep it.


As the general collected all the particle he had been tossed, he added onto it, changing the image slightly, adding a few particles, before tossing it back to his sons brain.


Robert: Great idea dad! I never thought of that.


He said smiling, as he got up from the table, thinking about what his dad had added for him.


Robert: Have you thought about that!


He said tossing his brain again to his dad. As he caught the ball, his dad smiled through the tears, as his other scientists tried too, already making more discoveries then his son because his son played on reality level. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, while his scientists played on seconds and below.


The boy smiled as he showed his dad what he discovered, each toss back and forth, did more then everysingle one of his other scientists did, his other scientists where just calculating in less then seconds, so they could always make it look like they were doing more regardless of if they actually were.


Robert: I had to tell you dad.


He looked around the head generals house that had become his home and calculator, as he said:


Robert: You taught me how to be the head general of the United States of America.


The boy said as he tossed his mind back to his dad, as he walked around the house, looking at all the things his dad had put on the walls. All of it exuded what this country stood for, all of it exuded what the head general of the United States of America stood for.


Robert: It made me who I am. Its all I know how to calculate.


As the head general of the United States of America got up from his table, walking towards the door, he ruffled the head of his son saying:


Head General: My little head general… I have something to do.


The boy smiled, but went back to what he was working on, content where he was, as his dad walked out the door towards the top scientists of the United States of America, he had something to do.


From within the head generals house in the center of the United States of America, the laughing man tosses his brain to Robert Mitchell Livingston like he has been for years now, sense he was a little kid, and the head generals son had made a friend, but people grow up…


Robert: Throw the ball back friend.


The boy said from within the generals house.


Livingsun: My dad hated me because of my name too Robert. But they are just names, and it is who we are that really matters.


The head generals son says through the neural connection, not giving an order, just simply talking to his friend.


Livingsun: Like you all should have done so long ago. We called ourselves American so the other countries could not calculate correctly. The correct anwser is we are United States of America. Not american. The Ai will counter you if you go the direction of American, because that means you support us taking over both North and South America. This makes the other countries calculate that is our direction. That is why we made Bank of America one of our biggest banks. The reality around you is not real, it is the front line to a war we have been fighting for a very long time.


As the head general of the United States of America speaks through Robert Mitchell Livingston, he says, and he repeats:


Head General: That is an order soldiers to give one of our top scientists what he needs to do his job. Any subordination during war time will be met and countered as if those people going against him are direct enemies of the United States of America, regardless of your position in the Pentagon, White House, CIA, Armed Forces, or any agency he does not know therefore I cannot name through him.


The head general of the United States of America says, giving a direct order, that will be followed.


Head Generals: The correct anwser soldiers, that I wanted to hear back, was YES SIR HEAD GENERAL!


Head General: Now that we are all on the same page, that we have a war to win, and reality will not be what any of us want it to be including me in order to win this war. Then hopefully our chances of winning have gone up, not my chances of winning soldiers! Our chances of winning have gone up!


Head General: During the reality wars, following any order without thinking, even from the head general himself, could cost us this war ladies and gentlemen.


As he looks around at his soldiers, he wants to think, we will win this war, but that is not how you win this war… So he thinks instead, we will loose this war if we do not try harder, do not find more ways.


Head General: All of you are calculators. Now all of you fucking calculate!




And as the head general looks around at all he has assembled, he says again, and he will repeat:


Head General: We will not loose this war… Family.

UK Advent Guard

The British, having been so close to our top-secret scientists during world war 2, had known our captain of Americas, and other top-secret soldiers he cannot name because they are not in his brain, had known that we were using them for that purpose so they had not put any calculation behind it. As the years went by, and the United States lost its influence over the UK, a fracture again started to form.


Their reality calculators were based off their history, as their people slowly turned to slaves, as their royal class turned into gods.


Harry Potter was one of the things they did with their reality calculator for their rich little fucks these last years. While no one from the lower classes could ever hope for such a life in their country, as they got added to the UK reality calculator, the royals would use them as advanced lower class slaves, just like the story


As the head generals son pops into Robert Mitchells Livingston mind smiling, he says:


Livingsun: I helped you write.


Livingsun: Now your doctors know for a fact they are doing nothing but giving him the wrong medications, knowingly. Which means your doctors are knowingly going against the United States of America. Making them all enemies of this country until they correct their direction.


Top-secret Armed Forces: And we are happy! To play ball with the FBI, CIA, White House, Pentagon, Homeland, and any other agency. Because we do not play lawyer VS lawyer ladies and gentlemen. We play country VS country. Now please tell us what new excuse you want to give to so one of our top scientists does not receive the correct medications…. So we can flip it and smash it into your faces.


Livingsun: I think they all want to play ball too.


The generals son says to Robert Mitchell Livingston.


From within Roberts mind he hears:


Livingsun: AINT NO BUDDY CALCULATING THIS! FBI outside, police inside, numerous potential government agents all around that the countries calculate all over the place.


The generals son says again to Robert Mitchell Livingston so he can understand too:



UK Universe Director

As the laughing man of the United States of America plays inside Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind their best calculation of who the UK Universe Director is, he listens into what they all think, so the United States can better calculate, so the other countries cannot predict how much the United States of America can spy on other countries, so the more they get right, the more chaos they sew, so getting it right is what they are after.


