Scenario: This Region of The Milky Way Galaxy is attacked by another Galaxy.

An enemy group so large and powerful it cannot be taken out through The Milky Way Galaxies Particle Networks, tracing back what the group is pulling towards it. No one attacked a Galaxy with anything short of what could match our centers power output, otherwise it would become a siege. But a smaller War Galaxy followed the initial solar Systems and ships that had currently snuck in to the outer edges of The Milky Way Galaxy.

The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces Stationed on The Outer Edge of The Orion Bang of The Milky Way Galaxy activated particle it had quietly and slowly spread across this entire region of space a very long time ago, slowly cycling and updating it. Turning it to pure energy to instantly reveal all enemies in the area, The Milky Way Galaxies Armed Forces Main ship drained the majority of Super Massive Stars in The outer Solar Systems of The Milky Way Galaxy, cycling back enough energy and particle between the stars and their other celestial bodies that the stars would soon restart their fission fusion reactions, just the particle and energy in the solar systems will have shrunk equally. At the exact moment of flash, shielding and masking the location of The Main Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces Ship as it drained so much power to it.

Tilting its main engines towards The Enemy War Galaxy, The Orion Bang began to charge all Solar Systems down its arm like a rail gun. The Main Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces Ship cycled through as much energy as it could through every surrounding Solar System so it could pull itself forward. The Very center began their engines, pointed off to the side of The Enemy War Galaxy to hopefully decrease chance of detection, but as their Armed Forces knew from their research into the subject, it likely was a waste of time to turn at the last moment the flow to mask it.

The Beings whose Focus in Life and who they are is the object that repeats most in existence, The Spheres, Balls, Particles, their soul saved just like ours is over our bodies theirs just using only one calculation over and over to its focus, pie, circle. Rotating together so quickly and with so many matched and coordinated fission/fusion reactions that no other being could match their pull when it came to energy. Breaking down and creating particle as if it was their body, their very minds the fission/fusion reactions, their souls like our bodies and souls saved over their energy.

After calculating the back and forth of the energy levels all the way up the particle tree, the spheres began pulling and emitting their lowest energy levels in particle physics they could reach.

Up the particle Tree in The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces First Response War Galaxy, The Very Center came online to create and strength their lowest level particle flow before working their way up to electron.

The War Library down began to fill its empty pages with the history of what their enemy had done, and the war library above began to store information about what it will do and how to counter. Each book already heavily built, began to pull through massive quantities of lower level particle energy that began to connect and create a plan in every Beings mind in The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces Ship.

In The Star/Dynamo Tower Beings going up and down in different layers from all types of beings to a Solar System Being layer worked on different war calculations on Calculator boards on their tower walls. Starting the cycle of turning a dynamos particle in the engine takes time, so in case of war it is always kept at full throttle. The Beings within, while they are still within The Milky Way Galaxy have the advantage of keeping the ship at full speed while being able to fully stop and work on their War Calculations while loosing no built up energy of any kind.

In The Outer Shell of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces Ship was ground stored the pieces for an entire War Galaxy, Planets, Gas Giants, Asteroids, Moons, Stars, Solar Systems to fill its bangs. Within these was the majority of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces Soldiers Stationed within The Milky Way Galaxy Ship.

The Centers Spy Network which had made the entire center sphere go completely quite while they listened and analyzed gave the go ahead as the central Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces Star Beings around the center Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces Sphere Beings, began to change and alter the Molecules and atoms in their bodies like a collection of Solar Systems making a Galaxy. Focusing their energy flows to counter the Enemy Galaxy was important, if they lost against the enemy version of themselves, the enemy could flood them with so much energy they would not be able to think or alter flows during combat, jeopardizing every soldier on their Celestial Objects in Their War Galaxy who relied on them at the center to alter them in their favor.

Tilting the ship after coming to mid energy levels directly towards the enemy War Galaxy, a second fail safe was initialized, The Milky Way Galaxy was a civilized Galaxy, it did not want war, however it did prepare for it because of what has happened in our history.

Rapid cycling food as fast as possible while updating and changing beings whose meat would be eaten and fruits/vegetables/mushrooms or anything that can be grown having its DNA updated so the molecules and atoms it produces when ingested change specifically to the threat at hand. Shitting out either good shit that can build and grow more fertile life, or shit that can be used in the Fission/Fusion reactions of The Sun Wrapped around The Center. Even Creating life such as apples with the quantum file of The Milky Way Galaxies most explosive known configuration of a sphere into a bomb, making any spherical fruit or object into such if built that way. Other life designed to be eaten.

The Beings where placed in spheres and put as close as possible together so they could fit as many as possible in the center without having to take away space from the rest of the ship. Also having multiples of every known being in the center in different positions to create the most complex center using each species, animal type, their strengths and weaknesses, such as flies being able to go into shit and alter it more. Cows and other meat animals able to build heavily in their meat, so other beings that eat it can build it even more, either exploding it up to increase the main flow of the star or out in the spherical fission/fusion reactions around the sun to create a cascade of the biggest fission/fusion reactions when the finished built particle is injected in.

