The Real United States of America’s Flag.

The main four types or states of particle that create all of existence. With the idea of space or the absence of particle created by all of existence combining particle into Solar Systems, Galaxies, Universes, etc… to create a space between all of us as close as possible to no particle, to increase communication and transportation through out all of existence.

Now that I have gotten this far it seems a circle version of a flag to represent a planet or all matter grouping such as a solar system surrounded by space would work better with the idea I am working on. That or a Pentagon so all 5 main types of matter are represented equally as arms like my old Pentagon idea, with reality in the center similar to my flag design, which I do not think of as a flag, but now that I built this far, I realize adding one more side and turning it into a pentagon or circle would still be a flag. Weird how my mind can create the correct idea several years ago when I was working on those older ideas I had come up with, but I had to build this flag to realize other shapes can be a flag. All of us public citizens of Earth probably only think rectangles are flags too.

Can either be in order such as the one above, or with ground and liquid at the bottom and gas and space at the top which represents each type of matter more accurately. Not sure which, need to make both and compare.
Fire, the first discovery of atomic/molecular fusion and fission as an object burns it undergoes fission and fusion as it breaks down and combines with other atoms or molecules to create something else. Modern fission and fusion can be used to keep our planet and solar system powered and moving just like fire kept us warm and made sure we did not freeze, by using the modern idea of fire The Nuclear Bomb or after that would come atomic building or changing once we can do cold fission and fusion, changing atoms without the atomic and molecular solar systems exploding apart and reassembling randomly with energy release because of it. Just like fire releasing huge quantities of energy but this time changing a nuclear bomb and not wood for fire into something else, releasing energy within fission or fusion to create depleted nuclear bombs like wood into ash to create heat or move rotor/stators, or transferring the energy or matter within a mass of matter into another mass of matter to create something new.