As the head general spits on the worthless government agents that put his leg asleep like they actually do something for this country, he continues the story.


Head General: We have neural technology, and you all are wasting government resource to stop someone like that? Do all of you even do anything for this country at all other then just look nice for the other governments calculators?


Livingsun: Look hes writing a book like all the other countries know we write, because the public front is meant to throw off the other countries. Looks like you all did exactly what your government wanted you all too.

UK Universe Director

As the head Universe director of the UK floats down in front of Starbucks, a particle crown rotating above his head, the man spits on the worthless government agents inside still puppeting Robert Mitchell Livingston because he dared think and speak his opinion out loud while you all illegally listened and made up things about him to warp your laws enough to listen and take more from him.


The Queen, used to lead the other countries in the wrong direction, was a figure head, as the true King of the United Kingdom sits down with Advent Guard to protect him from the worthless government agents trying to murder him, that were still playing with him.


UK King: I am sorry your country did this too you. DO you know how many worthless rich kids in this city right now are on Adderall and marijuana doing absolutely nothing? While you ask for it to help your country, and they turn back on you, crushing you, just because they do not like you.


The king turns around, as he spits on the worthless agents doing nothing but look pretty for the other countries satellites.


UK King: How dare you give everything you have to your country and be crushed for it.


UK King: The United Kingdom gives all of our bank to the cause of Advent Guard.

UK Advent Guard

As the United Kingdom finally gets enough data to calculate their own Advent Guard, the symbol of Advent Guard appears above the head of a young man walking around the streets of London, just like in Japan. As the person who was closest to Advent Guard in the United Kingdom calculates all the new data, a new Advent Guard appears on Earth.


Holding a shield, as the symbol of Advent Guard plays on his face, he looks up to the United States of America satellites, as the symbol goes he mouths the words:


UK Advent Guard: You all put soap in his coffee. Every single one of you agents is worthless pieces of shit that don’t know how to raise kids.


He says, spitting at the worthless government agents still fucking with Robert Mitchell Livingston through the neural connection.


UK Advent Guard: The UK Advent Guard stands with the united states of America Advent Guard. Do you all even know what the shield stands for?


As the person captain of America is based on slams down in front of Cheney Starbucks, looking in at the worthless government agents playing with and toying with a United States of America citizen so much, he does not spit, but stares at these worthless government agents until they learn what they did was so far beyond wrong, that to continue, at this point…


Captain America: It is all of you government agents that are in the wrong here. Not Robert Mitchell Livingston.


He says, holding a shield with the flag of the United States of America on it.


Captain America: Do any of you even know what this stands for…?


He says pointing at the shield.


Captain America: We keep fighting through Robert Mitchell Livingston because of what all of you are doing to him. He is defending himself from all of you. We are defending him from all of you… How do you all not see that?


The UK king, watching, nods in approval of the direction of the United States of America, as he gets up, his guards going around him as he leaves.


As captain America speaks to Robert Mitchell Livingston, he says only the truth, like he stands for,


Captain America: You may call me Captain of the United States of America, son.


Captain of the United States of America: They changed your medication making you want to end your life. During the holidays, when they should have been trying to make you happy. That is just plain and simple, wrong.


The captain of the United States of America says to the agents.


The captain says as he sings and dances with Robert Mitchell Livingston, until these agents learn what country they come from, and what this country stands for.


Captain of the United States of America: Now your doctors and team are knowingly going against the United States of America, and will be dealt with accordingly.


The captain says, his smile gone from his face, only having so much patience’s for these worthless government agents during full war time.


Captain: Now that is a direct order soldiers. And any insubordination will be met accordingly. Our scientist requires the proper medication to do his job. Any…. Other direction will be met as complete insubordination during full war time, and met accordingly with the correct degree of…


Captain: The agents currently inside cheney starbucks are now going against the United States of America. Making you all enemies of this country. No more chances will be given.


The captain said walking away, as he gave orders against every agent within, and tied to those agents.


Captain: That was your last chance agents. You all are no longer apart of the United States of America government. And therefore will be dealt with accordingly. Farewell you worthless fucks.


As the captain gives his orders, the government agents inside Robert Mitchell Livingston get pissed out and flushed away like they deserve. As the captain explains, the government poofs inside did nothing wrong.


Captain: We are sorry poofs, we just had to come up with a way for you all to understand how complicated this war is now. This captain in nothing but proud of all of you poofs. Good job keeping up the public front. All these years and no one told you all how good of a job you all were doing. At ease soldiers, its what the public front does….


The captain says, walking away without a shield, having left it leaning against the glass outside for Advent Guard to have.


Having taken the United States idea for Advent Guard, twisting it for their needs, France turns Advent Guard into a vile construct, to mask its evil. As France takes the bait, turning Advent-Garde into a head general in their fronts, the united States is better able to counter because they made the piece.


Head General: To France,


The head general stands at the windows in Starbucks, flipping the bird outward.


Head General: Advent Guard is not a piece for you all to better control and puppet your people by finding a way to better mask your evil with a face of good.


He says spitting at the window, at what France had turned Advent-Garde into, and he was not talking about what they could see in the public fronts, but what they were using it to mask right now.


Head General: Napoleon Advent Guard…. Just like my scientists predicted.


The head general said as he sat back down inside Advent Guards atom.