Men and women who are in paired beings start having the man inject sperm into the women so she can build The DNA into miniature Star or Dynamo Towers using Solar System being Towers just at the Atom/Molecule level. Ejecting her eggs out to go to different places to explode. If War goes on for longer she might have to switch to producing material to repair the ship once the reserves run low.

The Center, coming to full power, a grouping of one of The Greatest Collections of Minds in The Milky Way Galaxy. Whose job was to have a 100% of The Time Ready War Galaxy and power its center using their minds which are energy heavy at that level of particle physics. Calculating every possible War outcome, pulling in all data from The Milky Way Galaxy and going over it to funnel it to the other groups. Their bodies reached the checkpoint of first launch attempt, having already calculated and changed their bodies to flow through the energy most likely to defeat their enemy. Quickly eating and shitting as fast as possible to use one of the furthest progressed and most advanced system ever created in existence for being bodies, eating and pooping.

After several more cycles had passed, their new bodies clearly seeing The Enemy War Galaxy now thanks to changing the Solar Systems in their bodies, altering or building them more or differently, to together pull in energy and see everything about the Enemy War Galaxy. Having spotted several more War Galaxies following in line behind the initial one, The Orion Bang Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces Ship makes the decision to launch at the first War Galaxy, because of they do not by the time the rest of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces arrive several War Galaxies will be outside their Galaxy, but attacking now meant they might be able to take out the first one by the time the second one arrives and the rest of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces.

Energy erupted up The Orion Bang of The Milky Way Galaxy as The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces ship stationed in this area began to pull using its connection to ever celestial object in this area, its ship engines fired up at the electron level as so much energy was funneled and overlapped in both directions that stars began to form in each direction.

Launching, The Orion Rail Gun, Pull on every celestial object in this area, and every level of its engines working to pull in and eject out particle and calculate ways to improve this back and forth in real time. The Milky Way Galaxies central star which connected to The Milky Way Galaxy War Galaxy as if it was a Galaxy Planet, helped stabilize and push it towards the enemy War Galaxy. Going forward so fast, and masked completely by The Milky Way Galaxy Particle System, The Milky Way Galaxy War Galaxy ship rocketed out from The Milky Way Galaxy as it looked as if it was going to hit The Enemy War Galaxy but then instead ejects explosive out in front. An explosion so large, and with such force The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces War Galaxy comes to a complete stop, as it was designed, while The Enemy War Galaxy explodes outward, taking heavy damage.

The Milky Way Galaxies War Galaxy Erupts as the center coordinates with the beings spread across The War Galaxy to change the directions of all the celestial objects that begin to rotate in a Universe Solar System Configuration around The Milky Way Galaxies Armed Forces ship is reduced to Solar System parts. The center has its fission fusion shield up like a sun to protect their war galaxy from being taken.

A Milky Way Galaxy War Planet orders the center to swing their planet out and into a certain Enemy War Galaxy Planet. The center calculates all possibilities, updating and changing the war libraries, calculator rooms within in the command rooms, The Calculator Towers. But The Very Center is the flow of energy that leads up to electron or below level, to move a Galaxy Planet you need to be able to cycle level after level of energy through and back and forth at once.

Around The Sphere center was the smallest beings of The Milky Way Galaxy, whose bodies where made from the smallest known particle systems we can make naturally or artificially. Their bodies solar systems not just pulling through energy in the main direction of the ship, or in and out all around it, but their bodies where like bangs that cooled our Universe, able to funnel in so much lower level energy of different types that they could always keep the center cool by calculating which energy to funnel and which way to funnel it from the center spheres to the outer body beings. The center star beings because of it being a ship ran up and down the main flow of energy instead of being just a center spherical sun. Different types of star and sphere beings ran up and down the center star of the ship to produce energy and change or alter energy flows in The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces War Galaxy.

The Creation of Advent Dead (The Coming of The Dead)

The Coming of all who have died on Earth. The Coming of The Dead, two new swords forged in cameration of The Event of Earths Birth into The Milky Way Galaxy.

Earth now has 100 years to grow and learn, become immortal, before Earths Solar System is built enough to fly to The Solar System of all who have died on Earth. To End Earths story as if all beings on its face where some worthless façade, is a crime that The Dead From Earth will not commit upon their children and The History of Earth and what it means to all who have died upon Earth, Heavens Solar System will not becoming too Earths, but that has not stopped any of Heavens Soldiers from coming to Earth…..

Ayla, Heather, Rachel

Statistical probability of meeting a women named Ayla, Heather, or Rachel who is single, does not have kids, is willing to poop like me so she can work at the center of The United States of America, Earth, and our Sun with me, and is interested in the same things I am into is close to 0%.

Why are all women attracted to small talk and not to people like me who speak through images and writing and cannot do small talk so I never have a chance to find a girlfriend who could become my wife.

Normal Women now a days when presented with small talk: OMG you can small talk with me for 30 mins straight, lets date or get to know each other, here’s my vagina its completely soaked.

