Advent Guard Life: the Big Bang orbits around a Universe/Cosmos solar system and white/black boards can be grouped together to form Idea calculators/ Reality Calculators on your walls, your entire room, house, or any building.
The upper levels of the United States of America does not puppet god our citizens like the lower levels government agents did to Robert Mitchell Livingston for over a decade and still will not stop after being told puppet godding is the most illegal crime to commit, regardless of government position. Even as i write this government agents pretend to do something else while smashing at exact times to interrupt thought in my mind, each time counting as a murder level felony because they are actually trying to murder my life and pretend they are just doing their government jobs, counting as pre-mediated, planned, highly organized, gang like, murder, and sense they are government agents they can cover up anything and make it look like anything else while I literally scream for help everywhere I go, and the local police and government help the murders help murder the rest of my life because the government is so good at lying and covering up their crimes with intelligence tactics.