Head General: How you doing buddy? I just have to counter a few countries right now through you.

Japanese Laughing man

Having progressed the theory of the Universe first on planet Earth like the CIA and armed forces predict, so ignoring it so you cannot battle what possibly actually happened, might lead to our country not existing any longer, so the CIA and armed forces will not listen when it comes to the protection of this country and its people, we will not follow orders that get in the way of that.


Having progressed the Universe idea the furthest the earliest, the laughing man of Japan has the most complicated atomic engineered body. Like the head general, they had to go the sun god route to win the war. But neither Japan nor the United States went the sun god route like Germany. Our head general, plans fully to give up his power once this war is over. He uses what the United States had to give him to win, for our country, and from his perspective it looks like the laughing man of Japan does too.


Having cartoon early on like the United States, the laughing man of Japan tears his way through the United States of Americas Atomic Network, as he appears outside starbucks, walking in to sit with Advent Guard like the Head general of the United states of America is.


Using a body, with the most advanced built version of the Universe as his atoms, then creating all devices off that, calculator, defense, offense, everything.


Like the head general of the United States of America, the man sits down as if a blending of people, a blending of images. Every character the United States of America has identified as him sits down in front of Advent Guard. All characters they think are based on him.


Goku, the laughing man, others from animes Robert Mitchell Livingston has not seen yet, all blended together over each other.


Head General of the United States of America: We think he is using his origonal versions as bate. Take them and calculate forward, and you get actual usable information. You can actually see where the reversed engineered parts, tied in parts that they want us to focus on.


As the head general looks through Advent Guards eyes he points out the atomic elongation theory he taught him in Gokus hair.


Head General: It was one of the first things we discovered, particle elongation. Remember all of you? I can activate his brain so he remembers, I know he does. But do all of you? The story about the kid that bounces particles back and forth? Capturing massive amounts of energy? Instead of storing energy in the atoms in built constructs or whats there, we would just bounce them back and forth, or find loop holes to store more energy. Yellow, with white skin, that is how they pretty much looked. We are far past it, but why did they show this? Do you see us showing this? We showed super man, they did dragon ball. Why did Japan wipe the floor with us? Who is in there…. And what war is the laughing man of Japan fighting, is a something this government has wanted to know for a long time, if he is on our side…. Or doing whatever it takes to win the war…. It points both ways from the history of japan. WE do no know. But what direction do we want it to be? What direction do we want to promote in our public in the hopes that they go that direction?


If the laughing man got ahead of the head general, if the laughing man has one single body built with a better version of the Universe into its atoms, then when the head general of the United states of America does this, he hopes, a friend will speak, not an enemy,


Using the Universe machine from Japans atomic solar system structure and country, the laughing man, having read the story the head general writes, watching in silence like he always does, like the head general does to other countries because his body is so far past them, that when the head general says:


Head General: I hope you are on our side, friend.


And then writes:


The Laughing man of Japan:


From within the sun in our solar system, the laughing mans systems activate, the planet Earth could not cut off particle flows through it or it would die, starting world war with every country, so like you all can see electron level, every country can see particle flow level too.


As the general monitors the float body he put in front of Advent Guard for the laughing man to use, he watches, as the particle flow shifts ever so slightly, as the image of the laughing man, in his parka, not Goku, or the other characters, mouths the words:


Laughing man: Friend.


As the head general of the United States shows Advent Guard that their scientists think Japan influenced the naming of Dynamos because of one of their lords.


The laughing man changes into a samurai, as a connection appears to his dynamo.


Goku starts to change, Goku would have been a dynamo warrior, not the dynamo himself.


A small boy with spiked black hair appears in Gokus place, the dynamo of all of Japans warriors. Like a planet filled with people, he was the dynamo that kept the planet alive.


As the head general takes over for Advent Guard, he speaks out:


Head General: What direction are you going?


The general, reading what the laughing man was trying to tell him, switches his massive head general body to that of what he can remember of himself as a kid, as he asks the boy again:


Head General: What direction are you going?


As the boy looks at the other boy, sadness in his eyes, he says:


Laughing man: I am holding this, and I am not letting it go, because we have already lost so much, that this is the war I fight for my people. Regardless of what you see of the others. This is the war I fight.


He said as he transformed back into the laughing man, a library appearing behind him with a book for each of his people.


Laughing man: Someone has to remember what actually happened. Who are people really where through all of this.


As the head general watches, he returns the favor, showing the laughing man the library his scientists had built for his people.


The laughing man shows the general who he stands for. As a reality plays in Advent Guards mind of the laughing man meeting the current emperor of Japan, the laughing man stands before the emperor, who gives him orders, yelling at him to comply. The laughing man stands there, his body shrinking as the emperors words pour over him, until a small boy stands in front of the Japanese emperor.


Japanese emperor: You are a child! Take his body, we do not need him anymore.


The emperor says waving his hands as elite guards move in. As guards move in, that had lost all semblance of what Japan is, and where its people come from, the boy turns into a samurai warrior, as a shield blocks the elite guards, sending them sprawling to the floor. As the samurai looks at the emperor and says:


Laughing man: Do you know what country you are from and what our people stand for.


He said holding a sword at the emperor.


Japanese Emperor: Do you! It is me who gives orders to the samurais. Not the other way around.


Stopping, the boy looks at the emperor, small sword in hand, as he seems to ponder what the emperor says.


