The Center Solar System of A Milky Way Galaxy State.

This version allows Saturn to pull out energy from the center and pump it to the outer edges allowing for expansion. Saturn’s rings don’t pull in energy from the outer stars which feed the rest of The Galaxy State but can send inflated moons around Jupiter through The Outer Stars out into The Galaxy. Reversing Saturn and Jupiter would make a better light bulb Solar System by rotating The Saturn Rings around The Outer Star to increase its power to emit light instead of energy around a Galaxy. Light Bulb Solar Systems would not want Outer Stars, because their Light Bulbs are particle in energy out, stars are particle out not just energy like a light bulb, without a star above Jupiter you can fill Jupiter with light emission that would be stifled with a star there. The Particle emission from the outer Light Bulb Solar Systems would be space ships or trade ships or space planet ships.

18 foot or longer 2×4, 2×6, or larger top and bottom plate headers with metal studs at each end distribute weight equally across the foundation and allows for fewer studs.

Created by Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth: One day I am going to live in a country where slaves can imagine and build the things they imagine, a country where you are allowed to participate in your own reality. A country where the wealthy cannot murder their victims ” legally” by sicking lawyers on them and burying them alive in fees or costs, or buy government employees or positions to kill or control their victims and call it legal.

Figuring out numbers and their evolution.

But this is Earth, and every being on Earth needs a way to communicate that we can all understand.

Numbers that repeat would make the base number of numbers we all have to remember and name larger, making it harder to communicate.