Family homes.
Grandpa Ra
I know she wants Ra. I also know that she wants it Ra infinitely.

The question is not who is God, but who took over reality first, and who currently owns the reality around us in the Cosmos.

Life in This Universe to new life coming up: For when your planet is dark and cannot produce its own light, look up and see our lights shine down from all around you even in the darkest times of your planet, until your planet is light enough to shine on us, and joins the lights all around you. Light is sight, and The Life of this Universe sees all it shines upon, even down the darkest holes light gets lost in.

The Universe

Universe solar-system cut in half side view.
Universe solar-system outside looking into The Universe.
Top and bottom view of Universe solar-system.


The pole that energy goes into on Earth will emit and increase energy like hell burning in hellfire or a star, pulling in and emitting as much energy as the hell pole can.The pole that emits energy back into the star will be heaven pole, and use all the energy The Star, Hell, and Earth produce and compress into heavens circuits to use all the compressed energy as the energy expands, before leaving just enough energy as it expands in space and is sucked back into the stars main circuit to be compressed and have kinetic energy added back into the circuit going into Earth. Heaven also finds a use for all the energy Earth could not use before sending back energy with enough kinetic momentum to make it back into the stars in circuit.

Meaning Japan discovered a version of this over two decades ago and it is not even their main language.