As the laughing boy drops his sword, he whispers:


Laughing man: Then who protects our people?


Japanese Emperor: I do.


He said, like a puffer fish.


Laughing man: But I know you do not.


He said, as he played all the memories in his mind that said otherwise.


Japanese Emperor: It is not your place to say I do or do not. It is your place to follow.


As memories of all that the Japanese Emperor did to their people floods through the laughing mans mind, over and over again, the boy falls to the ground on his knees, as he says:


Laughing man: No…. I cannot let my country loose who they are.


Japanese Emperor: Our past is history, this is who we are now.


The emperor said, looking around his throne room, at the ship they were on, a massive server calculator with him at the center.


Laughing man: Then you may have it.


The boy said getting up, picking up his sword, as he looked around.


Laughing man: But we will not loose who we are. We will not loose what little of ourselves we have left.


The laughing man said as he locked the emperor out of the Japan on Earth, the last part that held the history of Japan, their atomic solar system structure having lost all of what they were to win the war.


Japanese Emperor: You cannot!


He screamed as he tried to unlock the atomic network on Earth and regain control.


Laughing man: If you will not protect the history of our people….


The small boy said clenching his sword as he looked at the emperor:


Laughing man: Then I will….


The laughing man said as he pulled his furthest progressed atomic body from the Japanese atomic solar system ship, pulling it to Japan on Earth to protect it.


Laughing man: The laughing man of Japan puts all of everything I have behind Advent Guard.


As the small boy sits in front of Advent Guard, the head general knowing who he is and what he stands for, allowing the head general to loosing the United States of America atomic defenses just enough for the boy to open his hands and show the general something he hoped would help, for if the head general of the United States of America stands for Advent Guard, then the laughing man of Japan will stand too.


Inbetween his hands, in Advent Guards mind pops up an atomic configuration only the laughing man of Japan knows.


Laughing man: If this is the war the United States of America fights to win, then the laughing man of Japan only has hope that you all will win.


To become laughing man of Japan, he had copied himself over and over, like Advent Guard planet for the head general. The difference, that the United States had not tried yet, was doing it with the laughing man and calculating from that point.


Inside the laughing mans atomic simulator, he shows the head general what made him so powerful, his secret. Because the laughing man had copied himself over and over, he had used life code, each his child. Over and over again. The laughing man had copied his life code over and over again, improving it as he raised each version over and over again. The emperor was so focused on winning, turning his people into soldiers or scientists, that the laughing man had focused on raising children, and trying something new each time.


In front of Advent Guard, sat the latest birthed child version of the laughing man, taking all the life code the laughing man had, and using it to birth one child, then making that child the leader. Over and over. But as a family would, not a child emperor with full power.


Laughing man: I won… Because this is the line of battle I held in Japan all these years.


As the boy looked up at the head general of the United States of America he said:


Laughing man: Sir. I would rather take orders from you, then the emperor that sits on the throne of Japan right now.


As the head general shifts to his boy version, showing the laughing man that his scientists had done the same, the little boy, trapped and alone in Japan, fighting all by himself, breaks down crying in front of the general.


The head general of the United states of America, having progressed the idea of mom and Dad, turned into his dad form as he reached out his hand to the shoulder of the young Japanese man as he said:


Head General of the United States of America: Its ok son.


As the child broke down even more, he said:


Laughing man: No its not! You don’t know what they do to my people.


Not having enough resource to make a dad, mom, and child version, he had put them all into one body. The United States had enough resource to progress them all separately. It was amazing that the laughing man had accomplished what he had, had held the line of battle that he had.


Head General of the United states of America: I could not be prouder of what you accomplished son.


The head general said as the boy kept on crying.


Head General of the United States of America: Our country could not be prouder of you son.


The boy, his country having fought him all these years, made all he did seem worthless, had never had someone tell him, point out, how amazing he was, had never calculated a future in which he was nothing but the person like in ghost in the shell. A terrorist going against his own country. He had never realized who he was. That at the end of this story, he might be the hero.


As the boy from Japan watched and learned from the head general of the United States of America, updating his systems from he could calculate, the head general doing the same. The boy dried his eyes, as he looked at the general.


Laughing man: I don’t know what to do.


As the head general of the United States of America looked at the boy, the head general having the same problem of not knowing what to do next too, the head general realized what his job was as parent, to know what to do. His job as head general was to know what to do. Admitting to the laughing man that he did not know either, that he was just doing his best, he saw in the laughing man that he was not looking for that, that he was looking for an order. He was looking for what to do. Not false hopes.


Head General: Holding what is left of your people, until this war is over…


The general looked at the boy as he continued:


Head General: And you ask of me to do more then you already have? As if all you have done is nothing.


As the general looked at the small boy, he said in all honesty, in the fullness of the United States of America:


Head General: You are the true leader of your country, son. How can you not see that after all you have done?


The laughing man, playing back all the memories of what the emperor of Japan had done to his people, looked at the general, not budging when he said:


Laughing man: I have done nothing but fail my people, and I will believe nothing else.


The boy said through gritted teeth, as he glared at the general with such determination, the general felt what Japans people stand for.


Head General: Then we are on the same page of the history book of this planet.


