People carry up the densest metal balls they can to drop down a metal ball/ liquid dam that captures and creates energy through a rotor stator each max velocity point it can down the Skyscraper Dam. People push and carry the metal balls upward on planks that distribute half the weight to wheels which they can walk out from at any point to work on the Skyscrapers calculators. Water or liquid is evaporated and funneled up with gas or air which is separated out using centrifugal force with the air getting sucked into the center and compressed of an elongated turbine diamond, and the liquid spun on the outside and compressed at the end to keep them separate. The liquid flows down with the metal balls, and the gas is pumped to the bottom of the evaporation tank to speed up liquid rising. Metal balls flow down to shoulder height so people do not have to hunch, while water and gas are flowed down to base level of the building to heat and rise and gather another generator spin of energy. By rotating the metals balls up and down using gravity to store and amplify energy in the device holding the metal balls on the persons shoulders or turning them into liquid/gas metal dynamos, the wheels carrying half the weight can rotate, helping to push up more weight easier.
Metal balls and liquid spin turbine rotor to produce energy in stator.
Before dynamo effect is added in metal balls and liquid would rotate from top to bottom, spinning the entire Universe turbine. Gears transfer spin from layer to layer so they all spin together in the same direction, working together in layers to spin a bigger Universe. Inside layer the fastest but smallest with the least torque, outside layer slowest but with the most metal balls and liquid rotating around with the most torque. With dynamo effect or energy added to liquid to cause gas to form to be compressed back into liquid along with the metal balls, the metal balls and liquid with the least energy would still need to flow out the bottom and go back to the top by people or evaporation to continue the cycle and not clog the Universe.