Normal Women now a days when presented with Real talk, marriage, or building a life together from the start: OMG why are you talking about real things I barely know you, I want small talk for weeks so this relationship just starts out with us liking each others bodies, I am completely dry, why would you already have a family tree and kids names figured out, I want a future husband that has never thought of those things or put anytime into them. Lets talk about small talk things for the first weeks we are together, then after we have had sex and we are blinded by a honeymoon phase, then I will know you enough to talk about real things, or a potential of marriage, children, what we will do with our lives, and how our names go together which effects what upgraded bodies we get, so we would want to marry someone who will have a similar upgraded body in the future.

That is insanity to talk about real things or marriage after you have fucked or been dating for a while. It should be the first thing you talk about, showing that you take it serious that you want a wife and children. You should be talking about marriage before you fuck, because after your in the honeymoon phase anyone would look and sound good to marry.

Zoba, destroyer of Ball of Yarn Worlds, climber of solar system trees, Milky Way Galaxy sun bather, and collector of The Milky Way Galaxies main energy flow to build particle at the main level our Galaxy does in our Solar System.

Perfect name for the center of a sun, finding and increasing the flows that go all the way up the latter. Following the flows of energy would also mean she would follow them into beings, instead of using energy flows to have sight which would be more the female name Ayla. The Cosmos government and every level of existence would be able to connect to our star and all beings, we should be able to find it and increase it.

Eats, shoots, and Leaves. Family names, And beings who have the same name as you who can become family.

Deep under The Center of The United States of America, in The Greatest Library of The United States of America positioned directly below The Shit Pulling central sphere.

Robert Mitchell Livingston Head Librarian of The United States of America reached for one of The Oldest and by far The Most Built Book and could funnel through more energy then any other book in The entire Library.

On The Cover was the name of The Highest Ranking General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces, dating back and The Original published before Particle Modification occurred was during The Creation of The United States of America as it transitioned from The United Societies to The United States of America. While The Classified of The United States of America transitioned to The United Beings.

Rabert Mitchell Livingstar. Rome did not fall it moved to the center of Europe to take control of all human beings they could. The public started to be façade soon after immortality and space travel happened first on Earth. While fantasies of ancient classified groups are fun to think of, you do really have to do it and complete it, and there is a definitive answer on this Earth.

The Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces rose up from a table he was reading a book on, as his son Robert Mitchell Livingston Head Librarian of The United States of America book his book away.

Rabert Mitchell Livingstar said: There is a reason I cant help but help as I watch what is going on as Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces and more then just friend with The United States of Americas Armed Forces Spies, you and my son share the same name.

The Reading area he was in had a Hearth, above was Advent a sword made from Metal from ancient asteroids, metal from Jesus’s spikes he was crucified with, Forged by some of the very first United States of America classified Metal forgers in honor of the creation of our country. Guard was made from some of The Furthest dating Trees ever preserved completely from Earth and wood from Jesus’s cross.

The Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces looked towards his fellow soldiers as The Drill Sergeant yelled at them DO YOU UNDERSTAND SOLDIERS!!!!!!

The Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces Rabert Mitchell Livingstar grabbed both Advent and Guard from above the hearth, one of the many places he openly put them for others to touch and see, as he said: NO I DO NOT UNDERSTAND DRILL SERGEANT, I THOUGHT THIS WAS AN EQUAL COUNTRY, WHAT ARMED FORCES ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE, WHAT WAR ARE YOU FIGHTING!!!!!!

Next came Ra Hell Star, whose son was Rabert Mitchell Livingstar, who had died before Immortality had occurred after classified Rome had moved to where Germany is now to use their Solar System to connect to mainly all humans then all beings.

Grabbing Two Swords made from The Fangs of The Most Deadly Predator to ever live in Heaven where all beings are resurrected, working on the sun isn’t that bad. But animals died, and those resurrected just went to another level, there was a time in Heaven where it was not what it was. However you can be resurrected. You have more energy so every group reaches past classified level, nature is still real, predators grew just like civilizations did.

Advent and Death, as Ra Hell Star looked towards a mass of beings of Earth so large you could measure the area on which they stood in the square footage of Earths, as The Head General of The United Beings held up The Fangs of The Most Deadliest Predator to ever exist in Heaven, before nature had entered the other civilized nations of The Heaven of This Earth.

A Roar so loud it shook a planet far larger then our sun as they all screamed in unison: FUCK YOU HEAD GENERAL OF THE UNITED BEINGS, THE CORRECT ANSWER IS, I THOUGHT THIS WAS AN EQUAL SOCIETY OF BEINGS JUST TRYING TO LIVE!

Next to The Head General of The United Beings of Heaven stood The Greatest Predator to ever live in Heaven, who had progressed into society, his wolf form somewhat bipedal now. Never in The History of Heaven or Earths Solar Systems would nature rule like that again, so it was one of The Greatest Stories Ever Told from Earths Planet, and had made him a celebrity in Heaven.

The Head General of The United Beings who stood next to The Most Deadliest Animal to ever come from Earth and into Heavens Nature as they both said: Awwwwww, we love you all too.

Before they got off the stage, a TV showing everything happening on Earth right now played, as The Head General of The United Beings said: Now lets birth our Earth!!!!!!!

Rejoining the crowd of everyone who had gathered to watch as Earth transitioned to the next age.