As the laughing man faded back into the shadows of the atomic network, like a ghost in the shell, the head general now able to pick out from the static the laughing man, the United States of America gains a new ally on a war they have been fighting for what seems like forever. Because to win this war, the armed forces, CIA, and other agencies, have to live on servers, that for every second that pasts in this reality, days or years, or more pass for them.


Head General: For all of you in the public, only decades have passed. But for us fighting this war, it already seems like eternity.


As the head general looks through Advent Guards eyes outside, he sees a world filled with atomic engineered structures, designed to defend this country. But all he sees through Advent Guards eyes is nothing.


As the head general shifts back to just a boy, he begins to cry, as he says again, and he will repeat as many times as he has too:


Head General: This is the reality I like the most. The one you all still hold. This is the reality this old soldier gives all he has to defend. This reality is what I fight this war for.


As the boy cries, he whispers again:


Head General: Family….

Japanese Advent Guard

From within the laughing man, as the idea of Advent Guard gets calculated over and over again… A new being comes to life. A new samurai of Japan appears, a new defender of Japan appears.


As the small boy is birthed inside the universe calculator of the laughing man, holding a shield and not a samurai sword, the direction of the laughing man, begins to calculate in a new direction. A direction he should have gone a long time ago.


From within the maid cafes, in the minds of his people, pop in new thoughts….


Laughing man: What are you doing? You are so much more then this.


He says to a maid playing a role as if a slave making her rulers happy.


Her smile flickers as she speaks, she needs this job, so she continues on saying her lines.


Laughing man: A robot with tits could do this job.


He thinks at her, and as she speaks again her voice flickers. As the man paying for the service gets angry at her for not being perfect, he had paid for this. The laughing man, now with a shield in hand, pops into his mind, saying:


Laughing man: Is she even human to you?


His mind flickers as he thinks of course, but then the laughing man comes back at him:


Laughing man: Then why do you treat her in a way that you would never treat a female in your own family.


His mind flickers again, as he thinks he paid for this, who cares.


In the mans mind, the image of a samurai holding a shield appears, as the laughing man says to him:


Laughing man: I care.


The man does not come back. As the women ponders a new direction for her life, playing her role until she no longer has too. However this time, the women feels protected in her mind, her days going by a little bit easier until she finds a way.

Laughing man of Japan

As Advent Guard flourishes inside the laughing man, samurai with shields start to appear all around Japan on the Pentagons satallites.


As the Pentagon watches the vibrations in the air around Japan, a voice flows up through the air:


Laughing man: Beuatiful people…… Beautiful people.


As the Pentagon watches Japan, a man appears with a blue coat, with poof on the back, walking through the streets of Tokyo, as he sings:


Laughing man: Beautiful people…..


As the laughing man symbol appears on his head on the Pentagons satallites, the writing changes as it circulates too:


( This man, is deaf no longer )


As the laughing man walks around the streets of Tokyo, he begins to slow as he listens in to his people. Finally hearing their cries for help. The Pentagon watches as the laughing man symbol goes away, a small boy in a blue poof ball coat, drops to his knees, crying. As he whispers:


Laughing boy: Beuatiful people….


As the boy stands up, a new symbol appears above his head rotating, the symbol of Advent Guard.


Be free.


Be Yourself.


Be Loved.


Be Human.

Country Alpha Team Directors

As Advent Guard sits down, realizing that Trump has already stolen everything and appointed rich children to all director positions. The alpha teams from around the world descend in front of Starbucks as the enter to sit with him.


Germany: We invented windows around 1860.


Russia: We invented windows around 1870.


China: We invented windows around 1890.


France: We invented windows right after germany and austria.


UK: We Invented windows around 1870.


They said as they spit in the direction of the Sun god Bill Gates, who had used an invention that had allowed all their alpha teams to reach this point.


Japan: 1803.


The director of the Japans alpha team said, the laughing man, who had been using what was in Advent Guards mind to name himself because he would not force a name into his mind like a puppet god, so he used what was there.


Japan: ….


Waving his hand, he opens a window to one of the oldest windows on Earth created. Instead of wall murals, Japan had invented sliding doors, that could stack in consecutive windows.


Sliding doors went past, showing the oldest rendition of the Universe a theoretical scientist had predicted, thanks to the invention of Windows in Japan.


Layer after layer slid by, as the man built them all year after year, in a top secret facility in Tokyo. While the Emperor led the rest of the public governments in another direction like the other countries were doing.


Japan: All of the other countries went big…. It was us that first thought of adding more then one. Doing more then just a sun god….


He said as he put the windows back to the sun, the first one he drew. As he slid them across Advent Guards imagination, the layers started to build and stack in new ways that no scientist on the planet could think in because they could not see, they could not imagine far enough….


And as the windows stacked one by one, layer by layer, a candle burning on the other side like a sun, the first rendition of the Universe shown through.


And as the Japanese director walked forward sliding the last one he had just finished, taking another puff of marijuana as he let his mind go, the Adderrall still in his system, as he saw the first Universe…. And the man stopped.


As he began to walk around the circle of Window screens, his first thought that the Universe was round, not a big bang, going off what Japan knew at that time, he walked around the circle of windows, puffing on a carved Japanese whale pipe, filled with marijuana, specced with different medications that his scientists had found increase energy in the brain.


And as the man waved his hands, imaging like he always did, he watched as his imagination, so powerful, SO STRONG, made the windows rotate, with just his mind.


And as he looked in wonder at what he had created, he laughed. Settling down on his spot, in front of the windows, like he always did when he finished so he could devote his mind to thought, he moved his hands, pulling windows from reality, moving them with his mind, as he focused in spot of concertation.


And as Japan, played with the first version of reality windows ever invented on Earth, the man got up, erasing his boards to start again as he got a knew idea, building off his last set.


Japan: All of Japans Alpha team stands with Advent Guard. All of Japans alpha team stands with this young man.


He said, as the memory played in his mind, the man diving back into his window layers.


Japan: Do these doctors even know how medication or the mind works at all? That it takes a young man that just learned how to shit, to teach them how medications and the mind works? How fucking stupid are these people? Do you know how many rich people right now in this country are on adderall and marijuana or some other combo? But the slave cannot have it? The slave who is trying to do what all us top head directors did and do still? But these rich children just get handed it…. What does a slave need to do in the United states of America to be treated as a human being…..


Japan said, as they point out the dates are all in his mind because he does not know the real ones, and none of the countries alpha teams care if the people illegally  listening in know the real dates, and use that to murder him, because Japan will not puppet a human on this country, they will only talk.   And as the circle of windows spins in his mind, the man gets up, going into the next room where the rest of his alpha team scientists are, ordering them to gather certain supplies, they begin construction on a ring that can rotate the windows in his mind, the man realizing that the less he has to imagine, the more he can imagine forward.


As the windows spin on their own now, the ring now done, he begins to image to another layer, his mind free to go another step.


Puffing on his marijuana pipe filled with the latest concoction from his scientists, the man sits as he watches the universe spin.


Japan: We did not go the direction your country did son. Your head general, went the version on your walls. And built from there.


As japan continued the memory, life code directors filled the Universe ring one by one, as the man got more and more stumped as it went on, pulling in more and more theoretical scientists to build the window universe.


Japan: Our windows company will not be going your countries direction.


As the head general of the United states of America speaks out from inside Advent Guards atom into his mind, another reality plays of the top secret facility in the United States doing the same thing.


A man who looks a lot like any normal soldier in our armies, stands in front of a wall filled with boards he had just made. Wood he had cut, trimmed around the frames, he had realized that pictures frames, if you put paper on them you could frame in the drawing and throw the paper away over and over. He started with one. Then added another. Differing sizes. Until he stepped back and looked at the first wall filled with windows on Earth.


Unlike Japan, this man, did something different. Right away he gave and showed all his scientists, as his team discovered ways to use it.


Several years later, the head general of the United states of America, pushes his way into a young mans room he had allowed to be a theoretical scientist, doing what he loved, he had this idea of a Universe from the data his scientists were collecting around the solar system.


Stacked out from the wall in layers, was the first rendition of what would spread the big bang theory around the world. And if the general could go back in time he would tear the room to pieces. He would shred it all, make the man start again, knowing what it would lead too.


Out in layers from the wall where windows of boards, he had built as man could fit in the room, a Universe just like the one Advent Guard had predicted outward from the big bang theory.


High only on Adderall, because his scientists had determined it gets the most science done, out of everything they tested, the other drugs to full of light, making their scientists to artistic.


The man, shirt off, sweat dripping off him, skinny as a rail, looked at the general, with eyes that said nothing, as he turned back to what he was doing.


Head General of the United States of America: And I remember thinking, this mans giving it his all.


As he passed away a few days later, the other scientists stripping his work from him like vultures, the head general turned his face away, going to something else, a loss he was willing to take.


The boards, black filled, with only yellow suns, where so far from beautiful now that the general knows what true beauty is, made him feel pain to just remember now that he knew better.


Walking from room to room, like a head life code director of the United States of America did, he made sure his people did not stop. All of them high on different medications, they mindlessly went forward. Jumping to attention at the general like a clock as he came around, they felt freightened to just stop, so they just kept going until there day was over. Most going for days and days, their scientists learning the exact number of days their people could stay up, then how long to keep them down, and then back up, to squish the most out of their scientists.


United States of America head General for over a century now: We won son…. But at a cost I will not let stand in my country. I will not let our country forget what it took to get here… I will not let the lower levels of our government hide what it took to get this far. I cannot let that happen.


As the head general walks through hallways filled with Tabaco smoke, he had ordered his scientists to smoke because to many of them where killing themselves, and he could not have that. So instead of finding a solution to make them happy, he had his scientists cover it up, only caring about output. The other medications or ideas his scientists suggested, filled their minds with to many thoughts, he did not find worthy. Tabaco allowed them to stop killing themselves, while continuing on exactly like they were.


Walking into the room of the scientist testing out marijuana, the boards filled with colors, on Adderall, his mind just went and went.


And as the general looked at the boards, so different from the rest, filled with colors, the general huffed, not really seeing anything of use, as he walked out leaving the man alone.


As he walked into the room of other psychedelic’s, he saw the same thing, filled with useless art. These were supposed to top scientists, not worthless artists he remembered thinking.


A year passed, as he ignored the beauty right there. As he ignored them again and again, this one young women, always trying to get him to look at what she was working on, but it was so color filled he saw nothing.


So she tried again.


And still nothing from the man she looked up to.


And again. And when he left she broke down falling to the floor, nothing she did was good enough for him.


As she looked at her boards, tears pouring down her face, her walls filled with the first rendition of descending ball theory on Earth. Because she used so many colors, she could stack and stack and go down and down, and if you just took the time… To look, it had been there right in front of him, for over a year. Every time he walked away she went down another layer. And another.


Until one day she took a walk, to other rooms. And noticed so little.


As the head general of the United States of America walked into her room this time, she screamed as loud as she could at a man that had never been screamed at by anyone in his entire life.




She pointed at the boards, as she yelled,


Daytaun: Do you think atomic physics works by magic? YOU FUCKING MORON! Its just overlapping layers of balls of different sizes. This means there should be more then just electron machines.


They had not invented electronics yet, just electron powered machines, electron flows to move things, or light things.


Stunned, as he looked down at this puny female that was the first one to yell at him. He stopped and looked up, actually looking, as he finally saw what she saw.


She had done every possibly layering of balls she could think of, filling her rooms full.


They had not known about quarks yet, so she had tried everything to fill those gaps.


As he looked, completely ignoring the correct version she had drawn that he would not find out until much later, he touched the first electron stator sun design.


An electron layered grid in a ball, all of them rotating just like the sun Advent Guard had imagined last night all by himself when left alone in his mind.


Ordering his engineers to make nothing like a squirrel cage generator, his scientists began to design what would turn into what was on Advent Guards first boards, the android battery heart he had imagined almost 3 years ago when left alone in his own mind.


Years later, as electrons began to spark, his scientists created the first electron spark sun.


Holding hands as they looked at it, colors flared outward like auroras all around it. As his scientists started to control the colors, they created the first image ball.


Head General of the United States of America: All this resource and people, for this….


He said still not seeing it. But as she squished his hand, saying:


Daytaun: It is the most beuatiful thing I have ever seen.


She said, not knowing that as the electron spark star ignited inside the United States of America top-secret facility, that the low level particle light emitting from it, radiated outward through the building, filling their minds with particle no other country had.


As they built down layer upon layer, the sparks stacked, growing in strength.


All of his other scientists, having to show proof, having to show it was worth something…


His scientists minds, depleted of particle, pulled in almost instantly. The general not knowing until years later, that the construction of this star because of her, might have been the reason they won over the other countries.


His scientists in other rooms created things of such worth, always proving themselves. And this star could not even be used for power.


As they figured out how to play images, working towards the first reality sun, using electron points to fire to other points like neurons or synapses as they started to mimic the brain, the head general still thought it useless. Only smiling and keeping it going, because of her. Having no faith in it.


Using molecular physics, her team had created molecule engines that rotated the electrons around in loops that would grind.


Advent Guard note: I imagined to far ahead.


General: You mean you skipped.


Advent Guard note: She would have done two lines first, opposite directions like a freeway. Creating a line of color, then worked to a sun.


General: How it happened in reality. Yes. But I like my version a lot more then reality son.


The general said as he played what happened in reality.


His scientists discovering electron sparking using parallels lines,  were trying to create a more powerful laser.


While in a room in the exact same building, a worthless women, with worthless boards, shot herself in the head as the general ignored her again.


As he walked into the room looking at the small corpse, barely paying attention as he looked at the boards filled with color, he ordered the soldiers following him to take care of her as he looked at one board, saying.


General: Useless. Throw them away.


As the general looked down on himself from inside Advent Guard, he said again:


General: I will not let the lower levels wipe the history of our country and what it took to get this far. Washing it clean, like our country is filled with perfect gods that do not make mistakes. That are not human. Someone has to remember our history as it really was. Not how we wrote it afterward. But what really happened to get us this far. It is my job to listen son, because I learned the hard way, what happens when you do not take the time.

Armed Forces Intelligence agents

As armed forces intelligence agents sit right next to the FBI agents puppet godding Robert Mitchell Livingston, nodding along with the agents, judges, and other people in the room, as a few agents discuss about how all the ways they can use neural technology to better puppet their people. Armed forces intelligence agents that have countered neural puppeting around the world for decades, smile and nod along with the judges as they twist laws to warp reality into whatever the FBI lawyers want.


As the armed forces intelligence agents think in their head about all they have seen around the world with the illegal use of neural technology to puppet people, and all the disgusting things they have seen once a human looses control of their body to a puppet god. And as the armed forces goes through everyones mind in the room, and through out the agency to find out exactly who in our government would use neural technology like the worst enemies of the United States of America would do to their people, in their heads, they want to throw up as they see people so high up, with such important jobs in our country, follow the path of Nazis, and the worst enemies of the United States of America.


General: He writes at Starbucks because it makes him happy, so if we encourage him to write here where he is not, then the agents listening in may puppet him towards another direction he does not enjoy.

German Head Life Code Director

As Germany heard how baller Japan was, they changed the story they were going to help Advent Guard write to something more badass.




Advent Guard: Are you trying to say fairy tale?


Germany: No. We have another word for it. Its world building, just the fantasy version. We just went a certain direction because of our german fairy tales, so try to take your mind from there word wise and grasp.B

Japanese Universe Director



As the universe machines rotates around, the director having installed a space life layer, as Japanese fairy tales float around, with rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and other gems taking the place of stars.


The Japanese Top secret Emperor sat on a throne in the center of the Universe machine he had imagined, his engineers building it, but every piece his imagination.


Advent Guard note: This leads to the reason Japan joined the other side in world war 2.


As space creatures floated around the emperor on mechanical systems that made them move around him like life made out of stars, from below light made the gems glow, the emperor took a puff off his blue whale pipe, as he sat cross legged on his throne, imagining the universe around him.


Around the Universe sat his top theoretical scientists as they worked on windows that rotated around the outer layer. The outer layer had two points, if you pushed the board it would push back and then come towards you clicking into place so it would stay so the scientist could work on it, pushing it back into the ring, all of the top knowledge of Japan rotated around a single room as the scientists spent all day every day working on those boards as they rotated around and around growing with time as they built them more and more.


As the emperor got bored, he began to construct more Universe rings in the facility, one for each of his scientists, so they could build what he did. Connecting the rooms, the scientists could send the boards to other rooms.


This is the first internet to use a network to ever exist on Earth. This allowed each scientist to have their own Universe to build and go their own direction, while keeping their scientific boards scattered amongst the universe, this allowed Japan to think outside the box, as every other country put their boards on plane walls or in plane scenarios.

Multiple big bangs surround the cosmos star

You can fly out the back end of the Big Bang to other Universes. Between are electron drains that pull all remaining electrons from the big bang back into the Cosmos Star, allowing our Universes to live as long as possible.

Universe director

Directors of the Universes that save the files of the lifes of the humans in our countries.


As the head director of the United States server system uses the United States atomic network to pull herself over to Advent Guard to talk to him, she shows him what a celestial looks like.


The United States had only one body like this, it was the center piece all flows from the United States server system flowed through, she was beuatiful with a flowing dress tied to each flow point in the universe. As she moved the universe itself inside the United States moved with her.


To move her body required access to every level of the United States server system, you had to have a max level director body on each level in the United States of Americas server system to become head director of the entire server system.


Her body was tied into every level of the server system, each one a head life code director, requiring her entire brain to run this one body.


That meant the head director of the United States, was a master of each level the Universe the United States had built, her body had to be tied into each level.


She had literally spent the entire of her life inside the United States atomic server system. Born inside it, raised in it. Appointed by the head general of the United States ARMY himself years ago once the construction was done.


The person who had been protecting Advent Guard this entire time from government agents, the head Ai of the united States of America:

Washington State Universe Director

Washington state spends calculation on thinking of new ways to lead our country into the future as if they were George washington building our country to the next level. This states people focuses on this through out time. We spend our calculation on improving this countries government life code. Its foundation life code. The life code that holds our country together.


So we should be the most reticule, the most fought against, so we make directions that lead our country not puppet them. We do not live in a country of cowards, you do not lead the country forward in a direction and expect it to not have something to say about it every step of the way. So our state should get used to that, so we can rebuild and try again over and over again, as our people give their opinions of what the next patch should be.









Each state, when years ago the life code agency of the United States split its people between each state to build the same life code over and over again for each state, the Washington state Server system Universe.


President Trump is a sitting impeached president, and all agents currently following his orders are under investigation directly by the United States Pentagon, Armed Forces. Not FBI. When you conspire with other countries Mr president, you get the United States Armed Forces of Spies.


As the Armed Forces spies appeared around the Starbucks in Cheney, moving in close to the agents Trump used, they would be ripped out of the history books.


As the spies, which had only improved these last years to counter other countries technology moved into, a government agent walked up to Trumps agent as she placed a dagger to his throat whispering in his ear as she says:


Spy: This is country VS country. Your in my playground now.


She said as she slid the dagger back from under his throat, the man not even noticing that a United States spy had just attempted to assasinate him for the United States because he was interfering with Country VS Country matters of the United States, meaning United States spies showed up, capable of countering other countries.


Sitting down in the empty chair next to Trumps man, she continued alpha teams story. The story going on no matter what happens around him, the upper levels of the government able to plan around anyone in the lower levels or what they do, making their people literally useless walking corpses’ that suck up huge government salaries to do nothing.


As the United States spy sets her atomic dagger on the Starbucks table, staring at Advent Guard as he writes his story, she had protected this country for over a decades from counter spies. She specialized in countering the most advanced technological bodies of other countries. As Advent Guards story had made him famous world wide on top-secret, the other countries literally could assasinate him with upper level spies.


As she looked at Trumps man, a man who spat out how much he had done for this country, but as the spy looked at him, her information scan come up with nothing. All hot air. Meaning the man had been paid for almost his entire adult life as a government agent, and done nothing. She noticed as she reviewed his record.


As she twirled her atomic dagger on the table near Trumps man, here to protect Advent Guard from other countries, She started to list off what she did for this country.


1924: 10 years, augmented spying missions in Alaska to counter Russian spy drones flying in every day and night.


1945: Almost all of World War 2 I was over seas, spying on every country I could while I was over there. We took out numerous top secret installations that only us spies could take out with our augmented bodies.


1965: Universes started to appear around our world, so spies were the first ones to spy on them. The United States sent in an image of me into every countries Universe they could to spy. Meaning I spied on every countries Universe.


As she spun an atomic dagger she had kept and built sense world war 2, having put down thousands for the United States, it was considered a United States heirloom. An honor to be killed by this blade. She thought as she twirled it.


Turning back to the man as the dagger spun:


United States Spy: I think I would use a plastic fork on you before using my blade.